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Animals are Living for Man?

HBD is the face of evil  And other news.

Behold the subhuman monstersread this, emphasis added:

Traders legally selling donkey, dog, deer, crocodile and other meat told Reuters they plan to get back to business as soon as the markets reopen.

“I’d like to sell once the ban is lifted,” said Gong Jian, who runs a wildlife store online and operates shops in China’s autonomous Inner Mongolia region. “People like buying wildlife. They buy for themselves to eat or give as presents because it is very presentable and gives you face.”

Gong said he was storing crocodile and deer meat in large freezers but would have to kill all the quails he had been breeding as supermarkets were no longer buying his eggs and they cannot be eaten after freezing.

Some of the earliest infections were found in people who had exposure to Wuhan’s seafood market, where bats, snakes, civets and other wildlife were sold. China temporarily shut down all such markets in January, warning that eating wild animals posed a threat to public health and safety.

That may not be enough to change tastes or attitudes that are deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history.

“In many people’s eyes, animals are living for man, not sharing the earth with man,” said Wang Song, a retired researcher of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Nevertheless, a minority of Chinese still like to eat wild animals in the belief it is healthy, providing the demand that sustains wildlife markets like that in Wuhan and a thriving online sales business, much of which is illegal.

One online commenter calling themselves Onlooker Pharaoh said on Chinese news platform Hupu that the risk was worth it: “Giving up wildlife to eat as food is like giving up eating because you might choke.”

The breeding and trading of wild animals in China is supported by the government and is a source of profit for many people.

State-backed television programs regularly show people farming animals, including rats, for commercial sale and their own consumption.

Animal products, from bear bile to pangolin scales, are still used in some traditional Chinese medicine, an industry China wants to expand as part of its Belt and Road Initiative.

But the distinction between legal and illegal is blurred. The United Nations estimates the global illegal wildlife trade is worth about $23 billion a year. China is by far the largest market, environmental groups say.

…traders in China and Laos are selling rhinoceros horn medicines as a treatment to reduce fever.

Xiang, who sells gift boxes of deer antlers and dog, donkey and peacock meat to wealthy bank clients and others, said he had frozen his meat as he waits to see if the ban will continue.

“I will resume selling once the policy allows us, but now I have no idea how long it (the ban) will last.”

It doesn’t matter how many humans the monsters murder with their diseases.  They’ll just continue doing what they want, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW IT CAUSES DISEASE AND DEATH.  That’s why the word “murder” is appropriate.  They are well aware of what they are doing.  There is malice aforethought.  The Chinese “people” are murdering humanity.  Thus, we observe the subhuman monsters that the HBDers tell us are our masters and betters, the tropical-colored freaks that Derbyshire asserts are our “arctic” allies.

The “nothingburger” continues, right “movement?”

HBD is becoming increasingly discredited.

Citizen of a Silly Country
I’m beginning to believe that Asians and South Asians will be the key to destroying the current system. Those groups act like Jews, and a host can only handle so many parasites before it becomes sick.

Also, whites just don’t react the same to being told they’re evil and racist by Asians and Indians as Jews and blacks. As whites move closer to becoming a minority, our survival instincts will start to kick in. Combine that with being ruled over by Asians and Dot Heads whom whites feel zero guilt toward, and you get a lot more whites waking up.

I’m betting more strongly on South Asians. South Asians are MUCH more prone to rules lawyering, general argumentation, obsequious sycophancy to your face (and sniping hatred behind your back), and simultaneously avoiding work while hoovering up credit personally…

One can only hope that the combination of Chinese tropical-coloredness, re: the Wuhan Plague, combined with South Asians’ in-your-face obnoxiousness will wake some Nutzis up from their HBD stupor.

I find this interesting:

obsequious sycophancy to your face (and sniping hatred behind your back)…

This is very true; expert crede.  I note that South Asians in general – and the Muslim ones seem to be the worst here but the Hindus behave like this as well – have a strange almost passive-aggressive sort of attitude toward non-South Asians (particularly Whites) from whom they want something. It’s a combination of “obsequious sycophancy” with extreme self-interested aggressiveness.  You may get something like: “Dear honored sir, followed by extreme obsequious sycophancy, subsequently followed by outrageous demands, obnoxious behavior bordering on rudeness, selfish wheedling, etc.”

