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In the News, 3/8/16

Jews, Derb, Der Movement, the Asian Tide of Color, and Shrewd Slovaks
Jewish Neocons against Trump. Surprise!  Also note the mention of Trump’s inept campaign and his omega male dependence on free media, rather than putting on his big boy pants and actually running an effective ad campaign.
I support free speech, but I support White survival more. Thus, I can’t get real worked up over Williams College censorship of anti-White, pro-Jewish, pro-Asian, pro-miscegenation leftist activist John Derbyshire.  Instead, let us congratulate them for showing good sense and refined taste.
The comments section here is of interest.  I side with the anti-big tent view, that we should NOT have “solidarity” with every Jew, neckbeard, troll, or nitwit who professes at least some allegiance to the “right.”  Where I disagree is defining the extent of the problem.  I do not see it as just eschewing fringe problem areas; instead I see the fundamental core of the “movement” as being completely compromised.  Where is the outrage over the fact that Revilo Oliver bemoaned 50 years of failure…in 1969?!!!  Where is the disgust over the fact that the “movement” has seamlessly went from fawning over Putin to fawning over Trump, oblivious to the decades-long record of being politically cuckolded by failed “White saviors riding in on their white horses?”  Where is the introspective self-examination of “movement” “leaders” over their own failures?
I agree with Spencer that the over-the top fawning over Trump is misguided. The part about the servers being non-White (well, it was DC) was amusing.  I remember the suggestion of someone (it may have been Bowery) years ago, re: Amren conventions, suggesting that attendees pack their own food.  Something to think about.
Notice the emphasis of Asian nations hostile to Trump – together with their colored allies in the Middle East and Mexico, as well their White liberal allies among cucked Europe.  Contrary to what cunning Asian female infiltrators, and their infatuated White male step-and-fetchits, tell you, Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.  The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites. Yockey on Japan: denial of the West.  That’s right: Asian = anti-West.  The idea that even a fraud like Trump will get the lowly Whites worked up against their Asian Overlords infuriates the Yellow-Brown haters from the East.  All food for thought, eh?
Meanwhile, the White American voters should make it clear that foreigners do not determine our political choices.