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The Raw Essence of HBD

And of Silk Road White Nationalism.

And other news.

The raw essence of HBD and of Silk Road White Nationalism can be discerned by watching from 29:35 to 30:00 in the video here.

If the HBDers and Silkers have their way, the future of the White race will be analogous (*) to that scene played over and over again for all eternity.  I say no.  I say that the White race has a future, a destiny, that does not include pitifully groveling – “measured groveling,” eh? – before The Altar of Asia.  If you agree with me on this, then when are YOU going to stand up and oppose HBD and oppose Silk Road White nationalism?

*For the “awkward squad” types, it may well be literal, and not an analogy.

Behold the nothingburger!  Behold the mentally retarded “movement.”  Behold!

It’s a nothingburger!  Just like the common cold!  Emphasis added:

Dr. Richard Hatchett, who sat on the White House Homeland Security Council in 2005 – 2006 and was a principal author of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan, and currently heads the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, told the UK’s Channel 4:

“This is the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered in my career, and that includes Ebola, it includes MERS, it includes SARS. And it’s frightening because of the combination of infectiousness and a lethality that appears to be manyfold higher than flu.

Der Right, Der Right, Der Right is ALWAYS wrong.

China continues to wage war against Italy.  Pitiful Italians do nothing in response.

The nothingburger marches on.

The following was written on March 6:

PaintersformsIt’s a jacked up version of the common cold. I’m not expecting much carnage. Not Spanish flu anyhow. More concerned about the panic.

For someone to write that after everything that’s happened is simply astonishing. This crisis is revealing the truth about many things.  For example, HBDers are traitors who are the running dogs of the Chinese government. Another example, as shown by the “jacked up version of the common cold” comment – a significant fraction of Der Movement consists of people who belong in a mental hospital.

Lest you think I exaggerate, remember:

This is the most frightening disease I’ve ever encountered in my career, and that includes Ebola, it includes MERS, it includes SARS. And it’s frightening because of the combination of infectiousness and a lethality that appears to be manyfold higher than flu.

If Biden is the nominee, Trump-Biden debates will be a wonder to behold – a vulgar retard vs.a dementia patient.

Behold Joe Biden. He’s about at the cognitive level of your typical Quota Queen Der Movement “leader.”

The three major candidates are not very well suited to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. All are old. Trump is obese, eats fast food, and is on various maintenance medications. Sanders recently had a heart attack.  Biden seemingly is in early state dementia.  VP choices take on increased importance.

The Master of Disaster is apparently attempting to start a new a career as a stand-up comedian.

Putting aside the retarded post, the comments are of more interest.  Focus on those from Unz. The similarity to Chinese government propaganda is very interesting. Very similar indeed.  No doubt purely a coincidence.  Great minds think alike, and as HBD is so fond of telling us, both Jews and Chinese have high, high, high IQs. That’s the ticket!  A coincidental convergence of deep thinking.  Hail HBD!

ANYONE who writes for Unz is NOT any sort of “White nationalist” or any sort of Euro-nationalist – even any sort of petty nationalist “ethnonationalist” – whatsoever.  At best, they’re useful idiots for Chinese/Asian interests.  At worst, they are out-and-out race traitors.

The Rubicon has been crossed; the shark has been jumped. The “WN activists” writing for Unz are absolute filth, absolute low-life scum.

Read this.

To explain simply, the British set up “civil rights” commissions in Cape Colony in the early nineteenth century and they sided with any non-white complainer against a white.

Gee…the more things change the more they stay the same, eh?  Enter John Lindsay.

…the British upper and middle classes in London slipped into virtue signaling and negro worship.

Ditto.  Although today, in HBD, it’s Mongoloid worship.  

The idea that anyone – Chinese, Americans, whoever – intentionally released The China Plague as a bioweapon is absurd. It is and always was obvious what the inevitable outcome of such an intentional release would be – an international spread, infection and death everywhere, economic damage, supply chain effects, etc. The possibility of backfire, the possibility of further damage against the releasing country, the possibility of further mutation – it is absolute insanity to do this, and whatever sweaty conspiracy theories you have, the argument that some nation’s secret service would take such a gamble is simply not believable.

