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Solipsism Alert

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Counter-Currents ignorant liar #1:

wanredPosted July 23, 2020 at 1:24 am | PermalinkFacemasks do not work for the general public, they need to be replaced too often to be effective. Most people will wear one out of fear of social reprisal and I highly doubt they will adhere to a strict hygiene regime because of that. Once they get saturated, they’ll just become walking corona incubators with its owner touching it to put it off and back on, spreading little particles everywhere that otherwise would have ended up in the atmosphere to be destroyed there by UV light and whatnot.

Anyone who thinks everyone else wearing facemasks will save their lives is living a lie. Unless you have an underlying condition, you should be going outside and stimulating your immune system no matter your age. Kein Leben ohne Kampf.

Fact: face masks protect against aerosol transmission.  Anything that can reduce the rate of transmission will be helpful.
Even worse, Counter-Currents ignorant liar #2:

ReplyStronzaPosted July 23, 2020 at 3:35 am | PermalinkIt’s the FLU. These are not particles of radioactive substances such as plutonium, which automatically waste everyone ingesting or inhaling them.

By the way, what did you do in past years when the flu was going around – and some people died of it? Then 2020 comes around, they give the flu a nifty new name – Coronavirus 19 – and there you go! Everyone crapping himself, viewing every other person as a mortal threat.

Kein Leben ohne Kampf: no truer words were ever spoken.

Factually incorrect; completely ignorant. Covid-19 and influenza are of course completely different viruses; covid-19 has been isolated (repeatedly) and its RNA genome (repeatedly) analyzed. This is yet another example of what I term the solipsism of the “movement” – people perceive things as true simply because they believe them or speak/write them. To these solipsists, reality does not exist outside of their own thoughts and opinions.
I can do the same thing.  I can insist that the population of sub-Saharan Africa is wholly European; indeed, it is Nordic European. The entire population of sub-Saharan Africa is entirely composed of blonde, blue-eyed Nordics who are genetically and phenotypically akin to Swedes.  Now, of course, that is completely false – but, hey, I can keep on repeating it, endlessly, and maybe some mendacious turd like Sir Gaslighting (who bans sincere activists) will host such comments on the trash site that passes for his website/blog.  Why should we insist that statements have any connection to facts whatsoever?  After all, with those “bullets flying everywhere” about to cause a mass extinction any day now, does any of it really matter?

Actually, I’m coming around to the mindset that the current System, as bad as it is, as genocidal against Whites as it is, is still better for Whites than a Type I Der Movement ethnostate.  In the System, Whites still currently exist and can expect to exist, even in a subaltern state, for decades to come, which still allows the theoretical possibility that they begin to act to save themselves. That allows for a possibility – a very low possibility no doubt – of eventual survival.  On the other hand, a Type I Der Movement ethnostate would most likely result in all Whites dying from some preventable plague within, say, twenty years of its founding.  Millions upon millions of White corpses piled up into their hobbit holes.  No thanks.

Of course, that is not an advertisement for the System, which will also kill us all, albeit slower.  The best option is a Type II pan-European “ethnostate” – Imperium.  Of course, that has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding.  
Thus, to emphasize – none of this should be construed as support for the System, which is an anti-White genocidal monstrosity, anti-science, anti-facts, and which is going to bring us into a dark age from which we may never emerge, the permanent end of all possibilities of a higher humanity.
I’m just saying that a pure Type I ethnostate would be worse.  Although a pure Type II ethnostate doesn’t have that snowball’s chance, a joint Type I-Type II effort would likely result in something at least marginally better than the System, and would have a slightly – very slightly – higher degree of likelihood than that snowball.

Wait, it gets better – after hosting the drivel above at his website (and much similar to that in the past), the fundamentally dishonest gaslighter Johnson writes this.  Hmmm…Counter-Currents is supposed to be aimed at a “high IQ elite” but it seems to attract “paranoids and radical individualists,” eh?  Not that Johnson actually confronts those people at his blog; no, the criticism is safely away at the Twitter account.

If character was like water, then Der Movement would be the Sahara Desert of activism.

Cognitive dissonance – you see, on the one hand, race is an “illusion,” a mere “social construct” and we are “all the same,” but on the other hand, we are so genetically different that we need to include diverse populations to expand the set of human genome reference populations.  Note how we slide from one paradigm to the other with no shame from the System/Left.
By the way, the importance of using the proper reference populations is an issue I’ve repeatedly cited, re: population genetics and ancestry testing.

See this. That’s a reasonable critique of the paper.  Note the authors of the paper and where they are from. Once again, “political” considerations may affect interpretations of population genetics.

Fanboys and Other Idiots

Odds and ends. In all cases, emphasis added.

Trump fanboys on parade, this from Zman blog comments:

4D chess theory: Trump had one of his senior administration officials plant that op-ed in the NY Times to give himself an excuse to purge Deep Staters and Obama/Bush/NeverTrump holdovers from his administration.

