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Odds and Ends, 11/16/20

In der news.

See this.

THE TIME has come to stop focusing on what Trump, Biden, and all the crooked Republicans and crooked Democrats are doing as they try to grab the wheel of the sinking ship in Washington.

Yes, let’s blithely ignore the consequences of increased political persecution of the Far Right and ignore the consequences of further suppression of free expression.

Instead of what they’re doing, let’s talk about what we are trying to do. 

Yes, we’ve been waiting for that for a long time.  I suspect we won’t get any specifics though.

When I say “we,” I mean the men and women of the National Alliance.

Both of them.

If the current leadership of the National Alliance wants to garner support they need to first generate at least some successes that they can point to, with the resources they already have at hand, and they need to describe, at least in general terms, the strategic approaches that they are going to take to achieve their goals.  Merely reading the writings of a man who has been dead for close to twenty years does not suffice. Invoking the names of “The National Alliance” and “William Pierce” are insufficient incentives to attract quality followers, as opposed to all the other activism going on (or pretending to be going on).

FDR’s perfidy and Hitler’s stupidity.

Read this.  “Social science” (sic) marches on.

This article is being retracted at the request of all of the authors. The first author of the paper, Abdiel J. Flores, contacted the journal on his own initiative to inform it that he falsified data in the paper. He altered specific data values in Figures 1 and 2 and associated analyses that resulted in incorrect and misleading results on the effects of SES identity threat on cardiovascular challenge/threat reactivity and on mathematics performance. Because this data manipulation invalidates the findings, the entire article is being retracted. Mr. Flores informed the journal that he takes full responsibility for alteration of data; none of the co-authors participated in or had knowledge of the first author’s actions. Mr. Flores self-reported this matter to his institution, Columbia University, which is handling it in accordance with institutional policy and procedure.

Why hasn’t this bizarrely alien turd been thrown out of his PhD program?

See this. Well, not Counter-Currents or Brimelow/VDARE to start with.  Probably spend some on legal defense, starting independent media – probably a good idea to invest a good chunk of it into dividend funds, and use the proceeds (not the principal) to find full-time REAL activists, not gifters.

Hmm.  Very good.  Now let’s figure out what could be done with the millions of dollars being wasted by the “movement.”  Start here.

The essence of Trump in one tweet. Add another option –

“I’ll get back to you; I’m busy golfing.”

Flubro retardation marches on:

Diversity Heretic says:

For those of us who remember the 1976 swine flu vaccination fiasco…

Which I remember as well, and it was indeed a fiasco.

…the concept of mass inoculations with a minimaly-tested, rushed-to-production vaccine for a highly contagious, but not particularly lethal virus is very disturbing. 

Blame China.

And the fact that it isn’t only a new vaccine, but a new type of vaccine that uses messenger RNA (whatever that is)…

“Whatever that is.” You know, if you are an ignorant moron, and also can’t be bothered to look up terms that you do not know, then probably you shouldn’t be commenting on the subject. Idiot.

…makes me even more uneasy. (I’ve read that it actually makes a person a genetically modified organism, but don’t have the scientific expertise to evaluate such a claim.) 

What an idiot. By golly, imagining getting another organism’s nucleic acids inside your body. Horrors!  Good thing you don’t eat organic material and that your body is completely sterile and contains no microorganisms whatsoever!

The riposte to me on that would be that the mRNA vaccine is of mRNA not typically found in a human body and that it will be translated into protein. So?  The specific viral antigen will be produced, you will have an immunogenic reaction to it, and then the mRNA will eventually be degraded.  

Big deal. No, you are not going to be “genetically modified” in any real sense. No, you are not going to be the first transgenic retard.

There’s a reason that vaccine development often takes a while, such as evaluating the long-term side effects. 

And then the anti-vaxxers still won’t take it.

This vaccination program has all the signs of a major health disaster. 

Letting Chinese live on the same planet as humans has all the signs of a major health disaster.

I’d prefer to take my chances with the virus and I’m in my seventh decade.

Let’s hope you contract it.

