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Sallis Contra Johnson

Johnson himself and Johnson channeled through Hood. In all cases, emphasis added.

Before I get into the point-by-point riposte to Johnson’s last installment about the Alt Right, I have two points to make.

First, this is not an apologia for WN 1.0, which I despise nearly as much as I despise the even more stupid and juvenile WN 2.0. However, I despise dishonesty even more, and blaming 1.0 for the failings of 2.0 is dishonesty of a breathtaking nature.  Further, a “movement” can never correct error if they do not understand the nature of that error or acknowledge its source. The failures of WN 2.0 need to be put squarely on the heads of the Beavis-and-Butthead 2.0 crowd, all of the Captain America “based” cosplay actors out on the streets, and on all of the people who should have known better who enabled Alt Right stupidity because they thought that “the Alt Right brand” would help promote their own websites and agendas (and in his recent Luke Ford podcast, Johnson admits that he and other prominent Der Movement “leaders” did exactly that).  

Second, several facts need to be made clear that clearly exonerates WN 1.0 for the blame for some of the oft-cited foibles of WN 2.0.

Whatever you may think of street fighting – and I think the Right certainly should defend itself and its ability to publicly assemble, albeit it should be done in well-thought-out, mature, and strategic manner, and after the technics and lawfare issues have been appropriately planned for – to claim that the street fighting over the past couple of years is a 1.0 effect is ludicrous.

In reality, the street fighting had its embryogenesis in the scuffles at Trump rallies during the Presidential campaign, and was birthed during the various street battles, marches, and college protests that took place during the first half of 2017. It was PURE 2.0 forces – mostly Trumpist Alt Liters and civic nationalists – who led the way.

Thus, the entire street fighting-cosplay-Captain America scenario did NOT start with WN 1.0, or even with the Alt Right proper.  It started with “Based Stick Man” – a non-WN Alt-Liter who at that time was married to an Asian woman and who has a Hapa son.  WN 1.0?  No way. 2.0?  Yes.

The “Proud Boys” – involved in street-fighting – when they are not being publicly humiliated in LA bars – are what?  A racially diverse bunch of Alt Liters.  ZERO affiliation with WN 1.0.

The main organizer of the ill-fated Unite the Right rally: Millennial Alt Righter and archetypical WN 2.0er Jason Kessler, who Johnson now supports since Kessler and Spencer had a falling out.

Promoters of Holocaust memes: TRS jackassery, including Johnson’s buddy “Enoch,” who was married to a Jewish woman, by the way.  All WN 2.0ers – nary a WN 1.0er to be found.

The narrative that all of these negatives of WN 2.0 were due to WN 1.0 is the most dishonest piece of outrageous gaslighting I’ve ever encountered in all my years in Der Movement. While I don’t directly associate myself with the official Der Movement, Inc., of course I’ve been heavily involved in racial activism since the mid-1990s and therefore, like it or not, I am part of the broader “movement.”  It is what it is.  I’ve seen a lot of stupidity and mendacity, but to blame the opponents of WN 2.0 for the errors of that form of “activism” is outrageous.

Another point – this one aimed at the System/Left.  It are the same people who are now crying about “Far Right violence” when elderly Jews are shot at or leftists have makeshift bombs mailed to them, who are the people who publicly praise Antifa violence and who gleefully replay the gif of Spencer being elbowed in the face. The same folks who write essays on how “it’s OK to punch Nazis” (“Nazi” being anyone to the right of Barack Obama) are the ones decrying “the atmosphere of violence created by Trump.” It’s ludicrous and even more dishonest than Der Movement’s attempts to gaslight us about the reasons for WN 2.0 failure.  Now, back to Johnson.

More dishonesty: Johnson keeps on talking about how the Alt Right was ruined by people wanting to “control the movement” while ignoring the more fundamental problem of the Alt Right wanting to control the entire racial activist “movement.” 

Greg blames the drinking and street fighting on WN 1.0, which the TRUTH is that the WN 1.0 denounced all of that, while the Pepe-Kek cosplay WN 2.0 crowd was solidly behind it.  The entire Alt Right “realm of ideas” was Pepe, Kek, Beavis-and-Butthead sniggering, drinking, juvenile jackassery – and while Alt Right apologists were praising the “youth culture” “old school” WN 1.0 folks were denouncing all of that.  And here comes Johnson, blaming the faults of WN 2.0 on the WN 1.0 that was actually denouncing it.  Outrageous dishonesty.  And who was saying “the Alt Right is White nationalism or nothing at all?’’  Amazing.  “Bad faith?”

In 2015, when the new Alt Right became more comfortable with the idea of White Nationalism, most of its members had only the vaguest acquaintance with an earlier generation of White Nationalist figures. Lawrence Murray, for instance, claimed, “I myself had never heard of [William] Pierce and [David] Duke . . . until becoming involved with the Alt-Right.”[1] Murray’s experience is typical of Millennial and Gen Z Alt Rightists.

Dear God.  How can someone be involved in pro-White, Far Right politics and “never heard of [William] Pierce and [David] Duke?”  This is indicative of the narrow-minded, navel-gazing Millennial mindset: the world didn’t exist before they came of age, don’t you know.  I have heard Millennials talking about the 1950s and 1960s, thinking that people back then had the Internet and smart phones. This is the same attitude as to why young people stopped in the street for questioning about history think WWII was in the 1850s and that the US Civil War was in the 1960s and featured a battle between New York City and Los Angeles.  Ignorant, arrogant, and uninformed.  The raw material for the Alt Right!  WN 2.0 at its finest!

The Alt Right began calling the White Nationalism of their fathers’ generation “White Nationalism 1.0.” The dubbed the Alt Right “White Nationalism 2.0.” Built into this framework was a dismissive attitude toward White Nationalism 1.0 and an assumption that the Alt Right was a marked improvement. I agreed with the latter judgment. 

Indicative of Johnson’s horrifically bad judgment.

