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From Trump to Princess Coconut

The Grifter Emperor.

Trump is a souless grifter, a fraud who has no other real beliefs than his own self-interest.

We can judge his recent admission of being a proponent of mass immigration (i.e., White genocide) in this light.

I suppose Trump’s “thoughts” (insofar as his limited mentality is capable of thinking) on the matter is as follows.

He is skeptical he can cobble together the same Electoral College majority as in 2016. He may well believe that his only chance of winning in 2020 is making the election into a traditional Neocon Republican vs.Liberal Democrat “you conservative White guys have no place else to go” contest, where appealing to the GOP elites and to White suburban yeastbuckets, coupled to the remnants of his dwindling original base, and augmented by centrist Republican voters stampeded into voting by visions of a dastardly Democrat President, would be enough for victory.

On the other hand, he knows that even that sort of victory is by no means assured.  He may well lose in 2020 – he’s lost a significant portion of his base, elements of the GOP Establishment will never trust him, the Left hates him no matter how far to the left he shifts politically (similar to Nixon – they hate him personally more than they hate him politically).  It may well be that 2020 is a disaster.  If that is so, he knows that he and his family is in big trouble legally, politically, socially, etc. Victorious Democrats will press for indictments, he and his family will be socially shunned and economically isolated – a personal disaster (who cares about America?).

Thus, the idea is to spend the next year-and-a half cucking, shifting left, supporting the Neocon agenda, being a friend of Color, and throwing his “deplorable” White base under the bus – all in the hope that anger against him subsides after 2020 and/or some elements of the Neocon Establishment will come to his defense.

So, it is all about a long shot attempt of assembling a centrist Neocon electoral coalition, and, then, if he loses, having established his anti-White bonafides so he’ll be forgiven by the Establishment and be allowed to drift back to his business enterprises – without the orange jumpsuit.

There is another possibility.   Perhaps Trump, with his infantile bloated ego, has been stung by Coulter’s criticism, so, like a petulant child throwing a tantrum, he’s going to “teach her a lesson” by supporting mass immigration.  That sounds about right – betraying his supporters and ruining America just to get back at a critic.

I’m no fan of Drawbridge Christie or Antifa Sessions, but Trump’s treatment of his earliest political supporters tells us something about his character.  The man cares about nothing or nobody except himself (and perhaps praying mantis look-a-like Ivanka as well).  Do you really believe he cares about the suffering of White America?  

Lest you get all depressed over this, do not despair!  After all, grass-skirted Princess Tulsi Coconut is going to save us, leading us to final victory!

I admit to being foolishly naive. I honestly believed that Der Movement would wait a decent interval – perhaps a year – after the collapse of the God Emperor narrative before latching on to a new hero or heroine.  But, no. Just like a spurned lover on the rebound, “movement leaders” just cannot wait to set themselves up for the next embarrassing disappointment.

These guys couldn’t do more damage than if they were trying to do so intentionally.

Movement Monday

Yet another day in Der Movement.

Gamester commentator:

Hugh Jenniks
He took over just in time from RR…like Anglin said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Tucker Carlson’s wife is arrested for being alone inside the house while Antifa were kicking her door in. Based on the precedent set by Rod Rosenstein’s Justice Department, getting attacked by Antifa is a federal crime.”

Just replace “Rod Rosenstein” with “Jeff Sessions” and you’ll be learning alright.

Zman is fundamentally dishonest:

I don’t know about that. They got grief from our side for allowing themselves to be easily lured into a trap and allowing themselves to be attached to losers from the old WN 1.0 world. That’s the lesson of Charlottesville. The way to avoid ending up like the losers from WN 1.0 is to not emulate them.