Johnson in his latest livestream commented on Donovan critiquing his past association with WNs – “well he was never a WN.” True, but Donovan sure received a lot of (undeserved) positive attention from “White advocates” and other WN-oriented people, didn’t he?

Apart from Donovan’s and Pilleater’s shared, err, “interests,” here is a question – what do Donovan, Pilleater, and Jorjani have in common?

1. They were showered with positive attention by various factions of Der Movement, particularly the Alt Right, and were taken seriously as important figures – Donovan and Jorjani more than Pilleater, but Johnson definitely took Pilleater seriously as well. Indeed, Johnson was associated with all three of them.

2. All three of them were critiqued here at EGI Notes, and I strongly disapproved of the fact that Der Movement took them seriously; my opinion was that the “movement” should not have had anything to do with any of them.

3. In all three cases, things went badly. Donovan denounces his past links with WN, Jorjani did the same, and we know how the Pilleater-Johnson association ended up.

It’s almost as if – gasp! who knows? – Sallis’ judgment about people is better than that of Johnson or that of any of the other affirmative action “leaders” of the “movement.” Paging “Lovecraft’s Cat.”I make an analogy to running a business. Imagine you are the owner of a small business in a very volatile market with much larger competitors who want to drive you out of business.  On the one hand, you want to grow your business and try to grab a larger market share, but on the other hand you have to be very careful, very prudent; you would need to avoid any serious errors. In this scenario, you have no leeway for large error, as you are on the edge of success vs. failure.  Der Movement is in that position vs. the System/Left.  Every serious error runs the risk of being devastating.

So, Pilleater was an obviously bad investment with no real upside.  Jorjani was a highly risky investment with limited upside – I would never have bothered with him (I don’t trust NECs and my scientific background allowed me to recognize Jorjani’s silly pseudoscience – “the spectral!”).  Donovan may have been a bit less risky, with some more upside, but again, from my perspective, still not worth the risk. If the “movement” wants to take any prudent risks in order to achieve growth, there are better options than those three.

Odds and Ends, 9/16/20

In der news.

So, the ethnonationalist scum require a long spew of more than 5,000 words of nonsense to respond to the essential truth espoused by Napoleon and Yockey, succinctly stated as all great and self-evident truths are, that every European war is a civil war.

We do not want Sicilians to become Swedes…

Fetishism alert!

Question: If the Hungarian people wage of war of liberation to free themselves from John Morgan, how would that be classified by this author?

A great comment:


Posted September 15, 2020 at 9:31 am | Permalink

No tense but I thing that you’re WRONG.

Time is running out increasingly and some places are probably not going to “survive” in the near future. France, Britain, Germany may have already passed beyond the demographic point of no return, with projected majority minorities by 2060.

What happens then? I’ll tell you what: YOU WONT BE ABLE TO CLING TO THE NATION-STATE ANY LONGER. Tens of thousands of Germans and French are already fleeing to Lake Balaton, Hungary, following Orban’s cabinet’s decision to accept “European refugees”.

And that’s the correct response. While I’m certain that there are certain Nordicists around who absolutely hate Sicilians and other Meds, we need to remember what Nietzsche said:

“No, we do not love humanity; but on the other hand we are not nearly “German” enough, in the sense in which the word “German” is constantly being used nowadays, to advocate nationalism and race hatred and to be able to take pleasure in the national scabies of the heart and blood poisoning that now leads the nations of Europe to delimit and barricade themselves against each other as if it were a matter of quarantine”.

Europe will become whole, because of necessity. You guys are just delaying the inevitable unification of Europe and are clinging to an idealized and irretrievable past.

We tried it your way, with the nation state and all. And all we got was more wars, greed, and jealousy.

And note:

While I’m certain that there are certain Nordicists around who absolutely hate Sicilians and other Meds…

“Absolutely hate” is an understatement.  That’s an order of magnitude too mild.

By the way, “Sicilians” are not doing this.  Nor are they responsible for “Ali” being in Sweden. On the other hand, who’s responsible for dumping African migrants into Sicily?

Well, well, well…Unz weeps.  The Monsters created the plague…even their own “people” say so.

Look at this rambling nonsense.  Gee…you’ll really appeal to both “normies” and STEM people with that.

