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More Alt Right Stupidity

More “movement” stupidity.

Getting back to a point made here, one needs to remember that Liddell has a history of fossilized “movement” ethnic fetishism, previously noted, for example here and also here.

Of course, one cannot forget this either (emphasis added):

Perhaps worst vice in our circles is accusing one’s opponents of being “controlled opposition” or enemy agents without adequate evidence. Mike Cernovich has said it about Richard Spencer. Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell have said it about Andrew Anglin…but calling people informants without evidence should be an absolute taboo — right up there with doxing our own people to settle petty scores — as it undermines the trust that is the foundation of every functional movement. The enemy spends a great deal of time sowing distrust in our ranks. So the suspicion of being an enemy agent should fall back on anyone who throws around that charge without evidence. They stand convicted by their own flimsy standards of evidence.

Certainly a well-rounded contributor to Der Movement, indeed!   To be fair, the same should apply to those who call – with no evidence whatsoever – Spencer a “CIA asset.”

The “Buck Negger” Trump is once again asserting his desire to do comprehensive immigration reform.

Cuckadoodledoo!  But, hey. Let’s concentrate instead on Trump’s “negs” and handshakes – more important no doubt.

Read this.

I observed no equivalent of jock culture; the overall dearth of masculinity among Nordic men is not a secret. Guys are mostly thin, well dressed, polite, and unprepared for a fight.

When Sunic made a similar point some years ago – albeit with less polite language – he was vilified.  Perhaps this author would be better received. One wonders – compare the modern description of “Nordic men” compared to that of the time of Karl X Gustav and, of course, earlier than that, the Vikings.  A Kempian racial “historian” of the future may as well claim that this drastic change in behavior has been due to “racial admixture.”  That’s not the case of course, and in cases like this, Frost’s “genetic pacification” is a more likely explanation – and for the Classical World as well.


Stockholm and Morgan: Critical Points

Some comments on the Feb. 25 Stockholm Identitarian meeting as well as Morgan’s Counter-Currents article on the Alt Right.

Some of the speeches were just awkward or silly; no need for me to embarrass those speakers – and infuriate their fanboys – but focusing on those.  I’m also not interesting in hearing about “money and banking.” Although I have some interest in social credit/citizen dividends ideas, I’m afraid if I hear the words “federal reserve” or “fractional banking” I may start weeping.  Ramzpaul’s talk was terribly boring, so I don’t have much to say about it.

How about some more relevant speeches for the state of the Alt Right today?

Hoffmeister’s speech was more or less OK.  Putting aside the “He-Man” stuff – after all, I don’t want to sound like a bitter, neurotic, cranky old fart – the only problems with this talk is the error about Kennewick man, and also the suggestion that Whites had to be in America first in order to have a claim to the territory. For some reason, other racial groups feel no need to justify their own dispossession of earlier aboriginals.  I don’t see the Japanese agonizing over the Ainu, or see standard Negroes regretting displacing Pygmy or Khoisan populations.

Millennial Woes’s speech was interesting, and he admitted the profound “malaise” of the Alt Right since Trump’s election, and cited two legitimate reasons for this.  First, that the Alt Right doesn’t really know what to do next, and seems ill-prepared for the adult, disciplined work to build a real movement to take advantage of Trump’s breaking the “glass ceiling” of American right-wing populism.  Second, the constant attacks against the Alt Right by the System and leftist thugs.  Indeed, this speech legitimizes much of my criticism of the Alt Right – showing their ill-preparedness, both to move forward and to anticipate the obvious response of the Left to Trump’s victory and to the Alt Right’s brief ascent to prominence; their lack of discipline; and their current squandering of the golden opportunity handed to them by the events of 2016.

Kaalep’s (nice haircut there) speech started out well and degenerated into stupidity.  Err…which part of Europe dominated for the past several centuries?  That’s been the north, Kaalep’s “north star” “northern barbarians.” The “over-civilized” Greco-Roman world doesn’t run things now, and not for a long time.  It’s not the “Greco-Romans” who created the 19th century colonialism that is backfiring on Europe through reverse colonialism.  It’s not the Greco-Romans who started the two world wars that wrecked the White world, not the Greco-Romans that created the current EU, and who are running it into the ground.  The lazy and hedonistic PIGS countries – siesta-loving swarthoids with their palms out for handouts – are followers in the EU, not leaders. It’s those “northern barbarian” Germans, led by their Queen Merkel, who are today leading Europe to the abyss.  Instead of having one part of Europe dominating over the other, how about cooperation, with each nation and area maintaining their own identifies?  We don’t need historical revisionism that ignores the last half millennium, or self-serving “my nation will lead us out of the wilderness” navel-gazing.  I support Estonian nationalism, and Kaalep seems to be doing a fine job in his nation.  But it’s ironic that these ethnonationalist types have no qualms about ideas of domination when it’s their folks doing the dominating, eh? 