But more often than not, Alt Rightists dismissed figures like Pierce and Duke based simply on impressions gleaned from the mainstream media. I thought it was shameful to parrot enemy propaganda. Thus when such attitudes appeared in various private forums, I urged Alt Rightists to become better informed and learn what they could from White Nationalism 1.0. As a movement, it was largely a failure, but learning from failure is part of success. Unfortunately, some people learned the wrong lessons.


By the beginning of 2017, I began to notice a definite shift toward 1.0 ideas and attitudes:

The assumption that German National Socialism is the only authentic form of White Nationalism

Names please.  Who advocated that?

Advocating the mass extermination of non-whites, race-mixers, and homosexuals, straight from the pages of The Turner Diaries


A marked upsurge attitudes toward women that can legitimately be labeled misogyny, including the toxic “white sharia” meme and a push to bully female voices into silence

And yet Johnson previously declared the likes of Nazi/Sharia Anglin as the new voice of WN 3.0.  The inconsistency here is absolutely remarkable.  Does anyone who is sane question why I consider Der Movement to be a bad joke?

A revival of the skinhead subculture of binge drinking and hard drugs

Drunken podcasting courtesy of WN 2.0.

The return of costumed demonstrations and street brawls with Leftists

Gaslighting Greg at it again.  See what I wrote at the beginning of the post. The FACTS support that the cosplay brawling was PURELY from the WN 2.0/Alt Lite/Big Tent folks, NOT from WN 1.0.

The entirely negative consequences of these attitudes and behaviors were easy to predict.

Yeah, it was all so easy to predict that only Sallis predicted, and hoped for, the demise of the Alt Right at the same time that Johnson, Taylor, MacDonald et al. were eagerly jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon.

But they were nevertheless tolerated, given platforms, and even advocated and encouraged by leading Alt-Right voices.

Hello, Greg.

First and foremost, WN 1.0 ideas are self-marginalizing and self-defeating.

Ideas like Kali Yuga, Men Who Can’t Tell Time, Counter-Currents articles lionizing Hitler…

The best possible way to advocate White Nationalism is to emphasize that it is a political philosophy based in human nature, confirmed by social science and political experience, and rooted in the political traditions of all white nations. The worst possible way to advocate White Nationalism is to claim that every form of ethnonationalism is fake—except the German form that was defeated in 1945 and has been execrated continuously since then.

Likewise, many of the woman haters don’t understand that another fundamental aim of our movement is to drain the cultural swamp that breeds distrust and hatred between the sexes, rather than just to provide a platform for misogynists to vomit bile into the void. Indeed, the more the movement is simply a safe space for damaged people to vent, the less likely it is to actually create a society with healthy families and sexual norms.

And James O’Meara and company will lead the way to “create a society with healthy families and sexual norms.”  Let’s not forget Anglin and the other heroes of WN2.0/3.0, including “I’ll divorce my Jewish wife” Enoch.

Politics is not therapy. The more our movement resembles a group therapy session—with the lunatics running the asylum—the less likely it is to achieve its political goals.

Kali Yuga!  Endless feuding with Richard Spencer.  Men Who Can’t Tell Time Snug In Their Hobbit Holes!  The pot calling the kettle black, I think.

The idea of “white sharia” took wholesome and salutary truths about the differences between the sexes and their appropriate roles in the family and society at large and self-defeatingly packaged them in terms that bring to mind child brides, arranged marriages, rape gangs, sex slavery, polygamy, clitoridectomies, acid attacks, purdah, and dressing in dropcloths.

And yet Johnson publicly identified Anglin as one of the harbingers of WN 3.0. Thus, Johnson is a proponent of the very things he rails against.

Again: the White Nationalist movement has a better chance of winning if more people fight for us and fewer people fight against us. Thus it is self-defeating for a movement that is already small and marginal to launch bullying campaigns against entire classes of white people who want to help—including the more than 50% of the white race that happens to be female.

Oh, yes, women want to help so much.  Go to any pro-White meeting and be overwhelmed by the female contingent.  Also note how Johnson’s “let’s not alienate White people who want to help” applies to females, but mysteriously not to White ethnics, who have been vilified by Der Movement for a whole lot longer than the “sharia” memes have been around.  But, we can’t threaten the affirmative action program, can we?  A bunch of giggling female podcasters pose no threat to the monopoly, but competent male competitors…that’s a different story,

As I argue in my essays “Redefining the Mainstream” and “Against Right-Wing Sectarianism,” White Nationalism will win when it becomes the common sense of the whole cultural and political mainstream. There is nothing inherently Right-wing about the essential ideas of White Nationalism: for instance, that being white is a necessary condition of European identity; that the white race is being subjected to slow genocide due to policies that promote low white fertility and non-white immigration; that creating sovereign white homelands with pro-natal, pro-family values…

Certainly, Counter-Currents has always been a fount of “pro-natal, pro-family” values.

…is the solution to white genocide; and that Jews have played a leading role in promoting white genocide and blocking whites from stopping it. 

Tell that to Zman.

But we know that victory is possible, because it was not too long ago that pro-white ideas were culturally and politically dominant. 

And so weak and superficial that they melted away when exposed to fast-talking Jews, leading us to our present dilemma.

We need to take a nuanced stance on drinking, drugs, and other unhealthy habits. 

What other “unhealthy habits?”

Thus young audiences find it real and relatable to watch Millennial Woes chain-smoking his way through his YouTube videos, or to listen to the countless podcasts whose hosts and guests are obviously drunk or stoned.

And these are WN 2.0, NOT WN 1.0. My point proven. 

Imagine, for a moment, that the movement adopted Harold Covington’s General Order Number 10: for the duration of the struggle, no White Nationalist will use alcohol and drugs.[3] We would gain much and lose nothing. First, drugs and alcohol impair judgment and effectiveness, leading to bad decisions and clumsy execution with predictably self-defeating consequences.

That’s the answer!  All that mead let to the initial Hermansson infiltration.