Liar.  Charlottesville was organized by WN 2.0.  The “losers from the old WN 1.0 world” showed up because the sniggering retards of the Alt Right – and their enablers among the “intellectual elite” (who should have known better but who wanted to ride the coattails of Pepe and Kek to promote themselves; more on that below) – engaged in activist imperialism, trying to co-opt the entire “movement” to their imbecility.  Remember: “the Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all” – at the same time promoting “the big tent.”  So, we all had to be subsumed into the “youth culture” of Pepe, Kek, cosplay costumes, drunken podcasts, chugging gallons of milk as a racial statement, a frat boy alcohol culture, and cult feuds centered on the likes of Spencer and Johnson.  WN 2.0 did not “emulate” WN 1.0; if anything, it was the other way around.  Everyone jumped on the Alt Right bandwagon.  I listen very carefully to Johnson’s various podcasts – Zman and Johnson are allies despite disagreeing on the Jewish issue – and Greg made quite clear that various “boomer” “movement leaders” threw their lot in with the Alt Right despite being unhappy about the whole Pepe stupidity. That’s the facts.  WN 2.0 wrecked the “movement” and instead of being accountable, they blame “losers from the old WN 1.0 world” rather than blaming themselves.  What a bunch of dishonorable low-life little worms the WN 2.0 crowd are.

And all of that is not meant to be a defense of WN 1.0, which was, and is, stupid, vulgar, and indefensible.  But I’m not defending WN 1.0.  Instead, I’m defending the truth.  And the truth, the facts, say that WN 2.0 collapsed because of its own innate stupidity and flawed leadership, not because a few Nutzis showed up at rallies.  

The anti-Semites, of course, focus exclusively on Jews, but our alien over-class is multi-racial. That means there are plenty of whites in it. Class plays a role, but most of it is a hangover from Cold Civil War, where sophisticated and educated whites worked hard to put distance between themselves and lower class whites.
A point I’m fond of making is that if whites get their act together and start thinking racially, the Jewish question loses all salience, other than for Jews who would have to confront the paradoxes and contradictions within Ashkenazim culture.

A point I’m fond of making is that Whites won’t be allowed to “get their act together” without dealing with the “JQ.”  Yes, the over-class is multiracial, but its driving force is who?  We all know the answer to that.  And this: “The anti-Semites, of course, focus exclusively on Jews” is so patently dishonest as to be breathtaking.  “Anti-Semites” do not “focus exclusively on Jews” – they simply acknowledge the importance of the “JQ” in the Great White Dilemma, which is, of course, a multi-faceted problem.

Keep in mind the same Zman who rants against “anti-Semites” is buddies with Greg “drive the Jews out of our society” Johnson and is the same Zman who has written that “Mike Enoch” should have been the definition of the Alt Right:

The alt-right is a good recent example of this. What started as an edgy internet movement was plagued by old school nutters from the white nationalist subculture, as well as by loons who simply lack self-control. As a result, they became defined by guys like Chris Cantwell instead of people like Mike Enoch.

That is why I cannot trust this “Zman.”  

“High- trust hunter-gatherers,” I suppose.  They’d have no problems with Der Movement’s “extreme vetting,” though.  “Come on in!”

“Australian woman” = Asian female.  How’s dat dere multitculturalism working out for you, Aussies?  Tie me kangaroo down, mate. And don’t eat the strawberries.

HBD: Freddie Mercury, superman.

Parsi supremacism!  Move over, Jews and Orientals!

Where We Stand, 11/11/18


Counter-Current commentator:

Posted November 8, 2018 at 10:27 pm | Permalink
“We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them.”

That system includes Trump and included the execrable Asian-nurturer Sessions.

A third of US billionaires are Jews (see surnames in the Forbes list) and I estimate a quarter of the one percent is Jewish. They and their leftist goy allies have infinite supplies of money to pay infinite numbers of SJWs, brown people, and desperate drug addicts to attack and harass us. Taking their minions head on makes no sense because we are small and they are an infinite mass if evil.

I assume “of evil.”  This is true, but as I’ve written before, it would be useful to understand WHY this is. Yes, there are a lot of Jewish billionaires.  But why are so many White billionaires either leftists, or, at east, indifferent to White racial interests? One can hypothesize that the “money-first” mentality, the greed, the self-centered avarice, that allows the accumulation of such wealth characterizes people who are narcissistic, hyper-individualist hedonists, and are thus unconcerned about group interests.  Note that applies, it seems, only to Whites, as the wealthy of other groups, including and especially the Jews, are ever-so-much concerned with group interests.  So, it is, at least in part, a combination of the White propensity to individualism amplified by the selfish mindset of the wealthy.  Then, the wealthy are “different from you and me” as the saying goes, even besides their mentality; they live in a different world, well-insulated from the racial stress faced by the rest of us.  Finally, truth be told, pro-White activists and advocates are, for the most part, a pitiful bunch, who make a horrid impression, spout irrational dogma, and who would not impress those successful in life.  The last part we can change, so as to reach the White Wealthy to the maximal extent that they can be reached (with all the behavioral caveats above).

