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Der Movement Marches On in 2019

Consistency in stupidity.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Read this.  Ultima Thule discovered!  “Shakin’ Stevens” will do an Odinist Christmas video there.  A copy of Das Kapital optional.

Read this.

Most white advocates therefore support nationalism and limiting the European Union’s power, if not dismantling it altogether. Yet it did not have to be this way. The most forceful argument for a centralized European Union organized along racial lines came from Sir Oswald Mosley’s postwar concept of “Europe a Nation.” Even some supporters of European populism recognize the advantages of the European Union, including the currency union, free travel, and the possibility of a common defense. Solid majorities in every European nation (except Italy) believe their countries have benefited from membership. Marine Le Pen’s call to withdraw from the monetary union was supported by only a minority of French voters and probably hurt her chances in the election. Populism is a growing force and nationalism is far from dead, but Europeans generally do not want to leave the EU, whatever true nationalists think about it.

Assuming Hood is correct, this exposes two common “movement” lies.  First, the lie that support for the EU is solely due to greasy swarthoids, which of course is inconsistent with Der Movement’s (somewhat accurate) characterization of swarthoid nations as politically and economically inept. Obviously, there is no way that Italy, Greece, Spain, or Portugal, much less Eastern Europe, are going to impose their will on, say, Germany or France (or the UK, which joined, and then decided to leave, the EU on its own initiative).  And, according to Hood, Italians are the exception in Europe in not believing their nation as having benefited from the EU (can we have a Wopexit then?).  Second, Der Movement likes to pontificate that “the common man” in Europe “would never accept a European Imperium” while it is clear that the “common man” is more than happy with the EU if only the EU would stop promoting race replacement and multicultural Orwellian repression. There is ZERO evidence that most Europeans would reject a pro-European, pro-White, anti-immigration EU.

Der Movement: Always, always wrong.  The Type I nitwits are so consistently wrong, about almost everything, that it is comical.

Of course, these migrants wouldn’t be in Europe were it not for Angela Merkel’s unilateral decision to put out the welcome mat for Third World refugees…

But, but, but…that’s Der Master Race!

Read this.

I also need what’s best for me and mine. And that means maintaining hope and enjoying many aspects of life beyond White Nationalism—being of good cheer, as Greg Johnson urges us. 

Really?  Is that the same Greg Johnson who urged this:

But these truisms easily serve as rationalizations for cowardice. Because, at a certain point, you have to ask what you are saving yourself for. You can’t take it with you. And ultimately, accomplishments do not come from saving ourselves but from spending ourselves. What we do not give, will be taken by death in the end.
Yet the whole bourgeois dream is premised on evading this simple, grim reality. Bourgeois man seeks eternal springtime and perpetual peace, a “happily ever after” on sunlit putting greens, free of tragic choices and tragic grandeur, free of ideals that can pierce his heart and shed his blood.
But you can’t overthrow a system you are invested in. You can’t challenge the rulers of this world and count on reaching retirement age. You can’t do battle with Sauron while playing it safe. In the face of world-annihilating evil, we can no longer afford to be such men.

Another example of the low standards, ethical vacuity, and hypocrisy of the current version of Counter-Currents.  They can’t keep on a consistent message from day to day.  By Johnson’s definition of “moral seriousness,” Quinn is not serious.  Then why should we listen to him?  

But I know my limitations. I know I wouldn’t make a very good public dissident—I lack the charisma and self-control. 

Who cares about any of that?  Let’s focus on what’s really important. What ethnicity are you?

Quite frankly, I’m afraid that if I were in the position of a figurehead, I would make quite a few blunders as well.

Well, you chose to be a writer for the current incarnation of Counter-Currents, so there’s that.

Cuck nagger Romney and the usual shtick.

In his essay on Tuesday, Romney said he “will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions.”

This happens EVERY time.  The GOP runs right to get elected, and then always takes a hard left turn in office (just like Trump, eh?).  And the rubes fall for it EVERY time.  How many times did McCain pull that trick?

