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Not a Cherokee Princess

Apparently, I was wrong.
So, I was wrong when I assumed that Ms. Transracial’s parents were telling the truth about “Native American ancestry” – I should have known better. Anyone who would adopt Negroes would, I guess, be prone to desperately search for any hint of non-White ancestry in their own background.  Next time, I should just assume maximal White freakishness.
This though leaves the “movement” with the options of either focusing on “Asiatic Slav” ancestry or “altruistic high-trust hunter-gatherers.”  Or, to hold out hope that there is a taint of “Med” there. Problems, problems.

Transracialism Rejected

The Dolezal case.

Read here.  Excerpts, emphasis added, as follows, with some of my comments interspersed.

Dolezal, a 37-year-old woman with a light brown complexion and dark curly hair, graduated from historically black Howard University, taught African studies at a local university and was married to a black man. For years, she publicly described herself as black and complained repeatedly of being the victim of racial hatred in the heavily white region.

As I discussed in one of my other blogs, it’s a shame she really isn’t ethnically some sort of “Med.”  One could only imagine the joy of the “movement” in asserting that her appearance and behavior reflects “dago” realities.

The uproar that led to her resignation began last week after Dolezal’s parents told the news media their daughter is white with a trace of Native American heritage. They produced photos of her as girl with fair skin and straight blond hair.

Assuming that the “Native American” part is true (and I see no reason that the parents would like about that, given what this case is about), question: if the woman had kept her original appearance, and if he had been “rightist,” would she be accepted in the “movement?”

Her mother, Ruthanne Dolezal of Troy, Montana, told reporters she has had no contact with her daughter in several years. She said Rachel began to “disguise herself” as black after her parents adopted four black children more than a decade ago.

Rather than label the parents as pathological from a biological fitness standpoint, stand by for “movement” commentaries about “altruism” and “hunter-gathererers.”

Dolezal has been widely credited with reinvigorating Spokane’s moribund NAACP chapter. In resigning, she boasted that under her leadership, the chapter acquired an office, increased membership, improved finances and made other improvements.

So, essentially, the NAACP chapter needed to be “reinvigorated” by a White person posing as Black. Under the previous (presumably real Negro) leadership, the chapter was “moribund.”  Is anyone surprised by any of this?

“It feels like the ultimate betrayal,” Angela Jones, an NAACP member from Spokane, said of Dolezal after the rally. “Why would you not be honest?”

Are Negroes honest about race?  Is the System?  After all, I thought that “race doesn’t exist” and is merely a “social construct.”  Dolezal “socially constructed” her racial identity. Pray tell, how does that differ from standard System opinions on racial reality?

Don Harris, a white man who heads the NAACP in the Phoenix area, criticized her, saying, “What do you gain in saying, ‘I’m an African-American’ when you’re not?”

Harris – obviously another unassimilable Med who identifies with coloreds. Gee, what do you “gain” – maybe a thousand-and-one affirmative action advantages and other manifestations of Colored Privilege?

In 2002, Dolezal sued Howard University, where she attended graduate school, for discrimination based on “race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender, as well as retaliation,” according to a 2005 District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruling in the case. Dolezal, who then went by her married name, Rachel Moore, claimed the university blocked her appointment as a teaching assistant, failed to hire her as an art teacher upon graduation and removed some of her pieces from a student art exhibition in favor of works by African-American students. 

This isn’t clear.  Did she sue at that time on the basis of being White and being discriminated against in favor of Blacks?

City officials are investigating whether she lied about her ethnicity when she landed an appointment to Spokane’s police oversight board. On her application, she said her ethnic origins included white, black and American Indian.

Paging Don Harris!  Any “gains” visible yet?

On Friday, police said they were suspending investigations into racial harassment complaints filed by Dolezal before the uproar, including one from earlier this year in which she said she received hate mail at her NAACP office.

If a transsexual “woman” filed a complaint about anti-female harassment, would that need to be a “suspended investigation?”  The System can’t quite get consistent about its varying insanities.  The “movement” can’t either.