We also need to take a nuanced stance on the return of costumed protests and brawls with Communists. The Old Right began by battling Communists in the streets of Europe. For a while after Trump’s election, it looked like those days were back as masked Communists (“antifa”) attacked Trump supporters in the streets. Naturally, Trump supporters, including White Nationalists, wanted to fight back. It was only natural to test the waters and see what was possible. At a certain point, however, caution and prudence were tossed to the winds. People got giddy and grandiose. The result was the catastrophic Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the costs and consequences of which are still mounting to this day.

All WN 2.0 enterprises.

The enemy’s chief weaknesses are promoting morally heinous and socially destructive policies based on lies, as well as being corrupt, decadent, vicious, and silly.

Sounds a lot like the weaknesses of Der Movement as well.

Is the story of the Alt Right over, or will there be a next chapter? At this point, we shouldn’t really care. Even if the Alt Right is dead, White Nationalism and white identity politics are very much alive, and it is the issues not the symbols that really matter. The Alt Right was just a brand. It was a useful umbrella term that created a discursive space in which White Nationalists could network with and convert people who are closer to the mainstream. But Richard Spencer…

Of course.

…collapsed that discursive space with Hailgate. The much-reduced Alt Right movement that Spencer created under his leadership met its Waterloo at Charlottesville. At this point, the Alt Right movement is dead, and the brand has been irreparably tarnished. 

And the people who predicted it should be listened to today, and the conformists who jumped on the bandwagon should be ignored.

This distinction is crucial because white nationalism thus becomes a logical extension of patriotism: “We have to assert that being white is a necessary condition of belonging to any European national group, although of course we acknowledge that a shared language, culture, and history are also necessary.” White nationalists are the true defenders of existing nation-states.

Why such nation-states and not regions such as Bavaria, Flanders, Padania, etc.?

Dr. Johnson also answers the question of whether “a worldwide European diaspora of a hundred flags, in which every self-conscious nation has at least one sovereign homeland” would lead to conflict and war as it has in the past. He argues that ethnostates would be “good neighbors to one another” because each would have a secure identity and sense of place that would encourage positive relations between peoples. Distinct homelands based on common peoplehood would encourage respect for the peoplehood of others and foster international trust. And even with distinct homelands, pan-European high culture and cooperation in matters of technology would help unify the white world.

And he has advocated European ethnies warring against each other and ethnically cleaning each other.

Despite his attachment to ethnonationalism, Dr. Johnson seems to suggest that today, racial solidarity is more important than national solidarity. Echoing Sam Francis, Dr. Johnson argues that whites are attacked as whites, not as Germans or Frenchmen or Americans. Thus, “[W]hen Europeans resist ethnic displacement, they will increasingly regard their race as their nation and their skin as their uniform.” One could even argue that at the current stage of our efforts, there is already a new “nation” of racially aware Europeans who have more in common with each other than their fellow citizens.

This supports my contention that Johnson’s hard turn to ethnonationalism was simply out of spite against Spencer and had no deep ideological foundation.

He criticizes those who “lack a worldview of their own” and instead “go shopping for a complete and ready-made system of ideas that they can adopt as a package deal.”

Der Movement in a nutshell.  Emphasis on “nut.”

But isn’t “white nationalism” itself “toxic” and “highly stigmatized?” Dr. Johnson argues that “implicit White Nationalism is the animating principle of the growing populist-nationalist movements across the white world” and believes “we will inevitably move from implicit to explicit racial advocacy.” What now prevents this transition is a hostile establishment “already working feverishly, at nearly 100% capacity, to suppress white identity politics.” However, “when our rising consciousness exceeds their declining ability to control us, then we win.”

Implicit racial nationalism, not ethnonationalism.

But when will that time come? White advocates have been driven from social media, selectively prosecuted by a “conservative” administration, and cut off from means of fundraising. White advocates have less freedom to speak without fear of reprisal than before President Trump’s election. The White Nationalist Manifesto provides little guidance about how to reverse this process. The rise of overt anti-white hatred has also become mainstream since President Trump’s election.

With assistance from Trump and “America’s Senator” Antifa Jeff Sessions.

As Dr. Johnson notes, we probably can’t change the minds of those who think the white race should die. We can appeal to those who value white civilization but shy away from doing what is necessary to preserve it. This is the perfect book for the conservative teetering on the edge of racial awareness.

After all, we need more conservatives.  Aggressive fighters all!  Revolutionaries looking to the future!


Where We Stand, 11/11/18


Counter-Current commentator:

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“We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them.”

That system includes Trump and included the execrable Asian-nurturer Sessions.

A third of US billionaires are Jews (see surnames in the Forbes list) and I estimate a quarter of the one percent is Jewish. They and their leftist goy allies have infinite supplies of money to pay infinite numbers of SJWs, brown people, and desperate drug addicts to attack and harass us. Taking their minions head on makes no sense because we are small and they are an infinite mass if evil.

I assume “of evil.”  This is true, but as I’ve written before, it would be useful to understand WHY this is. Yes, there are a lot of Jewish billionaires.  But why are so many White billionaires either leftists, or, at east, indifferent to White racial interests? One can hypothesize that the “money-first” mentality, the greed, the self-centered avarice, that allows the accumulation of such wealth characterizes people who are narcissistic, hyper-individualist hedonists, and are thus unconcerned about group interests.  Note that applies, it seems, only to Whites, as the wealthy of other groups, including and especially the Jews, are ever-so-much concerned with group interests.  So, it is, at least in part, a combination of the White propensity to individualism amplified by the selfish mindset of the wealthy.  Then, the wealthy are “different from you and me” as the saying goes, even besides their mentality; they live in a different world, well-insulated from the racial stress faced by the rest of us.  Finally, truth be told, pro-White activists and advocates are, for the most part, a pitiful bunch, who make a horrid impression, spout irrational dogma, and who would not impress those successful in life.  The last part we can change, so as to reach the White Wealthy to the maximal extent that they can be reached (with all the behavioral caveats above).

