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None Dare Call It Treason

None except for Sallis.

Read this.  What else do you expect from the Unz HBD site?  What do you expect from a site that blames The China Plague on “an American bioweapon,” shills for China, has as its owner a Jewish supporter of Hispanic Reconquista, and which promotes Nordicism designed to divide Whites against each other for the benefit of Jews and Asians?
That dumb Unz piece misses the entire point.  The ultimate issue is not about crime or IQ or whatever – it’s about the demographic and cultural displacement of Whites.  It is about EGI and civilization, not crime statistics and PISA scores.  It is about genetic kinship and cultural affinity, not a ranking of group traits according to scales designed to suit the interests of wealthy Levantines. Whites should support White interests precisely because they are White, not because of what turds like Unz or Lynn or Rushton or Sailer or Dutton or any of them say about particular traits of Whites vs. those of others. Whites should not oppose immigration of (non-White) Hispanics or Asians because of some ranked traits but precisely because those groups are not White; they are not us. How difficult can that be to understand? And can we be surprised that some sort of HBD Spencerite “racialist” goes groveling to Unz with mea culpas?  And that is why White HBDers are a problem – they judge groups based on proximate measures rather than ultimate. So, to them, Hispanics are evaluated based upon whether or not they rioted a lot recently, rather than on Hispanics’ relative genetic (and cultural) distance from European-Americans. From a racialist viewpoint that is a disaster, and it is inevitable that weak-minded fools who base their worldview on HBD are going to turn against WN, because at the most fundamental basis HBD and WN are essentially incompatible.

To better understand the depths of Unzian Middle Eastern mendacity, consider the argument there – that WN is “politically bankrupt” because it focuses on immigration – an existential issue for White survival that White people actually DO care about, as demonstrating by opinion polling and by the election of Trump in 2016 – instead of, you know, focusing on IQ scores and Durocherian Nordicism, that White folks not only care zero about, but would consider strange, disconnected to their interests, and the province of cranks and autistic weirdos.  Why is it that members of the tribe ALWAYS promote memes to Whites that are racially destructive?  They just can’t help themselves, can they? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And, finally, that is why any “White nationalists” – like Johnson and Durocher – who write for Unz are despicable traitors.  Neither of them needs to write for Unz (of course, no one does in fact).  Johnson has his own Counter-Currents site.  Durocher has written for a variety of other sites in the past and nothing stops him from starting an independent blog (possible name: The Clouseau Chronicles).  No, they choose to support and enable a Jew who attacks WN and supports non-White immigration. EGI Notes, on the other hand, is steadfast in its opposition to Unz. Or should I say (((Unz)))?

Then we have those veteran WN 1.0 heroes, who have made their career opposing Jewish power (or pretending to do so), but who cannot utter a single word against HBD, Unz, or any of the White traitors who sell out their race for Unzian “race realism.”  I suppose such utterances would not be “politically” expedient.  Another example of what the likes of Gunther, Grant, and Stoddard would consider the sublimely honorable nobility of Nordic Man.

It is a matter of judgment and character.

Behold Egalism (emphasis added):

…a system called egalismThe government provides all the necessities of life, and in exchange the people work only thirteen hours each week. (All other work is performed by machines or by outside contractors–at great price.) The remainder of their time is spent in the leisurely pursuit of pleasure: games, sport, sex…Egalism requires sacrifices, though. The people are crowded onto one small island called Arrabus; the vast continents of Wyst are sparsely populated wilderness. The government provides all food, but the only choices available are three bland concoctions: gruff, deedle, and wobbly. Arrabins go to great lengths to get taste of real food, which they call bonter. People live in colossal featureless apartment blocks, in tiny rooms with randomly assigned roommates. Personal possessions are scarce, and frequently stolen (or snerged as the Arrabins say.) The egal ideal is absolute equality between persons, so individualism is stifled. Even the differences between sexes are suppressed as much as possible. Making oneself too appealing to the opposite sex is sexivation, and is socially discouraged…it is clear that egalism is a failed experiment. The machines that keep Arrabus running are breaking down. The Arrabins, working only thirteen hours a day at menial jobs, are not able to effect repairs, and Arrabin exports can no longer cover the cost of hiring outside contractors.