Now, I don’t want to be too critical here.  Kaalep seems like a sincere fellow, he’s doing good work for his country, he does think about Europe, and he means well.  The problem in general seems to be (shades of the American “movement”) one of too narrow perspectives. Any Euro-swarthoids there? Any Russkis (a giggling “Russian-American” doesn’t count)? They have the likes of Jorjani and Ramzpaul there, but no one from, say, Golden Dawn or Casa Pound was interested?  Are there no Identitarians from Spain or Portugal?  How about a Russian perspective that is independent of Putinism and Duginism?  How about the Ukrainians – what do real nationalists there think about having their sacrifices hijacked by globalists?  Maybe those folks were at the meeting and participated and I somehow missed it; but if so, Der Movement certainly isn’t popularizing such talks. More likely they simply were not there.

Do we always have to hear from the same people spouting the same things over and over again?  If you want a Europe-wide movement, how about having a Europe-wide meeting?

Now we come to Jorjani.  Let’s for a moment forget about the Iranian issue, partially manifested again by the pathetic potshots against the Ancient Greeks (NECs hold grudges, do they not?).  Let’s forget about all the ramblings of the last 2/3 of the talk. Let’s forget that he himself brought up an issue that I previously refused to discuss, his personal situation. Even though he brought it up, it’s not something to dwell on other than to say it is puzzling (for reasons which should be obvious).

Here my major objection is something which constitutes my objection #1 to the Alt Right – their ideological imperialism in the “movement;” the idea that the Alt Right and today’s racial activism are one and the same.  Non-Alt Right activists such as myself object to, and will continue to resist, the Alt Right’s attitude of dominance and entitlement.  I must say that the first 4.5 minutes of Jorjani’s talk constitute some of the most disturbing examples of Alt Right imperialism and premature centralization in Der Movement today. Alt Right corporation…I have a fairly good opinion of Spencer, but the rest of them?  The term “confederacy of dunces” comes to mind.  Who the hell are these people, and this pushy NEC, to be dictating to us all that from now on the Indentitarian Right, broadly defined, “is the Alt Right?”  I give an extended middle finger to that hubris.

Some would say – “it’s survival of the fittest” and if the Alt Right displaces other forms of racial activism, then that’s all for the good.  My reply is that fitness in a particular environment doesn’t always equal the best outcome from the White racial standpoint.  So, if Negroes out-reproduce and displace Whites from a territory, demonstrating superior biological fitness, is that the best outcome?  I would say no.  In a given environment, a roach or a bacterium may be more biologically fit than a human, but that doesn’t mean humans are then obligated to make way for insects and prokaryotes.  That the Alt Right is more fit for today’s pathological “movement” environment tells us we need to change the environment, not that we should embrace the metastatic fitness of the inept Alt Right.

The Alt Right, on the other hand, is a culture primarily of blogs, memes, podcasts, and videos. It has yet to produce a single book or other statement of principles that everyone involved would agree is the quintessence of the Alt Right’s worldview. This is a natural outgrowth of the anti-intellectualism inherent in Anglo-American political and cultural discourse…

Anti-intellectualism is putting it mildly.  But get this:

The American Right (just as the American Left, albeit in different ways) is absolutely obsessed with race: evolutionary theories, comparative IQ scores, crime statistics, and the like.

But at the same time it is anti-intellectual.  Does that make sense?  Actually it does, when one realizes that the “racial science” of the American Right is for the most part a combination of pseudoscience, science fiction, and Ostara-like fantasy.  The paradox of an anti-intellectual “movement” being at the same time obsessed with racial theories and “HBD” is no paradox when you realize that “racial history/HBD/race realism” is anti-intellectual hokum.

In no way can neo-Nazis be regarded as Alt Right or New Right.

You got that right.  Except instead of a cartoonish “neo-Nazi” instead use “principled national socialist.”

We can’t pretend that an Irishman and a Russian are interchangeable.

That canard again.  I want to know – who says that?  Who believes it?  Who advocates that? If ethnonationalists don’t want to be viewed as fundamentally dishonest then you guys really need to stop making the most absurd strawman arguments.

…and who in some cases have even called for political unification between America, Europe, and Russia, is a severe disservice to the diversity inherent in European civilization. 