Very cognitive, very elite!

Speaking of HBD, and how outrageously EVIL the HBDers are, see this.  Try to wrap your head around that.  In reality, coronavirus exists either because of filthy Chinese habits, as described above, or a leak from a bioweapons facility. This fits in with the general pattern (influenza, bubonic plague, etc.) of diseases originating in China. The whole episode has revealed the Chinese as a Negro-like tropical-colored people, incompetent, blaming “racism” for their own faults. The Chinese are so insanely callous and subhuman that they are waiting to re-open the “wet markets”- eager,eager,eager! – so they can re-infect the world once again. HBD is being discredited every minute.  So what do the HBD filth do?  By golly, they assert that the Yellow Plague was invented by Americans to kill the poor darling Chinese!

I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up. Yeah, it’s all America’s fault! HBD blames The White Man!  The Yellow Man is an innocent victim!  And he’s really high-IQ as well!  

That’s why the Chinese are doing everything possible to hide as much information as possible, and prevent objective researchers from getting access on the ground there. That’s why Chinese nationals have been caught smuggling biological material out of America, and that’s why their bioweapons facility just happens to be at the epicenter of the crisis.  Bad, low-IQ Whitey did it!  Dat dere racis’ White man is persecuting the poor Oriental!  We are depleting the supply of flat-chested, estrogen deficient Chinatrices who hold the “whip hand” (literally) over awkward squad HBDers.  And we can’t have that!  


It was I who have been telling you that HBD is a political movement to advantage Asians (and Jews) at White expense.  It was Sallis telling you that the HBDers literally worship at the Altar of Asia, and value Chinamen more than Whites.  It was Sallis telling you that HBDers are shills for Asian interests, that they are traitors, that they are essentially influence agents for China, and I’ve been warning you about the Unz site as well.  PROVEN CORRECT.

Durocher and Johnson will continue, I’m sure, to write for the Jew Unz. The battle lines are being drawn.  White nationalism vs. HBD.  Whose side are YOU on?

Laugh at this.

The steady exodus of African Americans has caused alarm and grief in Chicago…

Among undertakers and funeral homes?

At the same time, white, Latino and Asian residents are flowing in, and Chicago’s wealthier, whiter downtown, West Loop and North Side have been booming.

I thought diversity and desegregation were good things? Note how the neighborhoods are now “booming.”  Who would have every guessed?

You can’t criticize milady!  Women and minorities, minorities and women – what’s the difference?

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, Aubrey Huff’s social pricing for a Joan of Arc!

Behold the female – behold!  Emphasis added:

On Thursday, Gardner’s attorney requested an order of protection in Bronx civil court against Gina Devasahayam, a “bioentrepreneur” convinced Gardner has been beckoning her from the dugout, according to NJ Advance Media…She alleged that she was Gardner’s “significant other” in the suit, proclaiming herself to be the “future wife” of Gardner.

Bold claim, since Gardner, 36, is married. Also, the two have never met. So how does Devasahayam know the feeling is mutual?

“You know, when he plays, he signals,” Devasahayam told NJ Advance Media of Gardner’s hidden love language.

“They have their own signals, first of all, for pitch type and all that. … And then there’s another thing called romantically and sexually signaling toward me. That is how our relationship has progressed because he has started sexually signaling toward me.”

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc, a Brett Gardner for a Joan of Arc!

An Asiatrix working as a a stripper?  Apparently for homosexual men.  After all, many of them like prepubescent boys.

Richard Spencer is the epitome, the archetype, of Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program; that program in its purest form.  If he didn’t exist, EGI Notes would have to invent him (ditto Dutton).  Thanks, Rich.

Big Pharma is responsible!  They’ve sodomized our babies with scary vaccine needles and made them into autistic drag queens!