It is also interesting that the Arrabins are extremely anti-immigration, as they claim they cannot maintain their social system with the mass influx of immigrant parasites who want to take advantage of it.  I’m sure Unz would object, as long as the immigrants are Hispanic or Asian.
The following is an Arrabin female addressing an outworlder male in that book: “We’ll copulate if you like; you can show me some new and amusing antics.”

Another Arrabin female is described thus: “…a blonde, kitten-faced girl with small feet and a ripe figure displayed almost to the point of sexivation…”
If such exemplified Vance’s own preferences, then obviously he was not an HBDer.  Or an Alt Right flirter.  Or the keynote speaker at an Alt Right meeting.  Jack was not suitable for the Mannerbund.

Oh, that Jack Vance

Let’s ignore the works of Gene Wolfe and Jack Vance, and the lessons therein about human behavior and societies, and instead crack open our copy of Tolkien in our hobbit hole.  The battle for Middle Earth begins!  That’ll be complete with Unz telling us that opposing orcs is “politically bankrupt,” and Durocher busily using calipers to compare the cephalic indices of northern vs. southern hobbits.

Of interest.  Why is it that the anti-White system merely provokes protests to become even more anti-White, rather than the opposite.  A first in history – in which an oppressed population riots in favor of more oppression.  High trust northern hunter gatherers!

It is abduction.  The problem, you see, is that the Right, as an empty vessel, lacks the legal infrastructure to pursue this to its logical conclusion.  If such an infrastructure existed, then, pooling together a number of like cases, and assuming properly litigious clients, the local government could be sued for allowing the civil rights of the drivers to be violated, and for failing to enforce the law (as well as the anarcho-tyranny of politically-motivated selective prosecution); further, the protestors themselves, once identified via social media and other mechanisms (starting with “Seun”), can also sued. There’s also probably a RICO criminal case or two there if you sift around aggressively enough – but that of course requires a sympathetic district attorney.

In any case, it is quite clear that legal room for maneuver exists – IF the Right were anything other than a useless grift.

Christianity must be destroyed.

Consider this.

After spending most of my 20s in Scandinavia, I noticed that white Europeans were also becoming minorities in certain areas of Western Europe. This was one of the reasons why I decided to relocate to Eastern Europe for the past two years.

That’s it with these Herrenvolk.  Their homelands have been destroyed by their own feckless co-ethnics, so time to move into someone else’s lands.  Ethnonationalism!  What hypocrites.  Let’s hear more from the Quota Queens how “Poles should not be living in Western Europe.”  Indeed, they’ll write that article as soon as they finish screwing that Polish girl in Warsaw.  Ethnonationalism!

Remember my prediction for 2020:

Here’s a very easy prediction for 2020: Expect more outrageous hypocrisy from Counter-Currents.

Counter-Currents: The absolute worst, most outrageously hypocritical Far Right site on the Internet. Oh yes, let’s preach the wonders of “ethnonationalism” and “petty nationalism” while engaging in ethnosupremacist ethnoimperialism, living in the nations of other peoples and taking their women.

A Counter-Currents “writer” whines:

My nephew suffered the most from her lackadaisical parenting. He became very spoiled from eating cheap calorie fast food. The breadth of his nutritional intake came from chicken nuggets, French fries, pepperonis, be they on a pizza or straight out of a package, and hotdogs. His grandmother (my mom) had to make sure her freezer was always stocked with the same garbage. It was so bad that he literally refused fruit, vegetables, soups, salads, or even meat that wasn’t served out of a frozen cardboard box.

Hey!  With the exception of the French fries and pizza crust, that sounds a lot like the carnivore diet promoted by the great and good Jef Costello.  So what’s the problem?  Just substitute the fries and crusts with more chicken nuggets and hot dogs and you’re all set! After all, Eskimos eat whale meat, so…chow down, son!  Hopefully you won’t get apoplexy sitting on the toilet.  Fiber?  You don’t need no stinkin’ fiber!

Share and Share Alike

In other news in der news.

Sallis right, HBD wrong.  Emphasis added:

U.S. intelligence has “increasing confidence” that the novel Wuhan coronavirus outbreak began in a lab that was researching bat-coronaviruses, contrary to China’s claim that the pandemic emerged from a Wuhan wet market, according to multiple sources that briefed Fox News.

