Category: social status

Calculated Misery

A general concept.
The blessings of free market capitalism: maximizing every cent of profit by lowering quality of services, lowering the quality of life, by purposely creating conditions of “calculated misery” to induce income streams to line the fatcats’ pockets.
One wonders.  Where else is such “calculated misery” utilized? Rent-seeking behavior by elites who fatten themselves on the fiscal (and other) resources of the general population who attempt to escape the misery intentionally inflicted by laws/policies instituted by that elite?
Coloreds are used to inflict misery on lower and middle class Whites, who need to pay their way out of such misery by contributing to the System sufficiently so as to acquire the means to escape.  Or, to become part of the anti-White elite of the System themselves, eh?  Keep Whitey in line: breaking the law means the “calculated misery” of the prison system, in which Whites are victimized by predatory Coloreds; in addition, we have the “social pricing” invoked for ostensibly legal “transgressions.”
A System that uses the “almighty dollar” coupled with social status (the carrot) and Colored savagery (the stick) to keep the White helots in line.  In other words: capitalism.