However, we have an advantage in debates because we tell the truth and our views are scarce whereas they lie and their lies are ubiquitous. They try to shut us down because they know we’ll win those debates. 

Yes and no.  Compared to the System, Der Movement does tell the truth; compared to Reality, Der Movement lies and is irrational as well. “Truth” would have a greater impact perhaps if it was in more accord with Reality.  After all, if you claim the major advantage of your side is that “we tell the truth,” shouldn’t that be true in the absolute, and not only relative, sense?

They can only rule through psychologically paralyzing and intimidating whites while keeping whites away from the truth. They don’t care about justifying themselves before us in a debate. Only a schmendrick would care about being fair. They just care about winning. The ends justify the means after all, goy.

Agreed.  But, you know, you can have all the truth on your side, and the best memes, but if the other side has the power, you will be silenced. How to get the power if you are silenced? Ah, that’s the conundrum – a problem Der Movement has put us in by squandering opportunity after opportunity, failing to take advantage of times of System weakness, and failing to capitalize on times when the System was not as powerful as it is today.  There are no easy answers, although I have made suggestions on this blog.  The first step would be for Der Movement to acknowledge its own culpability for the situation we are all in today.

I thought Spencer et al gave up too soon. They could have pioneered strategies to outmaneuver ANTIFA and lawfare. They could have not let Jews and and [sic] their allies drag them down to their level, and even when they did, they could have come up with a new strategy, but they failed.

Spencer it seems is busy these days with more important matters, such as posting a “New Profile Pic.”

The cause of racial survival and progress marches ever forward!

Those are your “leaders” Mr. Starlight.  Enjoy.

Another take on the issue here.

Saturday Movement Roundup

More of your “movement.”

21st Century WN

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“Ok, the ‘Stone Age WN’, is now in the past, and we need at least to move forward to the WN equivalent of the Iron Age. So, what in your opinion should be the qualities of WN fitting for the hi-tech 21st century world??”

A number of things, many of which have been proposed and discussed by others in the alt-right/WN movement. Among them:

1 – Complete elimination of all Third Reich flags, symbols, uniforms, memes, etc. (think Jeff Schoep’s NSM)

2 – Complete elimination of all KKK flags, symbols, robes & hoods, memes, etc (think any KKK group today)

We will, of course, keep Pepe, Kek, Savitri Devi and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, obsessions with Tolkien, March of the TitansWho We Are, chugging gallons of milk, Trump worship, cosplay costumes, and Steadman wearing shorts.  That’s the hi-tech 21st century WN of today and tomorrow!  Get with the program!

3 – Willingness to completely ostracize all those who refuse to eliminate these practices (sounds “cruel” but it’s necessary)

Pepe vs. Saint Adolf.

4 – Establishment of WN headquarters, with a permanent paid staff of at least 50. (If the SPLC can do it, why can’t we? After all, it’s our problem to figure out how to finance it. If so, what’s taking us so long?)

You can start financing it by cutting off the funding of Brimelow’s lifestyle and by cutting off the lavish globe-trotting quota queen lifestyles as well.  And, oh, no more paying for “silly and frilly things” for YouTube civnat mudsharks.  That leaves the small problem of how one is going to physically defend the “WN headquarters” from leftist attacks and, more to the point, how to defend against lawfare (targeted prosecution, civil suits) if you DO successfully physically defend yourself.  Now, I agree with the objective of the Far Right having self-owned spaces – ultimately, you won’t be able to hold a meeting, or meet in public in any other way, otherwise. But, you need to THINK through the contingencies and consequences, not merely bluster online (after mocking Hale’s own bluster and thoughtlessness).

5 – Leadership chosen by election among supporters in good standing – (not arbitrarily by self-anointed “leaders” like Richard Spencer, Matt Heimbach, etc)

Hmm,”etc” – how about more names instead of “etc?”  Let’s see: Jared Taylor, David Duke, Greg Johnson, Matt Parrott, Richard McCulloch, Jason Kessler, Jorjani…the list goes on.  Would Greg have run your comment if you had included him in the list of self-anointed “leaders?”

And…elections? Are you mad? We’re going to bring all the corruption of electoral democracy into racial activism?  Sure, we should engage in the System’s electoral games as part of an overarching strategy, but to “elect” our own leaders?  On what basis?  Are we going to have campaigns?  Campaign ads (one can only imagine)?  

How about this: Leaders are those who get things done and who rise to the top by MERIT, not by affirmative action programs, and are confirmed in positions of leadership by the acceptance of informed and intelligent followers, who demand ACCOUNTABILITY of those leaders.

6 – Establishment of a nationwide network of “meeting halls” where AR/WN supporters can meet, discuss, strategize, and socialize, building strong white relationships and families. (Much like others gather for “church”, or at their local VFW clubs on the weekend, so that this weekly meeting becomes routine, productive, and desirable)

See comment to #4 above.  This is a good idea, as is #4, but the details…the details.  Therein lies the problem. How to protect such halls (in every sense of the word “protect”)?

7 – Establishment of weekend “WN schools” for our youth, where they can be taught WHY white civilization must be preserved – taught by interesting and intelligent teachers. (Think “Boys Clubs” and “Girls Clubs”, etc. as the template to guide us)

Like some of the other ideas, this is not bad, but the actualization of it is the problem.  Again: how to protect from physical attack and lawfare?  I agree it should be done, but FIRST you figure out the solutions to the problems and build the requisite infrastructure, and THEN you do it (not the other way around, as Der Movement usually does).  I can only imagine the specific topics to be taught in such schools; the mind boggles.

8 – Establishment of a “Breitbart News” (Whitebart?) of white nationalism, with correspondents in all major cities of the United States. With today’s inexpensive video cameras, the AR/WN movement should be able to field “reporters” within minutes of any breaking news story pertinent to our Cause. (not talking here about weekly podcasts, but actual “live” news stories that are channeled through HQ – accessible to everyone)

Each correspondent will have their own Antifa ready to elbow them in the face, with Sessions cackling with glee.