However, we have an advantage in debates because we tell the truth and our views are scarce whereas they lie and their lies are ubiquitous. They try to shut us down because they know we’ll win those debates. 

Yes and no.  Compared to the System, Der Movement does tell the truth; compared to Reality, Der Movement lies and is irrational as well. “Truth” would have a greater impact perhaps if it was in more accord with Reality.  After all, if you claim the major advantage of your side is that “we tell the truth,” shouldn’t that be true in the absolute, and not only relative, sense?

They can only rule through psychologically paralyzing and intimidating whites while keeping whites away from the truth. They don’t care about justifying themselves before us in a debate. Only a schmendrick would care about being fair. They just care about winning. The ends justify the means after all, goy.

Agreed.  But, you know, you can have all the truth on your side, and the best memes, but if the other side has the power, you will be silenced. How to get the power if you are silenced? Ah, that’s the conundrum – a problem Der Movement has put us in by squandering opportunity after opportunity, failing to take advantage of times of System weakness, and failing to capitalize on times when the System was not as powerful as it is today.  There are no easy answers, although I have made suggestions on this blog.  The first step would be for Der Movement to acknowledge its own culpability for the situation we are all in today.

I thought Spencer et al gave up too soon. They could have pioneered strategies to outmaneuver ANTIFA and lawfare. They could have not let Jews and and [sic] their allies drag them down to their level, and even when they did, they could have come up with a new strategy, but they failed.

Spencer it seems is busy these days with more important matters, such as posting a “New Profile Pic.”

The cause of racial survival and progress marches ever forward!

Those are your “leaders” Mr. Starlight.  Enjoy.

Another take on the issue here.

Saturday Movement Roundup

More “movement” inanity.

Read this.

What the official may have found “unacceptable” was that students from China have acted in ways that have intimidated faculty, staff, and other students at American universities. Chinese students have done this by, among other things, demanding schools remove research materials, by insisting that faculty change teaching content to suit Beijing, by trying to prevent others from criticizing China, and by trying to force the cancellation of academic activities.

Chinese students, not surprisingly, are becoming a part of what is known as “China’s long arm.” Far more worrying than the activities of students, however, are the actions of Chinese diplomats. Chinese diplomats, as Lloyd-Damnjanovic wrote in her September 2018 report, have been “employing intimidating modes of conversation.”

Diplomats have also infringed on academic freedom by complaining about on-campus speakers and events, by trying to coerce faculty, and by threatening retaliation against American university programs in China.

But, but, but…they have a really high IQ!  Aren’t the Alt Wrong self-described “Yellow Supremacists?”  Without Orientals, where are the Derbyshires of the world going to find wives, and where will the Sessions of the world find grandchildren to hold and nurture?

This is nicely sarcastic in the Sallisian style; so I congratulate Taylor on a job well done.  More work like that, and less “race realist” nonsense, and maybe Amren can be on the road to recovery.


Sounds like a man with some regrets. This confirms my judgment of Sessions as a lieutenant of the MAGA revolution: overly principled in an age when principles are mocked and the principled are bulldozed. He probably thought Mueller was a man of integrity who would clear Trump in short order. I think he sees America for what it is now, and it has stolen his spirit. I bet he left his post relieved, knowing the time had come for men hungry for open warfare to replace principled genteel conservatives like himself.

Sessions did do a lot of “silent executing” behind the scenes to gut the open borders bureaucracy. But his recusal from the Russia Hoax was a blow to not only Trump, but to the MAGA agenda, and it was a costly mistake. I think this bothers him. And I think he was a Trump loyalist. He deserves an honorable goodbye, but it’s time to move on.


