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Sallis vs. the Survey

Differing opinions.

It is interesting, but not surprising, how my opinions differ from that of the survey here.

For example, I see the videos by Taylor as by far the best feature of that site, by a large margin. Commentary finished first in the survey. “Science and genetics” is a topic that I believe should be featured not at all at Amren – not because it isn’t important, but because the manner it is presented at that site is as factually incorrect, anti-White HBD pseudoscience. A healthy portion of the readership, however, want more of that nonsense, although a fraction do want less (good sense!).  I think the best author there is Hood; the readership instead picked Taylor (Taylor’s videos are excellent, but Hood is by far the best writer).

Here’s what I want more of: Cretaceous Jones comments  Less of: Engelman.

Johnny Rebel Sings Again, 9/17/16

Affirmative action….

For the most part, it is “thank you for your opinion, things will continue as they have been, and here is why.” Why the hell did you bother to have a survey to begin with if you are not serious about making significant changes?
In all cases, emphasis added, below.
We have this:

The American Renaissance position on Jews was explained over a decade ago

Apparently, people complained about how Amren covers Jews. Probably, Chris, they were asking for things to change (you know, the purpose of the survey), rather than have you link to examples of the Amren policy that the survey-takers want to be changed. Yes, I know, affirmative action is a tough thing; after all, your journal does point put how it puts people in positions they are ill-suited for on the basis of merit.
Let’s consider these two well-written sentences:

Some of you would John Derbyshire to write for us. Feel free to ask him directly.

Jared can’t ask him? Over dinner (chez Derb) that “Rosie” makes “with her own hands” (as opposed to, I assume, her “own feet?”)
Well, sure, have Derbyshire. Obviously, Amren isn’t pro-Asian and pro-Jewish enough.
Comment thread on Engelman:

He runs the site. He is a big shot in Amren and writes for the magazine, too. He is obviously a buddy of Taylor, that he can get away with deleting posts and insulting Whites. He isn’t just some troll. So obviously, the message of Amren is about Asians and Jews, not Whites anymore. It’s all over the internet, too.

But it’s really the big. Bad Wolf:

Henry Wolf needs to go.

He’s on a shorter leash now; when he first arrived, he was deleting comments right and left, not just on the JQ, but anything that he felt was, ah, ‘deplorable’-
He has the mood swings of a menopausal cat lady, he’s arbitrary, capricious and neurotic , if you have no idea why your comment was deleted; why, just ask Henry.