A lack of self-awareness.  Yeah, Greggy, how are we going to achieve right-wing populism on “the political plane” while tied to the hip to out-of-touch elitists and their The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, and to grifters who earn six figure annual compensations for doing less than what others do for free?

Not the Best Scientists

Answering a moron.

A moron:

The problem here is that Asians are basically the best scientists, as seen in their dominance of science departments at top US research universities…

No.  The “dominance” is due to:

1. Asian ethnocentrism vs. White universalism. Asian PIs typically hire Asian underlings. Meanwhile, White PIs will often – in some cases preferentially – hire Asian underlings because of the issues listed below. There is a continuous ratchet here moving in the direction of the displacement of Whites by Asians in STEM.  Asians hire Asians out of ethnocentrism and rampant ethnic nepotism, while Whites hire Asians out of Universalist naiveté and ethnic masochism. Of course, then, the Asians will “dominate.” It is always amusing to see a scientific paper with all-Chinese authorship, assuming the lab is from China, and then seeing that is from the USA instead.  American labs are full of Chinese, with Chinese PIs excluding Whites and hiring only Chinese.

2. Asians are willing to, at least initially, work for less (cheap labor) and for longer hours. The latter holds because they do very little actual work – much time instead being used to play the stock market, steal data and ideas, sit around and gibber in Mandarin (loudly screeching), etc.

3. Despite their time wasting, Asians produce a lot of data, advancing their careers and making them more attractive to White PIs. How do they do so?  Read Bottle of Lies to understand the corrupt Asian biomedical research culture. When you are willing to invent, manipulate, steal, etc. data then, yes, you can produce much “data.”  Two anecdotes come to mind, told to me by various colleagues over the years (presented here in the most general terms, with no pertinent details, of course).

First, a Chinese working for a White PI produced an “important paper” by showing that gene “X” is not expressed in cell line “Y” after treatment “Z” – with high clinical significance. Hoorah!  Problem is, after the Chinese parlayed that into a higher position elsewhere, a White researcher could not reproduce those results. After much investigation, it was discovered that the Chinese got the “desired” data by exposing the blot to film for an extremely absurdly short period of time, so there was not enough time for the band to show. If I recall correctly what I was told about the incident, for normalization, the blot filter was cut and the area of the filter for the normalization gene was exposed for the correct time, disguising the fact that the experimental band was not present because of the short exposure.  Of course, the White PI did not get upset at the Chinese fraud but instead at the White who exposed the fraud.

Second, a grant reviewer reviewing a grant put forth by a research group led by Asians discovered that some of the blots in the grant were from a previous paper by the same group, turned upside down, and relabeled as something else. Essentially, fabricated data

4. Asians demonstrate ethnocentrism by showing favoritism in the grant and paper reviews of their co-ethnics, advancing the research careers of those co-ethnics as opposed to Whites, whose work is more harshly (perhaps, unfairly) reviewed..

5. If any of the Asian “scientists” are (ostensibly) female, then some White PIs no doubt hire and promote them for, shall we say, Derbyshirian reasons.

6. I documented incidents (at my previous Western Biopolitics blog, I believe) of Asians (in that case, South Asians) sabotaging the research of Whites working in the same lab as them.

7. The presence of larger numbers of Asians in American science not only makes STEM careers less attractive because of low wages, but also because of low prestige (an occupation highly represented by a bunch of clannish, gibbering, corrupt foreigners), and an alienating and unpleasant work environment (dominated by White-hating, ethnocentric Asians, screeching in foreign languages and eating foul-smelling food). So, educated Whites go into other professions, pushed out of STEM in favor of Asiatics.

Bottle of Asians

Asians: Shockingly, profoundly alien.

So, I have finished reading the shocking book account of Asiatic pharmaceutical fraud, Bottle of Lies.

The amount of fraud discussed is astounding, the level of Asiatic perfidy astonishing – but not surprising to anti-HBD Asia-skeptics such as myself – and the damage done to global health incalculable. In addition to everything else, there is evidence that substandard Asian drugs contribute to the emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.  Asia is a threat to all humanity.

