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Asian Invasion

Sallis right again.

Strom on the Chinese-Asian threat, which includes miscegenation.

That underscores the genocidal, anti-White evil of HBD “race realism” and the Derbyshire school of thought, never mind the masochistic yellow fever Silk Roaders.  Racial imperialism, indeed.

Please read this.

After writing about race-mixing Alt-Righters, we get this passage (below), and if you ignore the pathetic anti-racist screed sections and instead concentrate on the main message of Der Movement’s (sometimes literal) lovefest for Asians, it might as well have been lifted from posts at this blog (emphasis added):

But the nebulous acceptance of Asian people goes beyond the so-called “alt-right’s” dating preference; it’s baked into much of the ideology of white nationalism. Take, for example, the far right’s obsession with IQ tests, which builds off of junk intellectuals like Charles Murray, author of the infamous 900-page book, The Bell Curve, and Jason Richwine, a scholar who was fired from the Heritage Foundation after his racist dissertation was dug up (Richwine now writes for the National Review). With this, the far right loves to peddle the thoroughly debunked argument that differences in IQ tests show that black and Latinx people are genetically disposed to be “less intelligent” than white people.
The use of pseudo-science by racists to make their ideas sound more respectable is nothing new. Intellectual racism persists, but the guises change. While Bell Curve-era “race science” was once all the rage, now the online alt-right bangs out WordPress blogs about “human biodiversity” written by users with monikers like hbdchick.
But one pesky problem for racists is that East Asians actually score higher on IQ tests than white people. (As do Ashkenazi Jews, a fact rendered even more complicated when dealing with neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic segments of the far-right.) “It’s almost like [the alt right] having to make that sacrifice,” Keegan Hankes from the Southern Poverty Law Center told me. “If your whole world view is based on this idea that there are meaningful genetic differences, you have to acknowledge that Asians score higher on IQ tests.”
Jared Taylor, who runs the white nationalist website American Renaissance and is one of the most avid hawkers of racist IQ theories, expounded on the “good culture” of East Asians in an interview with Splinter. Taylor spent the first 16 years of his life in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. He told me that “if whites are to be replaced by some populations other than themselves, it would be better that they be replaced by Asians.”

Now, let’s see: where have you read someone warning you about the HBD Alt-Wrong, and their yellow supremacist ideology?  Where have you read someone warning you that HBD is a political movement meant to advance Jewish/Asian interests over that of Whites?  Where have you read about the IQ obsession of Der Movement’s HBD precincts, the stupidity of taking a disgusting creature like HBDCunt seriously?  Yes, you are correct: at EGI Notes.  Sallis, and only Sallis, will tell you the truth about the HBDers and their lickspittle admiration of, and promotion of the interests of, West Asians (Jews), East Asians, and, to a lesser extent, South Asians.  It’s all Asia, all the time.  Interested in what’s good for Whites?  This is the blog for you. If you are instead interested in self-hating yellow supremacist Whites, race-mixers, sexually deranged masochists who want to be ordered around by Chinese girls with guns, idiots who think Chinese “maidens” and deep state Japanese “shady ladies” are their allies, who are led by the nose (or another body part) by Asiatic honeypots, who value Asia over Europe, who do the bidding of their Jewish/Asian masters – well, you know where to find them.

It’s your choice.


Silk Road News: Heavenly Palace Falling Down

Very cognitive, very elite.

Read this, emphasis added:

The tail end of 2017 was packed with interesting asteroid sightings and near-misses that gave skywatchers a reason to look up, but the biggest threat from above in 2018 might be manmade. China’s Tiangong-1 space station has been completely out of control for months now, and space agencies from all over the world are expecting it to come crashing down to Earth in early 2018. Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly when or where the massive hunk of space junk will land.

Tiangong-1 — which means “Heavenly Palace” — hosted a number of Chinese astronauts during its brief life span, but after its extended mission ended in 2016 the Chinese space agency revealed that it had lost communication with the spacecraft and that its decaying orbit would eventually result in it plummeting to Earth. That’s not great news.