Sessions is a subhuman radical turd, a mole who infiltrated the Right, a prosecutor from Alabama who jailed pro-White “Klansmen” with the help of the SPLC, a Antifa-supporting far-leftist who did zero against raging left wing domestic terrorists but who indicted WNs for the “crime” of defending themselves against leftist violence, a mewling race cuck hen who nurtures Asiatic racial enemies, a sloth-like idiot who spent most of his term as Attorney General standing around helplessly, looking dumbfounded, like a retarded, Dumbo-eared Howdy Doody – that is, unless he was busy doing Antifa’s legal support work, or digging up the legal corpse of the Emmett Till case, at which point somnolent Jeff finally bestirred himself to action.  Sessions is trash, as are all the quota queens defending his outrageous behavior. And to think at one point I respected him and thought he would make a good VP candidate. Again, I admit when I am wrong, and I was very wrong about Sessions.  I now recognize him as an evil, anti-White, pathetic excuse of a “man.”  After all, White “haters” have to be dealt with, since they would question the right of the Sessions family to live in America.  Is Derbyshire’s mancrush on Sessions a mystery any longer?

More pro-Sessions apologia.

Let’s rewrite Sessions’ quote for year 2018 accuracy:

No person can be a pro-White activist and not be indicted for “hate crimes” or “serial rioting” by a Sessions-led justice system.  Hail Antifa!


Hello darkness my old friend. We are in the moist glorious time of the year, when the clocks are restored to normalcy. There’s nothing more invigorating than going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Some people hate this time of year, but autumn is by far my favorite season, followed by winter. I like the shorter days particularly. This is something that has always been true for me…

Well, when you are a mendacious shill for Jewish interests, I suppose nothing suits you better than slithering around in the dark.  Don’t want anyone to really see what you’re up to, do you?

Richie Rich is right about this.

It’s Another Day in Der Movement

In all cases, emphasis added.

How I despise Der Movement: Let me count the ways.  The pathetic apologia and support for the traitor Sessions is one such focus of contempt; one prominent pro-White “leader” declares how “enraged” or “outraged” or “infuriated” (I forgot the exact word used) he is about Sessions being forced out.

Amusingly, one thing Far-Right Sessions supporters always like to do is slowly say his entire name, with emphasis on the middle name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.  After all, the implication goes, he’s a White southerner with the middle name of Beauregard, and so he has to be good.  What do actions matter?

Imagine a prominent Negro named Tyrone Martin Luther King Jackson, who just so happens to be a Far-Right supporter of White rights and a Trump advocate.  Do you think Black nationalists would be supporting him, and lovingly speaking his middle names?  Only Whites are so juvenile.

Oh, and is that analogy unfair to Sessions? I don’t think so, as he used the DOJ to support Antifa and persecute pro-White activists, while standing around looking dumbfounded when it was time to do anything useful.  And his open, public embrace of racial cuckoldry only adds to his far-left bonafides.

Note there’s nothing there about how Trump was going to be an “American Caesar curing our demographic ills.”  How fast some of us forget – particularly when it is convenient to do so.  And as far as those preaching the “last chance” mantra back in 2016 – go complain to Amren and TOO, Greg.

And as far as the “repudiation” goes, I’ve already stated that comparing Trump to other politicians of the past is apples and oranges. Trump is a polarizing figure precisely because of extreme implicit Whiteness and the alleged “ties to White supremacism” – and EVERY demographic, including ALL White demographics voted more Democrat now than in 2016.  It’s not just that “every sitting President loses the mid-terms,” it’s that Trump’s White base – never robust to begin with – is eroding.  Trump was never supposed to be like “every other President” – the fact that the quota queen spin doctors are now using that equivalence as their leading argument does not augur well for “Trumpian populism.”  And as far as this “near death experience” motivating Trump, it’s more likely we’ll get more porn star rawdogging, tweets, and Big Mac eating than any useful accomplishment.

But, I’ll be fair.  If Trump actually does some useful things, I will praise him. He can start by blocking the damn caravan, and by having his “Bane” acting Attorney General declare Antifa and associated groups as domestic terrorists, and take action against them.

