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The Creativity Gambit


Sociopolitical opinion and ideology does not define a “protected class” in America, leaving White nationalists and others on the Right vulnerable to social pricing and other forms of persecution.

This, of course, needs to be remedied by law, and I have previously proposed such a law. However, no such protections currently exist.

Religion, however, is a protected class.  Could WNs utilize religion as a vehicle to shield their beliefs from official persecution?  Creativity, for example – and there are other race-based and race-aware fringe religions (for Whites or some subsection of Whites) as well.

The System of course may simply refuse acknowledge the validity of such religions, and attempts have been made for such invalidation.  The legal findings have been a mixed bag but the favorable rulings suggest the religion gambit may be worth trying, but of course activist judges and the System in general may still continuously attempt to define religion in a manner so as to exempt anything pro-White.

One can argue that religions such as Christian Identity, Asatru, and Cosmotheism may reflect a concern for the “imponderables” more so than Creativity and therefore may be better for challenging System refusal to accept the validity of such beliefs as protected.  New religions (EGI-based? The Church of the Holy Salter?) can also be developed that would be fully compatible with White nationalism while dealing with so-called “imponderables.”  This might be best as all existing racial religions are seriously flawed and it is embarrassing to be openly affiliated with them; however, it is worth considering all options.  

Of course, the definition of utility of “imponderables” to define religion should itself by challenged.  Who decides what an “imponderable issue” is?  Are kosher and halal dietary laws “imponderables?”  They sound very secular and practical to me. Is the Muslim dislike of dogs an “imponderable?”  What about the Hindu caste system?  How is that related to deep moral and ethical issues?  The reality is that religion is for the most part a technic for controlling human behavior, dressed up (in some cases) with a lot of supernatural mumbo jumbo and in most cases with hypocritical cant and in virtually all cases with arbitrary dictums. Creativity (and other race based religions) are certainly no worse and in some cases clearly better. Any religion that helps preserve EGI would seem to be on a higher ethical plane than, say, a ban on eating pork.

I am not recommending this for everyone – for example, I am not a religious person and I have very serious problems with all of the aforementioned extant racial religions.  However, I cam imagine that Type I activists would find much of that very congenial.  If so, why not attempt to take advantage of possible religious protections?

If all else fails, there is always the Church of the Almighty Bomb and the Holy Fallout.


Odds and Ends, 6/5/19

Several items.

Meet Julius Evola.

Giulio Cesare Evola was born in Rome. The parents of Giulio Cesare Evola were Vincenzo Evola, born 4 May 1854, and Concetta Mangiapane, born 15 August 1865. They were both born in Cinisi, a small town and municipality in the Province of Palermo in the north-western coast of Sicily.

As well as “the Philosopher of Fascism.”

Giovanni Gentile was born in Castelvetrano, Sicily.

Anyone remember Negro Thomas Sowell’s pontification that Southern Italians had nothing to do with Fascism?  Just like the HBDers, non-Whites always like to lie in order to divide Europeans against each other.  Non-White HBDers are the worst.

And is Der Movement going to officially revoke Julius Evola’s “Traditionalist Hero” membership card?  How can the Type I Traditionalists continue to value the work of that Negro?

Radical leftist Antifa Don Trump and his neo-Marxist DOJ defeated.

A degenerate Negro.

Traditionalism meets astronomy!  

2 months ago
What is the esoteric meaning of Aldebaran?
1 month ago
It’s the origin of the Aryan people at least the ones remaining on earth, who fled civil decay and started the civilization of mankind that fell around 8-12,000 years ago. Their descendants are still here today. However they are not originally from here. The lore goes back some of the oldest historians as well as occult histories. Namely works such as “The Race to Come” is inspired by such works. Maria Orsic etc. Etc. Theres to much to cover.

What about Antares or Betelgeuse?  Rigel?  Is Ultima Thule in the Canopus system?  The Aryans of Archernar!

This is where Der Movement’s Quota Queen “leadership” will bring us.

Joan of Arc!  Greg Johnson weeps.

Impeach Trump and Other Observations

In der news.

Roissy – recently once again picturing himself as a young girl lying in the grass dreaming of Trump – weeps:

Jamarcus Shabazz-Douglass
Replying to @RichardBSpencer
We’ve all seen what “pure Trump off the train” looks like. A senile, lazy retard who binge watches FOX News in bed past noon, whines like an impotent woman on Twitter, and outsources all the hard work to his J_wish children.
No thanks.