The sources told Fox News that the initial transmission of the virus looks to be bat-to-human, and that “patient zero” contracted the disease while working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, before going into the general population. While the lab is China’s first to achieve the highest level of international bio-research safety, known as BSL-4, its work with bats had been conducted at the lower protection level of BSL-2.

Having the TROPICAL COLORED ANTI-ARCTIC Chinese working on biological agents is the same as giving a retarded five year old a loaded gun. Are East Asians – exemplified by the Chinese – the most ANTI-ARCTIC, TROPICAL, global south, inept, incompetent hominids there are?  Let’s ask Derbyshire. Maybe he’ll answer when he stops weeping.

In all seriousness, we need to understand the enormity of what has happened, the extent of Chinese perfidy. Whether it was the result of colored laboratory incompetence or the result of filthy and disgusting alien eating habits, the virus jumped from animal (likely, bat) to “human” in China. Then they hid the facts from the world, after which they locked down Wuhan while at the same time encouraging travel from their infected territory to the rest of the world, essentially adopting a genocidal “share and share alike” (remember the book The Stand?) attitude. Then, with all of the suffering, the morbidity and mortality, the economic destruction, everything, they have the nerve to whine about “racism,” to threaten the USA that they will withhold medication so Americans will suffer through the “hell of a coronavirus epidemic,” to prance around with defiant nationalism, with WHO doing their bidding (including opposing travel restrictions, remember – WHO has blood on their hands), and then pushing the “American bioweapons” lie to cover up their disgusting TROPICAL behavior.  Premeditated murder.  Bannon should STOP making distinctions between the Chinese government and the Chinese “people.” The latter, in their extreme xenophobic and ethnocentric nationalism, support the former.  The former derives from the latter.  IT IS THE CHINESE “PEOPLE” WHO ARE TO BLAME.

Are the HBDers going to continue the “American bioweapons” lie?  Is there going to be an investigation into HBD?  Will we one day see prominent HBDers doing the “perp walk” as they are being led away by federal agents?  Who knows?  Inquiring minds want to know. Investigate them now.

Good luck with this.  There are limited options to punish China. Unfortunately, military action is not possible, for obvious reasons.  Other options run the risk of Chinese retaliation since the USA is so dependent on China for key materials and economic stability. The USA can repudiate Chinese-held debt, but that would have consequences with respect to American economic credibility – unless the action had international support and America no longer needed the Chinese as creditors in the future. Indeed, any credible action would require an international exposure of Chinese perfidy, followed by joint action in the international community – denouncement, indictment of Chinese officials (no chance of extradition of course, merely symbolic – although it would prevent much international travel), diplomatic repercussions, etc. Taiwan can be empowered. for example. That would of course raise the risk of Chinese retaliation against a world so dependent upon them.

Ultimately, the advice I would give is the phrase – “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”  The first order of business is to arrest, and then, over time, reverse, the trends making America so dependent upon China. If this is done, and can be done without prematurely triggering excess Chinese retaliation, the USA would be better situated to act against Chinese interests in the future.

So, essentially, what can realistically be done now is exposure, denouncement, and various symbolic gestures, coupled with a strategy of disentanglement rom China. The USA could of course enable and facilitate private lawsuits by aggrieved citizens and groups against the Chinese, although, practically speaking, there is no way of getting the Chinese to pay up. Yes, Chinese property in America can be seized and I would support that, but there will be retaliation. The quicker we can become disentangled from China, the better.

I would like to defend Trump against the latest leftist SJW hysteria – the whole “Chinatown vs. China/pandering to bigotry” argument. There was in fact obviously reasons for folks to have been wary of Chinatowns when idiots like Pelosi were telling them to visit, independent of accusations of bigots “not knowing that Chinatown is not in China.” It’s a matter of prudence and probability. In a Chinatown, there is an increased probability of encountering someone who just arrived from China and/or encountering someone who has been in close contact to such a traveler. This is just plain common sense. Perhaps that nice Chinese girl giving a “happy ending” to an Alt Righter in a Chinatown massage parlor just arrived in from Wuhan after visiting her parents there. Perhaps that nice Chinese man – hiding his burning hatred of Whites behind a fake smile – serving you in a Chinatown souvenir shop just finished having a bat soup lunch with his uncle Wei Fuk Yu, just arrived from Wuhan. This is entirely possible.