Behold completely, utterly corrupt peoples, with a mentality as alien to the European mind as that of a snake or spider.  There can be no alliance here, no similarity, and no overlap. The gulf is unbridgeable. Some sort of tentacled life form from a planet circling a star in the Andromeda galaxy would be less alien to us than these Asiatics, whose mind-numbing levels of criminal corruption and amoral mental monstrosity are breathtaking.  And lest you think this is hyperbole – read the book.  What are all the HBDers afraid of?  If they are so confident that their Asian Gods are all high-IQ, law-abiding supermen, then the truth should not be feared, right?

Rather than have me just repeat the book’s content with myriad tales of Indian and Chinese incompetence and corruption – just read the book.  If there’s one book that I recommend my readers to read in 2020 it is Bottle of Lies – the perfect, unanswerable riposte to the monstrous lie of HBD.  The Indian cognitive elitists exposed.  The high, high-IQ Holy Orientals from The Land of the Gods exposed.  Read it and weep  – we will weep because of how not only are we in the USA dependent upon Indian and Chinese poisonous fraud but we have all of these “cognitive elitists” invading the American academic world, displacing Whites, and destroying the American (and Western) scientific enterprise with Oriental fraud and Asiatic incompetence.  The HBDers will weep as the facts take a hammer to their fallen Yellow and Brown (*) idols.

*The reality of jugaad is that is a clever euphemism for corruption and fraud.

HBD is a monstrous lie.

Curse of Der Movement, Curse of Asia

Two piles of turds.

Pile one:

Yet more evidence of the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance, with enough talk about “Mannerbund” to keep the homosexual faction of the alliance happy.

Does Sallis ever get tired of being right all the time?  In a word: No.

Meanwhile, enjoy the show of self-declared Yellow Supremacists peddling laughable HBD crap.

Outrageous hypocrite Greg Johnson:

The difference between good nationalism and bad nationalism is simple: Good nationalism is universalist. A good nationalist wants to ensure the sovereignty of his own people, but does not wish to deny the sovereignty of other peoples.

That’s great.  Can Hungarians have their sovereignty and be rid of John Morgan? Can the peoples of Eastern Europe have their sovereignty and stop having their nations used as brothels by the likes of “Fullmoon Ancestry” and “Anton?” Can Italians have their sovereignty and be rid of Farrell? Can Romanians have their sovereignty and be rid of Munro?  Can Bulgarians have their sovereignty and close their borders to the likes of Deasy?  Can Spaniards have their sovereignty and not be colonized by British expats?  No, of course not.  Sovereignty, it seems, stops at the borders of Der Movement’s “Good Europe” – to the East of Berlin and the South of Vienna the concept of sovereignty no longer exists.  I suppose the “Hajnal line” and the “Sovereignty line” overlap, eh?

Pile two:

Let’s take a closer look at those wild and wacky Asian cognitive elitists. Emphasis added.

Read this.

BALTIMORE — The former president of American Therapeutics Inc. was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison and fined $50,000 for bribing Food and Drug Administration officials to speed approval of generic drugs.
U.S. District Judge John Hargrove ordered the sentence for Raju Vegesna, founder of American Therapeutics Inc. of Bohemia, N.Y., who pleaded guilty in January to two racketeering counts in a plea agreement.

Moving from Brown to Yellow:

BALTIMORE, OCT. 3 — A former key Food and Drug Administration supervisor was sentenced to one year’s incarceration on racketeering and bribery-related charges today in the federal government’s probe of fraud and corruption in the generic drug industry. Charles Y. Chang, 47, weeping as he begged for mercy, was ordered jailed in a work-release facility, fined $10,000 and told to undergo 1,000 hours of community service. The sentence was the heaviest imposed so far by U.S. District Judge John R. Hargrove against six FDA chemists and generic drug company executives who have pleaded guilty in the widening investigation. Chang, as a former branch chief in the generic drug division of the FDA, was the highest ranking government official to be caught up in parallel investigations by the Justice Department, the FDA and the House Energy and Commerce oversight and investigations subcommittee. Investigators are looking at allegations of bribery as well as product substitution, falsified documents and other fraud by generic companies submitting applications to the FDA for new products in the lucrative generic drug market.

