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Race and Sex in the News, 11/15/16

Several items.

Entitlement and assumptions (emphasis added):

Not only is the POC attitude of entitlement and aggrievement ridiculous, it is also presumptuous. Trump haters assume that whomever they happen to be speaking to at that moment shares their hatred for Trump and all that he represents — the liberal bubble that we see over and over again in big cities and universities.  Many of us who do not go about their day in a MAGA hat, and appear to be otherwise in step with the mainstream of American society, will often be confused with one who has accepted the anti-Trump bias of pop-culture, which is what all “educated” people after all must believe.  They seem to take for granted that as a White person, your chief goal is to champion their causes, what they believe to be important.  I’m afraid that no longer interests us, and we have instead decided to look to our own welfare.

That’s correct. POC have a huge sense of entitlement.  Further – and this applies to liberal Whites even more so – is the assumption that any and all educated folks are liberal anti-Trump Clinton supporters.  Or, as I’ve suggested in previous posts just after the election, these White leftists are fishing for information.  From what I’ve heard, there was, at least in some locales and institutions, post-election an effort to identify Trump supporters based on their reactions to comments and questions.  So, I think that before the election it was, as the quote above suggests, an assumption of sharing the same attitudes prevalent in “big cities and universities.”  After the election, it may be a more McCarthyite “witch hunt” to uncover those dastardly Trump voters amongst us.

Women’s rights and fertility.  Something to think about, whether or not you’d take things as far as the commentator in the video.

Gwen Ifill, Negress whose debate question revealed Sander’s anti-White hatred for all the world to see, has died.  Well, she was no good, but for that one moment was the avatar of truthfulness. If only some interviewer would call out Levantine Bernie about that the next time he does his disingenuous song-and-dance about “the White working class.”  

So, Obama gave advice to Trump in their White House meeting that Trump needs to “reach out to minorities and women, etc. who feel threatened by Trump and his rhetoric.”  Another example of POC/leftist lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy.  Did Obama reach out to those White folks – particularly White men – who were threatened by the Obama regime?  Of course not; instead, he doubled down on his anti-White attitudes and polices. “Reaching out” only goes in one direction, you see.  This continues to give me hope: the Left is not, and likely cannot, learn any lessons from this election.  The lessons would go against their core beliefs and their “programming” and hence any thoughts leading to truth become short-circuited and re-routed back to their deception and self-deception.  Indeed, if Obama had followed in own advice, who knows, maybe Trump would not have been elected.  But the intellectually deficient navel-gazing mulatto is unable to see that.  It’s all someone else’s fault.

HBD, HBD, where are thou?

Sanders and the White Working Class

Jew fraud.

Sanders now is whining that Democrats have lost “working class White voters,” blaming the Clintons, and saying that Democrats need to do something about this. Well, my Jewish alien Levantine friend, let me tell you something.  Remember that debate you had with Clinton, where the Negress moderator asked (with a smirk) what you and she would do specifically for White people?  Remember your response?  You exclaimed in an incredulous, dismayed, and sarcastic voice: White people? – and the audience – Democrats all – were also dismayed by the moderator’s question.  Some laughed. Yeah, Jew, it was real funny and all – but not so funny on November 8, 2016, was it?

Middle Eastern Bernie: people know when they are not liked and not wanted (hint to Der Movement, re: White ethnics).  The fact that the Democrats and their core constituencies HATE White folks, particularly working class and middle-class Whites, is well known.  You hate them as well, don’t you, reflected in your spontaneous response to the debate question.

Save your crocodile tears – if Clinton had won, none of you would give a rat’s ass about the “White working class,” and you know it.

A Dream, Not a Nightmare

What we need in one paragraph.

Breezy makes himself useful by quoting this:

Things get darker still, for, if the G.O.P. becomes ever whiter, failing to peel away working-class voters of other races, then partisan conflict could look more and more like racial conflict. That is the nightmare. Our politics are bad enough when voters are mobilized mainly by culture-war issues, such as abortion, because compromise is often impossible. But when voters are mobilized by issues of identity, something most people can’t change, then nothing works. It’s just war.