9 – Establishment of an AR/WN film studio, where very low-budget white nationalist movies can be regularly produced. Even now, amazingly good full-length movies are made by high school and college students (consult YouTube) so why hasn’t this avenue been exploited? (crickets) And no, it’s not for lack of money, since extremely low-budget, well-made non-professional movies are made all the time – some sold as Direct-To-DVD on amazon,etc. (do our supporters not have any talent or initiative?)

Talent or initiative? Well, I suppose making the cosplay costumes for Unite the Right took some talent, and, yes, screaming “Kek!” in public takes initiative, but I don’t know about the rest of it.  Question: since the Right is being deplatformed everywhere, where will these “very low-budget white nationalist movies” to be shown?  I won’t even ask what this specimen considers possible topics for such movies.  The mind boggles (again).

10 – Start producing a positive view of what white nationalism can do for white Americans. We already know what harm that negroes and mestizos are doing to America (and should keep saying so) but we have at the same time failed to demonstrate a shining vision of just what a white America would actually be like. In other words, what is the GOOD we white nationalists have to offer? Demonstrating that is the first BIG STEP toward building a “21st century white America”.

What WNs can offer?  Pepe, Kek, milk stands on every corner (straight from the udder!), free cephalic index measurements, and deep discussions of whether the man is above time, beyond time, or can’t tell time.

So, what are we waiting for?

A real movement to be born.

I mean, does anyone believe that the existing “movement” and its failed, inept “leadership could accomplish any of the goals listed above?

Good sense comment about Taylor’s wistful hopes that those high-IQ Asians will seamlessly replace Whites once Whitey goes extinct:

Ozark Recluse

Posted October 25, 2018 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

JT’s parting remark was oddly discouraging. Pondering what race we prefer to replace us should we go extinct is a pointless, wasteful exercise. We have no business even momentarily contemplating such an eventuality.

The types who write for Counter-Currents these days: KMacD’s works are too “academic” and no one actually reads them.  David Duke – now that’s the ticket!  Keep in mind that Counter-Currents has pretensions of being the intellectual, elite, highbrow version of WN.

Gregorian Mick

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‘By contrast, Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy was written on a much higher level – high enough that I suspect more people have claimed to have read his Culture of Critique (1998) than have actually read it.’

You can’t be serious? I’ve read the oiginal [sic] trilogy five or six times by now and the add ons a couple of times and it is a remarkably clear easy read free of academic jargon. Separation and its discontents is a masterwork. If you want a hard to read book that influenced cofc then read John Murray Cuddihy’s book about Freud etc. That had some academic jargon. Man that was slow going for me.


Morris V. de Camp

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Separation and Its Discontents is an easy read and a great book. The other two in the series are quite academic. The best book on the JQ is Duke’s book.

Trump the fraud:

The GOP runs white nationalist campaigns to win elections only to disavow “racism” and purge anyone who has pro-white views afterwards. They use our votes to advance a neoliberal, corporate agenda. 

We have to keep them accountable this time. No more betrayal.

This comment was in reply to Trump’s tweeting about “the caravan” and “the Democrats” while doing nothing but eating Big Macs and acting like a jackass.

Millennials vs. Matt Hale

Responding to a Counter-Currents commentator.

21st Century WN

In other words: “WN 2.0” – Pepe!  Kek!

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Matt Hale and his crazed World Church of the Creator never had a chance to succeed.

Unlike Counter-Currents, Amren, TOO, and the other bastions of unremitting success currently leading us to glorious victory.  Never mind Silver’s favorite writers, with decades of fulminating about ranking Americans based on some imaginary phenotypic scale.  Victory! Victory!

It reeked of costume Neo-Nazism…

Far worse than cosplay wanna-bes showing up at rallies dressed like Captain America or Batman.  Men, raise your shields!  Advance upon the enemy!  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

…with its thinly-disguised flag that mimicked both the colors and the basic design elements of the Nazi flag…

Certainly not as serious as a cartoon frog.

…its uniformed rank-and-file members…

Uniforms: bad.  Cosplay: good.

…and Hale himself, prancing about in a leather trench-coat ala Heinrich Himmler. It was LARPing writ large.

Well, my friend, who is it who constantly supports failed quota queen leaders?  People like you.

His “church” attracted mentally unstable people like Benjamin August Smith, crazed killer who “did it all for Hale”. 

In contrast to the mental stability inherent in drunken podcasts, car ramming, and running out of LA bars, chased by a bunch whose combined bench press is 10 lbs.

Okay, one point for loyalty, but minus two million for sheer idiocy.

Pepe!  Kek!  Pyramids of Atlantis!  The Spectral!  The Spectral!

 The Feds always believed Hale was in on the killings anyway (at least as a planner)…

Let’s believe the Feds.

…and that’s why they sent in FBI informant Tony Evola…

Any relation to Julius?  He’s a man who can’t tell time!  Traditionalism!

…to nail Hale to the jail cell – sans bail. Oh, well. But talk about irony. Evola was Hale’s “Chief of Security” and yet he was the biggest breach of security in Hale’s entire outfit! 

Hale would have been better served asking Patrik Hermansson to give an opening speech about keeping out infiltrators.

Yet Matt Hale never bothered to dig into Evola’s background and because he didn’t he’s now serving four decades in a negro rape cage waiting to die.

Steadman should have done the vetting – would have kept out Negroes like Evola.  Hale could have enjoyed Swedish homosexuals instead.  Blow on that Viking horn (is “Viking horn” a euphemism?)!

Hale, in the end, represented Stone Age white nationalism – from the era of Rockwell, Pierce, Metzger, Duke, and, of course, Ben Klassen. 

Nothing compared to era of, say, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Zman, John Derbyshire, and Brimelow counting his money in the leafy blue state suburbs of CT.  Let’s not forget Jorjani and the pyramids of Atlantis being built by psychokinesis.  That’s enlightened 21st century WN for sure!