Very cognitive, very elite:

2008 Chinese heparin adulteration, refers to heparin adulteration incidents that occurred in the United States of America in 2008. Pharmaceutical company Baxter International subcontracted the creation of precursor chemicals of Heparin to Scientific Protein Laboratories, an American company with production facilities located in China. Scientific Protein Laboratories then used counterfeit precursors to create the chemicals ordered. Baxter then sold this Heparin contaminated with the counterfeit chemicals in the US, which killed 81 people, and left 785 severely injured. This caught the attention of the News media and the USA Food and Drug Administration leading to numerous ongoing lawsuits.

Wait, there’s more:

In 1996, a company called Flavine International admitted it imported nine counterfeit drugs into the U.S. for years undetected, including gentamicin. Those drugs were associated with “deaths,” an FDA memo noted after-the-fact.
According to an FDA document, the investigation of Flavine began in 1990. In 1995, a grand jury indicted Flavine on counts of conspiracy for bringing gentamicin and a veterinary antibiotic from an unapproved source in China—Long March Pharmaceuticals—and selling it in the U.S. at inflated prices.
Owner Gerd Weithase was arrested in Paris and later pleaded guilty to the charges. He was sentenced in 1997 to two years in prison and fined $75,000. Flavine was fined $925,000.
In September 1999, the FDA sent Long March a letter complaining of “significant deviations from current good manufacturing practices.”
However, it wasn’t until June 5 of this year that the FDA finally stopped the gentamicin shipments from Long March Pharmaceuticals, and then only after hospitals in California and Colorado noticed unusual reactions in patients.
Hey now!  No need to worry about the Chinese gift of coronavirus, what with all those fine Chinese and Indian pills and syrups out there waiting for you! But, also, if a coronavirus vaccine comes into existence – remember, American Big Pharma is injecting those “poisons” into your family’s precious bodily fluids and making your kids autistic (flighty, neurotic mothers are of course in no way connected).  We gotta know the real problem! Vaccines – made in America or Western Europe – to prevent illness: Bad, Bad, bad! Contaminated pills and syrups made in China and India : Good, good, good!  Remember – if your kids are killed by those Asian medicines, they won’t get autism!  Isn’t death a small price to pay for that piece of mind?

Of Asians and Spencers

Various issues.

First, with respect to yesterday’s postlet’s hear from the author herself, emphasis added:

One of the most high-profile cases was that of Ranbaxy…ordered to pay a record $500 million penalty in the US.

In her new book Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom, New York-based investigative journalist Katherine Eban highlights malpractices among generic drug makers in India and China, which dominate the segment, the shortcomings of regulators in checking these and the threat this ultimately poses to patients

…I reported on the generic drug industry for 10 years, five spent exclusively on Bottle of Lies. In all my reporting, two examples stick in my mind. One was of a plant in India that had perfect data showing that it was sterile. Microbial limits testing, bacterial endotoxin testing — all the samples had perfect results.

Yet the samples didn’t exist. They were testing nothing. The entire laboratory was a fake, which an FDA investigator uncovered during an unannounced inspection. This deception, to me, was really a shock. If they would fake their own sterility data, what wouldn’t they fake? And then, there was an incident in which a Ranbaxy executive was on a conference call with the company’s medical directors, and she raised concerns about the quality of the AIDS drugs Ranbaxy was making for Africa. One of the company’s medical directors said on the call, ‘Who cares. It’s just blacks dying.’ This, to me, was a chilling anecdote about a company that had come to value profits over human lives.

Are the Chinese the greatest threat to the survival of the human race?  Smart money says yes.

HBDers weep.

More Chinese spying.  Hey, that’s a feature, not a bug, of HBD. And from the Silk Road White nationalism perspective, if black-booted Chinese girls with guns (and coronavirus) are going to be the border guards of the West, then why shouldn’t they have (i.e., steal) Western technology?

Read this.  

Blacks had the highest frequency of pathogenic/likely pathogenic (P/LP) variants (18.6%), and Hispanics and Asians had the most variants of uncertain significance (VUS), 19.0% and 21.9%, respectively.