If you want to know what is needed in America, summarized in one paragraph, then re-read what is block quoted above. Balkanization, identity politics, hatred, suspicion, chaos, making the Multicultural System unworkable (“nothing works” indeed) – that is the key to salvation. Diversity and multiculturalism need to be made as unpleasant as possible, made impossible, made painful. We need an atmosphere of despair and desperation, a sour atmosphere where each raciocultural group is in conflict with the others, where alliances across racial lines (even with those wonderful Imperial Orientals) is impossible.

That is the ONLY reason why I’d vote for Trump in November (if he’s somewhere on the ballot). The agenda of Sanders to attempt to unite people across racial lines is a great reason to root for Clinton in the Democratic primaries.  

One must of course weigh the possibilities.  The worst outcome is for Trump to lose to Clinton, and have the White masses convinced that they must go back to cuckservatism.  A Trump victory – however unlikely – would be great from the standpoint of balkanizing chaos. The more likely positive outcome would be for Trump to be cheated out of the nomination, and for Clinton to crush a cuckservative Republican in November, as Trump supporters stay home or vote third party.

Anything that stokes anger and hatred and bitterness, anything that drives Whites to rage, anything that provokes Whites to “we’ve had enough pitchfork time” – that’s what we need. 

Hatred, bitterness, chaos, desperation, and despair – the winning formula.

In the News, 3/5/16

Odds and ends from a world (and “movement”) gone mad.

I agree with Sanders’ supporters in this regard.  Will Bill and Hillary have matching orange jumpsuits in prison?

And certainly not many of the Chinese and Indians I have met who bad-mouth the US in favor of their own countries and who have come only to make money. And if any of these immigrants vote, over 70% vote for socialist big government and not in favor of the freedom which has always been a big reason to want to be American.

Of course.  After all, the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites, and didn’t Derbyshire himself (in the “measured groveling” essay) tell us about Rosie’s extreme ethnocentrism and anger toward Americans (while living in America of course) over that plane incident that occurred more than 15 years ago?

And then we have the dedicated anti-White activist Durocher who pontificates:

At least until the entire rotten structure of lies and hypocrisy is brought tumbling down and the European peoples, and in particular European-Americans, are, again, free to determine their own destiny.

Here he is blogging about Jews on Counter-Currents.  Why “in particular European-Americans?”  After all, when he posts at TOO, he’s always talking about Jews in Europe, particularly France.  But that, you see, is one of the keys to understanding Durocher, and one reason his writing irritates me so much.  Like another well-known anti-White Internet Troll (remember that Yukon Cornelius song to know who I’m talking about here), Durocher is always exhibiting a chameleon-like ability to change his worldview to suit his audience, marketing himself (why? to gain trust?) rather than promoting a specific worldview.

So, on TOO, he is all about Jews, Jews, Jews, mostly in Europe, when he’s not fawning over Viktor Orban, promoting the discredited idea of mainstreaming.  At Counter-Currents, addressing an audience mostly European-American, he emphasizes Euro-American interests while warning us not to be too obsessive about Jews.  At Counter-Currents, a more radical site, he tends to dispense with the mainstreaming, and praises Hitler, and also peddles Nordicism.  His essays are rambling displays of incoherence, with no other seeming purpose than to ingratiate himself with the target audience and win their trust, before spewing forth more memetic poison.

And he continues:

There are dangers in becoming obsessive. Every topic must be given the just measure of attention. The work must go on.

Which means what?  How does the work go on?  How do we know what is obsessive and what is just measure?  What Durocher tells us it is?

And then we have Roissy, trying to excuse Trump’s pitiful flip-flopping on immigration,. Roissy refers to the Rightists that omega race cuck Trump continuously disavows:

some internet backwater weirdo 

Who is that?  James Edwards I presume?  It could be David Duke also, since Der Touchback disavowed Duke as well.  (Question: Has Trump disavowed his Jewish son-in-law or his Jewish convert daughter or his Jewish grandchildren?  No, as Tony the Tiger would say, Trump thinks they’re GREEEAATTTT!).