Bereft of ideas, all of these individuals simply created crude imitations of Hitler’s Third Reich that mostly misfits gave allegiance to. 

Instead, let’s imitate a cartoon frog.  Pepe!  Kek!

Hale, despite being intelligent, could not see a truly 21st century path toward victory…

As exemplified by Unite the Right – that paragon of activist success.

…unless he was sieg heiling this and that ever other minute. As such, he place a target on his back – and got “shot” – all the way into a Supermax Prison.

Yes, let’s mock a WN for ending up in prison.  

Let us silently bury Matt Hale and the failed era of white nationalism to which he belonged. 

And raise the flag of 21st century WN – featuring Pepe, Steadman in shorts, and a bottle of hard liquor.

His ideas about white nationalism are antiquated, and are best forgotten. 

As opposed to talk about Savitri Devi – always, fresh, current, and relevant to the “normies.”  Part of the “big tent,” don’t you know.

As for Hale himself, he will, just like Edgar J. Steele, die in prison…

And it is appropriate for a WN website to feature a comment mocking Hale for this.  Right?

Unraveling the Thread

Understanding the problem.

I’ve been critical of Amren and also critical of the “movement’s” tin cup handling.  However, I strongly support Amren’s legal endeavors as described in the link, and I support activists contributing funding for these endeavors.  However, these endeavors, and writing and talking about them, is only a short term solution, only a superficial approach to the problem. It only deals with the surface manifestation of the underlying problem, it only attempts to deal with the end-of-the-line of a long thread that can be traced back to the ultimate cause of why groups like Amren are faced with suppression, deplatforming, and withdrawal of their basic constitutional rights. How to unravel this thread?

The basic problem is: WHY are these things happening?  Why does the state of Tennessee want to abrogate pro-White freedom of assembly?  Why does the entire governmental structure of the USA (federal, state, and local) – including the Trump administration and especially Sessions and the DOJ – support Antifa and oppose White activists?  Why are law-abiding pro-White activists jailed and indicted while leftist domestic terrorists operate with impunity?  Let’s trace the thread of the problem back to its beginning.

The elites – most of whom are White – are openly hostile to White interests.  The elites, the System, works hand-in-glove with Antifa and other terrorist groups to suppress free speech and free assembly. These elites – the ones who make their decisions at the governmental level * – are either elected officials, or non-elected official appointed by, or instructed by, elected officials.  Thus, the anti-White system has been in large part put into place by a majority White electorate. This can be traced back to a variety of factors.  First, some Whites openly support suppression of pro-White activists.  Many don’t care one way or another – they have no racial loyalty, no collectivist sense of race; they are individualists, many with pathological altruism and hyper-universalism (“high trust hunter gatherers,” I suppose).  Many Whites have a superficial “football team” view of politics, so that if “our guy” beats “their guy” that’s all that matters, and the fact that “our guy” believes and behaves in a manner exactly the same as “their guy” fazes these voters not one bit.  White voters are also swayed by, and gaslighted by, endless System propaganda.  Also, politicians lie, always feinting right for the election and then governing left, and the dumb and naïve voters, with short attention spans, never hold them to account (one has only to remember a squinty-eyed John McCain running for re-election with “build the danged fence” – and upon re-election once again started shamelessly shilling for open borders and amnesty). The System is controlled by special interests and wire-pullers, so that there typically ends up being no real choice at the polls, and then we get what I would call “Double Black Swan events” – first, someone like Trump getting elected on a wave of pro-White (albeit implicitly) right-wing populism, and then the second Black Swan – that both Trump and Sessions turn out to be frauds and traitors, “enforcing” the law as if they were radical left-wingers.  The election of someone like Trump was an unexpected Black Swan; that such a person would then preside over an administration on which his supporters have less rights, and are more persecuted, than before his election, that his own DOJ will indict his supporters and support his enemies, that’s a second Black Swan, even more unexpected and mystifying than the first. Thus, we have a complex web of problems that ultimately trace back to anti-White elites being in power, and being in power because Whites are too individualistic, dim-witted, naïve, and short-sighted to act, and vote, otherwise.

One can argue that it is because “the Jews” control the mass media and thus manipulate White voters, and through control of the media and control of voting, in addition to their vast wealth and power, control White politicians and impose their will on the body politic. So, we can add “easily manipulated” to the flaws of White folks, but it doesn’t change the ultimate problem and the ultimate outcome.  Let’s say your solution is to “expel the Jews.”  Very well.  You cannot do so without political power.  How do you obtain such power when you exist in a situation in which all of the above applies?  How do you obtain political power when you cannot even hold a meeting anywhere, where if any pro-White leader shows his face in public, that face can get punched (or elbowed) with impunity by an Antifa that is supported at the highest levels of our supposedly “God Emperor fascist” government?  All the big-talking Type Is will then talk darkly of “armed revolution” – how will this come off if, again, you can’t even hold a small meeting, when your “Proud Boys” get chased out of places of businesses by noodle-armed soyboys, when your private meetings are easily infiltrated by Swedish homosexual anti-racists or by snide alternative newspaper writers posing as curious “movie critics?”  How do you even begin to organize for such “armed revolution” when the very population you assert to be fighting for hates you, will not support you, and when the administration you voted for – the allegedly “right-wing populist” Trump administration – has pledged to use the entire force of the federal government against you, and is fulfilling that pledge, spearheaded by an allegedly “arch conservative” ex-Senator Attorney General who delights in indicting your followers for “hate crimes” for merely defending themselves from the leftist domestic terrorists that he so wholeheartedly supports.  Yes, all your fantasies of “armed revolution” are just hat – fantasies. Your spiel of “worse is better” is also nonsense and fantasy, since Whites have proven an ability to stomach any and all humiliations and abuse as long as the frog (Pepe?) is boiled slowly enough.  No – worse is simply worse.  Doing business as usual for Der Movement is doomed to failure.  You can win a legal battle and that’s great, and then in a year or two you’ll have to go through the whole thing again, this time with resources depleted from your last struggle, while the System as resources unlimited (most of which derived from feckless Whites).  This is a structural problem in large part due to “movement” ineptness, as chronicled and summarized at this blog endlessly. Nothing has been done correctly for decades, opportunity after opportunity squandered, potential recruits repulsed, failure piling up after failure.

