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Tom Rogers on Jack Sen

Another view.

An individual calling himself “Tom Rogers” makes the following comment at The Occidental Observer:

Jack Sen is not white, so while I have no objection to his involvement in Nationalism, and would welcome his support generally, and also wish him well in his other endeavours, I cannot and will not support British Renaissance as long as he is leader or holds any prominent position. 

I will not accept non-whites in leadership roles in the pro-white movement. To do so is inconsistent, insincere, manipulative and hypocritical – and that is the charge I lay against those who support Jack Sen in this project, including the author of this article, who fails to make clear his connection to this new organisation, in that he holds the status of Patron.

Mr. Rogers would I think be even more adamant about this, and less charitable to Sen, if he were to peruse the material here.

But, even without that information, Mr. Rogers’ instincts are sound.