Evola mocks materialists who think they have acquired “power” because they’ve devised a missile they can launch by pressing a button, while still being psychologically as underdeveloped as a monkey…

Sallis mocks esotericists who think they have acquired “power” because they’ve devised rambling double-talk that is incomprehensibly stupid to normal people and that has absolute zero ability to actualize any useful change in the real world; on the other hand, one ICBM strike can wipe out an entire city full of millions of “psychologically” well developed individuals. With respect to racial interests in the real world, that is power.

“In essence, more than eighty years of laboratory experiments show that atomic-scale particles appear in a given place only when a measurement is made. Quantum theory holds that no measurement means no precise and localized object, at least on the atomic scale. In a challenge to our deepest conceptions of reality, quantum data shows that a subatomic particle literally occupies an infinite number of places (a state called “superposition”) until observation manifests it in one place. In quantum mechanics, an observer’s conscious decision to look or not look actually determines what will be there.”

The “measurement problem” is far from solved, and the modern consensus is, for the most part, that a conscious agent is not required.  In fact, “measurement” itself may only be an illusion.

Odds and Ends, 8/18/20

Of interest. 

Hmm, read this:

I’ve noticed something that seems on the surface like a paradox in New Right circles. A sizeable contingent has embraced a neo-paganism that reasserts an ancient European sensibility, perhaps romanticizing the agrarian and rural; another has expressed dedication to science or a desire for “cosmotheism,” a belief system that focuses on the evolution of a higher-order man, who will go on to conquer the stars.

That’s Type I vs. Type II, and contrary to this author, I do believe the two viewpoints are irreconcilable.  It’s the hobbit hole or Voyager, take your pick.

Laugh at this.

I am proud of my Danish ancestry…

He picked the right ancestors.  But he still prefers dem dere Eastern European women.

…but I did not come to reconquer the Danelaw.

No need. The Herrenvolk go where they damn please.

I came to have food and drinks with my friends in the Dissident Right.

While eying their girlfriends.

Friends whose ancestors may have fought my ancestors over 1000 years ago. 

How do you know those “friends” are not descended in part from the Danish invaders, you idiot?  And, I note that your “ancestors” were, like you, fond of invading other people’s nations. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?

Yet we are ethnic nationalists…

Ethnic nationalism for me but not for thee.

…white advocates…

Bang East Europe.

…and brothers united by a common goal to secure…

Our right to live in other people’s nations and screw their women.

…the existence of our people…

The folks to the north of Vienna and west of Berlin.

…and a future for white children.

Yes, those Eastern European girls need to be groomed for the Danish-American harem.

I know that ethnic sovereignty with white solidarity is a recipe for success.

“Ethnic sovereignty” for Denmark. Eastern Europeans on the other hand need to exhibit sufficient “white solidarity” to allow a Danish Roosh to sleep with their women. Ethnoimperialism!

While doing online searches for examples of White rightists confronting Antifa and holding their ground against the leftist terrorists, I found this.  Very good.  Sallis approves.

By the way, as an amusing exercise, do a search with the term “Keystone United” on both DuckDuckGo and Google and compare the top hits.  You can do the same for “Kevin Strom”…even for “EGI Notes” the results are different, with the Duck results being of course more optimal.

Memoirs of a pseudoscientific buffoon.

Counter-Currents falsehoods:

Everyone knows what it means to be an Italian-American; the Italian-American identity is celebrated across our culture. It’s much cooler and more real to white Americans than Anglo identity.

Sallis on reality:

Yes, that is why Italians are vilified by both the “movement” and by the System.  To the “movement” the wops are non-White cringing mongrel subhumans, and to the System, they are bigoted off-White stupid criminal subhumans.  Let’s consider the System’s treatment of Italians, using pop culture as a standard.  In TV and movies…

More reality (emphasis added):

The movie Green Book is “inspired by a true story” about an Italian American bouncer who takes a job driving a black pianist (Don Shirley) on a tour through the Deep South in 1962. But as always it doesn’t stick closely to the facts. In one scene, Tony “Lip” Vallelonga punches a cop who accuses Italians of being part black:


What’s this last name say?