And the idea that Americans of all people would do this is doubly insane.  America – comically unprepared for a pandemic, with a “vibrant” unstable population, an economy and society wholly dependent on China for everything from medicines to electronics to rare earth metals, with an economy also dependent on consumer confidence and the stock market – unleashing a highly contagious bioweapon (in China!) is suicidal, counter-productive, self-destructive – and obviously so.

The whole idea is so ludicrous that only crazed HBDers obsessed with worshiping the Chinese would think of it. These sorts of conspiracy theories are the products of a weak mind.  Real conspiracies are out in the open. The HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance for example.

Der Movement: Nothingburger, souped-up cold, hoax.

Sallis: Start Prepping.

CDC: Over 60 today; tomorrow, everyone.

Meanwhile, milady contributes her unique perspectives and assistance during this global crisis. Everyone does something to pitch in I suppose.

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, my patriarchal pandemic for a topless Joan of Arc!

It’s Hood.  What about those “White advocates” who are shills for predatory capitalism and romanticize their “sweet business deals.“  Are they part of the problem too? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m shocked – shocked I say! – by the name and the picture.

If Trump’s “obsession with numbers” “could backfire” what about the Left’s obsession with keeping borders wide open?

It’s a nothingburger!

Actually, the time to buy stocks is when the market is down, not when it’s up.  You buy low and sell high. Trump isn’t really wrong, but is a bit premature. The media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting out of hand.  How about focusing on Biden’s worsening dementia?

Err, you idiot, Conte supports mass replacement immigration. He’s concerned that migrants might get sick. 

I also note that some HBDers are suggesting that the high Italian death rate is due to a genetic susceptibility because of racial admixture (but in the North?  Must be all those S. Italians who moved there!  After all, small towns in Northern Italy, full of old people, are precisely the place one would expect to see working age S. Italians!  Dat right!).

But I thought that the Italians were African, not Asian, and that HBD suggests “the virus discriminates by race” with Asians being at risk? If that is so, Bjork, Bromstad, and Thunberg had better be careful!  Wash those chopsticks well before using!

There may well be ethnic differences in susceptibility but I’m not sure Ostara (*) explains the reasons for it.


* Laugh at this.  Emphasis added:

After the war, Lanz accused Hitler of having not only stolen but corrupted his idea, and also of being of “inferior racial stock”.

More Odds and Ends, 2/28/20


Don’t worry!  There’s always Spring Break!  Have a productive vacation!

The Weinstein case can be summarized with the following analogy: A bunch of whores were dissatisfied with how much they were paid, so they successfully accused their “john” of rape.

Of course, some would argue that heterosexual marriage is itself legalized prostitution, in which the man gets a brief period of sex up front, and then pays for it the rest of his life. If milady is dissatisfied with payment, then there’s the pro-female divorce courts and alimony.


The striking thing about the map here is the similarity between East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. That similarity should not be in any way surprising, since larger breasts would be disadvantageous in hot and humid environments. Thus, since both East Asians and sub-Saharan Africans are TROPICAL peoples, they exhibit racially similar adaptions to an anti-arctic, tropical environment.

What about the fact that “African-American” females apparently have significantly larger breasts than do Black African females?

One can speculate this is due to:

1. Admixture with European stocks (particularly with Celto-Germanic British-derived peoples)

2. Sexual selection in a temperate environment in which natural selection against large breasts no longer holds

3. Obesity

Anxiety and neurosis? Can you imagine if a male Italian minister started crying at a news conference? The HBDers would be foaming at the mouth (and from other body parts) for months; we would never hear the end of it. But a Holy Oriental? Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.

Note lunatic feminist “Lexi” in the comments thread here, as well as Johnson’s hysteria about “burqas.”

Meanwhile, I’m getting more and more suspicious about this “Hampton.”

And 99% of Black women.  But, hey, don’t worry about the FACT that Americans are a bunch of landwhales (the 40% is only the obese; at least half of the other 60% are “merely” overweight, with a minority remainder being regular weight) and need to subsist on pills made by Asian frauds. Worry instead about the MYTH that “Big Pharma” is sodomizing “our babies” with vaccinations and “giving them autism.”