Tiangong-1 is Scientists who have been monitoring the space station’s troubled existence have been attempting to forecast where it might slam into our planet but have only been able to narrow it down to an area between 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south. Most of that area is covered by ocean, but there’s still around a 1 in 10,000 chance that the debris lands on a populated area, potentially injuring people or damaging structures.

The space station weighs 18,740 pounds, and while much of the material that makes up the craft will burn up in the friction of Earth’s atmosphere, thousands of pounds of debris is expected to survive reentry. With no way to control where or when the Chinese vehicle reenters, it’s impossible to predict the exact location where all that debris will land.

According to a FAQ about the Tiangong-1, the actual impact of the debris might not even be the most dangerous part about its tumble towards Earth. Potentially hazardous materials including hydrazine, a highly toxic chemical used in rocket fuel, might survive reentry. If any humans or animals come into contact with the substance, it would be very bad news.

The spacecraft is expected to finally fall to Earth sometime in March, though observers have only been able to narrow its date of descent down to a two-week window, which isn’t particularly reassuring. When it eventually does begin to fall, scientists will have precious little time to predict the area of impact, but you can be sure that every space agency on the planet will be monitoring it closely.

And for those HBDers who wish to defend their gods by invoking the memory of Skylab’s descent, I make three points:

1. That was almost 40 years ago; you’d think that the big-brained, high-IQ cognitive elitists from The Land of the Gods would have improved upon 1970s technology and protocols (assuming that the human photocopiers haven’t just essentially copied absolute American technology.

2. Note the part about “China’s Tiangong-1 space station has been completely out of control for months now…”

3. Whether hydrazine contamination was part of the Skylab debris threat was never discussed back then, but it sure is certain that the Chinese are going to be spreading toxic chemical wherever their “heavenly palace” comes crashing down.

In summary: complete Chinese irresponsibility.

Also, it’s interesting that we are told that the USA is capable of intercepting and destroying North Korean ICBMs, but we are helpless against a meandering piece of Oriental space junk.  We’ll be told: “Oh no, attempting to destroy it will just create a greater amount of small debris scattered over a larger area.”  My answer is that utilizing a nuclear warhead for the interception will destroy the “Heavenly Palace” completely (too bad it couldn’t have been done when it was in use).  We need to get over this hysterical aversion to everything nuclear.  Of course, this assumes that American nuclear weapons will actually work – the only nation that is empirically testing their weapons, and who can affirm they actually work IRL, is North Korea.  No amount of “computational modeling” can substitute for actual testing (including the occasional above ground detonation).  We need to scrap all these “test ban” treaties, as well as the “outer space ban” for nuclear weapons, and start testing the weapons, building more and better weapons, and expanding the nuclear arsenal (including bigger bombs).  The decline of America and the West perfectly coincides with the advent of the extreme risk-aversion we see about everything, and the extreme pansification of all things (including downgrading American warhead yields to popgun levels, while other nations combine both yield and accuracy).

Yes, I know the Tolkienites – who want us all to be eating twigs and branches in the woods while the Chinese launch “Heavenly Palaces” – won’t like all “dat dere nuk-a-leer stuff” but who cares what they “think?”

The Simian Crease

Down’s and Asians. Native Americans are of course ultimately of Asian origin.

Following up on this, more information; well, well, well

In humans, a single transverse palmar crease is a single crease that extends across the palm of the hand, formed by the fusion of the two palmar creases (known in palmistry as the “heart line” and the “head line”) and is found in people with Down syndrome. It is also found in 1.5% of the general population in at least one hand.

Because it resembles the usual condition of non-human simians, it is also known as a simian crease or simian line, although these terms have widely fallen out of favor due to their pejorative connotation.

