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Orwell 2019

Scandza and other issues.

This is the reality we are rapidly headed to – with “thoughtcrime” now being about race.

Read this from CNN.

Bernsen said Johnson’s arrest, and similar actions “are part of how we prevent attacks, such as the one we saw in New Zealand, from happening here as well.”

Rewritten for realism:

Bernsen said Johnson’s arrest, and similar actions “are part of how we promote attacks, such as the one we saw in New Zealand, from happening here again and again, by preventing people from engaging in non-violent political activism and making them desperate.”

A question: Given Bernsen’s reasoning, can we prevent Islamic terrorism by arresting and deporting Muslims who enter the Norway?


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It’s becoming comical how Leftist media outlets such as the Commie News Network (CNN) have covered this story by continuing to defame Dr. Johnson as a “white supremacist” who was arrested at a “far-right” conference in Norway? Again, who are we trying to “rule” over?

Perhaps the ongoing false labeling and smear campaigns would justify legal action for defamation of character? Wouldn’t there be grounds for civil recourse since this involves the media rather than an online publisher such as in the case of Taylor v. Twitter?

Sue CNN.  Johnson is not a “white supremacist.” Indeed, in my opinion, anyone involved with anti-White HBD, by definition cannot be a “white supremacist.”

More moronic “movement” madness:


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This Just provides more evidence that the establishment is losing its grip and cannot win the arguments and therefore must resort to force/violence. nothing is more legitimizing to this movement then the violence from the establishment.

I suppose that stupidity falls under the “when handed lemons make lemonade” category, but it is asinine nevertheless.  Being constantly defeated and humiliated is not legitimizing. Ultimately, only success is legitimizing.  Victory is legitimizing. What happened to Greg is not.


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Outrageous. Where have my Vikings gone?

There’s always Greta Thunberg, right fetishists?


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These outlandish actions against you further validate that we’re winning and unstoppable.

Yes sir!  The “movement” is defeated and humiliated at every turn, has been on a downward spiral since Charlottesville Ragnarok, is being censored and deplatformed at every opportunity, and the sincere man of genuine greatness Antifa Don Trump has turned out to be a leftist fraud who has his DOJ persecute his own supporters. Certainly that is all validation that Der Movement is winning and unstoppable!

Some more delusion.  Yes sir, police and Antifa on the defensive…until the next Scandza meeting, where they’ll just do the something again, and again be wildly successful.  Come on guys, didn’t your hero Spengler say “optimism is cowardice?”

Read this.  Johnson’s defenders will say that he wasn’t warned beforehand; he wasn’t banned from Denmark on his previous trip. True, but Antifa prevented him from getting into the Denmark conference. The probability was high that something would go wrong, particularly given the laughable failures of all the “extreme vetting” brought to us by all the big-brained societal consensus guys. Maybe they are just a little too much “high trust?”  Scandza, Scandza, my high trust northern hunter gatherers for a Scandza!

Question: If a White football player had tweeted anti-Negro slurs and threats to Negro commentators, and tweeted in uniform no less, do you think the team reaction would simply be to settle the matter “internally?”  Gotta love that Black Privilege, huh?

The Unvarnished Truth about Recent Events

El Paso: Ideology vs. terrorism.

See thisAnd this.

See this.

And also this.

This is the reality: Only at EGI Notes will you hear the unvarnished truth about these events.  You will certainly not hear it from the System, with its hypocritical moral posturing and hysterical virtue signaling.  You will not hear it from a self-serving and inept “movement” either.

Truth: These events are basically cries for help, cries of desperation from White men who have been dumped on by the System and shit upon by society, men who believe, with justification, that their interests cannot be advanced through the political process, men who feel abandoned by everyone, including by a comically inept “movement” that has failed them time and again and that offers them nothing except disaster, defeat, and humiliation. 


The reaction to these events, from both the System and the “movement,” will do nothing but legitimize and amplify these feelings, will do nothing except increase the alienation of these people, will do nothing except make more events like what we have seen more likely.