Yes, I know it’s wild. But it is actually the theory that makes the most sense.

Right…Trump’s brilliant “4D chess” again.  Then purge is coming, its coming…we’ll be hearing that until the day the “God Emperor” leaves the White House with his tail between his legs.

The theory that actually makes the most sense: While all the fanboys blather about “4D chess,” Trump is actually spending his time eating Big Macs, thinking about the next porn star to rawdog, blustering incoherently, and raving about Antifa Jeff Sessions, who himself is standing around helplessly, looking dumbfounded, while wondering who else on the Right he can hit with “hate crime” charges over Charlottesville.

Retarded Roissy:

It’s topical, so I’ll chime in. The JYTimes cuck-anon is:

a. wholly made up by their editorial board (40% chance)

b. piss pimp nevertrump headcase loser Rick Wilson catfishing as a “senior Trump official” (30%)

c. a real person who has admitted the Deep State exists and is actively engaged in sedition against a duly-elected President. (30%)

Pro-tip: the punishment for seditious conspiracy is up to twenty years in jail. Make it happen, AG Sessions.

Yeah, make it happen, AG Sessions, who is more likely to have been the one who wrote the OpEd than to be the one to take action against it.

Pro-tip: Stop being such a naive asshole.


I’ve been wallowing in some black pills lately, and am coming around to the thought that Trump may be a transitional, rather than transformational, President.

Sallis laughs. But, hey, Roissy is coming around. Maybe in another year or two he’ll be at where this blog was back in 2015-2016.

I’ll say this though: Trump may be an idiot, but there is a silent coup underway against him, targeted not so much against him personally, but against the White Americans that voted him into office.  But, ultimately, buffoon retard Trump is responsible for much of this: Who told him to appoint “the Swamp” rather than “draining it?”  Who told him to be so inert?  Who told him to actually behave like an unstable jackass, giving credence to some of the accusations?  EVERYONE that I personally know who voted for Trump is deeply disappointed by his piss-poor performance. I for one am not surprised, as long-time readers of this blog would know – as I predicted that he would be a disaster based on his innate stupidity and laziness.

Behold the female.  Women have no agency.  They should not vote, should not have any say in how society is run.  And, no, gamesters, men should not modulate their every word and action to appeal to these ditzy, self-centered, solipsistic, yeast-laden harridans.

He also provides an honest assessment of the difficulties Irish immigration presented for 19th century America and argues that despite speaking English, “they assimilated very slowly.”

Yeah, those Irish.  What about the Jews, Hart?

Dr. Hart argues the “Golden Age” of the United States extended from 1865 to 1991.

1991?  Is it possible he confused a “9” for a “6?”

This is absolutely correct.  The confusion of para-fascism for true fascism is one of the more striking errors of those who blather about “fascism” – even those on the Far Right.  It even could be argued that Italian fascism went through a borderline “para” phase in the time period between Lateran and Salo.

A Mix of Good Sense and Cluelessness

A quick look at a relatively interesting essay.

Read here.

The Left has set in motion events that cannot be reversed. 

This is true.  Unfortunately, there is no one around to effectively take advantage of this opportunity.  We have the greatest outburst of political chaos and political violence since the 1965-1975 period, and the “movement” has (predictably) shown itself to be incapable of working with the sociopolitical material at hand.  Future activists will look back with shock and disgust at the lost opportunity of today.

The Left’s lack of control is pushing the Overton Window in the direction of the Alt Right.

In theory.

Every time Antifa attacks some guy who only wants to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and say a prayer in a public park there are many Normies who begin to make the journey to the Alt Right. Every time a politician of the Left makes an anti-White utterance the beliefs of the Alt Right are normalized a thousand-fold. And every time the Left makes excuses for the bad behavior of aspiring rappers, third-world miscreants, and European-style socialists, the closer we get to having the 14 Words enshrined as the First Amendment of a New Bill of Rights.

This is typical “movement” – to be more specific, Type I activist – bombastic certitude.  Is there any evidence – any evidence whatsoever – that any of the above is correct?  I’m not saying it is not correct, but I see no clear evidence that it is.  This is borderline Lathe of Heaven Syndrome – a common malady of Der Movement – assuming something is true because you believe it to be true.

First of all, if you cannot organize a conference and bring it to a successful conclusion, you are not going to be able to bring about a political revolution. The logistical incompetence of the Alt Right is staggering, to put it bluntly.

Two words: Hermansson.  Lewis.

Secondly, for a movement driven in large part by young people who were born during the computer age, it is more than mildly amusing at how many of them continue to ignore the inherent security risks of internet-based communications and fund-raising.

That’s true.  Is there any of them who do not fall into this description?