In any case, the delusion of these types is remarkable.  Trump can’t even hold onto the House; educated White women vote for radical Negresses, even Taylor in his podcast is dumbfounded by White voting patterns in Georgia (and not in a good way), and yet the ethnostate is going to be voted in by Whites any day now – give or take 50 years.  Got it.  And in 50 years, what will be the White percentage of the American population?  In 2068, we’ll be told “another 50 years”- at which time the last two White Americans will be hiding out snug in their hobbit hole, measuring each other’s cephalic indices with Durocher’s calipers.

First, Trump was a Transformative President.

Then, he was a Transitional President.

Now, he’s the But He Didn’t Do As Badly As Clinton And Obama President

These guys think that they are going to rally White Americans around what in today’s society would be among the most radical ideas possible, and yet they then split hairs about details of relative degrees of mid-term election losses.  Business as usual doesn’t cut it any more.

Trump may have just saved his presidency. It remains to be seen if he has just saved America.

He’s dat dere American Caesar!

But a lot of us are skeptical now. We are wondering if Trump trotted out ending birthright citizenship and other populist red meat merely to save himself and his worthless party for another round of tax cuts, foreign policy distractions, and fundamental betrayals of white America. 

You think?

Trump has to start delivering, or we will not fall for the same routine in 2020.

Sure you won’t.  “It’s all been 4D chess!  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!”

A near-death experience is often an occasion to examine one’s life. When one actually feels in one’s guts just how short and contingent life can be, one tends to re-evaluate one’s priorities. One gives more time to genuinely important things. One lets the small stuff slide. Trump saw his whole presidency flashing before his eyes. Let’s hope he saw much more: America’s death or rebirth. Let’s hope that he gets back to Making America Great Again.

By eating Big Macs and “negging” porn stars.

This election was also a near-death experience for the Right, especially White Nationalists. 

So now our fate is tied to that of Trump and the GOP?

Some of us have squandered that capital shamelessly for the past two years.

Who is “some?” The dastardly Richard Spencer again?

Trump is not the last chance for the white race in North America. 

Paging Taylor and MacDonald.

White Nationalists have been drifting from defeat to defeat basically since Trump’s victory. 

Greg is crazy and bitter!  He should be banned from commenting at Counter-Currents.

We were strongest when we were a leaderless, non-hierarchical, largely online metapolitical movement attacking the false ideas and terrible consequences of multiculturalism, as well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the establishment.

As well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the “movement” as well, no?

We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them. We can win any argument or flame war. But we can’t win street battles. It is time for us to get back to what works: metapolitics, the propaganda war. 

Which has failed for, what, the last 50 years?

For all the bluff posturing about taking the streets, we do not control one square inch of American territory. But once we change minds, the establishment has proven itself powerless to change them back.

Derek Black doesn’t exist.  All the other apostates to WN don’t exist.

Der Movement Thursday

In all cases, emphasis added.

An Amren commentator gets it; Asians are seething with anti-White hatred:

rls976  Red • 18 hours ago
Asians are a sure part of the anti-white coalition. For example, in 2012, India Indians in the US voted 87% for Hussein Obama. Yet Trump lets them continue to come. Why are you letting the immigration go on, Donald?
Asians are happy to be governed by negroes if it means burying the white race

That’s correct. And you read it here first: The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Note to Antifa: Since you are opposed to fascism, nationalism, and racism, and take a “principled stand against all forms of racist aggression,” then you will, of course, physically confront the New Black Panther Party, right?

We can all expect to see a viral gif of Nzinga being elbowed in the face by one of you, just like happened to Spencer, right?

Seriously though, what to make of Antifa’s refusal to confront Black nationalists and other non-White racialists?  Putting aside conspiracy theories (which may actually have some element of truth) that Antifa directly takes direction from government agencies and NGOs, we have two possibilities (or some combination thereof).  First, that Antifa is NOT generally anti-racist and anti-nationalist, they are simply anti-White; only pro-White activism is to be opposed.  Second, they simply fear getting a big Black fist in the face; elbowing Richard Spencer in the face or harassing Tucker Carlson is safe; confronting gun-toting Negroes is unsafe indeed.

The Cuck Emperor: Touchback Trump

Good riddance to bad rubbish: quota queen Sessions gone.

Look at this.