…it is more common among Asians and Native Americans than among other populations…

Very interesting.  In a sense, if the original hypothesis (linked to above) is true, East Asians can be considered functionally equivalent to very high functioning Down’s syndrome patients, the oxymoron of “high IQ retardates.” It would be useful to compare gene expression profiles and cell signaling in East Asians to Down’s syndrome patients.

We could also hypothesize that East Asians are a form of semi-autistic highly attenuated idiot savants, with an emphasis on spatial, mathematical intelligence and focused k-selected behaviors, with defects in most other aspects of the human experience – creativity, for example.

Please note that this sort of hypothetical rumination is not meant to be in any way hostile to East Asians.  However, from the standpoint of “human biodiversity” – that the “movement” proclaims it is ever so interested in – one would think that the possibility that a major racial group is akin in many ways to Down’s syndrome is something that should be investigated.  From a practical standpoint, any potential findings could possibly be used to devise novel therapies for Down’s patients or for others afflicted with cognitive and/or behavioral deficiencies.  If such people can be brought up closer to normal human (or at least East Asian) levels of function that would be a vast improvement in their quality of life.  One could focus on differences in gene expression and cell signaling between Asians and retards that allow East Asians to exhibit a “high IQ” despite the possibility of evolved deficiencies that overlap with Down’s phenotypes, and leverage those differences to mimic these Asian patterns in retarded patients.

Genetic Engineering Humans for Ethnoracial Preservation

Also, a note about weaponized CRISPR.

Some relevant excerpts:

There are at least three semi-successful techniques for de-extinction so far.  1) Selective back-breeding of existing descendents to recreate a primordial ancestor is being used for the revival of the European aurochs, among others.  2) Cloning with cells from cryopreserved tissue of a recently extinct animal can generate viable eggs.  If the eggs are implanted in a closely related surrogate mother, some pregnancies produce living offspring of the extinct species. 3) Allele replacement for precisely hybridizing a living species into an extinct species is the new genome-editing technique developed by George Church.  If the technique proves successful (such as with the passenger pigeon), it might be applied to the many other extinct species that have left their ancient DNA in museum specimens and fossils up to 500,000 years old.

As someone concerned with actual genetic fidelity, and not just “form and function” I am not enthusiastic about approach 1, which does not actually reproduce the original creature but merely a functional analog of it. Approach 2 is certainly sound from my perspective; approach 3 in theory could be equally sound if the “precisely hybridizing” means a full and complete allele to allele replacement so that the original creature is actualized with full genetic fidelity.  But note the following:

Even with exponential advances in bio-technology, de-extinction projects will not produce species that are 100% genetically identical to the extinct species, due to the constraints of working with incomplete ancient DNA.  It is expected that the revived species will be nearly identical genetically, and “functionally identical” ecologically.

I’m not thrilled with that, obviously.  In some cases, if that is the best that can be done, fine, but if it is possible to produce a ~100% identical reproduction, then that should be pursued, and not just a “quick-and-dirty” “functionally identical” analog. Now, I’ve read that, for example, the Woolly Mammoth genome has been fully sequenced, with multiple reads, so I don’t see why in that case an attempt for ~100% fidelity can’t be attempted.  I say ~100% rather than 100% because there’s always a possibility of some error or artifact, but at some point, if we approach 100% to a degree within methodological error, then we can assume the goal is achieved.  

But, that’s ancient samples.  If we want to “de-extinct” or re-populate (to increase numbers and/or genetic diversity) of extant, endangered species, then we have the full genomes available and these data must be carefully compiled and curated. There’s no excuse for not being able to reproduce with 100% genetic fidelity currently existing organisms.

Now, we get to the meat of the issue: human ethnoracial preservationism.  European ethnic stocks are endangered, all eventually if current trends continue, but some faster than others.  These are extant, currently existing subspecies, and there is no excuse to not being able to reproduce these in the future – we can get the genetic data, accurately, today.  The genetics of extant European ethnies need to be compiled and curated, in the event it should be necessary and possible to “de-extinct” or re-populate particular types.  Am I talking about genetic engineering humans?  Yes, I am, and I am not interested in hysterical fainting fits over “ethics” or “morals.”  Euro-genocide is not ethical or moral, yet it is occurring, so leveraging science in the service of ethnic and racial preservation is highly ethical and moral.  And we need full genome sequencing of many, many, many representatives of different ethnic groups, to cover a range of sub-types, and to recreate a reasonable amount of genetic diversity for each curated ethny.

