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Odds and Ends, 8/5/20

In der news.
Serious question – is it possible for someone to be so fundamentally dishonest that they lose their humanity?  If so, one can ask – has Greg Johnson reached that point?  See the following (emphasis added):

People keep asking me for my predictions for the 2020 US Presidential elections. It is really impossible to say…This election is the Democrats’ to lose. I have been saying that for years.But they may just be stupid enough to lose it by running a ticket of the creepy, senile Joe Biden and any of the shortlist of crazed black women he is considering for VP.In short, given the instability of America today, anything can happen in the next three months. The election could even be postponed or called off entirely. So I simply have no idea who will be the next President of the United States.

Compare to this:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide.No matter what…but then “It is really impossible to say…the Democrats…may just be stupid enough to lose it… anything can happen in the next three months…I simply have no idea who will be the next President of the United States.”

So, by dogmatically and absolutelyasserting “Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide” the hysterical and unbalanced Johnson once again demonstrated horrifically bad judgment…which he now makes believe never happened as he presents a more balanced and nuanced view, which the rest of us knew was the correct call from the very beginning.

Now, if Johnson, in his second piece, had simply admitted being wrong, simply admitted demonstrating terrible judgment, that would not have been dishonest. One could at least respect the candor. But no. He couldn’t bring himself to do the right thing.

Johnson is simply the most dishonest person I have ever known in my life. That’s not defamation; it is a simple declaration of fact – I am the only one who knows the levels of dishonesty I have encountered in my life, and so I express an opinion based on my personal experience.  Lying by omission is typically considered to be dishonesty – and omission applies in this case.
Therefore my statement is a perfectly reasonable blend of an accepted definition combined with a personal opinion.

Laugh at this comment left in response to Johnson’s post:

Lord ShangPosted August 3, 2020 at 4:24 pm | PermalinkDr. Johnson’s unwillingness to venture a prediction on the election is the mature position. No one really has any idea…

Indeed, I agree.  No one really has any idea, and stating such is the “mature position.”  Too bad no one told that to Johnson back in August 2019, when making a prediction was even more outrageously ludicrous, immature, and reflecting bad judgment than doing so today.

If you think this analysis too harsh, then consider.  If it is impossible to predict the outcome of a November 2020 election in August 2020, then how can any sensible person make an absolute, dogmatic, smugly certain prediction about that election in August 2019?  Answer – they cannot, and anyone who does so is not sensible. These sort of non-sensible snap judgments (always with no accountability) by your “leadership” is why your “movement” has gone from one tragic failure to another for decades. That’s how you get Patrik Hermansson giving a keynote address about infiltrators, and how “Dave Lewis, movie critic” gets a free pass after “David Lewis, writer for The Stranger” was rejected.

Note this:

I was obsessed with Scandinavia due to my passion for heavy metal and my own Danish roots…

That’s great. How about you stay away from Eastern Europe and away from Eastern European women then?  Ethnonationalism!

Was Hadley the Chief Mouser of the National Office?

Interestingly, the Zodiac killer was almost caught after the Stine murder, but was not due to police incompetence.  What is even more interesting is that the police description describes the killer (or the man they thought was he*) of having the “general appearance” of “Welsh ancestry.”

1969: “The suspect that was observed by officer Fouke was a WMA 35-45 Yrs about five-foot, ten inches, 180-200 pounds. Medium heavy build- Barrel chested- Medium complexion- Light-colored hair possibly greying in rear (May have been lighting that caused this effect.) Crew cut- wearing glasses- Dressed in dark blue waist length zipper type jacket (Navy or royal blue) Elastic cuffs and waist band zipped part way up. Brown wool pants pleated type baggy in rear (Rust brown) May have been wearing low cut shoes. Subject at no time appeared to be in a hurry walking with a shuffling lope, Slightly bent forward. The subject’s general appearance- Welsh ancestry.”

While the wanted poster composite does reflect (at least to my eyes) an individual of likely Northwest European Celto-Germanic ancestry (high trust!), how can anyone say that the appearance is specifically “Welsh?”  How can anyone be so specific?  Are Welsh phenotypes so distinctive that one can distinguish an individual in that manner?  Did the police officer have much experience with people of Welsh ancestry?  His surname could be Welsh I suppose.

