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To the Groupuscules!

Trump victory vs. Trump defeat – different strategic planning.

Following up on this, let us briefly consider the major differences in strategic approach that Der Movement should actualize in event of a Trump victory vs. Trump defeat in 2020.

I am not going to repeat my oft-mentioned advocacy for the current “movement” to be destroyed and replaced by a New Movement. You should assume in all cases that is what I believe absolutely must occur.  But I am under no illusions – all of the Type I retards that make up much of Der Movement’s rank-and-file are too steeped in their Nutzi idiocies, fetishism, dogma, and slavish adherence to the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program; they will not support any such change.

So, assuming business as usual in Der Movement, and assuming that the fate of American racialism is tied to Der Movement so we all have an interest in it not being crushed by the System, we can consider three major areas of concern:

1. The relative interest and investment in specifically American vs. international activism.

2. The relative place of activism on the spectrum from slime mold to rhizome.

3. The relative emphasis to be placed on each leg of the tripod of activism: metapolitics; organization, infrastructure, and community; and electoral politics.

Trump Victory

1. Given the greater scope of opportunity for more overt American activism under Trump, a greater emphasis on specifically American activism would be appropriate (while still reserving some fraction of interest for the international scene).

2. Slime mold; obviously there will be greater opportunities for relatively more centralized activism under the lesser persecution of a Trump Presidency – at least at the level of centralization extant today.

3. Electoral politics, while it should still occur, will be the least of the three in this scenario. Trumpism will be filling much of the niche space for right wing populism; however, if Trump in a second term continues to betray the base, there will be relatively greater opportunities here. But, still, electoral politics in this scenario would be relatively de-emphasized compared to the Trump defeat scenario described below.  The most important emphasis in a Trump victory scenario would be organization, infrastructure, and community.  It will be imperative to use the four years granted by a Trump second term to construct sufficiently robust, resilient and anti-fragile infrastructures so as to withstand the future attacks and persecutions that will inevitably occur as the American political scene shifts from 2024 onward. Of course, these organization, infrastructure, and community activities will be important in their own right to actually advance toward racialist goals, and there will be scope for such action under a Trump second term (perhaps…it depends how badly Trump cucks as a lame duck, but relatively speaking he’ll be better than the Democrat alternative). Metapolitics would be second on the list of importance, and Der Movement could continue with the larger scale, more overt, metapolitical outlets extant today (despite the fact I despise such outlets, but as said above, we’re assuming business as usual).

Trump Defeat.

1. While the greatest portion of interest and investment would still be in the American scene, a relatively greater portion of interest and investment should be focused internationally, given the more limited scope of action in America in this scenario, and the need to keep a low profile and fly under the radar as much as possible. Such a low profile means that we shouldn’t have Quota Queens making international news by being arrested in Norway and deported, for example.

2. Rhizome. The mantra: To the groupuscules!  The bottom line is that given persecution and negative attention, and the chaos and disarray likely to follow in their wake, a “to the catacombs” attitude of retrenchment and introspection will be required. Fewer Amren meetings and fewer Quota Queen grifting and more vanguardist small-sale groupuscule activity must be the order of the day.

3. In this case, electoral politics should have relatively greater emphasis.  There will be greater opportunities for action here compared to a Trump victory. The party that has lost the Presidential election typically does well in the subsequent mid-term elections; further, one can expect the anti-White madness of a Democrat administration to create a degree of heightened interest in right wing populism as a reaction to that madness.  

A practical concern is that while electoral politics is certainly not immune to persecution, it is a lot more robust, a lot more anti-fragile, compared to the other two legs of the activist tripod. The System needs to at least put up the appearance of being a democracy and not a banana republic; there are limits beyond which problems of public perception will ensue if those limits are pushed against someone involved in “mainstream” electoral politics. Those limits are somewhat broader for someone engaged in electoral politics than that of some sweaty Nutzi somewhere gibbering about Der Tag (or in Millennial language, “bugaloo”).

Metapolitical activity should be, as described above, focused on small scale groupuscules, designed to survive persecution, adopting the rhizome framework, and generating new ideas, new paradigms, and fresh perspectives. We will need an underground ideological flowering, to help sow the ground for fruitful perspectives that can be reaped in more propitious times.  Organization; infrastructure, and community should be de-emphasized – it must still occur of course, but small scale, underground, garnering little-to-no attention; again, think rhizome.  Again – to the groupuscules.  Survival for better times is the imperative.

I of course do not expect the retarded Quota Queens to follow any of this advice.  Hard times are ahead.

Remember the Rhizome

The importance of preserving the rhizome.

Read this and focus on the difference between the organized slime mold model of “fascist” activism, and the rhizome model of decentralized groupuscules.  Keep in mind that the EGI Notes-Western Destiny axis is an example of a groupuscule (population of one). The ultimate fascist slime mold?  National Socialist Germany, I suppose.