More White men, particularly the youth, will observe the universal cries of condemnation of Whites, White interests, and everything these men stand for.  More will become radicalized. There will be zero – ZERO – calls for any understanding of these men, or concern about “backlash” – concern that always occurs with terror attacks by non-Whites. The System, already hostile to White interests, will become more hostile.  The political process, closed off to expressions of White interests, will become more closed off. The desperation and alienation of these men will be mocked, ridiculed, and labeled “evil.” Meanwhile, the “movement” will take no responsibility for having failed these men, and will react with self-serving podcasts and blog posts (perhaps with tin cup rattling for “D’Nations”); endorsements of Princess Tulsi Coconut and Andy Eggroll; and discussions about cephalic indices, racial admixture in Southern and Eastern Europe, Savitri Devi and Kali Yuga, and all the rest of the retarded stupidity that results in concerned young men realizing that the tragicomedy of “American White nationalism” has nothing to offer to them.

The validity of this truth will be confirmed by three facts:

1. There will be not a single mainstream politician or any other prominent person who will publicly declare that these unfortunate events occur because the System is hostile to White interests and desperate people believe that these interests cannot be addressed via the political process.  No one from the mainstream will state that we need to incorporate White interests – White racial interests – into public policy discussion.

2. There will be no pro-White “movement leader” who will be given a fair, respectful, and reasoned forum to explain these issues to the public, followed by a sincere and authentic consideration of these issues and their implications.

3. No pro-White “movement leader” will publicly accept responsibility and accountability for endless failure, this failure leading activists feeling so desperate that they lash out in a destructive manner.

You know this to be true, right?

Let’s consider System hypocrisy in all of this, and the confusion between beliefs and actions, a confusion that exists only when applied to beliefs that promote White interests. Remember congressional hearings about “White supremacism” and comments by Presidential candidates about the so-called dangers of “White nationalism.”

There’s a difference between an ideology, a belief system (that can include religion) and terrorism that may be related to that ideology.  From a law enforcement, legal, and public safety standpoint, the issue has to be with actions and with people and groups who plan and commit those actions, not with underlying ideologies that are assumed, or professed, to be the alleged impetus for those actions.

Some examples will suffice.  Assume a person or group attacks an abortion clinic based on professed Christian belief.  We may call the actors terrorists and the acts terrorism, but what public figure would then proceed to call Christianity itself terrorism? When Muslims commit terrorism, the System is careful to distinguish between the terrorists and the religion that they practice. When leftists were committing terrorist outrages in 1960s and 1970s America on a regular basis, Marxist professors were allowed to promote their ideology on American campuses. Even when people like Ted Cruz are pushing (with justification) for Antifa to be declared a terrorist group, they refer to that informal organization and its adherents, and the actions they plan and perform. These conservatives are NOT labeling Marxism or Anarchism as terrorism.

In every case, a clear distinction is made between an ideology, a belief system, a religion, and anyone or any group committing terrorism ostensibly on behalf of those memetic systems.

Now we have people screeching about “White nationalist” and “White supremacist” terrorism.  Of course, a clear distinction between beliefs and acts is NOT being made in this case. That’s not surprising because the entire raison d’etre of the System is hatred of Whites and repression of White interests. The “Great Replacement” is not a “conspiracy theory” but demonstrative fact; even the United Nations openly calls for “replacement migration.”  And The Great Replacement is a major objective of the System; thus, do you expect them to be honest about dissidents to this objective?  One should not be surprised by the hypocrisy and double standards here – random “lone wolf” attacks (with NO underlying organizational structure behind them) are being used to smear an ideology, while in all the previous cases, where the connection between ideology and terrorist organization is much more developed, the underlying ideologies were always left sacrosanct.

Thus, Antifa is a terrorist organization based on Marxist and anarchist beliefs, which themselves are not being labeled as terrorism, or even any sort of danger to America. To be consistent, if any WN organization exists that plans and executes acts of political violence, then such an organizing is terrorist, but the underlying ideology is not.  Lone wolf attackers are terrorists, but whatever belief system they profess is not.  An alleged “free society” like America must make distinctions between belief and action.

This by no means takes Der Movement off the hook for its stupidity.  But that stupidity is not criminal, it is not terrorism, it is something to be adjudicated internally, by the rank-and-file abandoning the failed “leadership” and abandoning the failed dogmas.

Once again, I’m calling out Der Movement.  It is NOT – repeat NOT – true that “movement” rhetoric is promoting such actions. Instead, I posit that “movement” ineptitude can make people frustrated and they develop the feeling that “acting out” is their only option.  If there was a real movement that could absorb the activist energies of young White men and put those energies to good use, these things would not happen.  Instead we have a “movement leadership” consisting of retards, perverts, grifters, and incompetent affirmative action cases. We have “leaders” that refuse to fully accept responsibility for their failures.