*Given that the police description closely matches that of the witnesses to the murder, and since the Zodiac himself mentioned the police interaction (the exact nature of which is controversial – the Zodiac claimed conversation that the police denied), it is overwhelmingly likely, but of course not 100% definitively certain, that the individual encountered was the Zodiac.

I was recently cross-referencing Spencer and Johnson posts here and came across an interesting correlation.

First, see this:

FYI: I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here, but it has been brought to my attention that Richard has been privately approached by respected Alt-Right figures about the increasingly erratic, destructive behaviour of a certain Alt-Right writer (on display in this comment thread below), and has been urged to distance himself and the brand from him.

Second, see this:

Counter-Currents @NewRightAmericaHe’s intelligent, but his intellect has been ruined by insanity. I regret tolerating him and people like Parrott as long as I did. Better people saw it as indecent. It harmed my reputation.

Now, perhaps one shouldn’t focus too much on the similarity there (or perhaps not?); nevertheless, at the very least, we see a pattern in which “respected Alt-Right figures” aka “better people” conduct covert behind the scenes whispering campaigns to disparage individuals and to advise “movement leaders” not to have anything to do with such individuals.

This is interesting at many levels.  First, the arrogance, the chutzpah, of any of these failed “Alt-Right figures” to deem themselves qualified to talk about “erratic, destructive, insane, indecent” behavior of anyone – clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black, as well as Frankfurt School-like pathologization of disagreement and criticism.

Second, the complete lack of character to engage in shadowy, cowardly womanly gossiping campaigns, instead of forthrightly and publicly, overtly, expressing the negative opinions in question.

Third, that the same “respected Alt-Right leaders” give positions of importance and discretion to individuals with documented (and in some cases, self-admitted) histories of real mental illness makes one wonder how they can ever believe they have the judgment to accurately gauge “erratic” and “insane” behavior in anyone.  

Fourth, there is a “what goes around, comes around” quality here – folks advise Spencer, and then, after Hailgate, we had various “respected Alt-Right figures” trying to beat each other to the punch in their eagerness to disavow Spencer and dissociate from him.  One wonders if any of those were the same “respected figures” giving Richie the earlier advice.

How all of this may fit in with the cordon sanitaire around the Sallis Groupuscule I’ll leave to the imagination of the reader.

Comical Nordicist MacDonald still hasn’t gotten the memo that Swift is explicitly an overt SJW anti-White leftist, who has been spewing System bile since Trump’s election.  Hypothesis – the real Kevin MacDonald, the author of the Jewish trilogy, was liquidated by the Mossad, and replaced by a cognitively deficient buffoon surgically altered to resemble the real MacDonald, in order to delegitimize his work on the Jews. I’m joking of course, but it is not clear how things would be any different if that scenario actually was true.

The likely breakdown of purchasers of Swift’s work – teenaged White girls with blue hair, BLM t-shirts, and boyfriends who look like an Australopithecus robustus; and male Type I “movement” boomers who get intractable priapisms every time they hear the word “Sweden.”

Counter-Currents retard:

Everyone knows what it means to be an Italian-American; the Italian-American identity is celebrated across our culture. It’s much cooler and more real to white Americans than Anglo identity. 

Yes, that is why Italians are vilified by both the “movement” and by the System.  To the “movement” the wops are non-White cringing mongrel subhumans, and to the System, they are bigoted off-White stupid criminal subhumans.  Let’s consider the System’s treatment of Italians, using pop culture as a standard.  In TV and movies, Italians – in many cases portrayed by obviously non-White actors and actresses – are presented as criminals, crude thugs, mindless bigots, unpleasant dwarves (Danny De Vito), or leering low-IQ droolcups (Tony Danza).  Type I Nutzis decry how badly “blonde Nordics” are portrayed in popular culture, but one is hard pressed to identify any group subjected to as much ridicule as are Italians.


Saying you’re not white because you’re Italian or Spanish gives you the chance to escape from the limitations of being white. It may also save you from the moral blackmail non-whites impose on whites.

As far as the second sentence goes, the retard later wrote:

Individual white Americans must decide whether to embrace white identity or flee from whiteness entirely. Our enemies aren’t inclined to honor the second option.

“It may also save you from the moral blackmail non-whites impose on whites…Our enemies aren’t inclined to honor the second option.”  Very consistent!  

As far as the first sentence goes, two points.  First, it is hardly (pure-blooded) “Italians or Spanish” who are the only ones saying that they are “not white.”  And it is not only the “Amerimuts” but also many of your high, high trust Herrenvolk.