And this is more evidence why mainstreaming can never work, politically speaking.  If the Far Right moves to the center, the Mainstream Right only has to feint right in order to steal Far Right votes.

And if Whites as a race are so stupidly gullible, so naive, what does that tell us about claims of “racial superiority?”

The Alt Wrong in one picture – Rosie and her Pet Derb here.  Let the “measured groveling” begin.  I won’t comment on the details of the picture itself, which I think tells us many things, but I’ll leave that alone.

And, hey, VDARE contributors – you do know you’re helping support Derb, don’t you?   How many of you get to visit Cancun? I mean, you do know you’re a bunch of pathetic suckers, don’t you?  You do know you’re a bunch of nitwit walking wallets, don’t you?  And you do know that Counter-Currents now supports Derbyshire, don’t you?

SLC News: 1/18/18

More, more, more.

Wow, what an “alpha!”  Cue Roissy’s fawning admiration.

Remember when Roissy predicted that Bezos was going to turn “hard right” politically because he was working out?  

Der Movement in all its forms – always wrong.  Ted Sallis – always right.

As far as The Good Shepherd goes, see this.

It’s interesting, and ironic, that generational warriors with their rage against “boomers” behave like stereotypes of jackass Millennials.  The bible verse about motes, eyes, and beams comes to mind.

Optimal diplomatic relations along the Silk Road.  Get some!

Contrary to the Asian supremacist-White omega male yellow fever sexual masochism fundamental dishonesty of the Silkers, the reality is of Jewish-Chinese collaboration against White interests.

U.S. officials warned Jared Kushner earlier this year that his friendship with Wendi Deng Murdoch could be used as a conduit by the Chinese government, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Unnamed sources told the outlet that counterintelligence officials had warned Kushner that Murdoch, a Chinese-American businesswoman who was married to News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch, could leverage her close relationship with Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, to push the interests of the Chinese government. 

The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp.

Among U.S. officials’ reported concerns was a proposed garden in Washington, D.C., funded by the Chinese government. The $100 million project has reportedly been declared a national security risk due to a tall tower that’s part of the design, which intelligence officials worry could be used for surveillance.

Note also how the Chinese utilize their women to influence White and Jewish males to help “to push the interests of the Chinese government. “  Sound familiar?

Not a Romanian.  Surprise!  Who has been warning you about the Asian invasion?

Sallis right again, and again, and again…endlessly, until the rightness of Sallis overcomes Der Movement and Silker lying mendacity.

Race in the News, 11/27/16

Various items.

“Game” commentator states:


Curveless, pancake-bottomed, flatchested Asians are preferred by latent pedos. Spencer can do better

Remember what HBD blogger is a child porn apologist and it all makes sense.

The ethnic origins of most of the individuals mentioned here would be a HBD Jeurasian wet dream.

This book, which was reviewed here, is one I have recently read and it is recommended, particularly for White youth.

An interesting comment on “movement” meeting security.

“Looks the part?”  Trump really is an imbecilic moron.  That isn’t any sort of promotion of the pro-Jewish Neocon Giuliani, but, still, Romney of all people?

Politics in the News, 10/15/16

October politics.

The Clinton-Republican Establishment conglomerate may well win by making the election a referendum on Trump’s character and sex life. However, by doing so, they completely undermine any pretense that a Clinton victory has anything to do with support for open borders, globalism, radical feminism, Colored supremacy, or any of the other aspects of Clintonite/System ideology. Simply put, a Clinton victory would be due to the feminized and retarded (redundancy) American public preferring Bill Clinton’s more charismatic rape and cigar-in-the vagina behavior than they are to Trump’s more crude “pussy-grabbing.” That’s it. Now, of course, the System will try and play the electoral outcome into having some deep policy meaning, but we need to push back against that.

Why did Republicans nominate this man in the face of red flags the size of Trump Tower? A lot of explanations have been floated, but Republicans have reached no consensus.

Er…I don’t know, maybe Trump was who the voters picked, having received more votes (in a field of 16!) than any other GOP candidate in the primaries?

In retrospect, it may be that Romney was the only candidate who could have stopped Trump.