Isn’t East Asian breast cancer an oxymoron? Shouldn’t it be renamed, in that case, subcutaneous pectoral thoracic wall cancer?

Feel the Bern!  Fresh off his promotion of Princess Tulsi Coconut and Andy Eggroll, the Master of Disaster is now on a Bernie Redjew promotion kick.  Well, hey, why not?  Your “leaders”are ever vigilant for any novel opportunities to further humiliate White racial activism.

A Note to the Negro

Beware the Asiatic.

Contrary to Derbyshire’s devious and familial-serving nonsense about an “Arctic Alliance” between Whites and (East) Asians is the reality of a South-South or Tropical or pan-Colored Alliance against the White Man, consisting of all non-White groups.

The question is whether this alliance is actually in the best interests of all of its participants. The economic exploitation of the Black Man by the Chinese in Africa is an ongoing crisis. What about the Brown Man?  What about South Asians?  The British imported a South Asian middleman class into Africa and friction between indigenous Africans and the intrusive South Asians is well known.

I’ve been reading the book Bottle of Lies – and I expect to mention this book again in the future – and what strikes me is how the South Asian fraud targeted the Black Man to a significant extent, with the Indian generic drug company Ranbaxy knowingly, and with malice aforethought, sending ineffective and/or contaminated and/or unstable AIDS drugs to sub-Saharan Africa.  According to the book, when confronted with this, one top Ranbaxy executive stated – “Who cares?  It’s just blacks dying.”  

By the way, those drugs were paid for, it seems, by the American taxpayer – mostly White – so Whites were paying out of their own pocket to help Black Africans with needed medications, while fraudulent Indians took the money and sent useless, or even harmful, drugs to the sick Africans.

Is this the Asian “hand of friendship” the Black Man eagerly grasps?  Is the Negro hatred of Whites so great that the Black Man willingly gets into bed with hate-filled colored Asiatics whose attitude is “Who cares?  It’s just blacks dying?”  

Consider Mr. “Aryan Brotherhood” (where have you heard that before?) Gandhi and his anti-Negro racial views – is the South Asian really your “colored brother?”  

The authentic Black nationalist view should be for the Black African to make his own way, not to be manipulated by East Asians and South Asians in the same manner that Black Americans have been manipulated – and ruthlessly used – by Jews.

Readers of this blog know that I am in general not a supporter of “racial alliances” – here is my criticism of Derbyshire’s absurd “Arctic Alliance” idea tying together Europeans and East Asians.  Different racial groups have different interests and agendas, and these proposed alliances are typically reflective of an unequal power relationship, with one partner benefiting more from the alliance than the other.

The only thing I see that sub-Saharan Africans have in common with Asians is hatred of Whites and a desire to dispossess Whites. But,the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Africans may believe that they are also deriving some sort of economic benefits from Asians, but it is merely the exploitation of Africans by Asians. It is unclear what else Africans can want from Asians other than illusory economic benefits and an “ally” against Whites – Whites, who are, by the way, not in any way a threat to Black Africa and are in fact a benefactor.

On the other hand, it is clear what Asians want from the Black Man. The Chinese want Africa’s natural resources and raw materials for the Chinese economy, and they want Black Africans as cheap labor in order to extract those resources.  Whatever minimal economic benefits to Africans from this would be used to buy Chinese products – providing another market for Chinese junk – thus funnelling the economic “benefits” back to China.  Coastal areas of Africa may be useful for Chinese military bases.  African votes in the United Nations may be useful to China as well. As regards India, Africa as a dumping ground for useless and/or dangerous Indian generic drugs (paid for by the White man) is the utility of the Black African for the Brown South Asian.  Perhaps, long range, African territory can be viewed as “up for grabs” for settling excess Asian populations.  After all, East Asians and South Asians are ultimately “tropical” peoples and can fit in well in Africa, climate-wise.

You do not make alliances with real, long-term enemies,  That always backfires. Whites are not a threat to Black Africa.  Asians are.