Thirdly, Boomers are not the enemy. The idea that all Boomers are squandering their children’s inheritances and living it up in their second and third vacation homes is a canard. Many Boomers have been fighting the battle against the Left and degeneracy in general since the 1960s when this nonsense first started. More than a few prominent young members of the Alt-Right seem to be afflicted with “Daddy” issues and have transferred their parental animus to their fathers’ generation.

Well said.  This “Boomer” nonsense is part and parcel of typical Alt Right Beavis-and-Butthead sniggering.

And finally, the Alt Right is in desperate need of political leadership. 

If I say that, I’m crazy and bitter.

On the intellectual and metapolitical fronts, the Alt Right has an abundance of well-read, articulate, and extremely intelligent individuals doing amazing work. 

Translation: the author means Greg Johnson.

The intellectual leadership of the Alt Right is second to none…

Literally, second to none.  I suppose that the only thing less effective than “movement leadership” would be, literally, nothing.  So, ranking degrees of uselessness, we would have (1) nothing/none, and (2) “movement leadership.”  It’s second to none!

…but it is ironic in a movement in which hierarchy and traditionalism are so important …

Traditionalism.  It’s the Kali Yuga!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time!

…that political leadership has gone wanting. 

Here’s some advice.  Want real and effective leadership?  Ditch the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program.  What is really ironic in a “movement” in which hierarchy is important and affirmative action is so criticized is that “leaders” are accepted based on the same fundamental principle as the elevation of some clueless Negro to a position of importance.

The Alt Right desperately needs a serious political leadership that can match the seriousness of its intellectual leaders.

Translation: Greg Johnson (intellectual leader) good, Richard Spencer (political leader) bad.  That’s the implication, isn’t it?

Meme-making is important in any revolution, but meme-makers do not a revolution make. I seriously doubt that we would remember Betsy Ross today if George Washington had decided to remain a loyal British subject. For the Alt Right to succeed it needs political leadership and it needs structure.

For the Far Right to succeed it needs to forget about the stupid Alt Right brand (still being promoted at Counter-Currents, I see) and to end the affirmative action program.  Also stop favoring incompetent Type Is over more competent Type IIs (although the Type I preference may be at least in part a quota queen issue already discussed, but it is also independent of ethnicity – a memetic affirmative action policy).

The Debate Challenge

I support the challenge.

Why don’t any of the great leaders of the Alt Right, Alt Wrong, etc. take up The Movement Critic on his debate challenge?  That would at least be an insightful contrast of viewpoints, as opposed to Beavis-and-Butthead sniggering or pompous “metapolitical” rambling.

As more evidence (as if you needed it) for the intellectual and moral vacuity of Der Movement, Inc. read this.  

Jorjani likes to speak elliptically, making wide and often demonstrably false academic claims. Some are absurd, like his belief that the pyramids in the lost city of Atlantis were built through collective psychokinesis…

If I had to pick one fundamental defining element of Der Movement, it would be bad judgment, which encompasses and explains all of the varied manifestations of “movement” problems.  If it wasn’t enough of a red flag that a person is a half-Iranian “Indo-Aryan” fetishist who identifies with his Iranian half, then promoting bizarre esoteric fantasies and genuine (as opposed to leftist designated) pseudoscience should have been the clincher.  Then again, remember that Der Movement accepts, with nary a moment of uncertainty, the “work” of Richard “make the data fit the hypothesis” Lynn, Phil “French Army Surgeon” Rushton and the Joe Pesci look-a-like Artie “Ancient Egypt was a Nordic Desert Empire” Kemp, so the support for Jorjani’s rambling is not surprising at all.

He needed to find a publisher for his book “Prometheus and Atlas,” so he Googled the term “archeofuturist,” which he thought was an original phrase that described his work. He found that an Arktos-published writer had beat him to the term, but he also realized that Arktos might be interested in publishing his book — and that’s what happened. The book was well-received in extremist circles. A review on the website of the white nationalist publishing house Counter Currents compares it to “Moby Dick,” and anoints Jorjani as the movement’s “‘pagan harpooner’ folded in the flag of Ahab.”

Jorjani’s work compared to Moby Dick?  Well, you can tear out pages from Prometheus and Atlas to use as bookmarks when you read Moby Dick, but the connection doesn’t extend past that, I fear.  Jorjani as a “pagan harpooner?” – yes, I guess it would be this one, no?

Der Movement needs people with hard science backgrounds (biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics) to do quality control on the flotsam and jetsam that spews forth from retarded “movement” discourse. And, no, there is no “scientific conspiracy” to “hide the truth” about “the spectral.”  There is instead a justifiable contempt toward the type of solipsism that exists in “movement” circles – “The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome” – in which people think things are true simply because they believe that they are true.

Real problems with science are discussed here.

Sweaty fantasies about “Atlantis” make the situation worse, not better.  We need to take the high ground, not fester in the fever swamps of “movement” lunacy.