What’s the immediate future of groupuscles – the decentralized rhizome structure – in today’s context?  Are we transitioning to a more slime mold like structure, with the rise of the Alt Right and Trump? Are groupuscules affecting mainstream politics via the Alt Right to Alt Light (and Alt Wrong) to Civic Nationalist Trump continuum?

I argue that we need both slime mold and rhizome. Especially today, when there is a great power disparity between the System and Der Movement, it is prudent for Der Movement not to put “all its eggs on one basket” – or to have just one big egg, which can end up like Humpty Dumpty.  It is prudent to allow for a variety of memes to be generated and tested, here I call for Bowery’s “sortocracy” within Der Movement itself.  Let’s test various ideas instead of smothering them within the overarching “movement” dogma that has failed over and over again for decades.  The importance of having diverse ideologies in Der Movement is outlined in this excerpt from my essay:

The decentralized aspect of the current far right allows for the development of diverse, interesting, and extremely varied permutations of memes and ideology—manifestations that would not be possible in the context of a highly organized, top-down hierarchical structure imposing a common worldview. While most “movement” memes may be nonsense, some of this variety may prove useful; in all these permutations, some “correct answers” may be hit upon. 

This is analogous to the biological process of mutation—most mutations are harmful or neutral, but, in the midst of the plethora of genetic variation is the occasional beneficial mutation, which confers adaptive value in specific challenging environments. Likewise, the Lilliputian far-right, subjected to stress under the repressive establishment Gulliver, undergoes varieties of memetic/ideological mutations, many useless or harmful, but several which may eventually allow the rightist organisms to flourish.

In the absence of this ideological diversity, one will find fewer “memetic mutations,” leaving the “movement” vulnerable to, and unable to adapt to, changing (perhaps more hostile) environments.  That’s one (of several) problems I have with the Alt Right – that this millennial marketing ploy seems intent on subsuming most of Der Movement within it, smothering what little memetic variability exists within a “movement” typically already characterized by rigid fossilized dogmas.  We need more ideological diversity now – a lot more – not less.  If we are all going to get our “Alt Right marching orders” from Pepe-Kek, mouthing empty platitudes about “God Emperor Trump” (and his Jewish family), it’s not going to go well with us at all.

Slime mold vs. rhizome should not be viewed as “either/or.”  Certainly, there will be periods that are (or should be) rhizome-predominant (like the present) and there will be (hopefully again in the future) slime mold-predominant periods.  But even at the height of slime mold organization and power, it would be prudent to retain some degree of rhizome structures – to have some groupuscules around, preserving memetic diversity, experimenting with new ideas, new ideologies, and novel ways of living and of interpreting sociopolitical realities. Better to have these alternative ideas and approaches on hand and easily accessible, in case they are required, than to face changing situations having to suddenly come up with ideological and/or strategic-tactical alternatives in a crisis. After a slime mold collapse, such as the collapse of fascism in 1945, it would be prudent to have at least some rhizomes around to “seed” the next ideological growth cycle.  Conversely, during the rhizome-predominant period, groupuscles should always at least attempt to strive toward developing to the slime mold level.  After all, the ultimate objective of the Sallis groupuscule is to make my ideas dominant within racial nationalism and then have a New Movement actualize those ideas through a revolutionary transformation of the White World (or what’s left of it).

Groupuscules for the sake of groupuscules is a sterile cul-de-sac, but a slime mold without any rhizome side growths risks being an evolutionary dead end.  And rhizomes that prematurely blossom into aborted slime mods, as seems to be happening now, can be a disaster.  Remember there is more to racial nationalism today than Alt Right-Pep-Kek-Trump and all the rest.

From Madness to Rhizome

Escape “movement” madness.

Some reality:

FBI Director James Comey wrote his bombshell letter to Congress on Friday about newly discovered emails that were potentially “pertinent” to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server before agents were able to review any of the material because the bureau had not yet gotten a search warrant to read them, three government officials who have been briefed on the probe told Yahoo News.
When Comey wrote the letter, “he had no idea what was in the content of the emails,”…

So, let’s compare the prudence of EGI Notes, which takes a “wait-and-see” approach to unknown/fluid situations, and the womanly hysteria of Chateau Heartiste and other precincts of Der Movement, appointing Fat Donny Amnesty as Lord God Emperor Kek of Pepeland USA simply because of Comey’s vague letter, complete with lurid fantasies of what “startling information” the FBI must have uncovered.

Now, it’s possible the FBI may discover something of importance after the fact (but I’m not optimistic about that); if so, that doesn’t excuse the quota queens acting like a bunch of undisciplined gesticulating guineas.