Getting back to ancient samples – could we reproduce ancient human stocks, it necessary?  People talk about Neanderthals, and that’s all well and good, but if we have autosomal genetic data with full, or close to full, coverage, can we reproduce, say, Ancient Egyptians?  Spartans?  Vikings?  Romans?  Can we recreate Medieval or Renaissance man?  Or certain prominent individuals?  Assuming the DNA is available?

Getting back to modern humans – can we also curate certain Euro ethnic hybrids?  Yes, we should.  And the data could be used to devise Euro hybrids of our own choosing, or, conversely, could be used to “clean up” ethnic genomes of low-level admixture (if such is desired).  Again, let us have no qualms about genetic engineering of humans for ethnoracial preservation and/or to expand the scope of European ethnic stocks.  We should view this ONLY as a methodological problem, not a “moral” or “ethical” one.  Whose morals and ethics do we appeal to, anyway?

De-extinction is not a “quick fix” science.  Most species revival projects will take many decades.  First, extensive research about a candidate species is conducted before moving into a lab setting for genomic work to revive the species.  Then, once the initial revival is completed, the species will be bred in captivity, preferably with genetic variability introduced from the genomes of a range of specimens or fossils.  The growing population will be studied and then eventually moved to quarantine areas for further observation and analysis.  Getting the okay from regulatory agencies will be required before the animals are ultimately re-introduced to the wild.

Passenger pigeons, for example, will initially be bred in captivity by zoos, then placed into netted woods, and then finally re-introduced to portions of   their original habitat—America’s eastern deciduous forest.  Before that happens, The US Fish and Wildlife Service and regulatory agencies in the relevant states will have to agree to welcome the resurgent birds.

he same basic principles can apply to humans as well.


On a related note, consider the following. Of one remembers all the talk of years past about ethnic-targeted weapons, the possibility of weaponized CRISPR should be grounds for careful reflection.

As the degenerate West collapses into a multiracial morass, rest assured the more homogeneous Orient will pursue technologies for warfare that the decadent Occident would have SJW fainting fits over.  One can envision a CRISPR-type system targeting European-specific gene sequences, delivered by a transmissible virus.  And, there is, insofar as we know, no stockpiles of anti-CRISPR therapeutics (e.g., CRISPR inhibitors in an efficiently deliverable form).  We may be headed towards a genetics weapons arms race, one that is actively pursued by cunning Yellows and inanely eschewed by milksop Whites.

Do East Asians Reflect Down’s Syndrome?

Paper title: Down subjects and Oriental population share several specific attitudes and characteristics.

Now here’s a quite fascinating hypothesis indeed!  Emphasis added:

Down’s syndrome is characterized not only by a typical “habitus”, mental retardation of variable gravity and several alterations of the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrenteric and immunitary system, but also by specific attitudes and characteristics that are in common with the Oriental population. Starting from the origin of the term mongolism, replaced with other terms such as Trisomy 21, Down’s syndrome, and anomaly of Down because of the racist use made in the last century, we propose, in the light of modern knowledge about the heredity of features, a reflection on those aspects and attitudes which highlight a very particular twinning between a Down person and Asiatic peoples.