Black nationalists should be as aware of Asian exploitation of Blacks in Africa as they are of Jewish exploitation of Blacks in America.

Odds and Ends, 1/24/20

Various issues.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Very cognitive, very elite.

Read this.

He is the intelligent man of action, the taciturn, unflappable Nordic explorer.

Yes, you know, like Magellan.  Note that Johnson originally wrote that for the Jew HBD Unz site.  Once again, the ethnonationalist-HBD-Nordicist alliance is on display.  Sallis: Always right.

Read this.

So if White Nationalists aren’t quite ready for politics, how do we prepare ourselves?

Assuming the conclusion. Nothing stops “White nationalists” getting involved right now in politics in a variety of ways – running for office in the right contexts, getting involved in the political campaigns of right-wing populists, etc.

We must identify the necessary conditions for becoming a political force. Then we must assemble those conditions, to the best of our ability. We must begin with things that we can do right now, and we must prepare ourselves to do harder things in the future.

Give dem “D’Nations.”  “Trevor Lynch” needs to go to the movies. Tickets are expensive.

Let’s begin with the obvious. If White Nationalism is going to be a political force, we need more White Nationalists.

That’s the type of sterling political analysis that justifies you guys funding Counter-Currents to the tune of $100,000 in the past year.

To change people’s minds, we need to know their minds. We need to understand the ideas and values of people who are already White Nationalists, and the ideas and values of people who might be converted to White Nationalism. Then we need to map out how to bring the latter into our camp. We also need to understand the ideas and values of our enemies, if we are to decrease their opposition to us. Armed with such knowledge, we could launch educational campaigns that would move us closer to our goals.

I’ve been saying for years that we need information, we need empiricism, and have advocated opinion polling and serious analysis to understand why people join, why others do not, and how we can retain the former and recruit the latter.  None of this is going to happen if large amounts of “D’Nations” money is being funneled to useless tragicomic Quota Queen affirmative action “leadership” losers.

One could argue, of course, that we have been doing a pretty good job without such knowledge. 

Only a grifting fraud would argue that.

Based simply on introspection and personal experience, a lot of us have become quite skilled at converting people. Furthermore, the rising traffic of various movement websites can be taken as testament to this success.

Absolute nonsense. Where are all these new recruits?  Does this “leader” actually “think” that “rising traffic” actually translates into actual followers?

But how much of this rising traffic is due to our outreach, and how much of it is due simply to the problems endemic to multiculturalism and globalization?

Most likely: Former – none, latter – all.  Let’s do the polling and find out.

How much is rising white ethnocentrism due to our persuasive pull, as opposed to the system’s dystopian push? 

Most likely: Former – none, latter – all.  Let’s do the polling and find out.

That is another question that we really need to answer if we are to become serious contenders for power.

How about opinion polling, instead of this?  It’s a zero sum game for the available money in Der Movement. Use it in a manner analogous to an intelligent investment, or waste it on “happy penguins.”  Your choice.

To do a serious study of the public mind, we need to create an institution, staff it with people with the necessary skills, and fund their studies.

To do such things, we need serious leadership, not a bunch of incompetent affirmative action grifters.

We also need some sort of institute to craft White Nationalist positions on public policy issues.

Hey!  I thought we had the NPI!  The Charles Martel Society!  What happened?

No matter what the outcome of the election..

Hey!  I thought that Greg thinks that “Trump is toast no matter what” and then the “race war” will kick in.

…we can emerge as the champions of the more than sixty million mostly white people who voted for Trump in 2016 and may show up again in 2020. Thus we should comport ourselves accordingly.

Thus: Scream “Kek!” while chugging gallons of milk.

It is fortunate that the 2020 election is a golden opportunity for presenting our ideas, since it is all we really can do at present. If we want our votes to matter someday, we need to start building the institutions necessary to turn truth into power.

Sure!  How to begin – dump the current “leadership” and elevate people to leadership based on their merit, ideas, abilities, and accomplishments, instead of them being of Anglo/Germanic/Scandinavian ancestry.

Yes, indeed, he is – a neurotic nitwit.