Grift alert!  Danger, danger…

Jack Vance expresses himself.

The alliance continues.

Amusing Taylor video. But isn’t “White advocate” a euphemism as well? Further, “White male” is perfectly acceptable for those whose character and behavior does not befit the word “man” – HBDers for example.

Do fries and a coke come with that nothingburger?  Meanwhile, I’ve been spending considerable money, time, and effort prepping. Thanks, China!  In theory, these are supplies that can be used anyway if nothing happens, so it’s not a complete waste of money; time and effort are another story. I would also advise readers who live with at least one other person to have one room in their apartment or home as a potential “sick room” that an afflicted person can stay in, to minimize viral load exposure to others in the same “household.”  It is unlikely that could completely prevent viral spread, but if you can delay it, you can reduce overlap between different individuals in the same “household” being ill, so one can help take care of the other or others before he or she becomes ill themselves (by which time the other person or persons would be recovered…or dead). Thanks, China!

This is China’s attitude toward humanity.

Some good news.  The Silkers weep.  What will “the border guards of the West” do?

Casus Belli

In der news.

Excerpts, emphasis added:

ROME—The word quarantine comes from 17th-century Venetian dialect for 40 days, which was the amount of time ships had to wait in isolation before entering certain Italian ports during the pandemic known as the Black Death.

Which originated in China as well.  The Chinese people have been waging biological warfare against Europe for centuries. This is unbridled, unprovoked genocidal aggression by the Chinese against Europeans.

Now the word is being used again in Italy, applied to the  government’s draconian reaction as the coronavirus and the disease known as COVID-19 appear to be hitting the country with a vengeance. More than 50,000 Italians living in 10 communities are literally locked down, facing jail sentences and fines if they leave their homes, thanks to the largest outbreak outside Asia. 

Yes, thanks to Asia, the Curse on Humanity.

In Rome, nervous taxi drivers outside Fiumicino Airport were hesitant to pick up Asian passengers and a Chinese woman in Turin reported being assaulted for simply being Chinese.

Aww…poor baby. God forbid the Italians want to protect themselves from being MURDERED by Chinese infections. 

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the far-right League party wants to close the frontier, though countries that border Italy are likely thinking the same thing from their side. An outbreak this extensive and virulent is likely to impact all of Western Europe very quickly, if not with the disease itself, then with precautions taken to try to stop it.

This is act of war by China against Europe.

Since Friday, Italian authorities have confirmed more than 130 new cases, including two fatalities, in the north of the country. Three people, including two Chinese tourists, who were confirmed positive in Rome last month have since recovered and are no longer believed to be contagious. 

“Chinese tourists” = biological warfare vectors.  This viral crisis has already been going on for months.  What excuse do Chinese have to be “tourists” in Europe at the current time except to spread the virus?  Should they be considered akin to soldiers in a war?

A Chinese tourist died in France earlier this month, but the deaths in Italy are the first Europeans killed by the virus. Both of the Italian victims were in their 70s. The first was a man who died in hospital, and who also suffered from other respiratory problems. The second was a woman found dead in her home on Saturday morning, clearly unaware she even had the virus. It is unknown how many people may have been in contact with her.

They were MURDERED by the Chinese people, in a vicious, unprovoked attack.

The quick spread of the disease in this outbreak and the uncertainty about how it came to Italy is especially troubling. it came to Italy, maybe those Chinese soldiers (“tourists”) had something to do with it?  Share and share alike, eh?

In the northern town of Codogno, near Milan, the 39 people who initially tested positive are all tied to the local hospital and a so-called “Patient Zero” who was thought to have brought it back from Shanghai. The problem is that “Patient Zero” never tested positive for the virus. Authorities think he may have been a silent carrier, infecting a friend referred to as “Patient One” whose only tie to China was being a friend of “Patient Zero.” Authorities at first thought “Patient Zero” had the virus and recovered, but they concede that, in fact, there may be another source. Clearly, this is not a perfect science.