Who the hell is this turd Roissy calling someone else “some internet backwater weirdo.” Guess what asshole: the Left would consider “Chateau Heartiste” to be backwater weirdness as well.  You think you are better than Edwards and Duke?  Are you joking?  Or are you  just emulating your cuck-god Short-Fingered Vulgarian Touchback in attacking those to your right?

Hatred of Trump As a Proxy For Hatred of Whites

Attacks on Trump from the Left = Attacks against Whites.
With Trump’s latest impressive victory, this time in Nevada (expect breathless mainstream media accounts about “Rubio’s momentum” and how “Trump is finished”) we can take a look at an interesting Counter-Currents article.  The key paragraph, emphasis added:

For all Trump’s continual appeal to the buried racial instincts of despondent white Americans, he is still a civic and economic nationalist, and his centrist positions simply don’t warrant the outpouring of frankly insane rhetoric from all the bile-secreting organs. Trump has his own political correctness, whereby he places Negroes in his campaign adverts front and center when they align with his causes. He treads extremely carefully around language that could be construed as racially charged or insulting. His focus is on the rule of law and prosperity. So while UKIP and Front National could plausibly be described as inheriting BNP or anti-Semitic votes, the frothing psychopathy and “Nazi” slurs thrown at Trump don’t hold up and are purely emotional. 

Indeed.  Trump’s actual campaign, his actual policy positions, by no means rate the sort of “frothing psychopathy” spewed in his direction, a level of attack I’ve never before observed in decades of following American politics.  Even Trump’s most “extreme” positions are actually quite restrained and reasonable, and would not be out-of-place in the mainstream political discourse of not so long ago.  First, Trump campaigns against people entering the USA illegally (who are, after all, violating immigration law), he wants to prevent further illegal immigration, and he does not want to reward (at least directly) those who are already here illegally.  Second, in light of terrorism threats, he calls for a temporary – repeat, temporary – hiatus in further Muslim immigration to the USA.  That’s it.  And all other issues, he’s a moderate, a centrist, in some cases liberal enough so that his positions do not markedly differ from that of liberal Jewish icon Bernie Sanders.  Far from being a “racist,” Trump eagerly embraces the Negro and supports anti-White affirmative action programs.  Therefore, we ask: why all the hysteria from the mainstream and from the Left (which are, in truth, one and the same)?
Well, Trump’s immigration views are seen as being at least indirectly supportive of White demographic and cultural interests.  His base of support is from working class and middle class White Americans; thus, Trump is seen as running a right-wing populist campaign aimed at mainstream White Americans – a group considered anathema by the System and its supporters. So, we see filth like cuckservative David Brooks screech that Trump is all about folks “pining for a White America that’s not coming back” and that is part of the (not inaccurate) stereotype of Trump’s supporters being “older, angry White folks not comfortable with a changing America.”
Therefore, the reason why the mainstream/Left reaction to Trump is so out of bounds, so disconnected to what he actually believes, is that Trump is a symbol.  Trump, to their minds, is a proxy for Whites, a representative of the older, traditional White America that they hate.  To put it more bluntly: by hating Trump, they are hating Whites.  All the rage and vitriol hurled at Trump is precisely what these folks feel about White folks.  Their hatred of Trump is simply hatred of Whites. And all the hatred and rage against the pillow-smothered Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (“the devil has a new playmate in hell,” was one of the more mild expressions of leftist joy at Scalia’s death) is merely a stand-in for hatred against the traditional White America that Scalia’s judicial philosophy represented.
Trump Derangement Syndrome = Hatred of White Americans

It’s as simple as that.

White People?

The real source of the White resentment fueling Trump’s support.

As discussed here previously, many in the System either pretend not to understand the reasons for White resentment and the consequent support for Der Touchback, or, like Sanders, they mendaciously misrepresent the reason for the resentment:

Bernie asserts that Trump’s popularity is due to the legitimate “economic anxiety” of his supporters. Trump exploits this anxiety by scapegoating “Mexicans and Muslims” and thus he diverts attention away from the fatcat predatory capitalists really causing all the problems. Bernie will free these supporters from Trump’s trickery by bringing them into a grand, aracial, far-left coalition.