Roissy weeps sadly and bitterly yet again.  Is Trump the worst human being on Earth?  Is Trump the worst human being in human history?  I would say yes to both. Trump is certainly, by far, the worst President in American history.  Strom is correct that he was right about Trump; so was I.  Der Movement was, as we know, dead wrong.  They were wrong and Strom and I were right: Trump is a retarded buffoon.  EGI Notes supports the impeachment of Trump, the removal of Trump from office, and a thorough investigation of Trump – an investigation of real issues, not stupidity like “Russian collusion.”  If any crimes were committed, he can spend the rest of his life in prison, wearing an orange jumpsuit to match his orange complexion.

Yes, Kevin, you and the National Alliance were right about Trump from the beginning.  But if you read this blog, you know you were not alone, whether or not you are willing to admit it.  I was critical of Trump from the very beginning, and over the last several months, I have been linking to those early posts as evidence of that for new readers.

Meanwhile, the rest of Der Movement blithely move on from the Trump fiasco to endorsing Princess Tulsi Coconut and/or King Andy Eggroll. Absolutely disgusting. Whatever my differences with the National Alliance, those WN 1.0 guys are infinitely better than the WN 2.0 trash that have followed.

It is also amusing that Roissy is getting all worked up by the leak (Trump has more leaks than sub-Saharan African plumbing) that Der Touchback’s administration was considering dumping migrants into sanctuary cities.  Certainly, that’s a good plan – but was it done?  Or is Trump tweeting about it?  Is he “going to look into it?” Time for Roissy to start getting out some new onanism material – Trump just ain’t doing the job anymore.  Maybe a gif of a strutting Vince McMahon can get those Roissyite juices flowing.

Sallis, right again and again and again. That Florida Chinese spying (no, wait – “lying”) case in the news again.  Why wasn’t this a 60 year old frog-faced Chinese male? Always women – ever notice that?  After all, if even so-called ‘White nationalists” are obsessed with East Asian females, “normie” White politicians and businessmen are even easier marks.

And, is HBD a Chinese honeypot operation?  “Me so horny.  You say Chinese have high high IQ and I ruv you rong rong time.”  No doubt, I’m only joking of course.  Of course.

In any case, you should expect more cases of China (and other East Asian nations) exploiting Yellow Fever to execute honeypot operations against White male politicians, businessmen, technical people, etc.

Let’s see – who was it who was constantly warning against mainstreaming?  Who was it who constantly mocked Der Movement’s obsessive infatuation with Trad Vlad and Chicken Wire Vic?  Think real hard now. Hint: It’s not any of the affirmative action leadership appointees.

Jussie Smollett – Jewish and Black.  Devious enough to plan a hate crime hoax, too stupid to pull it off correctly.

AOC hasn’t so much hit the wall as crashed through it and had it collapse on her.  She looks like – what? – at least 40?  Older?  And that nose – it looks like it was flattened by a sledgehammer.  No wonder she supports reparations for Blacks – she likely has more sub-Saharan African ancestry than many light-skilled “African-Americans.”

This is an excellent video with good ideas.  Better ideas than “education” and “D’Nations.” The idea about the “White men’s strike” is interesting, as it exposes a fundamental paradox of the System – it’s underlying premise is hatred of White men, but is absolutely depends upon White men for its effective functioning.  The compliance of White men to their dispossession is assumed.

All the cries – “well, what should we do?”  Here’s one idea – Spencer should sue whoever produced that call for violence. It doesn’t matter if the original was “taken down” or not – it’s out there, circulating on the Internet.  Someone publicly makes a video promoting violence against you, then you should sue, sue, and sue. Sue until the lawyers drop from exhaustion.  Just imagine that Andrew Yang is telling you to do it – that should be sufficient motivation.

Johnson is hysterically thin-skinned.  Disagree with him on anything – you’re “banned” from Counter-Currents (translation – you could change the settings on your VPN and comment under another name, but why go through all that trouble for a dying site that’s speeding headlong into MR-style irrelevancy).

Leftist logic:

1. There’s more genetic variation within races than between races!  There’s no such thing as race!  Whites are more different from each other genetically than are Whites and Blacks!  There is no White race, Whites are completely different from each other genetically!

2. Inter-racial mating and admixture is good because it increases genetic diversity!  Homogeneous races are in danger of inbreeding depression because there’s no genetic diversity within a race!  All you inbred Whites who have no genetic diversity need to get more diversity by mixing with Blacks!

