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Race in the News, 8/20/16

In Der News.

The Soros revelations are an antidote for the nitwits who state that since Jews only make up a small percentage of America’s population, they cannot be a major source of our problems. Soros is one man, and he is singlehandedly waging a successful war against Whites worldwide.  Image millions of his co-ethnics, with equal anti-White fervor, and whose resources – in aggregate – surpass those of Soros.  Still think they’re harmless?

Wouldn’t prudence suggest that we hold off on importing more diversity…?

Sure, I agree.  Let’s have no importation of Chinese women married to English illegal immigrants. That’s a start.  Do we need Chinatrices in America?

One can almost hear Roissy’s heavy breathing:

This is a classic alpha male apology. So much reframing goodness.
“heat of the moment” = “I’m a passionate untamed man”
“don’t choose the right words” = “the substance of what I said is essentially correct”
“I regret it” = “I’m not apologizing to you; I’m apologizing to myself”
All of it delivered with a cheeky, insouciant self-knowing smirkitude that yields no ground to his enemies, and ends with a sincere, reassuring, intimacy-building promise.
Trump just did the equivalent of blowing through a girl’s player-wary anti-slut defense and making himself attainable.

Sure, Roissy, sure.  Anything that enables you to continue getting all hot and bothered (is that an example of “intimacy building promise?”) over Der Touchback as he goes on merrily cucking to the Negro.

I really do not understand why Der Movement and associated precincts cannot view Trump in an objectively dispassionate manner, but are hysterically in love with the man.  And I say this as someone planning on voting for Der Touchback (even though I typically do not vote for reasons which should be obvious).  

However, I do understand why a “movement” so enthusiastically besotted with Trump want to ignore the implications of where Trump draws his support.

I’ve been fascinated by the spectacle of the Neocon liberal Republican Rudy “Kebab” Giuliani, whose career has been built on pro-Jewish cucking (“Jewliani”) coming out as one of Trump’s most aggressively vocal supporters.  That contrasts with the fervent, and equally vocal, anti-Trump hostility coming from Mitt “strap the dog to the top of the car” Romney, who, truth be told, is politically to the right of Giuliani.

Is that just because Kebab Rudy previously knew Trump?  Hardly.  Consider: Trump actually endorsed Romney back in 2012.  Now, that’s a prior relationship – an important political relationship – that normally imposes obligations of reciprocity.  But, Mitt can’t even control himself to be neutral, he’s trying as hard as he can to hand over Utah to Clinton.  I mean, hey, Der Movement, listen up – Lind’s “America’s Tribes” piece had a point.

But, no.  Der Movement doesn’t want to look at that, doesn’t want to move in directions that would go against decades of fossilized dogma (and make no mistake about it, the “New Right” and the “Alt Right” are really no different in this regard than the “Old Right”).  

The badly kept secret of “movement” failure is that White ethnic support for racial nationalism is the “low hanging fruit” that is constantly ignored – considered poisonous, no doubt – by a “movement” grasping for followers among those who consider the civic nationalist Trump “an outrageous bigot.”

Well, after all, we gotta reject all dem dere “needle workers” and the likes of the dastardly John Marchi!  (John Lindsay and Nelson Rockefeller being right and proper Republicans, as is Mitt Romney).