You know, the guy who strapped a dog to the roof of his car, a guy who lost an eminently winnable election in 2012, a moderate cuckservative completely out of step for the mood of 2016.

Republicans across the spectrum had supported him in 2012…

Which is why so many Whites in the GOP base stayed home in 2012, handing the election to Obama.

…and he still had a lot of goodwill from them at the start of this election cycle.

Goodwill from Establishment hucksters and from diseased brownsters whose fetid genepools drifted over from the polluted Ganges.

His opposition to an immigration amnesty…

Which was what? Increase legal immigration sufficiently to make illegal entry superfluous? Talk sense about “self-deportation” and then drop it in the general election as soon as criticism commenced?

…and his support for a tough stance on trade with China…

What? He’s upset that the US is not outsourcing even more than it is?

…would have weakened Trump’s advantage on both issues.

How come then all the folks planning to vote for Trump because of these issues stayed home in 2012?

Hey! Did the goddess and lioness Coulter date this guy too, or was it only D’Souza?

Granted, Der Movement doesn’t really care about Scalia one way or the other (what’s another dead dindu?), but still…..

Race in the News, 8/20/16

In Der News.

The Soros revelations are an antidote for the nitwits who state that since Jews only make up a small percentage of America’s population, they cannot be a major source of our problems. Soros is one man, and he is singlehandedly waging a successful war against Whites worldwide.  Image millions of his co-ethnics, with equal anti-White fervor, and whose resources – in aggregate – surpass those of Soros.  Still think they’re harmless?

Wouldn’t prudence suggest that we hold off on importing more diversity…?

Sure, I agree.  Let’s have no importation of Chinese women married to English illegal immigrants. That’s a start.  Do we need Chinatrices in America?

One can almost hear Roissy’s heavy breathing:

This is a classic alpha male apology. So much reframing goodness.
“heat of the moment” = “I’m a passionate untamed man”
“don’t choose the right words” = “the substance of what I said is essentially correct”
“I regret it” = “I’m not apologizing to you; I’m apologizing to myself”
All of it delivered with a cheeky, insouciant self-knowing smirkitude that yields no ground to his enemies, and ends with a sincere, reassuring, intimacy-building promise.
Trump just did the equivalent of blowing through a girl’s player-wary anti-slut defense and making himself attainable.

Sure, Roissy, sure.  Anything that enables you to continue getting all hot and bothered (is that an example of “intimacy building promise?”) over Der Touchback as he goes on merrily cucking to the Negro.

I really do not understand why Der Movement and associated precincts cannot view Trump in an objectively dispassionate manner, but are hysterically in love with the man.  And I say this as someone planning on voting for Der Touchback (even though I typically do not vote for reasons which should be obvious).  

However, I do understand why a “movement” so enthusiastically besotted with Trump want to ignore the implications of where Trump draws his support.

I’ve been fascinated by the spectacle of the Neocon liberal Republican Rudy “Kebab” Giuliani, whose career has been built on pro-Jewish cucking (“Jewliani”) coming out as one of Trump’s most aggressively vocal supporters.  That contrasts with the fervent, and equally vocal, anti-Trump hostility coming from Mitt “strap the dog to the top of the car” Romney, who, truth be told, is politically to the right of Giuliani.

Is that just because Kebab Rudy previously knew Trump?  Hardly.  Consider: Trump actually endorsed Romney back in 2012.  Now, that’s a prior relationship – an important political relationship – that normally imposes obligations of reciprocity.  But, Mitt can’t even control himself to be neutral, he’s trying as hard as he can to hand over Utah to Clinton.  I mean, hey, Der Movement, listen up – Lind’s “America’s Tribes” piece had a point.

But, no.  Der Movement doesn’t want to look at that, doesn’t want to move in directions that would go against decades of fossilized dogma (and make no mistake about it, the “New Right” and the “Alt Right” are really no different in this regard than the “Old Right”).  

The badly kept secret of “movement” failure is that White ethnic support for racial nationalism is the “low hanging fruit” that is constantly ignored – considered poisonous, no doubt – by a “movement” grasping for followers among those who consider the civic nationalist Trump “an outrageous bigot.”