There’s a reason why the Left’s method of “argumentation” is censorship, deplatforming, and violence.  They in fact have no argument – and are as intellectually lazy and borderline retarded as is Trump.

Also, leftist memes are stupid and boring.  How many times are they going to post the video of Spencer getting elbowed in the face?  And what’s so good about that from the leftist perspective? Some cowardly masked punk runs up to someone and does a quick cheap shot elbow in the face (which can’t even knock down the victim, who was completely unprepared for it) and then runs off like a hysterical girl.  Very manly that!  The heroic testosterone just oozes – oozes I say! – from that act of masculine courage!

And if the Left thinks random street violence is justified against ideological opponents, what makes them think they are immune from the same applied against them?  True enough, as the de facto police force of global capitalism, the Left is protected by the System, and, also true, they are protected by the far-left President Antifa Don Trump. But still, as America implodes, that safety net will start to show holes.  

I also laugh at the stupid memes showing pictures of White American soldiers on D-Day with some sort of caption about how “fighting Nazis is all-American” or some retarded nonsense like that.  Let’s see now. Dwight Eisenhower, the head of the Allied invasion force, became President and instituted “Operation Wetback,” which by today’s standards was hardcore “Nazi.”  1940s America – which fought the Nazis – was by today’s standards itself “Nazi.”  And do you think those men who fought and died on Omaha Beach did do in the hope that White American boys of 2019 can become transgender and the girls STD-infected mudsharks?  Did they fight – and most were drafted and had no choice, by the way – so that America and Europe could be conquered by the Third World instead of by Germany?  And why not pictures of American troops in Korea and Vietnam, with captions about fighting communism?

The Left is so stupid and juvenile they make the Nutzis look intelligent and mature by comparison.

Exit Stage Left

More Der Movement.

Trump and the DOJ have all the legal justification they need to act against Antifa. Instead of doing so, they legally persecute the victims of Antifa.

Trump, by his action and inaction, reveals himself to be a de facto radical leftist.

When he is removed from office, either by election or by a successful impeachment trial (or by resignation after impeachment), he will “exit stage left.”

In general, this was a good podcast, but there were a few low points.

Taylor – a self-declared “free market capitalist.”  That’s a dividing line made very clear, isn’t it?  I have stated over the years that I have nothing against the free market in principle, but I do not fetishize it. Tucker Carlson made cogent criticisms of unrestrained predatory capitalism, and I would like to see Taylor comment on Carlson’s economic views.

Kersey – who obviously doesn’t know the difference between an “oxymoron” and a “redundant statement.”

Gavin Newsom – with his “Nordic children.” And – he’s not “light in the loafers.”  Is that – gasp! – a homophobic statement?  I can imagine that the “Mannerbund” faction of Der Movement is not going to like that at all.  Der Movement always likes to talk about the impeding fracturing of the “coalition of the fringes.”  Yes, but the same can be said about Der Movement itself. We all know about the feuds, but it goes deeper than that.

Apparently, there are people in the “movement” who really don’t like homosexuality; others in the “movement” are themselves homosexual.  We have some people in the “movement” who consider Richard Spencer the worst person in human history; others in the “movement” happily associate with Spencer and host him on their podcasts. And those are just two examples of the barely concealed fissures and inconsistencies among people who, on the surface, seem to be part of a broad coalition, but are likely just one argument away from descending into Spencer-Johnson levels of animus. There’s an unstable coalition of the fringes on the Right as well as on the Left.

And, again, this is not “Sallis being a troublemaker” or “Sallis is crazy and bitter.”  This is an issue of ethics and morality, an issue of consistency.  If Joe publicly labels John as an immoral destructive influence, and really believes that, then how can Joe cheerfully collaborate with friends and allies of John?  If Tim believes that “X, Y, Z” is harmful, how can Tim be taken seriously if Tim hobnobs with supporters, promoters, and practitioners of X, Y, Z?  If someone sacrifices moral integrity for political convenience, they then forfeit any right to pose as a “leader.”

And, as Tom Hagen says in The Godfather, it is business, not personal.  I have nothing personally against any of these people, if they do good I praise them, if they reformed I would support them, and if they were in trouble I would help them.  But if you want to be a leader, you have to actually be a leader, not an affirmative action empty suit.  There has to be accountability. Someone has to be out there, a third party observer not involved in “movement” politics and petty feuding over money and status, who can honestly criticize. I know these guys don’t think of it that way, and they do take it personally, but that just demonstrates their weakness.  Instead of fuming over their honest critics, they should thank them.  That they do not realize this demonstrates the validity of my criticism.