Second, and more importantly, notice the “bait and switch” regarding race with respect to the White ethnics – a phenomenon that reflects “movement” hypocrisy.  You see, the “movement” decries the Jewish tactic of being “we White people” when it suits the Jewish argument, but then identifying as specifically (non-White) Jewish at other times. But let’s look how the “movement” – and, historically, the System itself – racially pins down the White ethnics, and hypocritically does the inverse to the ethnics as the Jews do to themselves.  On the one hand, the ethnics are not “White enough” – they are mongrels, low trust Outer Hajnals, moops, swarthoids, etc.  But, then, on the other hand, when the Nutzis want to pontificate about White solidarity vs. “the flight from Whiteness,” those same ethnics are accused of trying to “escape from the limitations of being white.” Who knows? Maybe if you didn’t question their “Whiteness” every five seconds, then they wouldn’t be so inclined to reject that label (and they really don’t do so as often as is implied in that piece). 

A Beautiful Tweet

And other news.

A beautiful tweet.  And all who continue to praise the execrable Rushton should be described similarly.  Never forget that Johnson censored my criticisms of Rushton after race-mixing fraud Phil dropped dead.  
HBD is filth. HBDers are filth. HBD is a pseudoscientific FRAUD. Rushton’s chicanery is just the tip of the HBD fraud iceberg. HBD is the enemy within the gates; HBD is a political movement whose aim is to empower Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites.  Anyone who supports or promotes HBD should be considered a ruthless enemy of the White race (and, yes, apparently that includes the person who wrote the “beautiful tweet” himself).

Don’t worry!  Trump is monitoring the situation! What should he do?  Declare that Portland and Seattle are in a state of insurrection against federal authority and send in the military. Those who would oppose that action are not going to vote for him anyway.  And, more fundamentally, he has as obligation to do the right thing independent of his electoral chances.

With respect to Jef Costello’s promotion of the carnivore diet, and his claims that a high-fat low-fiber diet is not a problem for GI health because Eskimos have no GI issues despite their whale meat/whale blubber low-carb diet, please see this new paper (emphasis added):



Alaska Native (AN) people have the world’s highest recorded incidence of sporadic colorectal cancer (CRC)...whereas rural African (RA) people have the lowest risk….

…Results: Adenomatous polyps were detected in 16 of 32 AN participants, but not found in RA participants. The AN diet contained higher proportions of fat and animal protein and less fiber. AN fecal microbiota showed a compositional predominance of Blautia and Lachnoclostridium, higher microbial capacity for bile acid conversion, and low abundance of some species involved in saccharolytic fermentation (e.g., Prevotellaceae, Ruminococcaceae), but no significant lack of butyrogenic bacteria. Significantly lower concentrations of tumor-suppressive butyrate (22.5 ± 3.1 compared with 47.2 ± 7.3 SEM µmol/g) coincided with significantly higher concentrations of tumor-promoting deoxycholic acid (26.7 ± 4.2 compared with 11 ± 1.9 µmol/g) in AN fecal samples. AN participants had lower quantities of fecal/urinary metabolites than RA participants and metabolite profiles correlated with the abundance of distinct microbial genera in feces. The main microbial and metabolic CRC-associated markers were not significantly altered in AN participants with adenomatous polyps.

Conclusions: The low-fiber, high-fat diet of AN people and exposure to carcinogens derived from diet or environment are associated with a tumor-promoting colonic milieu as reflected by the high rates of adenomatous polyps in AN participants.

Note also that while rural Africans have very low colorectal cancer rates, African-Americans have very high colorectal cancer rates. Now guess which group consumes lots of dietary fiber from plant sources and which group instead consumes lots of meats and fats with little fiber.

Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong, about just about EVERYTHING.

What’s gonna kill you first – the Der Movement diet or the Der Movement anti-vaxx agenda?  Eat dem beafsteaks!

More evidence that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the feuding Quota Queens. Next we’ll see Spencer exalting Tolkien; eventually he’ll become an ethnonationalist.  Who knows, maybe he’ll go the Dickson route and grovel to King Greggy as well.

Yes, just say “plenty of mistakes,” wave your hands around and pretend that Trump was been a real restrictionist, as opposed to a cuck who was talking about “touchback immigration” for illegals before the 2016 election.
The prancing Quota Queens can’t admit that they were wrong about Trump, that only Sallis was right, and the implications of that for their judgment. So, let’s rewrite history and pretend that Trump really was ideologically hardcore on immigration, and actually did ANYTHING substantive about it. By the way, is he still “monitoring the situation” about birthright citizenship?