How about a “perfect” solution – all Chinese to be barred entry?  All peoples of the Earth forbidden to visit China?

On Sunday morning, the regional governor of Lombardy, Attilo Fontana, confirmed that 89 people have now tested positive for the virus and a much larger but unspecified number are referred to as suspect cases.

Thanks, China.

The second hotspot is in the Veneto region, near Venice, which is celebrating Carnevale to somewhat diminished crowds. Twelve people in the region have tested positive even though none of them has ever been to mainland China or, as far as is known at this point, been in contact with any obvious vectors.  Eight Chinese residents…

What the hell are they doing in Italy?  Are these the Silkers’ dream black-booted Chinese girls with guns who are the “border guards of the West?”  Gravediggers of the West is more like it.

Other cases in Turin and Milan confirmed Sunday morning have spread the panic even further. Closing down such major metropolitan hubs would be a logistical and economic disaster.

China is waging war against Italy.  The dumb afrowops just sit there and take it.

Here’s an idea.  Withdraw diplomatic recognition form the PRC and give it back to Taiwan instead. Everyone should do that, every nation. Replace the PRC on the UN Security Council with Taiwan. That’ll get PRC attention no doubt. It might even dampen their appetite for live monkeys and rats.  Put down dem dere chopsticks and pay attention!

This is hilarious.

Separately, State Department officials say that thousands of Russia-linked social media accounts are spreading disinformation about the coronavirus, including a conspiracy theory that the United States is behind the outbreak.

If that is true, it’s funny because the HBDers (and the Silkers) hate Russia, and the Russians are exploiting HBD yellow fever fanaticism for their own geopolitical agendas.  Der Movement is such an unmitigated disaster that it is useful only as an object of ridicule. Feeling down?  Think about Der Movement and laugh heartily.

Odds and Ends, 2/12/2020

More issues.

Observation: Have you noticed how the attitude toward the US military and veterans has changed?  We went from saliva-spewing hatred and “baby killers” to groveling adulation and “thank you for your service.” You see, when the US military stopped fighting the enemies of America, and started fighting the enemies of Israel, then suddenly the projected attitudes from the mass media and pop culture changed and the lemmings changed with it.  

That’s great, Hood.  Why don’t you forward that to The Master of Disaster? Further, why don’t you admit that not only was your vaunted Alt Right wrong about Trump, it – and your whole affirmative action “movement” – wasted the last four years and accomplished absolutely nothing positive?

And what if your hero Trump wins in 2020?  What about 2024 and beyond?  It’s time for real world politics, as I have been calling for here, not just pathetic grifters who use the term “metapolitics” as an excuse to milk living expenses from their deluded cash cow followers.

Oh, yes, Hood, you admit the “movement” is not ready for the repression to come.  The problem, Gaslighting Greg, Jr., is that your writing makes it appear as if the “movement” is something that’s just popped up over the last few years, rather than being a fixture, in its current form. for more than a half-century, and well-funded enough to waste millions of dollars, and to have one hero earn more than $140,000 in a year to edit a blog and sit around on lawn chairs with a race-mixer.  $148,303 – worth every penny, no doubt!

I mean, how can you live with yourself, Hood?

This is HBD:


I expect China to achieve world hegemony by the end of this century, if not sooner. I expect the United States to be dominated by a high IQ cognitive elite composed disproportionately of Jews and Orientals.

And the purpose of HBD is to achieve that objective as quickly and efficiently as possible. White enablers of HBD are traitors to their race and their treason will never be forgotten nor forgiven. Count on it.

Once again, absolutely classless, tasteless, and self-serving:

Remember Us in Your Will

Finally, we would like to broach a very delicate topic: your will. If you are planning your estate, please think about how you can continue helping the cause even after you are gone. The essay “Majority Estate Planning” contains many helpful suggestions.

Remember: those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today.

Thank you again for your loyal readership and generous support.

Greg Johnson


Counter-Currents Publishing, Ltd.

Hey!  “Trevor Lynch” needs to but some more movie tickets!  Why leave money to your loved ones who are left behind?  They are not going to usher you into the Golden Age!

As long as the Chinese murderers exist, of course this will be true.