It’s that time again, time to contribute. 

The tin cup is rattling.

You can send funds via Paypal, or by check. If you want deductibility, or have something complicated in mind, write to me at  

Did all of the Unz money dry up?

I’ll be reviewing books, talking about this and that, abusing reporters, and working on a weird startup (details to follow).  

Is the start-up organizing the Israeli army to conquer Italy?

Consulting work on algorithm development, GPU programming, miscellaneous software, and estimating your date’s breeding value is welcome.

As long as the date is East Asian, you’re all set.

Why does the Right always have to be an embarrassment?  These guys are not going to attract White STEM activists, and that is a shame, and will in the long run be a costly deficit.

Now, I still support this fellow and his lawsuit, but the optics of all these people are terrible, absolutely terrible.  The only prominent person in Der Movement who, in my opinion, has decent optics is Jared Taylor.  All the others should try to emulate him, re: optics.  Although, true, there also is a place for “firebrand” types – albeit those who are serious, not lulzing jackasses.

Speaking of the lawsuit, while I support it and hope Allen wins, I’m not as optimistic of his chances as are others.  I mean – if you really believe the System is dedicated to White genocide, how can you so blithely assume that facts, logic, and an airtight case actually mean anything?

Now, cases like this should still be done.  The enemy should be confronted, and there is always a chance of getting a relatively honest judge and jury.  Stranger things have happened.  Who knows?  Maybe there will be an out-of-court settlement.  Anything is possible.  Just be prepared for the possibility of a completely outrageous politically-motivated misreading of the actual legal issues at stake here.

A Counter-Currents commentator confirms my skepticism:

The peculiarity of our situation is that our enemy is not Jews and POCs but our fellow-Whites: it is them who vote the establishment into office….

That’s why Johnson and McCulloch are delusional, arguing over when victory will occur.  Better to argue over if.

Counter-Currents writer:

All of John’s criticisms are valid. My knowledge of America is very much derived from books and pop culture.

Then why are you writing essays about an America you know absolutely nothing about?

Life in Donald Trump’s America

We have a radical leftist as President.

It’s the God Emperor!

Low energy Donald Trump.  Compared to the effete and slothful cuck Trump, Jeb Bush is an energized dynamo of crackling power.

Never forget: EGI Notes was identifying Trump as a Negrophile back in 2015.  Don’t worry Donny, in prison, you’ll get real close and intimate with your favorite race.  Just don’t drop the soap in the shower!

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America: A far left dystopian nightmare.  Hey, don’t worry leftists, Antifa Don Trump may use his pardon power if any convictions result.

Donald Trump’s America.

…American law enforcement is now entirely selective. While Fields and other Unite The Right protesters are given draconian sentences, Antifa attackers and the local officials who in effect worked as their partners go unpunished. While Antifa can roam free, groups that fight back are hit with federal charges

What can one expect when you have a radical leftist as President of the United States?

Very cognitive.  Very elite.  Hey, doesn’t Fat Don want more “high skilled immigrants?”

Disgustingly shameless.

But, but, but…they’re HuWhite!

More rambling from Durocher: On the surface, criticizing rigid Nordicism, but on the other hand, justifying and explaining it.  Get out dem dere calipers!

Der Movement Thursday

Plain facts, as they say.

These guys (defined in various ways) all praise each other.  One must maintain the illusion that they know what they’re talking about, and that their prominence in the “movement” is solely merit-based.

McCulloch does critique Johnson’s timeline, in that most proponents of the ethnostate today won’t live to see, and live in and enjoy, the coming ethnostate.  It’s understandable to feel that way, but is it realistic?  Frankly speaking, I doubt racial separation will ever happen at all, much less quibbling over when it will happen. White Americans elect Trump, whose civic nationalism is termed “fascism” by a triumphant Left that is rioting in the streets with absolute impunity, while Trump’s DOJ supports the rioters and indicts Trump’s own supporters.  Two years after Trump’s election, Whites are more cowed and persecuted than ever. Now, things can change fast – look how quickly the Soviet Union collapsed – but you can’t count on that.  The best you can do is produce a real movement that actualizes pro-White activism and moves the ball forward to the ethnostate.  This does not exist today.  In actuality, Der Movement is an impediment to racial progress, not a promoter of it; thus, if anything, Johnson’s timeline for the ethnostate is too optimistic.  If it isn’t, then how do we get from “here” to “there?”