Once again, Trump Derangement Syndrome cuts both ways.  It’s not only the Left that has become unhinged over Trump; elements of the far-Right have as well, albeit in a positive and love-struck direction.

Just like a beta male, blinded by love, acts like a buffoon for milady, so do the “movement” and “game” crowd act completely irrationally, besotted as they are by Der Touchback.

It’s pathetic, and no doubt if Trump loses they’ll attempt to pretend it never happened.  Don’t let them get away with it.

Onanism material for Der Movement.

It’s…cognitive elitism!  Not that Breezy Steve will rethink the HBD madness he helped foist on an unsuspecting Right.

So…am I just being a “shit-stirrer” with these kind of posts?  There is a political objective here: to convince the reader that the “movement” is hopelessly inept and in its current form is not going to achieve the goals it allegedly is pursuing.  The readers therefore should become part of that voice demanding read change.  Or, becoming part of that change themselves.

Maybe you don’t think that the ideas and/or approach of EGI Notes is appropriate either.  You believe you can do better yourself.  Maybe you can!  Take the initiative, start your own blog, form your own group, organize your own groupuscle, your own part of the activist rhizome.

As long as you don’t fall into the trap of mindlessly parroting “movement” dogma and blindly following “movement” “leaders” then maybe some real good can come out of your initiatives.

Vanguard View of Counter Currents Radio, 1/31/15

Brief reply.
Johnson and Le Brun create interesting content (at least so far), and even when I disagree with their assessments, these podcasts have been useful.
Comments on this one:
Le Pen.  I do not agree with the Le Pen cheerleading, and as one of the “vanguardists” who have been critical of her (calling her a “piece of shit” can reasonably be seen as critical), I have a few words to say. Let’s take the Golden Dawn issue. Look, I don’t expect that Marine Le Pen, dressed in a SS uniform, will stride into a press conference, yell “Hail Golden Dawn,” and gave a Nazi salute.  But there seems to me to be a middle ground between that and endorsing the pro-immigrant, anti-Greek, anti-European far-Left.  What if Le Pen said the following:
“Unfortunately, there is no one in the upcoming Greek election I can endorse. I certainly can never support the Greek Left, who stand for mass migration and the destruction of Greek and European identity. But the Greek Right also does not share our values and is completely different from us in the FN.*  So, I don’t endorse or support anyone there. I am French, and not Greek, and it is not my place to tell the Greek people how to vote. However, I do hope that someday a FN-like party will arise in Greece with whom we can work.”

*Note: This has the additional benefit of actually being true.

If she had said that, I would not be thrilled, but neither would I have labelled her a “piece of shit.” The statement above would I believe be sufficient to satisfy mainstreaming needs, without having the dishonor (and the raised eyebrows on the international Right) of actually supporting Greek Marxists (while at the same time denying any solidarity with the Greek Right). If you can’t take the right side, then don’t take any side.
What happens if after all this mainstreaming, she never comes to power?  What benefit then the evisceration of a legitimate French far-Right?  Or what if she comes to power and governs from the middle?  The danger in depending on mainstreaming to get into power is that you depend on it to remain in power. If she’s afraid of offending mainstream voters, the Jews, the European intelligentsia, and all the rest, what guarantee is there that if elected she isn’t going to jettison function for expediency?  
Entryism. The whole idea that moderate racialism, like Amren, serves as an entry point for more hardcore activism is not backed up by any hard data.  This would seem to be a topic that mainstream anti-fascist scholars like Griffin should take a look at. He does the running and we slipstream behind him, and use his findings for our benefit.
WNs teaching their children.  Greg Johnson asserts that older WNs intentionally avoid passing their ideology to their children. That be true in some cases, but in other cases, people may do in fact try to pass on their ideology but fail since they cannot compete with the concentrated propaganda of the educational system, the media, pop culture, and peer pressure. It would be helpful if the “movement” could produce materials useful for the education of modern youth. Of course, such material should not include such “movement” staples as:  Aryans from Atlantis, King Tut as Dolph Lundgren, any mention at all of Savitri Devi or Julius Evola, “Meds” and Slavs as cringing subhumans, anyone as a “man above time” or “man beyond time,” obsessions about cephalic indices or admixture coefficients, Hyperborea and Madame Blavatsky, bizarre conspiracy theories – in other words, 99% of “movement” material would be inappropriate.

Anti-Zionist parties in France.  Regardless of the utility of that approach, if the Jews and their fellow travellers continue restricting speech in Europe, that approach would be off the table, Even the Le Penite mainstreamers should beware that even their moderate platforms become criminalized. Therefore, I will continue speaking out on the free speech issue, snide remarks from Counter Currents commentators notwithstanding.

Other issues. I agree with Johnson about right-wing populism and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, no one in America seems interested in the former, and no one in Europe with the latter.