Quite Right.  And in Der Movement, we have the HBD-ethnonationalist-Nordicist alliance, centered around sites like Unz, which has scum like Durocher and Johnson writing there.

The happiest nations will be ethnically homogeneous.

Hungary must be real unhappy and all what with the alien John Morgan living there.

Who is responsible for the Equifax hack?  Do you really have to ask? Don’t worry!  You might be dead from Chinese coronavirus before Chinese identity theft causes you any problems!  Hail HBD!

The monsters are killing American children.  When will the civilized nations of the Earth take action against The Land of Monsters?

Does the Counter-Currents crowd know this?

Her father came from Sardinia and her mother came from Sicily.

No, no, a thousand times no!  Forget about that ebony-skinned Black African and let’s have more posts about why we need more Greta Thunbergs. After all, Greta is of great benefit to all humanity!  Just ask Durocher.

Seriously though, if any of the readers of this blog from Italy have connections with Brothers of Italy, you need to make Meloni and other leaders aware of the work of Frank Salter.

Has The Master of Disaster moved on already from Sanders and is ready to support Bloomberg? 

It’s been quite a ride!

Princess Tulsi Coconut

King Andy Eggroll

Sir Bernie Redjew

The Honorable Mike Doomturd

How’s that affirmative action program working out for all you peanut gallery types out there?

Greg Johnson: Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.

Ted Sallis: Trump is a Negrophilic race cuck (I said that as far back as 2016, before the election)

Who’s right?  Do you really need to ask?

Johnson: Wrong, wrong, ALWAYS wrong.


Sallis: Right, right, ALWAYS right.

Laugh at this.

I was living in Eastern Europe…

He’s of Danish descent.  Counter-Currents: The home of ethnoimperialist hypocrites.

See this.

Given that hair length may well be the only external cue distinguishing Chinese “males” from “females,” one can imagine the social disruption that would ensue if the hair-shaving practice became widespread in order to stem the transmission of the disease. Without differential hair length, what are they going  to do?  Walking around topless certainly would be useless for sex-identification there. Genital examination may be useful – possibly – but that’s going too far for a casual interaction. Serious stuff there. Definitely not a “nothingburger.”  Particularly for the HBDers and the Silkers.  How are they going to choose their future mates and/or border guards of the West?

A Pariah Nation

Is it an act of war?

Can you imagine if Black Africa, or even lower on the HBD scale of humanity, S. Italy, was behaving as China is now? Unleashing yet another deadly plague on humanity through their filth and incompetence (or for some other reason, eh?), whining that people protecting themselves from these contagions are “truly mean,” and then simultaneously accusing others of “scare-mongering” while at the same time begging them for help? Can you imagine the hysteria of the HBDers?  We would hear all about “low Black IQ” and “Black psychopathy” or about the “low IQ” and “anxiety and neurosis” of all those Schettino-like Afrowops. But Chinese? Criticism?  God forbid!

Unfortunately, China is a nuclear power, so we cannot simply blanket that nation with neutron bombs; further, in any case, we are currently “tied to the hip” with them economically.  We’ve outsourced a significant portion of the American productive economy to China, we depend on them for a myriad of products, including (often ineffective and/or contaminated) medicines, food, and all sorts of other products and industrial outputs. They are essentially financing a large portion of our National Debt. And what would all the HBDers and Silkers and other omega male “awkward squad” White males do without their continuing supply of flat-chested Chinese “females?”

A determined American leadership and people could change that over time. Of course, it won’t happen, but here I am being (admittedly unrealistically) prescriptive, not descriptive. At minimum, China should become a Pariah Nation. The USA – and the rest of the world – should slowly begin the process of disentangling themselves from China, in every way, as a consumer of Chinese goods, as a debtor to Chinese creditors (as reparations for the constant viral attacks of China against humanity, should the debt held by Chinese creditors be erased?), etc. All travel, all commerce, all immigration, all interaction with and from China should cease. It will take time, but can we afford not to do so? Can we afford not to isolate ourselves from a national viral incubator, a nation that is nothing more or less than a disease-breeding petri dish?

