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A Million Sheep

The pathetic leuocosa race
Actually, much that happens in the real world of current events has much in common with typical schoolyard bullying. If you never stand up for yourself, the bullying will endlessly continue, and only get worse. If you stand up for yourself – even at the possible cost of getting beaten up by the bully – it will usually stop.  You just need the courage to say, “enough is enough.”
Whites, obviously, lack that courage.

Taylor on the Refugee Crisis

Taylor on the refugee crisis.
We may debate on Counter-Currents and elsewhere the validity of the Amren model, but Taylor does produce good videos (although I disagree about Orban and Le Pen…words are not enough).
This is an example of folks in the “movement” being useful by leveraging their particular strengths. Some are good spokesmen, others are good theorists, others may be “men of action.”  The problem occurs when folks step outside their skill set.
In any case, this is mostly a good video.