White activists are facing and well-integrated power structure that has the ability to check almost any approach against itself, leading to the “movement” being checkmated.  It’s a self-reinforcing problem.  Some want to make an “end-run” around the problem by appealing directly to elites and having them impose “the program” top down; it is difficult to see how this can be achieved, as virtually all these elites are not only openly hostile to the White Cause, but their very status of elites are tied into maintaining this hostility.  Further, “movement” leaders are so undesirable and incompetent, and “movement” dogma is often so irrational  and repulsive, that it is hard to understand what will attract any open-minded elites (if any exist) to give the White Cause a fair hearing.  How would they defend themselves against the majority of their fellow elites who are the enemy?  And it was so easy, the “turning” of the elites, why hasn’t there been pone single (overt) success after endless decades of “movement” “activism?”  No, you are still checkmated, and your Man on White Horse hopes are always misplaced.

There are no easy answers to deal with this.  There may in fact be no solution if we are dealing with traits “hard-wired” into the White psyche, traits that did not manifest to this negative extent in other contexts, but are obviously self-destructive now.  Unlike the quota queens, who need to project optimism so as to keep the shekels flowing in (how many people would fill the tin cup for a cause destined to fail?), I’m deeply pessimistic.  By best guess is that we’re doomed, but we may as well go down fighting, as there is always a slim chance of success as long as you try.  If we do have success, it will be due to a variety of approaches done in tandem, not some single “magic bullet.”  I’ve written on these things before, but a summary would be:

Merit, accountability, and division of labor.  The affirmative action program for leadership in White activism needs to end.  Among those that belong to the ingroup (however you wish to define it – different people may have different definitions), merit, ability, and a record of success should be the defining characteristics of leadership.  There must be accountability: there must be consequences for failure due to bad judgment, weakness, stupidity, dysfunction, etc. Increasing the pool of prospective leaders through an end to affirmative action will allow for an effective division of labor, with people filling those roles for which they are best suited.  That would in turn make the issue of accountability less onerous; with people filling roles for which they are suited, and chosen based on merit and not ethnic fetishism, success will be more frequent and failure less frequent.  There will be fewer marked disasters and less need to have to impose accountability since there would be fewer instances requiring people needs to be held to account.

Drop the fossilized “movement” dogma.

Infiltrate the System.  Plant supporters among the elites, among the cogs in the machine.

I have written before of the urgent need to get involved in real-world politics, in electoral politics, in reaching out to people in the analog world, in campaigns, in governing, in concrete accomplishment to exert force on political reality.  I have explained why this is necessary, and hoe activist have political to maneuver even though the System has us checked.  The System’s controls has its limitations, particularly when one dives into the belly of the beast. Attacking dissidents outside of the System is safer, attacking dissidents acting within the System risks an “auto-immune” reaction in which System reaction begins to harm itself.

Probably the most important practical thing that can, and should, be done right now is gathering data. I’m a STEM person, a “quant,” and I want empiricism and data to inform the course to be taken. We need to find out WHY Whites are unmoved by racialist propaganda and memes, WHY we are not “winning hearts and minds,” and WHY Whites are unconcerned about racial interests or, if they are concerned, WHY they do not act. Then we need to find out WHAT (if anything) would motivate them, WHAT types of propaganda and memes would be effective, and then we need to determine HOW this can be implemented, and WHO is best to do it.  As regards WHENASAP.


Think of all the good that could be done if a fraction of the wasted tin cup panhandling actually went to projects with real payoffs. Consider this: Salter is an ethnologist.  Ethnology is the study of human behavior.  Salter is an adviser for One Nation, so apparently he’s willing to put his expertise to work helping patriotic parties and groups.  What if the Happy Penguin money was funneled to him instead, to be a full time analyst and adviser for the cause? What’s better: funding an established academic ethnologist who wrote On Genetic Interests and who produces useful analysis on political nationalist, OR funding Brimelow and Derbyshire to sit around on lawn chairs in the CT suburbs? 

We need to look to the Legionary movement for guidance. Activists are flawed, activists are too often dregs, activists are embarrassments, and activists are pure dysfunction.  We need to create the “New Man,” creating better activists, being better people, will go a long way to make us more attractive as alternative o the System, make us more effective and ethical, make us more ready to withstand persecution, steel us for the struggles ahead.  The idea that the drunken Millennial Pepe-ites of the Alt Right can in any way be the vanguard of anything but absolute failure is a delusion.  We need better.  We must demand better.  

The Legionary Movement aimed to create a New Man (Omul Nou), to transform the entire nation through Legionary education by transforming each individual into a person of quality. The New Man would be more honest and moral, more intelligent, industrious, courageous, willing to sacrifice, and completely free of materialism. His view of the world would be centered around spirituality, service to his nation, and love of his fellow countrymen. This new and improved form of human being would transform history, setting the foundations of a new era never before seen in Romanian history.  

Codreanu wrote, “We shall create an atmosphere, a moral medium in which the heroic man can be born and can grow. This medium must be isolated from the rest of the world by the highest possible spiritual fortifications. It must be defended from all the dangerous winds of cowardice, corruption, licentiousness, and of all the passions which entomb nations and murder individuals. Once the Legionary will have developed in such a milieu… he shall be sent into the world… He will be an example; will turn others into Legionaries. And people, in search of better days, will follow him… will make a force which will fight and will win.” Therefore, a spiritual revolution would create the basis for a political revolution, since without the New Man no political program could achieve any lasting accomplishment.