It’s just a cold, bro!  Gates did it!

The TROPICAL Asian race fits into the worldwide paradigm of COLOR.  Derbyshire weeps bitter, sour tears.

Culture and civilization.  This is the sort of vibrancy that belongs in the TROPICAL COLORED nation of China.  After all, the various GLOBAL SOUTH TROPICAL COLORED peoples must stick together.  Derbyshire weeps.

HBD supports this.  HBD is the enemy of the White race.  HBD must be destroyed and HBDers held to account.

As I’ve always said – the “human” photocopiers.  Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal. HBD supports this as well.  HBD is the enemy of the White race.  HBD must be destroyed and HBDers held to account

When are YOU going to take a stand against HBD?

This here is support for my racial recapitulation theory – more about my hypothesis here – that was just as much about mental as well as physical traits. It also calls into question legal and moral responsibility for things done at younger ages.  A man commits an impulsive murder at the age of 20, for which he is arrested for – a cold case solved! – at the age of 70. Let’s assume he never did a thing wrong again after that murder, and is a completely changed person.  Legally, under our current system, he’s responsible, and no doubt there are many who would agree with that. I myself am not arguing against that, but I’m not so strongly arguing for it, either.  These are questions that need to be very carefully considered, instead of giving a knee-jerk response one way or another.

Genetic analysis of artifacts.

I have to give credit to Greg Johnson for taking a sound position on The China Plague on his Twitter site.  It is therefore unfortunate he allows morons on this topic on his blog.

Please read this.

They are the most lying, coercive, manipulative government in the world, and you and I both know, they are committing the largest crimes against humanity prior to this outbreak of the sinister virus that God knows where it really came from—somewhere between the Wuhan wet market, the Chinese Center for Disease Control, which is right across the street, or maybe 20 miles north, at the Biosafety Level 4 lab in China. But the bottom line is, this disease has been unleashed on the rest of the world, and it was knowingly done so. And that’s why I’m so visibly upset about this.

Watch this. HBD supports the actions of China.  HBD lies to protect China.  Trump claims to be a “wartime President.”  China allowed their citizens to infect the world. Can HBDers be indicted for treason?

HBD Needs to be Investigated

Let’s take a close look.

For whatever reason – take your guess – the HBDers continue to promote the Chinese government’s lies and they promote the most hysterical conspiracy theories to obfuscate Chinese culpability in this tragedy and to prevent humanity from holding the Chinese accountable for their crimes.

See this. DARPA…right…

And this.  We’re picking on the poor Chinese. According to HBD, The NY Times (!!!) is the racist spewer of anti-Asian bigotry!  No, that’s not a joke.  That’s not me being facetious or sarcastic. That’s not the “paranoid style” of me inventing absurd accusations against HBD. That’s what they are saying themselves.  Astonishing.

Read the comments…remarkable.


Ron Unz says:
February 14, 2020 at 3:04 am GMT • 200 Words
@Ron Unz
Actually, someone pointed out that the Coronavirus outbreak occurred at the absolute peak of the Chinese holiday travel season, the ideal time for having it spread very rapidly before being detected.
Obviously, any natural or accidental outbreak would generally tend to occur at some random time of year, so this somewhat increases the likelihood that it was a biowarfare attack against China.

Let’s carefully consider the spectacle of a Jew-run HBD site hysterically promoting the Chinese government’s lie that the virus that actually originated from either Chinese carelessness or their disgusting habits (or both) is somehow an ‘American bioweapon”- you know, despite the fact the Chinese, as Carlson so cogently pointed out, are going to end this crisis stronger than before, despite that the USA and Europe are being hit hard by this, that it’s going to tank the American economy, despite that the USA is comically unprepared, despite the fact that the Chinese have been desperately trying to hide the facts from the world community, openly lying, preventing access, which you would think they’d be doing the opposite if this was really an “attack” against them.

any natural or accidental outbreak would generally tend to occur at some random time of year

So, you retarded Levantine, it’s just as likely to occur when the rat/bat/civet cat-eaters are on holiday as any other time. The timing neither increases nor decreases the likelihood of the Chinese government-HBD fantasies, so this Jew is either being an absolute statistical moron, or is mendacious.