Laughably self-unaware. Rewritten:

I blame Greg Johnson and the other Quota Queens for the #ElPasoTerroristAttack. If they had built a viable movement and stopped the litany of endless failure, Patrick Crusius would not have committed this desperate act.

Repeating the same post over and over again with different names and locations filled in doesn’t deal with the situation. It doesn’t address the fundamental issue of responsibility and accountability for failures more long-standing than those of Trump.  Is this “leadership?”

And – coming back to the System – the politicians denouncing “White nationalism” actually are promoting, not inhibiting, further violence, as they leave desperate Whites with the impression that there is no hope for promoting their interests through the political process. People have given up viewing the System as legitimate and have given up on any chances of reform.  All of the moral posturing and virtue signaling is increasing the chances of the very thing they ostensibly oppose and denounce.

Basically, it all boils down to this – young White men are increasingly giving up on the System as they do not believe that their interests can be advanced through participation in the political process. They are also giving up on the idea that their interests can be advanced by the retards, perverts, morons, and grifters that make up Der Movement.  No one is offering real solutions to this problem. The System’s “solutions” will only make it worse (intentionally?).  Der Movement is incapable of offering any real solutions.  This problem will not go away. Expect more such tragedies.  Expect to hear the truth only at this blog and nowhere else.

Common Sense Fetishist and Other News

More “movement” stupidity (redundancy).  In all cases, emphasis added.

“Common Sense Counselor” – another deranged fetishist. Good sense from “Cascadia Patriot” answered by the usual fossilized dogma by Der Flabby Irishman:

Cascadia Patriot
Ashkenazi Jews are not a “European tribe”. They are a mixed-Race people with varying degrees of White-European admixture. For a large percentage, and for many, the admixture is likely to be mostly from the last 300 to 400 years or so. Prior to that they were a much more insulated and separated community throughout Europe (minor exceptions are usually the case though). They still have varying degrees of descent from ancient Near Eastern and Middle Eastern peoples who came into Europe over the last 2000 years or so.
Common Sense Counselor
I do not want to quibble, but can the same be said for Italians and Slavs?

No, you stupid bastard.  And Slavs, for christssakes?  That’s what you get when an ex-libertarian flabby retard imbibes “movement” dogma.

See this, ignorant moron. The Ashkenazim are a mix of Middle Eastern, Southern European (mostly Italian), and Eastern European (Slavic).  So, if “Italians and Slavs” are mixed race mongrels according to your Irish racial purity (so admired by Der Movement, no doubt, Anglocentric American racialism historically being known for being pro-Irish), then I suppose that makes the Ashkenazim doubly-mixed mongrels, eh?

The fetishist is answered by the original poster:

Cascadia Patriot

@Common Sense Counselor No. Neither have widespread and significant admixture from the Near East and Middle East. Both are indigenous to Europe, unlike the origins of Ashkenazi Jews, and have a very similar 7,000 to 10,000 year history in their genetics, again, which the Ashkenazi only have due to relatively recent admixture (last 400 years or so) from Europeans. It’s been shown in studies that a fairly low percentage have a fairly low amount of admixture from non-European non-Whites (some Italians and some Slavs). Also, if you look up 3 dimensional PCA diagrams on Racial genetics they all cluster close in the White-European family.  

Southern and Eastern Europeans are on the peripheries so obviously there will be more outliers and ancient “frontier” and borderline mixtures. But the same can be said for others and all of this is the argument the anti-Whites use to say that the White-European sub-Race doesn’t exist. Which is nonsense and we just have to do our best to maintain what we’ve had for many thousands of years now.

See this.

The only thing that is permanent is the mark that one makes on the world with one’s deeds. Everyone wants to live well, of course, but it is better to live effectively: to live so that one is remembered for what one has accomplished.

And to put a little finer edge on the concept, it is not just fame in itself which is important. What counts also is the type of fame, the type of renown. The goal was to be remembered not just for being able to throw a spear farther than others or to swing a battle-ax harder or to use a sword more skillfully; it was to be remembered for having lived a meaningful life, a significant life. For some that meant a life of accomplishment, of changing the world; for others it meant a life lived as closely as possible in accord with the ideals of personal honor and of service to one’s people, so that one’s life could be held up as a model and remembered as such.