Some sort of union or confederation need not imperil local distinctiveness. Even Yockey, that advocate of Western Imperium, specifically noted that local identities would be preserved.  

This is not to suggest that there is no basis for Europeans and those of the European diaspora around the world to work together towards common ends, but I believe this can only be rooted in the specificity of particular nations, regions, and traditions, otherwise we will simply be exchanging the cosmopolitan homogenization of global multiculturalism for a “white” form of homogenization. 

More ethnonationalist strawman arguments.  Who is calling for a general homogenization of Whites (other than Hoffmeister in the Intro to Lowell’s book, and I long ago sharply critiqued him for that.  One person.  One. That’s what you build an argument against?

The various European peoples and their offshoots have specific needs and identities, and these must all be respected and nourished under separate and unique institutions. 

Yes, and?

So while I would never suggest that studies of or concern with race are without value, I believe that ethnicity has to take first priority over race as we consider what we are fighting for.

Prioritizing ethnicity over race led to the two world wars that wrecked the White world, directly leading to our sorry state.  Are we supposed to let dishonest ethnonationalists lead us to the abyss again?

Which brings me to two more deficiencies of the Alt Right project, at least as it has played out so far: it lacks any solid economic or geopolitical viewpoint. It’s too focused on problems at home and on identity politics to be worried about the larger picture…I may have sounded very critical of the Alt Right in this talk, and indeed, I think it still has a long way to go before it can be taken seriously as a political movement worthy of contending for actual power, as opposed to the vague influence it exerts today.

You’re getting dangerously close to “old crank” territory there, Morgan.

I think a marriage between the ideas of the New Right and the techniques of the Alt Right can be a very happy and fruitful one.

I don’t know…given what I’m seeing, it’s just as likely we’ll get a marriage between the ideas of the Alt Right and the techniques of the New Right.

Let’s turn all of this around. Let’s consider the grand ethnonationalist Europe with all the atomized nations with their absolute sovereignty. Let’s take Ireland, since that nation has been mentioned. What if Ireland decides to ditch ethnonationalism and solve its “labor shortage” by importing one million hard-working African Negroes. Do they have the right to import Negroes into a nationalist Europe? Yes or no?

Another one (and more dear to the heart of the Majority Rights Silk Road crowd). Let’s say that Ireland decides to conduct a military alliance with China against England, with Chinese military bases on Irish soil.That OK? Yes or no?

If you say yes, well that’s quite interesting indeed, the “logical outcome” of ethnonationalism. If you say no, then you admit to limits to national sovereignty and a racial veto to destructive behavior of individual nations.

Race in Der News, 1/29/17

Several items.

I’ve been following the news, and I have not yet seen any stories about native Swedes rampaging through the streets, grabbing all the greasy brown alien filth and ripping them apart with their bare hands.  Now, this blog does NOT in any way, shape, or form promote such scenarios – EGI Notes is, of course, a pacifist blog that abhors and denounces – most strongly! most strongly!  – any possibility of violence whatsoever.  Just saying though that such a reaction by the Swedish people would be perfectly healthy and normal (as would have been a similar reaction by the English after Rotherham).  Der Movement will wave their hands around and talk about “high trust hunter-gatherers” – as if Paleolithic European hunter-gatherers would have tolerated even a fraction of such horrors.  Likely Frost’s “genetic pacification” is a more likely explanation – but then, it wasn’t so long ago that Europeans had colonial empires and acted like men.  So, it may be a combination of various inherent factors activated by environmental cues – including Culture Distortion by a certain Levantine Tribe.  Oy vey!

If the Alt Right had any worth whatsoever they’d toss the Alt Light overboard ASAP.  And while they’re at it, get rid of the Alt Wrong as well.

So, yes, Hero Trump signs a ban on immigration from some, but not all, Muslim nations.  A judge overrules him – a nation ruled by leftist judiciary – and Trump is harshly critiqued by breathless outrage home and abroad. The fundamental argument: the ban is unfair to those banned, it endangers “refugees,” it violates the civil rights of those who want to come to America. Note none of these arguments give a fig for the interests of Americans, the safety of Americans, the wishes of Americans.  Indeed, when Trump, in his inauguration speech, said that the purpose of a nation was to look after the interests of its citizens that was termed “Hitlerian.”  The absolute ludicrousness of the entire System is breathtaking, they have learned nothing because – as I’ve said before – they are incapable of learning.  The existential meaning of the System (like that of Asians) is hatred of Whites; therefore they are unable to learn when such learning means taking White interests seriously.  Just like the EU cares about the interests of everyone in Europe (and everyone in the world who wants to migrate to Europe) except for native Europeans, so do American elites care about everyone and everything except for the interests and well-being of White Americans.  After all, as I’ve said before: hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites, and hatred for Trump continues to be expressed by elites and the Left in toto home and abroad.