Der Movement and Der Race in Der News, 7/27/20


Meanwhile, in Detroit…

Yet more examples of Johnson behaving totally different on his Twitter account than on his website:

Yes, but he allows conspiracy theorists free reign at Counter-Currents.

Greg Johnson, meet Jef Costello.

The fact that Johnson is allowed by Der Movement to get away with his flim-flam says more about that “movement” than it does about him.

By the way, the latest lie by Der Movement is that the “reason” why the Soviet Union did not reveal the “moon landing hoax” was because of the “Antarctic Treaty of 1959” – which of course has no provisions that would actually prevent the Soviet Union – never mind proxy agents – from revealing to the world a “hoax.” Note well my comment about “proxy agents.”  Even IF some treaty officially muzzled the USSR from speaking out (which it did not), they very well could have transferred all of the evidence to another nation or entity not so bound.  

You need to understand the mindset of the Type Is. Under a Type I White ethnostate, science and technics would degenerate to the level of the Dark Ages. So, why not pretend that modern technical achievements are all hoaxes?  Don’t worry that you no longer have vaccines – they are all “toxic jabs” anyway!  In fact, of course, microbes don’t cause disease!  Space exploration?  Never happened!  Moon landing – a hoax!  Satellites?  Hey! – why can’t you use the Internet on airplanes that are closer to those “satellites?”  Hoax!  Your GPS?  That voice – those instructions – are actually coming from a hobbit, talking to you from his hole snug in the forest!  Dat Right!  So, stop complaining that you’re living like it is 765 AD!   Electricity?  A hoax!  Lightning comes from Thor!  Or maybe Pepe!  Or Kek!  MAGA!

Conspiracy theorists are for the most part weak-minded individuals who are unable and/or unwilling to face the true OPEN conspiracies threatening us – for example, mass immigration race replacement/White Genocide, income inequality favoring an anti-White elite, Jewish power, the deaths of White despair including the opioid crisis – and instead have to hide from reality in some sort of cult-like cul-de-sac.

Good news for Der Movement – another swarthoid bites the dust!  How dare he use the surname “Saxon?”  An omnidominant Med plot!

Maybe too many high trust northern hunter gatherers?  If you really believe your own ideology, and are concerned about the current “moral panic” among Whites, due to a “Puritan heritage,” then why don’t you openly advocate that “modestly collectivist” Southern and Eastern Europeans take the lead in defending White interests?  Please use your prestige (“rock star!”) in your “movement” to denounce the ethnic affirmative action program that has “blessed” us with all of the Spencers and Johnsons.

Gee…why don’t you and Trump do it?  Pee Wee Herman as President would be a more aggressive force than the placid lump of lard in the White House.  But, hey, let’s not be too hard on him – he’s “monitoring the situation.” Someone else would have called in the military by now, but, hey, Jared might not like that.

It is hilarious how all of the “Trump is the last chance for White America” grovelers of 2016 now constantly whine and complain on Twitter about every outrage in Portland and Seattle. You were warned back in 2016 that Trump was a fraud, a vulgar ignorant buffoon, and a Negrophilic race cuck who would be influenced by his Jewish family connections.  But all you Herrenvolk knew better, didn’t you?  Now you can just sit back and watch your heroic God Emperor “monitor the situation.”

The Mike Adams tragedy.  The cause of death has not yet been revealed and I do not want to be a “low information moralizer” but no doubt many people are suspecting suicide, likely due to the persecution from the Left and possibly despair over the current situation in America.  Regardless of the exact cause of death, it is likely that Adams’ premature death is linked to the problems derived from his political views.  

The “movement” has some blame here. If the “movement” had in place the proper infrastructures and social foundations, the ability to act against the power of social pricing, then perhaps Adams would still be alive today. Adams, who was active in paleoconservative circles, could have, in the fullness of time, have become an important figure in the Far Right had he lived, if he could have been recruited for the cause. After all, give his surname (and presumed ancestry) and phenotype, he would have easily fitted into the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action policy. He could have been a good fit.  But, alas, it is too late.

