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In the News, 1/14/15

Several items.

Of course, unkept promises to mostly white conservatives do not matter to the GOP. The entire Beltway Right election strategy depends on conning whites into supporting people who can promptly betray them the minute they set foot in office. They offer platitudes to the rubes, but they are much more forthright with their plans when speaking to a Spanish language audience.

Enough with this groveling to Sailer all the time and his “wonderful insight” that the GOP can win by optimizing the White vote (wich is obvious).  Given the story above, who wants the GOP to win anyway?  They’ll just betray the Whites they dog-whistled to during the election. Instead, let is follow the Sallis Strategy: destroying the GOP by deepening the contradictions of a party that absolutely needs the votes of a people they despise and regularly betray. That’s why liberal Republican cuckservative Touchback Trump should be voted for – the perception of him as a “racist extremist” is such that his success tears apart the Republican Party. Of course, the reality is that Beta Trump is no “racist extremist” – it is just that the GOP has drifted so far left, that any mention critical of immigration is deemed the second coming of Saint Adolf.

 From a stupid Yahoo news story:

The suicide attacker who detonated a bomb that killed 10 German tourists in the heart of Istanbul’s historic district had registered as a refugee just a week earlier, Turkish officials said Wednesday, raising questions over whether extremists are posing as asylum-seekers to inflame anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe.

You see, it’s all the fault of those racist anti-immigration Europeans. If they would only welcome the refugees, the refugees won’t need to commit acts of terrorism to inflame anti-immigration feeling. That’s the ticket! This is what is known as leftist “logic.”