A face that can induce a thousand (White) autisms is “heartbroken.”  Uh, yeah, what a turd-colored alien is “feeling” right now is real high on my list of priorities, no doubt. My riposte to this grotesque monstrosity is that maybe White folks the world over are “heartbroken” over having their nations stolen from them, and by seeing their homelands invaded by filth like you and your “brothers” who enrich White nations with their “vibrancy.”

Motgift Interview: Greg Johnson

Some good stuff.

Good point about Asians: crammers, cheaters, ethnic networkers.  It would be good if at some point Greg Johnson would follow up with a full-blast attack on the Asiaphilic and Judeocentric HBD cult.

Also good insights on invasive species, hybridization, extinction

Good points as well about the Jews knowing that they are promoting White genocide

I disagree (possibly) with some of the comments about the Alt Right…I guess I’m among the paranoid and xenophobic folks, with the proviso that I do not mind if the Alt Right is restricted to reach out to “normies,” but not if Alt Right becomes absolutely synonymous with WN.  I do agree that we should use the Alt Right in an instrumental fashion to advance WN goals, and we must be vigilant, and be careful of the Crowderites.  So, in a sense, I agree with Greg Johnson, but I’m leaning more to the “paranoid” direction. We need to keep the Alt Right sufficiently quarantined so that it cannot contaminate real WN.  So, basic agreement with a difference in emphasis: Johnson is more optimistic about the Alt Right; I am more pessimistic. There is a place for the Alt-Right in our strategy, but only as a tool, not as the main event.

The European People Are Our Brothers

One of Greg Johnson’s best podcasts.

First, I want to congratulate Johnson and Hagberg for a fine and informative interview.

Second, I’d like to point out to Hagberg or any Swedish readers that there is a Swedish language EGI essay here.  However, I am sure that native Swedish speakers can make a better translation and I would encourage them to do so.

Third, I’d like to point out how Hagberg and Nordic Youth represents an embodiment of exactly the sort of pan-European cooperation I’ve been preaching for the past fifteen years. Thus, we see no incompatibility between ethnonationalism or subracialism on the one hand, and pan-Europeanism on the other.  There is a ethnonationalist/subracialist core that then extends to a broader pan-Europeanism.

We see a young Swedish nationalist who defines himself as a Scandinavian nationalist, who states “the European people are our brothers,” who travels around Europe, who meets with and learns from nationalists in places as varied as France, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states, and who understands that the problem is wider than that of any one European nation or area, and needs to be resolved at the level of Europe as a whole.

Now, when I have said exactly that, I have been vilified and critiqued, with accusations of some sort of dastardly agenda, or the idea that people could have overlapping allegiances was considered “the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read” (by an anti-racist troll of uncertain, possibly NEC, ancestry).

And yet, here we see a young Swede actualizing those concepts into reality, interacting with other European nationalists doing the exact same thing.  In contrast, it’s “movement” fetishist keyboard warriors, with their dogmatic obsessions, who criticize the common sense that real world activists find useful and rational and helpful to their cause.

More European Madness

Europe and the West as a civilization gone mad.

Repugnant Europe (excerpts, emphasis added):

But more drips of the story are coming out. And each one makes it worse. Non-sensational news sources admitted that police had originally sought not to publicize the “politically awkward” crime spree. They were right to fear it was politically awkward. 

Leaked police reports reveal a man involved in the assault allegedly scolded police: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs. Merkel invited me.” Another tore up his residency permit and reportedly taunted, “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.” As of this writing, just over 30 of the attackers have been identified by police. Eighteen of them were asylum-seekers. 

Oh, and here’s something I haven’t mentioned yet: It was not just Cologne. Hamburg and Stuttgart also experienced something like what happened in Cologne on a smaller scale. And it wasn’t just Germany. Helsinki’s police department was tipped off about a similar planned spree. 

The reluctance to publicize these events recalls the awful case in Rotherham, England, where a mafia-like gang of immigrants abused something like 1,400 children between 1997 and 2013. The abuse flourished under a cloud of self-congratulating silence because authorities did not want to contribute to stereotyping about Pakistanis living in Britain. One potential whistleblower was ordered to undergo sensitivity training after trying to draw attention to the abuse. 