Let’s consider some things about this new disease (in all cases emphasis added):

Read this.

Strong evidence suggests the marketplace played an early role in spreading 2019-nCoV, but whether it was the origin of the outbreak remains uncertain. Many of the initially confirmed 2019-nCoV cases—27 of the first 41 in one report, 26 of 47 in another—were connected to the Wuhan market, but up to 45%, including the earliest handful, were not. This raises the possibility that the initial jump into people happened elsewhere.
Ebright tells ScienceInsider that the 2019-nCoV data are “consistent with entry into the human population as either a natural accident or a laboratory accident.”

Yes…”laboratory accident.” It’s not very likely that “our” government – in debt to China up to their eyeballs and probably with their own harems of flat-chested, “tropical” (not “Arctic”) Chinatrices exerting “influence”- is going to “spill the beans” if evidence of a bioweapons origin comes to light.

Read this.

Did this earliest of the 41 patients have any exposure to the Huanan seafood market?
  (See article, page 3 Figure 1B timelines of illness onset for all 41 patients).

What explanation was given for the source of infection for these 14 patients with no exposure to the seafood market?
No explanation for 13 of the 14 patients was given. One of the 14 patients was the wife of the man who was the first fatality and who had “continuous exposures to the market (article, page 4, results section lines 8-13).

Based on the above data what hypothesis can be formulated?
Infection must have occurred in November, 2019 for the earliest reported patient with onset of symptoms Dec. 1. (The incubation is unknown, but assumed to be 1-14 days based on extrapolation from SARS (~1-10 days) and MERS (~2-14 days) coronavirus incubation periods). Whether this patient was infected from an animal or another person in November, directly or by fomites, his infection occurred at a location other than the Huanan seafood market.  

Does this hypothesis propose that person-to-person transmission was occurring and/or animal-to-person transmission occurring, in November or earlier in 2019 in Wuhan?

Where might animal-to-person transmission have been occurring?
Potentially at one or multiple places in the supply chain of the infected animals e.g., in one or more multiple markets, or restaurants, or farms, or with wild animals, legal or illegal trade.

The hypothesis is that the initial emergence of the virus was not the Huanan seafood market. Spread of the virus was already occurring person-to-person in October-November (or earlier) and gradually increasing into December.

A smart senator.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton suggested that Chinese officials misled the public on the origins of the novel coronavirus that has killed at least 362 people and infected more than 17,400 others, saying it may have originated in a “superlaboratory.”
“Of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including patient zero,” Cotton said. “I would note that Wuhan also has China’s only bio-safety level four ‘superlaboratory’ that works with the world’s most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus.”

So…is this outbreak an act of war by China against the rest of humanity?  Or perhaps better phrased to leave out the words “the rest of?” Is this outbreak an act of war by China against humanity? 

What should be the response of the civilized peoples of the Earth to the Chinese threat?

Read this.

Schaffner says, while that allowing doctors in China speak up early would not necessarily have prevented the outbreak, it might have helped limit the spread of the virus.

China is a threat to the long-term survival of humanity.  What will the civilized nations of the Earth do about the Chinese threat?

Of Asians and Spencers

Various issues.

First, with respect to yesterday’s postlet’s hear from the author herself, emphasis added:

One of the most high-profile cases was that of Ranbaxy…ordered to pay a record $500 million penalty in the US.

In her new book Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom, New York-based investigative journalist Katherine Eban highlights malpractices among generic drug makers in India and China, which dominate the segment, the shortcomings of regulators in checking these and the threat this ultimately poses to patients

…I reported on the generic drug industry for 10 years, five spent exclusively on Bottle of Lies. In all my reporting, two examples stick in my mind. One was of a plant in India that had perfect data showing that it was sterile. Microbial limits testing, bacterial endotoxin testing — all the samples had perfect results.

Yet the samples didn’t exist. They were testing nothing. The entire laboratory was a fake, which an FDA investigator uncovered during an unannounced inspection. This deception, to me, was really a shock. If they would fake their own sterility data, what wouldn’t they fake? And then, there was an incident in which a Ranbaxy executive was on a conference call with the company’s medical directors, and she raised concerns about the quality of the AIDS drugs Ranbaxy was making for Africa. One of the company’s medical directors said on the call, ‘Who cares. It’s just blacks dying.’ This, to me, was a chilling anecdote about a company that had come to value profits over human lives.