Some excerpts; emphasis added:

The incidence of thyroid disease in the Down population is another aspect that may be highlighted since it recall the Asiatic population. In fact, thyroid disorders are common in the Down’s syndrome… In several studies about the incidence of thyroid disorders in the Asiatic populations, childhood Grave’s disease has been reported to be rare, but epidemiological data showed to be higher in Hong Kong children…Another study observed that one large Chinese family harboured susceptibility loci for autoimmune thyroid disease which is distinct from those previously found in the Caucasian population…The tendencies of Down subjects to carry out recreative–reabilitative activities, such as embroidery, wicker-working ceramics, book-binding, etc.,that is renowned, remind the Chinese hand-crafts, which need a notable ability, such as Chinese vases or the use of chop-sticks employed for eating by Asiatic populations. Perhaps the explanation for their capacities resides in the monkey-like cast of the hand…Also this characteristic of the Down syndrome may be considered a point in common with oriental populations…Conclusion These observations might highlight very interesting aspects connected to the supernumerary chromosome 21 in Down’s syndrome, whereas they are natural features of Asians…

The basic hypothesis here, as I understand it, is that the superficial similarities in physical appearance between Down’s syndrome individuals and East Asians reflect deeper, more fundamental similarities between those two populations.  Now, obviously, this isn’t about intelligence since, as the HBDers and others of their ilk never tire of telling us, East Asians have a high, high, high IQ.  However, there may be similarities of physiology and of behavior that correlate with the “Mongoloid” appearance.  Could selective pressures during East Asian evolution resulted in a physiological and behavioral profile that overlaps with that of retardates?  One could further speculate on associations between East Asians and autism spectrum personalities as well.

No surprise that the paper discussed here was labeled “racist” by outraged Orientals.

So, is Amren going to discuss this hypothesis after they’ve finished publishing some idiot spewing forth his subjective personal opinions about how terrible Romanians are?

Der Race and Der Movement: Several Items

Several items.

Look at the pictures.  E-E-E-qualityee!

The “science” of Der Movement, particularly HBD and ethnic fetishism, is about at the level of this.

So much for those wonderful Polish “ethnonationalists,” huh?  Just as good as the Hungarian ones.  Ethnonationalists are filth.

And I also like how the mendacious media always use the same picture of Spencer in which he looks like a ranting lunatic.  They do the same with Touchback Trump.

Born Neandertal

Biological realities.

Read here.  Neandertals were born, not ”made.”  

Neandertal and modern human adults differ in skeletal features of the cranium and postcranium, and it is clear that many of the cranial differences—although not all of them—are already present at the time of birth. We know less, however, about the developmental origins of the postcranial differences. Here, we address this deficiency with morphometric analyses of the postcrania of the two most complete Neandertal neonates—Mezmaiskaya 1 (from Russia) and Le Moustier 2 (from France)—and a recent human sample. We find that neonatal Neandertals already appear to possess the wide body, long pubis, and robust long bones of adult Neandertals. Taken together, current evidence indicates that skeletal differences between Neandertals and modern humans are largely established by the time of birth.


That’s interesting.  More relevant to issues of interest to this blog is the following from the same paper:

Adult European Americans and African Americans differ, on average, in the shapes of their long bones, with European Americans having thicker shafts and larger articulations relative to shaft length.

But, but, but…aren’t racial differences all “skin deep” – just about color – and that other than such trivialities, we are all “exactly the same?”  You mean, there are actual anatomical differences between the races (never mind the genetic gulf)?

Race denial is a farce.  Real racial science is caught between the laughable lies of the Left and the HBD pseudoscience and crazed ethnic fetishism of the Right.  Fighting the former doesn’t mean we have to accept the latter.  Both are wrong (but, admittedly, the former is more dangerous).

And speaking of the Left, and getting back to the main article, did anyone truly believe that extreme Neandertal robustness was somehow the result of lifestyle?  Is anti-genetic leftism so entrenched in science that it goes to that extreme of ludicrousness?   Were the Neandertals constructing makeshift barbells out of boulders and tree trunks and engaging in Ice Age powerlifting routines?  Granted, yes, I understand (unlike Der Movement) that things need to be demonstrated empirically, and not just assumed.  But still, one cannot pretend that a demonstration that Neandertal robustness was an inborn trait is any sort of grand discovery.  Only leftists would be surprised by this finding.