Superiority is not a birthright; superiority must be earned.

Burger King is an international terrorist organization.  That is not sarcasm. It is a logical extrapolation of their call to use their products for political violence. Why doesn’t anyone on the British Right sue them for godssakes?

Close down Burger King. Arrest their CEO and Board of Directors for promoting international terrorism.

Terrorism and the Mendacity of the Left

They promote terrorism by excluding ideological opponents from participation in the political process.

Amren, 3/18/19.  That you saw before at Sallis, 3/16/19.

The best way to prevent terrorism is to allow dissidents to fairly participate in the political process, politics being broadly defined to include all activity related to power and influence and their acquisition. Conversely, the best way to promote terrorism is to exclude people from the political arena, leaving them no alternative than to engage in violence.

The Left has systematically excluded the Far Right from access to the political process. Let’s consider White Nationalists. These people are deplatformed, censored, their leaders physically attacked with impunity, meetings shut down, speeches prevented, and rallies attacked, and in some countries merely expressing these ideas are illegal (what some want in America as well).  In Australia, a Senator, an elected official, was physically assaulted in an act of political violence (*), and the Prime Minister of that nation supports the assault, praises the attacker, and wants the victim legally persecuted because he struck back in self-defense – all for the crime of being a “nationalist.”

In general, this repression preceded the acts of terror being used to justify the repression and to justify further repression. Things similar to the Australian “egging” have always occurred on a regular basis before New Zealand – always attacks by the Left against the Right.

The Left claims that White nationalism needs to be suppressed because random acts of terrorism have occurred; the reality is that those acts of terrorism have occurred precisely because White nationalism has been suppressed.  Cause and effect are reversed as a part of typical leftist gaslighting.

Also note that leftist terrorism is never invoked as a rationale to ban Far Left political parties or to legally persecute leftists. Islamic terrorism is met with calls for “more understanding” and “more integration” – no one is banned or deplatformed. Islamic parties exist in Europe. Despite terrorist attacks in Europe, those parties are not banned. No Antifa show up at rallies or meetings of those parties. And Antifa itself is not persecuted; curiously enough, the government of the allegedly “racist fascist” Trump coddles Antifa and legally persecutes Antifa’s victims. Antifa itself celebrates Marxist mass murderers and terrorists. Indeed, despite being characterized by political violence and terrorism in the 1960s and 70s (never mind the horrors of communism), the Left is now dominant in the Establishment of what used to the West.

On a more fundamental racial level in the USA, acts of violence by BLM supporters have not resulted in targeting of that movement by the System; instead, BLM gets support. The Zebra murders did not result in the banning of Black Muslims; no one dares deplatform or censor them, and the idea of their rallies being broken up by Antifa is comically ludicrous, as is the idea that some soyboy would dare ”egg” any Black nationalist leader.

It only White nationalism that is held responsible for rare acts of lone wolf violence, and that is because White nationalism was already repressed before the violence – the violence, which is a result of the repression, is used to not only retroactively justify the past repression but to proactively justify even more repression.

Let’s put it this way: What came first – Richard Spencer having to cancel his college speaking tour or the New Zealand attack?  What came first – deplatforming and censorship or the New Zealand attack?  What came first – an endless series of cancelled Amren and VDARE meetings, or the New Zealand attack?  Shall I continue?

That is why political violence and terrorism by the Left and/or Coloreds is never met with banning, deplatforming, censorship, denunciations by the US Congress, hysteria by the Australian Prime Minster, any of it.  It’s not the rare acts of violence by isolated Nutzi types that really bothers these people.  That’s just an excuse; again, it’s a rationale to justify their pre-existing hostility toward the ideology of White nationalism and the people who believe in it. On a deeper level, it is a rationale to justify their pre-existing hatred of White people and the desire to see Whites demographically and cultural replaced.

*”He was only ‘egged’ so it is no big deal,” the Left says.  Really?  What do they think would happen if they tried to “egg” a US President?  One could imagine the screaming if an Alt Righter “egged” Her Majesty AOC. Forget about people – imaging the anguished screaming if a Nutzi “egged” the statue of Saint Martin of King.  Look, it doesn’t matter if you believe that “it is not a big deal.” The attack on Anning was a physical assault in the service of political ideology; hence, it can be termed terrorism.  

Also see this.