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Trump’s ineptness on display.
Trump has his uses, and his campaign has been a net positive.  It is unfortunate, however, that he is so clearly deficient as a candidate; right-wing populism would go over better with a well-informed articulate candidate, rather than an obnoxious buffoon.
Yes, a “deportation force” would be nice (I would prefer one that was not “humane”), but any intelligent candidate would be heavily stressing self-deportation as an important factor in the equation.
The reason why the Establishment hammered Romney so hard on that in 2012 was solely due to their fear over the power of the concept; knowing Romney was a weakling (and likely a secret open borders enthusiast himself), they knew that some focused ridicule would get him to shut up over a paradigm that is very efficient and pragmatic: let the filth “self-deport” by making life untenable for them in America. 
Now, it would be optimal if birthright citizenship was ended as part of this program, but it could work well even without that, with a very strict enforcement – and expansion – of existing law.
Imagine a scenario in which illegals could not work, anywhere. They and their families could not get health care anywhere (laws would need to be adjusted to prevent them from accessing even emergency hospital care). Their children (regardless of place of birth) would not be allowed to attend school (some more tweaks of the law required, but certainly nothing insurmountable). One could think of other approaches as well. The desired outcome would be to produce a situation in which the invaders would have a choice of three options: leave, die, or turn to overt crime to support themselves, with the last option targeting them for direct apprehension by law enforcement, imprisonment, active deportation, etc.
This could very easily work, without the “billions of dollars” of costs to “drag people out of their homes.” This would be a gradual attrition, coupled to targeted active deportation of selected invaders to help hasten the process along.  In essence the opposite of what we are doing, which is to dump all sorts of goodies on the illegals, treat them better than native born Americans, and then wonder why they keep coming.
But you see, no one (including Romney, I believe) really wants to enforce immigration laws and stimulate self-deportation, so the option is ignored and/or ridiculed.
A quality right-wing populist candidate would promote self-deportation as a major theme. Then again, a quality right-wing populist candidate would not go on “Saturday Night Live” or praise his daughter’s inter-racial marriage.