I think a fairer, and broader, criticism of Johnson’s timeline is that it is reflective of the “movement’s” manipulation of time goalposts to avoid responsibility and accountability. You see, the “movement” slyly accomplishes this in two contradictory ways.  On the one hand, they avoid responsibility for actually being serious and building a long-term infrastructure by stressing the imminence of change. Thus, to paraphrase a leading Type I activist circa 2002: “I can’t understand why any Whites are saving for retirement or going to college, or why racial activists waste their time taking about long-term strategy – don’t they know that the System is going to collapse within the next 5 years?”  So, that’s the “Der Tag is imminent, off to the woods with your musket and hide in your snug hobbit hole until you hear the shooting” gambit.  It’s always only “5 years away” so why bother organizing?  Of course, real quick, those “5 years” become 10,15, 20, 25, 50 years, and you end up having done nothing but fantasize.  On the other hand, some activists, devolve accountability onto future generations by postponing any reckoning to some indefinite time period hence – “the ethnostate will come into being at least 50 years in the future, so politics is not for us today, instead let’s do metapolitics – and don’t forget to send me a donation.”  So, it’s either that they are not responsible for actually doing anything prudent and strategic because The Collapse will happen any day now OR they have no accountability because The Solution will happen some time in the distant, hazy future.

Read this.

But talk is cheap. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should give Cuomo what he inadvertently asked for: a federal investigation into Antifa, a group that is overtly based around denying Americans their First Amendment rights through violence.

For godssakes you naïve fools: JEFF SESSIONS IS A SUPPORTER OF ANTIFA.  GOT IT?  His DOJ specifically targets rightists, if “Trumps DOJ” were to “act” it would be to indict the “Proud Boys” for more hate crimes charges.  Can’t you quota queens stop indulging in fantasy and face harsh reality?  “America’s Senator” is a hardcore cuck.  Trump himself is a LAZY FAY VULGAR MORON and his fanboys in Der Movement cheer his “Horseface” and Pocahontas” taunts while never noticing he blithely stands by and allows his own supporters to be attacked in the streets AND THEN stands by while his DOJ inducts his own supporters for hate crimes.  That’s Trump.  That’s his DOJ.  And no amount of “negs” and cheap blustering will change those FACTS.

The plain fact is that, nearly two years into the Trump Administration, the president’s voters enjoy far less freedom and safety than they did before he took office.

Yes, that’s a plain fact.  So why can’t you understand that this is a feature, not a bug, of Trump and his administration? TRUMP IS A FRAUD, and this blog identified him as such long before the election, while all of the “we’re always wrong but we got dem dere affirmative action protections” quota queens were lauding Trump as an “American Caesar” who would usher in a new era of White greatness.

Speaking of White greatness: Der Movement believes promoting prostate cancer is a mark of White identity!

A reasonable Counter-Currents comment:

Posted October 15, 2018 at 5:00 am | Permalink
I should add that the modern commune today is virtual. It’s websites, places like these. They can be reached by anyone and from anywhere, and it works because it is to some degree incorporeal. They can be destroyed, but its denizens cannot be isolated easily.

An online groupuscule.

Of course the right should not limit itself to the internet alone. But ensconcing oneself outside of civilization cannot be the answer. In my opinion, if there is any physical undertaking the new right should consider, it would be the creation of secret societies embedded in existing institutions.

That is a good idea; infiltration can go in both directions.

Read this.

Bustamante also compared Warren’s DNA to white populations in Utah and Great Britain to determine if the amounts of Native American markers in Warren’s sample were significant or just background noise.

I wonder how careful the testing companies are in the same sense, especially when some of them have the highest confidence level at 90% (instead of the more scientifically typical 95%+) and routinely – and comically – have as the default reporting 50% (flip that coin!).  For majority ancestry that’s not a problem as the percentages hardly change as you move up to more stringent confidence levels; however, for the micro-levels of reputed admixture as what is reported here for Warren, it certainly is an issue.

The ignorant Steve Sailer:

My guess is that Trump will never, ever use “Picohontas.” This has a double utility to Trump. By not using it, Trump doesn’t alienate the vast percentage of voters who don’t know that “pico” means “one-trillionth.” (I personally guessed it meant one-billionth, but that of course would be “Gigahontas.”)

No, Steve, it would be “Nanohontas.”  Giga = one billion; Nano = one-billionth.  You need to get the magnitude directionality of your scale right.  Here are two examples that will be helpful:

1. The average brain weight of HBDers is one nanogram.

2. Let’s cull the cogelites and drop a 100 Gigaton cobalt bomb on China.

Got it?