Are the Chinese the greatest threat to the survival of the human race?  Smart money says yes.

HBDers weep.

More Chinese spying.  Hey, that’s a feature, not a bug, of HBD. And from the Silk Road White nationalism perspective, if black-booted Chinese girls with guns (and coronavirus) are going to be the border guards of the West, then why shouldn’t they have (i.e., steal) Western technology?

Read this.  

Blacks had the highest frequency of pathogenic/likely pathogenic (P/LP) variants (18.6%), and Hispanics and Asians had the most variants of uncertain significance (VUS), 19.0% and 21.9%, respectively.

Isn’t East Asian breast cancer an oxymoron? Shouldn’t it be renamed, in that case, subcutaneous pectoral thoracic wall cancer?

Feel the Bern!  Fresh off his promotion of Princess Tulsi Coconut and Andy Eggroll, the Master of Disaster is now on a Bernie Redjew promotion kick.  Well, hey, why not?  Your “leaders”are ever vigilant for any novel opportunities to further humiliate White racial activism.


Joyce essay.

Given my own take on the Yukio Mishima fetishism on the Far Right, I was intrigued to read Andrew Joyce’s own excellent “take down” of the Mishima myth.

I very strongly urge you to read the whole thing.  A few excerpts (emphasis added) and my own comments to these:

According to Henry Scott Stokes, in my opinion Mishima’s best biographer as well as being the only Westerner invited to his funeral, almost as soon as Mishima was born his grandmother (Natsuko) “resolved to take personal responsibility for his upbringing and virtually kidnapped the little boy from his mother,” raising the child almost entirely in her sickroom. Natsuko brought up Mishima “as a little girl, not as a boy,” and he was forced to stay inside, was prohibited with playing with most of his environment, and was told to be almost completely silent due to his grandmother’s complaints of constant head pain. After some years, his mother was permitted to take him outside, but only when there was no wind.There is some suggestion that he was beaten, or otherwise severely psychologically abused, with the result that he suffered a sequence of psychosomatic illnesses involving the retention of urine. There is also some suggestion of sexual abuse or “obscene” treatment at the hands of his grandmother’s nurse. Quasi-incestuous closeness in indicated by his later description of his grandmother as a “true-love sweetheart”, and on his death his mother described him as her “lover.” Mishima was generally regarded by those around him as “an unusually delicate child.”

I have read about male-to-female transgenders who regretted their choices (in one case leading to reversal of sex-assignment surgery), and a common theme is their childhood feminization by female relatives or female friends of the family. Those people were White; Mishima was Japanese. Thus, the female urge to ruin and destroy masculinity – even at the maladaptive cost of ruining their own male relatives – seems to be a cross-racial characteristic. Hail MGTOW!

By contrast, as a homosexual, Mishima nurtured fantasies of himself as a member of an elitist minority.

We can think of a number of “movement” “leaders” and “activists” for whom that description fits as well.

One could add speculations that Mishima’s military fantasies were an extension of his sexual fixations, including a possible attempt to simply gain power over a large number of athletic young men. But this would be laboring an all-too-obvious point.

The Mannerbund awaits!

Fuse explains that suicide in Japan essentially originates from a servile position within a highly anxious and neurotic society.

After the Schettino incident, HBDers like Brand and Ray pinned the blame on “anxiety” and “neuroticism” among Italians.  Of course, being HBDers (and Brand married to his own “Rosie”), the extreme anxiety and neuroticism among East Asians is ignored.

Durocher comments “You’re either the kind of boy who is challenged, energized, and inspired by this sort of film, or perhaps you’re not a boy,” which I can only regard as laden with irony given that the film’s subject was raised as a girl and once remarked, on being expected to act like a boy: “the reluctant masquerade had begun.”

Durocher attempts to normalize his own Asiaphilic HBD fetishism and pathologize those who refuse to kowtow before the Altar of Asia.