Well, after all, we gotta reject all dem dere “needle workers” and the likes of the dastardly John Marchi!  (John Lindsay and Nelson Rockefeller being right and proper Republicans, as is Mitt Romney).

The Marching Morons, 7/22/16

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

The same imbecile who critiqued Trump (Der Movement’s Scots-German hero) for being “too ethnic” (while praising champion cuckservative Romney as “America’s Dad”) now wants to protect genteel Negresses like Leslie Jones from criticism:

MylesStandish Kudzu Bob • 16 hours ago

There’s nothing virtuous about tormenting some hapless colored woman on the internet.

Let’s remember a real American nationalist’s comportment in such matters, that of the great General Nathan Bedford Forrest addressing the Pole Bearers association in 1875: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I accept the flowers as a memento of reconciliation between the white and colored races of the Southern states. I accept it more particularly as it comes from a colored lady, for if there is any one on God’s earth who loves the ladies I believe it is myself.”

Yes sir! Those dastardly (Scots-German!) “ethnics” are bad, while Negresses are good. 
An an aside, just curious, is Jones related to Jayman?

Bain Capital: Hood vs. Silver

Silver exposed again.

First, Silver engages in his typically unpleasantly personal attacks against sincere racial nationalists:

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ Marc • 7 days ago

Actually, a baseless and contrived point. But it evidently had the intended effect. Oh Hood, I just love your essays, you’re the greatest, marry me.

(I guess if I were to start critiquing Hood, Silver would suddenly find Gregory as an “indefatigable” fighter and full of “energy” and my comments indicative of “mental instability”).

And then he tries to make apologies for Bain’s “creative destruction” –

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ teapartydoc • 6 days ago

If you, like Hood, think competent financial management doesn’t enhance the production of real goods and services then, I’m sorry, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ Andrew • 5 days ago

who left nothing of real value

If I sell you a pizza and sate your hunger I guess I haven’t left anything “of real value” in the long-term either. So what? It’s called living. If I provide the service, I’m entitled to profit from it.

He extracted maximum profit
That’s generally evidence of efficiency, not deceit.
Just like a tapeworm, he and his company were highly successful and competent.
Tapeworms don’t enter into voluntary contracts with their victims.

A few excerpts, emphasis added:

At the time, Mitt Romney had been running Bain Capital since 1984, minting a reputation as a prince of private investment. A future prospectus by Deutsche Bank would reveal that by the time he left in 1999, Bain had averaged a shimmering 88 percent annual return on investment. Romney would use that success to launch his political career. 

His specialty was flipping companies — or what he often calls “creative destruction.” It’s the age-old theory that the new must constantly attack the old to bring efficiency to the economy, even if some are destroyed along the way. In other words, people like Romney are the wolves, culling the herd of the weak and infirm. 

His formula was simple: Bain would purchase a firm with little money down, then begin extracting huge management fees and paying Romney and his investors enormous dividends. 

The result was that previously profitable companies were now burdened with debt. But much like the Enron boys, Romney’s battery of MBAs fancied themselves the smartest guys in the room. It didn’t matter if a company manufactured bicycles or contact lenses; they were certain they could run it better than anyone else. 

Bain would slash costs, jettison workers, reposition product lines and merge its new companies with other firms. With luck, they’d be able to dump the firm in a few years for millions more than they’d paid for it.

But the beauty of Romney’s thesis was that it really didn’t matter if the company succeeded. Since he was yanking out cash early and often, he would profit even if his targets collapsed. 

Which was precisely the fate awaiting Georgetown Steel. 

When Bain purchased the mill, Sanderson says, change was immediate. Equipment upgrades stopped. Maintenance became an afterthought. Managers were replaced by people who knew nothing of steel. The union’s profit-sharing plan was sliced twice in the first year — then whacked altogether. 

Romney was charging GSI $900,000 a year in management fees to run the company. The Kansas City mill received $900,000 worth of ineptitude in return. 

Although Bain borrowed $97 million to retool the plant so it could also produce wire rods, it left the rest of the facility to rot. 