What do we see?  A Jewish HBD site that strongly promotes the craziest pro-Chinese conspiracy theories, that blames (White) Americans for the genocidal crimes of the Chinese, a site that mirrors the most extreme SJW pandering to Asian hurt feelings rather than holding the Chinese accountable for what they’ve done. The same site hosts the radical Nordicist Durocher whose entire raison d’etre is dividing Whites against each other.  The same site hosts the ethnonationalist Johnson (“Trevor Lynch”) – another divider of Whites.


It’s so crazy, even I wouldn’t have believed it would be possible. Incredible as it seems, HBD is even crazier, and even more Asian-obsessed, than even I imagined.

It’s so crazy and ludicrous,it makes one wonder.  Conspiracy theories cut both ways.

Isn’t about time that there is a FARA investigation of HBD? After all, if they are innocent, they have nothing to hide and should welcome an inquiry.

HBD Solution to Coronavirus: Blame the American White Man

Are all you Nutzis out there finally going to admit that I’ve been right about HBD all along?

Go, Tucker, Go!  One of his best.  What does it say about Der Movement that Tucker Carlson speaks the truth about China that the Quota Queens refuse to do?  HBDers: Time to attack Tuck!

This is HBD:


The great Coronavirus scare is a tool the US is using to further discredit China. The US establishment will do anything to destroy China’s growth and threat to the US hegemony. Tucker Carlson has hopped on the bad mouth China train…in conjunction with a marked decrease in attacking the US establishment. It appears Fox has put the thumb on him.

That’s from the self-declared Yellow Supremacist website American Renaissance. The battle lines are drawn folks.  We have HBD-race realism-Yellow Supremacy on one side and you have White nationalism on the other.

Your choice. 

This is HBD:

Hubert Cumberdale  Realist

Isn’t it such a coincidence it was (literally) centered on the dead center of China’s most populous and economically significant southeastern quarter of the country?

Realist  Hubert Cumberdale 

As duplicitous as the US has become, both at home and abroad…it is quite possible the US planted the virus in China.

Hubert Cumberdale  Realist 

That’s what I am starting to believe more and more everyday. Make some virus that has a less than 1% mortality rate even for East Asians who are the most susceptible to it (so the creators don’t feel “too” bad about what they’ve done) and yet have it cause such economic and social devastation.

HBD is the enemy. Ted Sallis has BEEN PROVEN ABSOLUTELY CORRECT ONCE AGAIN.  HBD is an anti-White hate cult.  HBDers literally worship at The Altar of Asia.  We see Chinese behaving worse than sub-Saharan Africans, but it is all the White man’s fault, don’t you know.

HBD is race treason.

“Race realism” is race treason.

White Yellow Supremacists are race traitors.

When are HBDers such as “Realist” going to be forced to register as foreign agents?  Aren’t they in essence working for the Chinese government?  When is the US federal government going to look into this?

Some sanity:

Asmodeous Rex  Realist 

Did they plant SARS there too? Did they plant Avian flu there too? Did they plant the Bubonic plague which killed half of Europe during the Middle Ages also? All those diseases came from China.


Realist  Asmodeous Rex 

Did they plant SARS there too?

Did they plant Avian flu there too?

Also quite possible

That’s HBD.  Remember Orwell: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.  The boot belongs to a flat-chested, buck-toothed, grotesquely ugly, estrogen-deficient Chinatrix and the face belongs to an awkward squad omega male HBDer.  That’s the HBD future for humanity.

By the way, Mr. Rex, you forgot about influenza as well – including the so-called “Spanish” flu.

Sallis predicted the emergence of a HBD-ethnonationalist-Nordicist alliance, promoting Asian (and Jewish) interests, attacking White interests, and centered on sites like Unz, Amren, Counter-Currents, etc.

Right, right, I’m always right. Oh, yes, that’s “the paranoid style.” Very “paranoid” to note that the HBDers not only refuse to blame their Chinese gods for a crisis created by the Chinese “people,” but they actually have the crazed temerity to blame (White) Americans for it.  You know, White folks – the ones who have been MURDERED by Chinese diseases for centuries. White folks – who are sending huge amounts of supplies to China while the Chinese whine that they are “not being helped enough” and while the monsters fume that non-monsters who protect themselves from disease are “racist.”

