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Making Lists

Something to think about.
A certain popular White anthropologist, who shall go nameless, recently wrote an article in Scientific American concerning race, an article with a decidedly anti-White, genocidal basis. Essentially, the article asserted the “shallowness” of racial differences, the future of miscegenation ahead, and that – all good news! – such a panmixia will lead to all sorts of nifty diversity, with dark skin and light eyes and all sorts of other great combinations. All surface changes, don’t you know, nothing to be worried about!  It’s to be welcomed!
Yes, I know it’s early, and we don’t want to engage in fantasy thinking.  But still, at some point, racial nationalists need to consider: if we ever do win, and hold legally convened tribunals to hold accountable those who participated, in one way or the other, in the attempt to destroy the White race, we need to be prepared.  Perhaps it is time now to start making up those little lists that would help us identify those who need to sit in the dock to hear the judgement rendered against them.