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Brilliant Greg Johnson Book Review

Will we be in those in submission or those others submit to?

If our race is to be saved, then White Nationalists need to bring our societies back into harmony with nature. Whites must be forced to submit to our own nature, or we will end up submitting to aliens. And to do that, White Nationalists need to become an even more formidably vital — and intimidating — force than Islam. Clearly we’ve got work to do.

For WN to become this vital, intimidating force, it must eschew the dead past, religions of weakness, mainstreaming compromise, sex-addled hedonism, and any aracial cul-de-sacs (traditionalism, HBD) that distract from the core focus on racial and cultural survival and ascendance.

NO: to the “game” crowd, the HBDers, the Christian whiners, the traditionalist esoterics and weirdos, the mainstreamers, the Judeophiles, those mired in the dead past, the rigid ethnonationalists, and the Spenglerian pessimists (with the notable exception of a re-interpreted Yockey, who was a great man and a positive, future-forward thinker, despite his Spenglerian taint).

YES: to national socialism, pan-Europeanism, futurism, science and technics, eugenics, the conquest of time and space, triumph of the will, authority and discipline, hardcore ideology, and victory.