Germany’s political class seems just as committed to noble blindness and it could not be more unsettling or provocative. The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, has previously distinguished herself as a vocal supporter of welcoming refugees. In fact, she was nearly a martyr for that cause. Last year she was stabbed at a campaign event by a German who hated his nation’s immigration policy. 

After news of the attacks began to leak out, Reker condescendingly advised German women to adopt a “code of conduct” in order to avoid sexual assault. She suggested that they “stick together in groups, don’t get split up, even if you’re in a party mood.” Then she added “make sure yourself you don’t look to be too close to people who are not known to you and to whom you don’t have a trusting relationship.” This is fine advice for a mother to give. But a mayor should be promising the restoration of safe streets. 

What’s worse is that Reker’s advice highlights that Cologne has temporarily lost one of the heretofore distinguishing features of Western civilization: the general sense of social trust and solidarity that allows women to venture freely and safely in central city districts. Her code of conduct sounded like a European concession to Sharia law: women must be modest and accompanied by trusted guardians, or else. 

Reker backhandedly admitted that the assailants were North Africans and Arabs, likely of recent arrival, when she added, “We need to explain to people from other cultures that the jolly and frisky attitude during our Carnival is not a sign of sexual openness.” The condescension runs in two directions. Germany’s women are blamed for their own sexual assault, and the criminals are relieved of guilt. They merely suffer from a misunderstanding about how to party correctly, and that can be remedied if only Germans educated them. You see, it’s the native’s fault both ways. 

And that’s the attitude at the top as well. Germany this week finalized a deal with Facebook, Google, and Twitter to censor German “hate speech” about migrants and refugees on social media — though it’s not clear at all where the line lies. Is a complaint about migrants enough to have your Facebook post taken down? Also, this week Merkel rejected a proposed cap of taking just 200,000 refugees in 2016. 

The message to ordinary Germans is clear: You can’t be allowed to say what you are thinking. And you probably shouldn’t think it either. 

Merkel has, for her part, tried to assure Germans that these crimes won’t be tolerated. Though the likelihood of arresting even a majority of perpetrators, convicting a handful of them, or deporting any of them seems remote. The political class of Germany seems overwhelmed. Perhaps that is just deserts, considering that Merkel has been willing to saddle some small German towns with a number of refugees that exceeds their own population by a multiple of seven. She simply has no idea what she had unleashed. 

All last summer, European media featured daily stories about the refugee crisis around the Mediterranean, and what European countries were contributing or failing to contribute to abate the tragedy. The emotional high point came with the publication of the picture of the drowned child, Aylan Kurdi, along the shores of Turkey in the first days of September.

Days later Angela Merkel said Germany would lead Europe in welcoming refugees, especially those that were being kept out of Europe because of anti-migrant leadership on Europe’s periphery. 

Immediately, the media undertow shifted in the other direction. And the daily drum of stories has been about the problems of screening in the refugee crisis, about scenes of disorder, or the lack of women and children among certain refugee populations. Then the attack in Paris confirmed that evil men would use the refugee flow to travel through Europe. And now Cologne. 

The stakes could not be higher for Europe’s future. Merkel and Germany’s political class seem to be blundering into a disaster. Their move to moral leadership of Europe now looks naive and stupid. And they risk making the debate about Europe’s future a referendum on Merkel’s leadership in this continent-wide drama. This would be a disaster, because there really is an actual referendum on Europe’s future in the near term. 

David Cameron has demanded a tough renegotiation of the E.U. as he promises a Britain referendum on an exit. A spiritual, if not political, secession is already happening in Eastern Europe. There is Orban’s Hungary, Poland has thrown out every left of center politician from government, and there are very popular anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim demonstrations in that country. Even Slovakia’s political leaders are saying what was unsayable in Europe: The refugees can’t be integrated.

In the News, 7/13/15

Two items.

First, we see the state of conservatism today.  How’s that “working within the system,” working out for you, White man?  Even the “Right” castigates you for being White. Had enough of listening to the self-interested lies of race-mixing “awkward squad” semi-autistic HBD nerds?

Speaking of HBD, we see this.  The HBD’s second god-like race, the Jews, whose only competition for godliness is the Holy Orientals, call the police against a private flea market on private property, because they object to certain historical artifacts being sold there. Oy vey! The goyim are getting uppity!  I’m sure these levantines look back fondly on the good old days, when the NKVD could just eliminate the Gentile filth. 

After all, HBD as a political movement is all about the complete enslavement of Whites to Jews and Asians, so why should lowly slaves be allowed to offend their imperial, big-brained masters?

When will you oppose and destroy HBD, White man?