The “movement” talks big about “eschewing defectives” while most of its leadership is highly defective personally.  Of course, they are ALL defective ideologically, and as regards strategy, but here I talk about person dysfunction.  Who among current American “movement” “leadership” is not obviously personally defective (ignoring ideology).  Probably only folks like Taylor and MacDonald.  Note that both are older gentlemen – the dreaded “boomers” – one being from a business background and the other an academic, people of substance.  Note that extreme dysfunction is not compatible with personal success outside of the “movement.”  Look at all the “movement” leaders whose entire lives have been practically spent as “leaders” and/or who failed in private, non-“movement” endeavors, and/or who quickly left “normie” life, probably because they couldn’t hack it, and realized they could live easier “off the fat of the land” as a tin cup rattling parasite.  A lack of personal success outside of the “movement” should be a warning sign.  And, no, please don’t invoke the spirit of Saint Adolf here as an example of a success who had no previous outside life success.  He was dysfunctional, made horrific errors of judgment, and helped wreck the White world with his ethnonationalist stupidities.  Looking closer to home in America, Yockey at least was a lawyer, he wasn’t some 20-something jackass who thinks screaming “Kek” is activism.  He may have become a sort of grafter later on, but he at least produced value, wrote important works, engaged in real-world activism, made an impact. Put it this way: he had a choice.  He could have become a successful lawyer, or even an academic, if he wanted to.  Can you imagine some of today’s “leaders” being successful in any “normie” endeavor?   That’s a litmus test.  One should become a leader by choice, not because one is incapable of being anything else.

*Of course, the deplatforming is being predominantly done by private actors, but with the same motivation.  In addition, we can ask why even rightist, conservative elites support the deplatforming ad refuse to use the power of the government to legislate major web business as public entities.  It comes down to the same thing: hostile elites.

It’s Not That Easy

The blind leading the blind.

Our buddy Silver writes about this essay:

I would urge readers unfamiliar with him to peruse his essay “The Preservationist Imperative,” which appeared in the June 1995 issue of American Renaissance. In that piece, McCulloch succinctly answers almost every ‘deep’ objection that opponents of separation throw up…

That was 23 years ago!  Thus, Silver neatly makes my point for me: all this wonderful work has achieved absolutely nothing in the full generation that has passed meantime.  “Movement” propaganda is an utter failure.  There are White activists today who weren’t even born yet in 1995, all this time has passed, and today the current level of discourse is Pepe, Kek, and chugging gallons of milk so as to annoy the NY Times and politically motivated population geneticists (note that I was right about that too – virtually all population geneticists are subjective, dishonest shills for leftist politics).

With all the mutual admiration society at TOO, and the delusional nitpicking over timetables, the elephant in the room is ignored – how fantastical and unrealistic it all is.  Peaceful, orderly separation is not going to happen.  Newsflash: even if you were able to convince a majority – the requisite large majority – of White Americans to support peaceful separation (and to get that large majority would require all those nasty allegedly “ethnocentric outer Hajnal” White ethnics Der Movement despises), peaceful separation would be insufficient.  Fact is that the majority of the world’s population believes it has an innate right to live in America, so what do you think Colored “Americans” think?  They all believe that they not only have the right to live in America, but live wherever they please, and that means with Whitey.  Separatism would be to be enforced, it will not be voluntary – and all the pie-in-the-sky optimists really know this, which is why they state that once “hearts and minds” are won among Whites, other races would not be able to resist.  Regardless of whether that last point is true or not, the implication is that there will be resistance.  Thus, the separation will not be peaceful and it will not be voluntary.  Thus, you have to “win the hearts and minds of Whites” for the more extreme necessity of enforced separation; in other words ethnic cleansing and possible race war.  Now, I agree that separation is necessary, so I’m not shying away from the consequences.  But that’s me – a Nutzi “lunatic” and an “outer Hajnal” nasty.  How you are going to convince the great unwashed of Cuck America to agree to all of that, while many of them today support deplatforming of “racists” and cheer Antifa attacks, is unclear to me. And it’s not only the masses, one has to convince elites, including White military officers and soldiers, who have become as cucked as the rest of White society, with adherence to “diversity” now a prerequisite for promotion. And then, if you achieve that, you have to deal with the Colored fraction of the US military.  Can the White portion – sufficiently awakened – defeat the Colored portion?  Certainly, no doubt, but we are not talking about some peaceful and orderly separation, enacted after an election, bloodlessly actualized via trucking people and their belongings around the country.  

We are talking about hard necessity (and I’m not even getting into the foreign policy implications – what’s China going to be doing when this is going on?  Will they allow their co-ethnics to be cleansed?). Again, I agree that the necessity is worth it, but I can tell you, with zero chance of being wrong, that the vast majority of Whites currently disagree.  All your decades–long efforts to convince them otherwise have failed.

So, perhaps, instead of debating about timetables, it may be more prudent to face reality and realize that the only way to have even the slightest chance of achieving your objectives will require a complete overhaul of the “movement”- an overhaul no doubt to be opposed by rent-seeking “leaders” desperate to preserve their sinecures.

Born in Blood

Strom piece.


I assume Strom will continue to discuss the ADL’s perfidy over the next episodes, all of their sordid history.  The problem is we’ve heard all of this before, he’s preaching to the choir.  The net effect on the wider White population: zero.  A more helpful analysis would be this: how was the ADL actually founded, organizationally speaking, how was it structured, how was it funded, how did it network, how did it compromise Gentile elites?  No doubt much of that was due to the Jews’ specific characteristics, their extreme ethnocentrism, and some of the criminal connections Strom alluded to.  But, there must be some lessons in the ADL story that can be educational for White activists wishing to emulate some aspects of ADL organizational structure, fundraising success, and ability to leverage influence over crucial elites.  Even if a pro-White group were achieve only a small fraction of the ADL’s success, this would be an enormous gain over the nothing we have now.  I wish that Strom – an intelligent fellow who has done his research – would help us by dissecting the keys to the ADL’s success with a specific emphasis on those keys that would be possible for us to learn from, adapt, and implement.