What’s interesting is that the HBDers are so fanatically pro-Chinese that they take positions that are more extreme than that of the Chinese government itself.  The HBDers claim that the “coronavirus scare” is a “tool” to impair China’s rise, while the Chinese themselves declare it a “grave crisis” and a “people’s struggle.”  The HBDers insanely then claim that the virus (no longer a “scare,” I suppose) is a dastardly American bioweapon aimed at the blushing, shy, and innocent Chinese; the Chinese themselves are desperate to invoke a “natural origin” for the virus so as to deflect attention from their own bioweapons facility at the epicenter of the crisis.

The behavior of HBDers here is so lunatic that if I had predicted such behavior – say a month ago – I would have been labelled “crazy and bitter” and engaging in “the paranoid style” by the Unzian traitors.  But, alas, the HBDers are so many cans short of a sixpack that they engage in stupidity that even I did not predict.  

At some point,the HBDers may realize they are damaging themselves and try a different tack – perhaps deflect attention from China by foaming at the mouth about “inner vs. outer hajnal” or “high trust hunter gatherers” or something of that nature.  Attacking afrowops and Romanians is always in the HBD toolkit.

On the other hand, if we start seeing the Chinese authorities start talking about “the coronavirus scare is a  tool to impair China’s rise,” or about the virus as an American bioweapon, then we’ll have more evidence of close cooperation between the Chinese government and HBD agents infiltrated in the West.

Of course it’s chaotic.  Colored is as colored does.

Dear Turds:

You may be asymptomatic carriers. Why not just endure that quarantine with that famed stoic British “stiff upper lip” rather than whine to be released as two typhoid marys spreading disease to others? I don’t know – maybe “anxiety and neurosis” is not confined to afrowops?  By the way, if you “smell a rat,” it’s probably being eaten (alive) by some Chinamen somewhere.

That’s all America’s fault, right?  How dare we interfere with “China’s rise” by preventing the Chinese from spying, stealing, copyright infringement, smuggling biological material, etc.  How dare we!

Colored is as colored does. If Negroes or wops behaved like this, the HBDers would be screaming bloody murder.  Chinese do it – they’re the victims.

Behold the female.  Manjaw?  Check.  Problem glasses? Check. SJW cat lady scowl? Check.

Blame dem dere Ellis Island White ethnics – like Kevin MacDonald and Francis Parker Yockey, right?

What a stupid bastard this Hampton is. 

Many white ethnics still harbor resentment over alleged WASP oppression and can’t get over that America demanded their ancestors speak English.

Uh huh.  And who does he name?  Various Jews.  Yockey,  Spengler.  Benoist.  I don’t seem to recall Scalia bashing the Puritans.  Really, what an obsessive dumbfuck this guy is.  If he really thinks wops and hunkes are darkly muttering about “America demanded their ancestors speak English” then I think he is, literally, insane.

These guys always talk about “White ethnic resentment” and attacks against WASPs, but the only ones on the attack in this dynamic are the WASPs against the White ethnics.  The WASP cries out in pain as he strikes you.  

The only ones criticizing Puritans are Jews, HBDers, foreigners, and wanna-be foreigners like Yockey – none of whom are American “White ethnics.”

Let’s see some nonsense from a commentator:

I remembering getting into the anti-Purtian [sic] mindset after reading about it from Hunter Wallace, who is a Southern Nationalist, and Kevin MacDonald, who is an Irish Catholic. Those two have an outsized influence in the Pro-White Movement, especially Dr. MacDonald.

The “Southern Nationalist” “Wallace” is a WASP.  Are afrowops to blame for “Albion’s seed” feuds?  MacDonald may be Catholic (or raised as such), but he’s not Irish, dumbfuck  He’s Scottish-German. You know, a Celto-Germanic high trust inner hajnal northern hunter gatherer.

Still waiting for some of dem dere “Ellis Island” “White ethnics” (not Jews).  

Once again: The WASP cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Hampton is the ethnic aggressor here.  If he has a problem with anti-Puritanism, address high trust northern hunter gatherers like “Wallace” and MacDonald. Neolithic farmer swarthoids are not involved in that feud and have no interest in in, other than to call out retarded fetishists like Hampton who project their ethnic animus on others who have nothing to do with the issue.