We come back to the central questions of how and why Yukio Mishima should be relevant to us. No answers can be found in the life, politics and actions of a figure not only non-European and profoundly un-fascistic, but who was also strangely un-Japanese. I contend that there is simply nothing genuine to learn from him, and few people who have written in support of Mishima can point to anything tangible beyond the amorphous outlines of the Mishima Myth and a film heavy on style and low on authenticity. There is no single piece of text, no treatise, and no piece of authenticity beyond a final, radically un-European and sadomasochistically-inspired act of self-destruction and death-embracing nihilism. Mishima’s monarchism was servile and parodic, his militarism homoerotic, disingenuous and ludicrous, and his death-as-political-statement was psychosexual and ultimately lacking in logic. Otomo is probably correct in viewing the coup attempt more as a sexually inspired method of “politicising art rather than expressing a belief in ultra-nationalism.”

The question thus arises as to whether associating ourselves with such a figure, surely a clownish homoerotic wignat in today’s vernacular, brings more positives or negatives, both within the Dissident Right and within broader considerations of “optics” or public image. In particular, we should question whether we want to place our politics in a nexus that involves, to borrow the terminology of the Japan scholar Susan Napier, “the interrelationship between homosexuality, politics, and the peculiar form of violence-prone psychosexual nihilism from which Mishima suffered.” I’d argue in the negative.

Very good. 

Two brief criticisms of Joyce’s piece.  First, as these guys always do, Joyce is careful not to offend a “movement” figure that he had no prior “beef” with; thus, he grovels a bit to Durocher:

I rate Durocher’s work very highly…Much as I was intrigued by Durocher’s piece… (which is suitably measured in the assessment of Mishima’s fiction)…In the following essay, I offer not necessarily a rebuttal or rebuke of Durocher…

As my forthcoming essay on Greg Johnson will make clear, “movement” “activists” who have a “standing” or the possibility of a “standing” in Der Movement – that is, people, who, like Joyce, are of “acceptable” Northwest European ancestry – need to be skilled at the political game if they are to advance their interests and maintain their status of “leadership.”  Despite that the HBD-Nordicist Durocher is an incompetent and obsessive hack, a gaslighting liar, and a writer for a Jew site, Joyce states differently.  Of course, Joyce may actually differ from me in his opinion of Durocher (after all, they both have Nordicist tendencies, even if Joyce seems less enthused by Jew-loving and Asian-loving HBD), but, no doubt, Joyce sees no advantage in taking Le Grand Frog to task for his many deficiencies.

The second criticism is that Joyce concentrates on Mishima’s homosexual sadomasochism, but ignores themes of heterosexual sadomasochism, such as Kyoko’s House.  As the latter is a key toward understand the White embrace of both HBD and of Silk Road White nationalism, any comprehensive analysis of Mishima’s work must understand it. It also sheds light on Mishima himself, given the details of his childhood as outlined by Joyce.

Gaslighting Greg:

Greg Johnson

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I think that if Iran were nuked, Jews would be lynched from the lampposts of New York City. Their power is ocean wide but very shallow. The smart ones know that. But it would not be the first time they overreached. But such a course as you describe would not be a carefully calculated one but a gamble or a blunder.

This is hysterical nonsense.  True, if Iran were “nuked” there would be significant social and political repercussions in America (probably only lasting until the next football game, though), but does any sane person really believe that “Jews would be lynched from the lampposts of New York City.”  Why, oh why, do all you nitwits out there support Johnson?

Greg Johnson

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Groyperism is just the flavor of the month. Fuentes’ MO is to tear down the movement to build his own cult of personality. He can do that for a while, because a huge part of the movement consists of bored online nihilists who want to join the latest sociopath’s cult of personality. But fundamentally selfish people can’t build anything that lasts. It didn’t last for Spencer and it won’t last for Fuentes. After trashing people’s lives like a tornado ripping through a trailer park, Fuentes will crash and burn, and his followers will move on.

Johnson is less a tornado than a chronic disease, like a cancer.  He’s here for the long haul, and Der Movement is being terminally sickened by him.