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Rubio and the H-1B Scam

He’s lying again.

Just to make clear: there is no STEM shortage; instead, there is a STEM glut. What’s happened to Whites in IT has been disgraceful. How about we have H-1B visas for lawyers, businessmen, and politicians?

Donald Trump: Pro-Immigration Beta Male

No worries, gamesters have explanations.
If Pedro, Patel, and Chen flood in illegally: bad.  If they flood in legally:good. Let’s fantasize about a mythical STEM worker shortage that doesn’t exist and replace Americans with Asiatics. Hey, maybe Charles Murray will stop picking on little beta-boy the Trumpening.
No worries, though. Panicked gamesters, their ardor temporarily dimmed by Trumps’s explosion of sheer betatude, come up with varied explanations, and then eagerly grasp at some fumbling “no, I didn’t really mean that” post-debate comments from “the Donald.”  Gamester ardor restored. Let the onanism commence!
Some alpha male. Can’t take “the heat” of a debate, and doesn’t know his “own” (i.e, Sessions’) policy positions.
Trump has done us a service by opening up American politics to right-wing populism. Can we now get a serious candidate, please?

Sessions on STEM Workers and Immigration

Good points.
Sessions is of course correct.  There is absolutely NO STEM worker shortage.  The opposite is true: there is a glut, made worse by the constant influx from places like China and India.  And that’s what this is all about: the desire by elites for cheap foreign – in the case of STEM, Asian – labor and the desire by the aliens themselves for opportunities in America and to increase their numbers while displacing Whites.
Flat wages and high unemployment are not signs of a “worker shortage.”