No wonder Derbyshire defends Sessions – Antifa Jeff is a cuck hen nurturing little female cogelites.  Hey Derb…if you can hold out another 20 years or so that can be your next wife.

Sessions: far leftist Antifa supporter with non-White family.  And, oh, get the comment here:

Julie • 8 hours ago
Tucker is a good man.
🔥Sessions cannot protect Antifa any longer.
Tucker has a sweet family.

Someone else gets it!  Sessions was essentially the legal counsel for Antifa – Sessions a traitor to America, a piece of unmitigated filth nurturing the next generation of White-hating Asians.  Race traitor Sessions – coddled by the quota queens because, after all, he’s “one of the boys.”

But, hey, Roissy, the new “Bane” Attorney General will start indicting Antifa instead of indicting WNs like Session did, right?  We’ll see…

Spinning Trump’s humiliation – “we lost the House, but not as badly as it could have been.  We could have lost worse!”  I suppose cuckservatives are so comfortable with losing that they congratulate themselves on the degree of magnitude of their loss.  Of course one is not surprised that the King of Delusion, Fats Trump, actually declares “victory.”  And, Amren “spins” the situation as well. Problem is, folks, you cannot compare Trump to other political figures – given the public perception of Trump, the election was a referendum on “Whiteness” – and “Whiteness” lost.  And the time is getting late, comparing America today and the Democratic party of today with that of Eisenhower’s 1950s America is pure delusion.

Amren painfully had to admit that Asians were overwhelmingly supporting Democrats – with Taylor desperately moaning about the small sample size – Asians hate, hate, hate Whites, when will Amren learn?

Read this.

And this comment to that:

Progeny of Europe
 17h17 hours ago
Replying to @TOOEdit
Amazing that a party’s whose only coherent ideology is hating White people.. can still get a sizable White vote — and get the majority of college indoctrinated women.

So, first – “agency,” Greg?  College-educated women also flocking to Abrams in Georgia.

Second, how are all the geniuses of Der Movement going to accomplish their ethnostate goal when the milquetoast GOP can’t even get 55% – much less 60% – of the White vote, and educated yeastbuckets vote Democrat?  Are these the folks you think will line up for racial separation?  At least Johnson wisely puts it off to the future – “50 years, 50 years” – on the other hand, McCulloch is so delusional, he complains about Johnson’s timetable – “too long, I won’t be around to enjoy it.”  How about first “enjoying” seeing an explicitly White candidate get, say, two-thirds of the White vote, and then you can worry about the timing of your ethnostate.  Fact is, EVERY demographic group – including Whites – shifted Democrat in 2018 compared to 2016. 

Der Movement Thursday

Plain facts, as they say.

These guys (defined in various ways) all praise each other.  One must maintain the illusion that they know what they’re talking about, and that their prominence in the “movement” is solely merit-based.

McCulloch does critique Johnson’s timeline, in that most proponents of the ethnostate today won’t live to see, and live in and enjoy, the coming ethnostate.  It’s understandable to feel that way, but is it realistic?  Frankly speaking, I doubt racial separation will ever happen at all, much less quibbling over when it will happen. White Americans elect Trump, whose civic nationalism is termed “fascism” by a triumphant Left that is rioting in the streets with absolute impunity, while Trump’s DOJ supports the rioters and indicts Trump’s own supporters.  Two years after Trump’s election, Whites are more cowed and persecuted than ever. Now, things can change fast – look how quickly the Soviet Union collapsed – but you can’t count on that.  The best you can do is produce a real movement that actualizes pro-White activism and moves the ball forward to the ethnostate.  This does not exist today.  In actuality, Der Movement is an impediment to racial progress, not a promoter of it; thus, if anything, Johnson’s timeline for the ethnostate is too optimistic.  If it isn’t, then how do we get from “here” to “there?”