Der Movement: (Taylor) Swiftly Humiliated

Taylor and Trump: the Left triumphant.

The Type I retards of Der Movement are publicly humiliated once again.  How’s your “Aryan Princess,” doing these days, eh?  How’s that “Aryan Alt Right Avatar?”  And I love how some of these nitwits are pretending (channeled through “Milo” and Anglin) that it all really never happened – you see, their years-long sweaty obsession over this fox-faced female yeastbucket “cuck nagger” was just a “jest” you see, a “joke,” a “meme” never meant to be taken seriously.  Sure.  Sure.  That’s like some beta male who proposes marriage to a woman in public, and is then humiliated when she ever-so-publicly rejects him, and then he protests, red-faced, that it was “all just a joke.”

No, Type Is – you indulged in your fetishes and stupidities, and were head-smacked by reality once again.  Der Movement: a story of continuous failure.  And I note that the various “movement” sites – except for Anglin – that have been obsessing over Swift for years are strangely silent about this news story – can’t admit being wrong, I suppose.  No surprise there. And as to the argument that “this isn’t important, who cares?” – I could have asked “who cares about Taylor Swift?” for the past several years.  No, Der Movement themselves made it a big deal with their Beavis-and-Butthead jackassery, setting themselves up for yet another morale-deflating public humiliation.  It’s the public perception of the Far Right being shown to be immature, wrong, and once again scorned by an idol, that is most important issue here – The Yeastbucket on White Unicorn Syndrome in this case.  Fail, fail, fail – Der Movement is synonymous in the public mind with endless failure.  That’s a surefire way to get high-quality recruits, no doubt!

And, no, by the way, contra the obsessives and fetishists, Swift is not a “HB10” – are you kidding me?  She’s just some lanky (likely high-T) ditzy female, who paints herself up to look presentable in public. Maybe a 7 on a good day.


Threads are tied, chess pieces are maneuvered into place, rope is knotted…the Deep State actors who attempted a silent coup of President Trump are about to face their reckoning.

Er, no.  Instead, it are Trump’s own supporters who are facing a reckoning, emphasis added:

Starting with the President’s own inauguration, antifa have rioted—attacking political enemies, threatening politicians, and sparking street brawls. By the group’s own admission, its purpose is to use violence against opponents. And yet, in a purported crackdown on “serial rioters,” Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department skipped over antifa and indicted members of a little-known right-wing group called the Rise Above Movement (RAM).

Last week, the US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, Thomas Cullen—a Trump Administration appointee—held a press conference to celebrate bringing charges, including “conspiracy to riot,” against four RAM members. “They were essentially serial rioters,” said Mr. Cullen. “This wasn’t in our view the lawful exercise of First Amendment rights. These guys came to Charlottesville to commit violent acts.”

This latest indictment follows in the spirit of S.J. Res 49, passed unanimously by the Republican Congress in September 2017, which called on the President to use all available means to combat the “hate groups” that brawled in Charlottesville. It specifically mentioned white nationalists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis—but not antifa.

To his credit, President Trump attached a signing statement saying he did not blame a specific group for the violence, thus sticking to his contention that there was blame on both sides—but this appears to have had no influence on his own Justice Department. Instead, antifa remains in the clear while its enemies are arrested. White advocates don’t want special treatment. We want equitable enforcement of the law. We certainly haven’t seen it yet.

Who was it who has made a big deal about Trump signing S.J. Res 49 (his attached “statement” being irrelevant)?  Who has been harping about Trump betraying his own supporters?  That’s right, Sallis – while Roissy obsesses about how Trump shakes hands with Macron, and while Der Movement swoons over their obese “God Emperor.”    And while Derbyshire and Coulter praise Antifa Jeff Sessions, it has been Sallis who has been beating the drum about how the Trump DOJ is viciously anti-White.

Let’s see now: Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.  Who would have ever guessed?

By the way, this underscores why creating a Legionary-type movement – which I support and have proposed – will be so difficult in America.  The Ultra Far Left Trump-Sessions axis will use all the power of the federal government to crush it. Such a movement would have had an easier time getting established under a regime of a President farther to the right than Trump – Obama, for example.

Trump’s adipose tissue must be inducing record levels of estrogen production – enough to promote the blossoming of puberty in a busload of 13 year old girls.  Or is it that he’s just a White-hating Neo-Marxist?

Trump has Taylor Swift-Boated Der Movement once again.  Instead of the God Emperor, he’s the Red Emperor – a Far Left Marxist paragon.