White-hating racist Negress commentator Gwen Ifill, who looks remarkably like an Australopithecus robustus, asked the Democratic candidates about “White people” at the last debate. It went like this, the relevant transcript excerpt courtesy of Breezy Steve Sailer (the guy who opposes White nationalism because we can’t know who White people are):

IFILL: Let me turn this on its head, because when we talk about race in this country, we always talk about African-Americans, people of color. I want to talk about white people, OK?  

SANDERS: White people?  


Let us consider together. In response to Ifill’s question, Sanders – the candidate who pretends an interest in Trump’s working class White supporters – responds with an incredulous “White people?” to which the australopithicine shrugs and smirks (to say, yes, I know it is a ridiculous question), and the audience laughs. Look at the video linked above and see for yourself.

Therefore, a consideration of White people’s interests – indeed, the very idea that such interests exist – is considered by the System and its candidates, representatives, and supporters to be a source of disbelieving astonishment, confusion, and laughing amusement. 

That, my dear levantine Senator Sanders, is the REAL source of the resentment fueling Trump’s White support – NOT “scapegoating” of migrants, and NOT misplaced mere “economic concerns.” While the economics are of course important, in the last analysis, race and culture are not proxies for economic concerns, the economic concerns are proxies for race and culture. Trump’s supporters are not resentful over “Mexicans and Muslims” because of the economy, they are resentful because these White folks do not want any Mexicans and Muslims around, they do not want to lose their country, they do not want to be dispossessed by aliens and then have their concerns laughed off by sneering SWPL types, half-apes, and by an aged hippy Brooklyn Jew. What does it say when a far-Left anti-White harridan like Hillary Clinton is the only one who give a halfway respectful answer to the question? 

Sanders therefore represents typical Jewish deception and self-deception. His own shocked and disbelieving “White people?” response to Ifill’s question, as well as the response of Ifill and the audience, all perfectly represent the real reason for the White resentment that he explains with all sorts of fanciful inventions.

2016 Politics: Requiem For America

Pathetic America.

The current leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential election can be described thus:


1. A real estate billionaire/reality TV star who is beloved by White racialists and right-wing gamesters despite: being an ignorant buffoon, defending affirmative action, promoting “touchback” immigration into the USA for Mexican illegals, and having Jewish family connections.

2. A hawk-faced half-Cuban born in Canada and thus ineligible for the office he seeks, who supports large-scale increases in legal immigration, and who lies to the lemming-like White masses about his pro-immigration views and his support from “New York values” wealthy establishment figures.

3. A Miami-Vice-style Cuban who was, and still is, a prime mover for illegal alien amnesty, a Neocon-puppet who manages to be more of a plastic phony than even “strap the dog to the roof of the car” Romney.

[We will pass over Jeb Bush, the “man” with the appearance and aura of a sleepy wombat, and his Hispanified family, as his level of support is barely in the positive range]


1. A Wall Street-financed ultra-leftist harridan, champion of mass Third World immigration and of Colored Privilege, an advocate of “women’s rights” who is widely reputed to be a lesbian and who is “married” to an ex-President who is an alleged rapist and who is known to have been fellated by a Jewess intern in the White House, a decaying harpy being investigated by the FBI for arrogantly and stupidly using a home server to handle secret and sensitive government documents during her undeserved tenure as Secretary of State, a corrupt reptile who is alleged to have sold favors to foreign governments for donations to her family’s finances.

2. A socialist Brooklyn Jew, an ultra-leftist with documented past communist connections, a groveler to Negro radicalism and to Open Borders immigration, a lying imbecile who misreads the meaning of the angry electorate and who tries to “whitewash” (no pun intended) the racial and cultural reasons for that anger, a decrepit fool who stands by sheepishly while “Black Lives Matter” simians seize his microphone at an electoral event, a Levantine alien whose ancestors should never have been allowed on American shores.

In summary: Where is the national sense of embarrassment for this travesty?