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A Creative Genius on the Reality of Race

One HBDer’s opinion on race.

I would suggest that any population – a group whose members have mated within that group, almost entirely, for some time – and has experienced strong-enough natural selection to change significantly in some trait that we give a shit about can usefully be considered a race.

My response to that elegant, eloquent, and articulate argument is to state that what I “give a shit” most about is genetic kinship. Yes, traits are important, but not more important than kinship. No doubt, parents would want their children to exhibit quality traits, but, for most normal parents, the paramount issue is that the children are their children. One would think that most parents – perhaps including HBDers – would not replace their own children for those of strangers who happen to exhibit better traits “that we give a shit about.” The same would, or should, apply to ethnies.

But the genetic architecture isn’t all that important: it’s the differences that matter. Pygmies are really short – that’s what matters.

The battle cry of HBD – genes don’t really matter, only phenotypic traits, and our subjective ranking of those traits according to personal values, matter. And then the HBDers accuse Salter of the naturalistic fallacy! 

Most genetic variation in humans is within-group, rather than between-group: so fucking what?

Well argued sir! Bravo! A creative genius indeed!  How can this nonsense compare to such honeyed words of wisdom?

Sidenote: Also amusing is the execrable mongrel Jayman’s assertion that he and the thing HBD Chick do not consider “Celt” populations to be NW European. After all, a triracial Jamaican and a self-described member of an “inbred ethnic group” are no doubt the best judges of what is, and is not, a NW European. Also interesting is the claim that non-NW European members of NW European societies all demand redistribution to themselves. Certainly, as we well know, wops. micks (*), hunkies, etc. are as represented on the welfare rolls as are, for example, Jamaicans and Hasidic Jews.

HBD, HBD, HBD marches on.

*Not considered “NW European” by the HBD retards.  What are they?  Leprechauns, perhaps?