‘Hell kind of name is that?




Oh, now I get it. That’s why you driving this boy around… you half a nigger yourself.

Since that sounds more like something that would be in a dumb Spike Lee or Quentin Tarantino movie, or posted online by some Afrocentrist or Nordicist troll, I decided to check if it really happened…So there’s no evidence that any cop ever made that claim. It was very likely invented by the writers

Der Movement: Always, always, always, ALWAYS wrong.

Why do you listen to, and support, the liars of Der Movement?

A Beautiful Tweet

And other news.

A beautiful tweet.  And all who continue to praise the execrable Rushton should be described similarly.  Never forget that Johnson censored my criticisms of Rushton after race-mixing fraud Phil dropped dead.  
HBD is filth. HBDers are filth. HBD is a pseudoscientific FRAUD. Rushton’s chicanery is just the tip of the HBD fraud iceberg. HBD is the enemy within the gates; HBD is a political movement whose aim is to empower Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites.  Anyone who supports or promotes HBD should be considered a ruthless enemy of the White race (and, yes, apparently that includes the person who wrote the “beautiful tweet” himself).

Don’t worry!  Trump is monitoring the situation! What should he do?  Declare that Portland and Seattle are in a state of insurrection against federal authority and send in the military. Those who would oppose that action are not going to vote for him anyway.  And, more fundamentally, he has as obligation to do the right thing independent of his electoral chances.

With respect to Jef Costello’s promotion of the carnivore diet, and his claims that a high-fat low-fiber diet is not a problem for GI health because Eskimos have no GI issues despite their whale meat/whale blubber low-carb diet, please see this new paper (emphasis added):



Alaska Native (AN) people have the world’s highest recorded incidence of sporadic colorectal cancer (CRC)...whereas rural African (RA) people have the lowest risk….

…Results: Adenomatous polyps were detected in 16 of 32 AN participants, but not found in RA participants. The AN diet contained higher proportions of fat and animal protein and less fiber. AN fecal microbiota showed a compositional predominance of Blautia and Lachnoclostridium, higher microbial capacity for bile acid conversion, and low abundance of some species involved in saccharolytic fermentation (e.g., Prevotellaceae, Ruminococcaceae), but no significant lack of butyrogenic bacteria. Significantly lower concentrations of tumor-suppressive butyrate (22.5 ± 3.1 compared with 47.2 ± 7.3 SEM µmol/g) coincided with significantly higher concentrations of tumor-promoting deoxycholic acid (26.7 ± 4.2 compared with 11 ± 1.9 µmol/g) in AN fecal samples. AN participants had lower quantities of fecal/urinary metabolites than RA participants and metabolite profiles correlated with the abundance of distinct microbial genera in feces. The main microbial and metabolic CRC-associated markers were not significantly altered in AN participants with adenomatous polyps.

Conclusions: The low-fiber, high-fat diet of AN people and exposure to carcinogens derived from diet or environment are associated with a tumor-promoting colonic milieu as reflected by the high rates of adenomatous polyps in AN participants.

Note also that while rural Africans have very low colorectal cancer rates, African-Americans have very high colorectal cancer rates. Now guess which group consumes lots of dietary fiber from plant sources and which group instead consumes lots of meats and fats with little fiber.

Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong, about just about EVERYTHING.

What’s gonna kill you first – the Der Movement diet or the Der Movement anti-vaxx agenda?  Eat dem beafsteaks!

More evidence that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the feuding Quota Queens. Next we’ll see Spencer exalting Tolkien; eventually he’ll become an ethnonationalist.  Who knows, maybe he’ll go the Dickson route and grovel to King Greggy as well.

Yes, just say “plenty of mistakes,” wave your hands around and pretend that Trump was been a real restrictionist, as opposed to a cuck who was talking about “touchback immigration” for illegals before the 2016 election.
The prancing Quota Queens can’t admit that they were wrong about Trump, that only Sallis was right, and the implications of that for their judgment. So, let’s rewrite history and pretend that Trump really was ideologically hardcore on immigration, and actually did ANYTHING substantive about it. By the way, is he still “monitoring the situation” about birthright citizenship?