Indeed, consider.  I, who carefully track the main precincts of Der Movement, never heard of Adams until his death; he was seemingly not on the “radar” of the Far Right.  Who instead have I heard of from my study of Der Movement?  Well, let’s see – such individuals such as Pilleater, Based Stick Man, John Derbyshire, and Mike Enoch…you get the picture.  The “movement” is an absolute disgrace.

A final point.  One does not want to “blame the victim” but one criticism one can make about Adams is that he could have expressed the same views but with more discretion, with less inflammatory language.  For public figures on the Right, I would advise promoting the most radical views possible coupled to very calming and rational language. And I am no fan of social media and certainly it may be best for academics to avoid too much involvement there.

Given how now baseball has fallen to the SJW gods, how about a new league, consisting solely of right Wing Whites?  The Der Movement League – an international endeavor (where representing foreign non-White states or cities, the teams can be staffed by White expats).

Possible league entries, with team managers:

Whitefish Buttheads – Richard Spencer

Seattle Gaslighters – Greg Johnson

Virginia HuWhite Sox – Jared Taylor

Long Island Awkward Squaders – John Derbyshire

Litchfield Happy Penguins – Peter Brimelow

Paris Jekyll and Hydes – Durocher

New Orleans Gamblers – David Duke

Manila Yellow Fevers – Andrew Anglin

Budapest Invaders – John Morgan

London Hornblowers – Stead Steadman

Long Beach Hunter Gatherers – Kevin MacDonald

Helsinki Neurotics – Ed Dutton

Real translation: Help!  There’s a buck-toothed Chinaman running after me with a pair of chopsticks!

Affirmative action proofreading:

A white professor would bever behave in such a way.

Bever criticize the Quota Queens, you insane and indecent untermenschen!

Odds and Ends, 7/18/20

In der news.

Sallis (of course) right once again – mainstreaming is an utter failure.  It doesn’t matter the pontifications of Quota Queens and Jekyll and Hyde Frenchmen (or more properly, the singular: Frenchman): There was never any data supporting mainstreaming as a viable strategy, while there is a mountain of evidence against mainstreaming.

Mainstreaming is a failure. Mainstreamers are failures. Dumb “activists,” prancing around as mainstreaming supporters to prove how much more “pragmatic” and “sophisticated” they are compared to us knuckle-dragging “extremist” yokels, are failures.

Perhaps Mainstreaming Marine, who singlehandedly wrecked the Front National, can answer one question for us: If you are going down to one humiliating pathetic defeat after another, then what was the benefit of the compromising of beliefs and the dilution of ideology?

So, dear reader, whose judgment should you trust? The usual suspects promoting (as usual) failure and defeat, in this case via mainstreaming, or Sallis, who has been a clear and open opponent of the mainstreaming strategy for years here at this blog?

Like Trump?

A reason to have contempt against Italians because their behavior allows snide comments such as here:

Chris Needham1 year ago (edited)You forget that Italian tanks had 1 forward and 8 reverse gears. Maybe these elite men had the same philosophy (running away)Hillcapper11 year agoElite protective militia were Italians, that was the problem.Murderous KittenMurderous Kitten1 year ago (edited)italy was bad at everything and anything .

The Italians had the opportunity recently to overcome this reputation (and Schettonism) by dealing with The China Plague in the appropriate anti-Chinese manner.  Instead, they “sang on balconies.” What to expect from a people who butchered Rienzi and Mussolini in like manner for the “crime” of trying to lift the Italians to greatness.  Then there was the cowardly murder of Giovanni Gentile as well.

If the Italians want to put on a show, I have a suggestion other than “singing on balconies.” How about this – a crowd of black-clad, grim-faced Italians marches, with military precision, to the Chinese embassy to lay mock coffins at their door, and hold a protest against Chinese biological warfare against the Italian people. And also, to protest the demographic and economic penetration of Italy by Chinese invaders. Next, the crowd can march on the offices of those Italian politicians who betrayed their people, and facilitated the covid-19 disaster, starting with Mr. Hug-an-Asian.
Start with those things, try and recapture some dignity and gravitas, instead of living down to stereotypes with “singing on balconies.”

Of interest.

In response to Spencer’s call for money:

Greg Johnson@GregJohnsonPhDReplying to @RichardBSpencerDouble of nothing is still nothing.crimson thread@ThreadCrimson

spencers done far more than you ever will which i guess makes you less than nothing.

Does Flahertyreally think that Asians are on the same side of Whites on this?  Can he really be so naïve?

San Marco?  A high trust northern hunter gatherer?