To save costs, Bain went miserly on everything from maintenance to spare parts and earplugs. Equipment deteriorated. Since the new managers didn’t know how to repair it, “they’d want to rent a new piece of equipment out instead of maintaining what we had,” says Morrow. The waste and inefficiency was breathtaking. 

Bain’s plan all along was to streamline the company into greater profitability, then reap the rewards with a public stock offering. But the exact opposite was happening. Even Roger Regelbrugge, whom Bain installed as CEO, knew the debt was crushing GSI from within, according to Reuters. If a public offering didn’t materialize, the company would collapse. 

Steel was about to enter a periodic downturn. Countries around the world were locked in a war of tariffs and government-subsidized production, creating a glut and driving down prices. Romney’s flip strategy was never meant to endure difficult times. 

Workers saw the end coming; they were particularly worried that Bain was badly underfunding their pension plan. So they went on strike in 1997, bringing a traditional Rust Belt flair to the festivities by littering the streets with nails and gunning bottle rockets at security guards. 

When it was all over, the Steelworkers’ union agreed to wage and vacation cuts in exchange for extra health and pension safeguards should the plant close. Yet GSI was now hemorrhaging money, says David Foster, the union official who negotiated the deal. He claims that Bain cursed the company by placing its own interests above those of customers or long-term stability. 

“Like a lot of private equity firms, Bain managed the company for financial results, not production results,” says Foster. “It didn’t invest in maintenance or immediate customer needs. All that came second to meeting monthly financial goals.” 

It would take a few more years of bleeding, but GSI eventually fell to bankruptcy. The Kansas City mill closed for good; 750 people lost their jobs. Worse, Romney had shorted their pension fund by $44 million. The feds were forced to cover the difference, while workers saw their benefits slashed in bankruptcy court. 

The battered Georgetown plant and the foundries in Arizona and Minnesota ultimately were bought out of bankruptcy by new companies. Their workforces were halved.

Let’s count the ways that Silver is wrong. First, Bain Capital was not “competent financial management” and did not routinely “enhance the production of real goods and services.” Romney was flipping companies to make money, often leaving wreckage behind – not only the human wreckage of ruined lives (yes, it’s called living, Silver), but the wreckage of what used to be successful companies that were effectively providing those “goods and services” before they were subjected to leveraged buyouts. Bain was the equivalent of someone “flipping houses” to make quick profits, NOT like someone buying a home as a long term investment and making substantial improvements over time.

Second: A pizza is a real object of real value to someone desiring sustenance. A pizza is a physical object containing calories that, even when digested, are incorporated into the eater’s system. Bain’s leveraged buyouts and “creative destruction” and middleman profits added no real value, did not improve the long-term sustainability of all the companies so purchased, did not invent anything, produce anything not produced before, and, as stated above, did not even provide competent financial management. 

Third, maximum profit can very well be achieved through deceit. See: Madoff, Bernie – who lived very well before exposure. See successful con men throughout history (Silver I believe being very well acquainted with the concept of the con man). See the behavior of Jews in business (Bain being very Jewish-like in behavior, indeed – Mormons akin to Jews?).
Fourth, what Bain was doing may have been technically “voluntary” to the companies bought out, but it can still be considered akin to parasitism. A hungry and stupid person may eat poorly cooked pork. They may not have “voluntarily” accepted a tapeworm, but were infected by a parasite through their own greed, gluttony, and/or stupidity.
Fifth, and most importantly, even if Silver is right and Bain was the paragon of financial efficiency – so what? Hood is approaching this from the standpoint of a racial nationalist, not a laisses-faire predatory capitalist with a “profits uber alles” mentality. Many racial destructive activities are justified in the name of “economic efficiency” and “economic growth.” Romney’s “creative destruction” is no more justified from a strictly racial nationalist perspective as would be alien immigrant labor, for example.
As usual, Silver is unmasked as an unpleasant apologist for predatory capitalism and someone whose alleged interest in racial preservation is a complete sham.

Do the right thing. Spencer, and ban the thing.