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Where’s the Black Father?

Derbyshire is inadvertently useful.

Derbyshire knows Kevin Williamson fairly well from Derb’s pre-“the talk” days and says:

I know Kevin fairly well. My rather strong impression is that he’s a race realist, in an intuitive sort of way. I mean, he has no math or science, and understands nothing about the quantitative study of human nature; but at some level, he knows the score.

Notice anything missing from that description?  Interesting that the Negro-obsessed Derbyshire fails to mention that Williamson “is an octoroon” or “is Black” or “has a Black father” or any other of the comments floating around the “movement” because typical Nutzi fetishists have some anxiety (heightened by typical Ag trolling) over a bad picture of Kevin.

Why the omission by Derbyshire?  Let me throw out one wild possibility. Perhaps the reason Derbyshire didn’t mention those things is because they are not true. Perhaps the “movement” thinks that Williamson must have a Black father just like someone apparently thought that Bromstad must have a Chinese mother.

Der movement, der movement, der movement marches on.

One thing the “movement” is fond of saying is that all stereotypes have some basis in fact.  I agree. What is a stereotype of the typical “movement” activist?  Ignorant, ill-informed, somewhat unhinged, with sweaty obsessions about all sorts of racial fantasies.

Sounds about right.