I think a fairer, and broader, criticism of Johnson’s timeline is that it is reflective of the “movement’s” manipulation of time goalposts to avoid responsibility and accountability. You see, the “movement” slyly accomplishes this in two contradictory ways.  On the one hand, they avoid responsibility for actually being serious and building a long-term infrastructure by stressing the imminence of change. Thus, to paraphrase a leading Type I activist circa 2002: “I can’t understand why any Whites are saving for retirement or going to college, or why racial activists waste their time taking about long-term strategy – don’t they know that the System is going to collapse within the next 5 years?”  So, that’s the “Der Tag is imminent, off to the woods with your musket and hide in your snug hobbit hole until you hear the shooting” gambit.  It’s always only “5 years away” so why bother organizing?  Of course, real quick, those “5 years” become 10,15, 20, 25, 50 years, and you end up having done nothing but fantasize.  On the other hand, some activists, devolve accountability onto future generations by postponing any reckoning to some indefinite time period hence – “the ethnostate will come into being at least 50 years in the future, so politics is not for us today, instead let’s do metapolitics – and don’t forget to send me a donation.”  So, it’s either that they are not responsible for actually doing anything prudent and strategic because The Collapse will happen any day now OR they have no accountability because The Solution will happen some time in the distant, hazy future.

Read this.

But talk is cheap. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should give Cuomo what he inadvertently asked for: a federal investigation into Antifa, a group that is overtly based around denying Americans their First Amendment rights through violence.

For godssakes you naïve fools: JEFF SESSIONS IS A SUPPORTER OF ANTIFA.  GOT IT?  His DOJ specifically targets rightists, if “Trumps DOJ” were to “act” it would be to indict the “Proud Boys” for more hate crimes charges.  Can’t you quota queens stop indulging in fantasy and face harsh reality?  “America’s Senator” is a hardcore cuck.  Trump himself is a LAZY FAY VULGAR MORON and his fanboys in Der Movement cheer his “Horseface” and Pocahontas” taunts while never noticing he blithely stands by and allows his own supporters to be attacked in the streets AND THEN stands by while his DOJ inducts his own supporters for hate crimes.  That’s Trump.  That’s his DOJ.  And no amount of “negs” and cheap blustering will change those FACTS.

The plain fact is that, nearly two years into the Trump Administration, the president’s voters enjoy far less freedom and safety than they did before he took office.

Yes, that’s a plain fact.  So why can’t you understand that this is a feature, not a bug, of Trump and his administration? TRUMP IS A FRAUD, and this blog identified him as such long before the election, while all of the “we’re always wrong but we got dem dere affirmative action protections” quota queens were lauding Trump as an “American Caesar” who would usher in a new era of White greatness.

Speaking of White greatness: Der Movement believes promoting prostate cancer is a mark of White identity!

A reasonable Counter-Currents comment:

Posted October 15, 2018 at 5:00 am | Permalink
I should add that the modern commune today is virtual. It’s websites, places like these. They can be reached by anyone and from anywhere, and it works because it is to some degree incorporeal. They can be destroyed, but its denizens cannot be isolated easily.

An online groupuscule.

Of course the right should not limit itself to the internet alone. But ensconcing oneself outside of civilization cannot be the answer. In my opinion, if there is any physical undertaking the new right should consider, it would be the creation of secret societies embedded in existing institutions.

That is a good idea; infiltration can go in both directions.

Read this.

Bustamante also compared Warren’s DNA to white populations in Utah and Great Britain to determine if the amounts of Native American markers in Warren’s sample were significant or just background noise.

I wonder how careful the testing companies are in the same sense, especially when some of them have the highest confidence level at 90% (instead of the more scientifically typical 95%+) and routinely – and comically – have as the default reporting 50% (flip that coin!).  For majority ancestry that’s not a problem as the percentages hardly change as you move up to more stringent confidence levels; however, for the micro-levels of reputed admixture as what is reported here for Warren, it certainly is an issue.

The ignorant Steve Sailer:

My guess is that Trump will never, ever use “Picohontas.” This has a double utility to Trump. By not using it, Trump doesn’t alienate the vast percentage of voters who don’t know that “pico” means “one-trillionth.” (I personally guessed it meant one-billionth, but that of course would be “Gigahontas.”)

No, Steve, it would be “Nanohontas.”  Giga = one billion; Nano = one-billionth.  You need to get the magnitude directionality of your scale right.  Here are two examples that will be helpful:

1. The average brain weight of HBDers is one nanogram.

2. Let’s cull the cogelites and drop a 100 Gigaton cobalt bomb on China.

Got it?