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Tuesday in Der Movement

More items. In all cases, emphasis added.

Amren commentator – Trump is the anti-Teddy:

rls976  stmariz2 • 20 hours ago

Trump speaks loudly but carries a twig

Hey, Roissy, are you paying attention?

Question for the Alt Wrong: If, as you claimed, Trump was “the last chance for White America” and if, as you claim today, he is a do-nothing fraud and swindler, then what now?

The FBI under Trump: Proud Boys BAD, Antifa GOOD.  With Sessions gone, can we now talk about Antifa Don, as opposed to Antifa Jeff?


The rules, as currently written, are designed to protect the Left. Antifa gets police protection at riots, because the cops know the dissidents would tear the spaghetti armed Antifa boys to shreds, if given the chance. Everywhere you look the system is rigged to protect the Left and make it difficult for dissidents to mount a challenge.

Well, yes, that’s obvious, and has long been that way.  Very well.  But now the “God Emperor” is in charge of the federal government, of law enforcement, and the System’s pro-Antifa bias is stronger than ever.  That is what one would expect with Antifa Don in charge, a far-left effeminate, obese, and vulgar anti-White radical.  Make Antifa Great Again!

And it’s another great moment in Der Movement history. But let us give Spencer some credit: At least, unlike some other people, he does not use his children as fund-raising props, a behavior that is in my opinion indescribably inappropriate.

Yeah, Richie, you were real prescient and all.  And this blog – EGI Notes – was saying that Trump was a fraud, a Negrophile, a Jew-lover, and a vulgar, ignorant, buffoon, long before the election.  I guess it is time to establish the Crazy and Bitter Ted Twitter Account – and start broadcasting my ultra-prescience to the masses, eh?

See this.  Apparently, things have changed since the time when Russian soldiers would strip Italian POWs naked in the snow and pour ice water over them.  Of course, the Afrowops invited such contempt because of their pitifully pathetic military performance in WWII.  To the extent that that performance was not inherent in the Afrowop biological character, Mussolini has much blame there.  Fascism was in power for nearly twenty years when Italy entered WWII, and after all that time the population (such as it was) was not in any way radicalized, the military was ill-trained and ill-equipped, and sending such specimens to the Eastern Front was akin to sending Pee Wee Herman to compete in a Mixed Martial Arts event.  Il Duce did complain that he was like a sculptor with no stone to work with – that the poor human material of Italy’s population left him with little do no anything grand with.  To the extent that is true, he should have realized that, and either not gotten involved in the war, or at least only participated with limited contingents of the highest quality Italian soldiers, equipped and trained as best as possible, rather than with a general mass enlistment force.  A more focused group of soldiers may have demonstrated a credible military performance.  And, if the population was as bad as he said, he should have concentrated on eugenics and racial hygiene rather than blustering and war, and should have “fascistized” the existing population so as to extract from them the best performance possible – instead of being an Italian Trump with all blustering talk and no real action.

High-T Quota King Coulter – mudshark Annie herself – mocks Trump.  Gee, what ever happened to In Trump We Trust?

In response to the latest System lies about race, I point to:

1. This post.  You know, every time the “more variation within than between” nonsense is trotted out, the sly implication is to suggest to people that “within” is always within races.  But my post shows that this applies to ANY grouping of people.  However, the between racial differences are above and beyond the random genetic variation that exists, proving the biological validity of race.  In other words, there is just as much (if not more) “within group” variation for mixed groups of Whites and Blacks as there is within separated groups of Whites or groups of Blacks, but the between group variation is maximized when comparing the separate groups of Whites and Blacks.

2. Genetic interests are based on genetic kinship, which itself is based upon relative genetic similarity or difference.  Genetic kinship and genealogy track to an imperfect degree (as both Sailer and I agree).  So what?  A random co-ethnic may share more genes with you than your fourth cousin.  Again, so what?  If anything, it proves how closely co-ethnics can be genetically related.  And there is no difference, objectively speaking, between identity by state and identity by descent. Identical is identical. If two gene sequences are the same then they are the same regardless of why they are the same.

3. And, yes, it is possible for a European descendant of Charlemagne to have zero genes directly derived from Charlemagne.  But guess what?  They will be more genetically similar to Charlemagne than is a Nigerian.  Guess what racial group Otzi the Iceman clusters with?  Hint: It is not Negroes or Orientals.  Genetic kinship is not the same as genealogy, and as a proponent of EGI, I’m concerned with genetic kinship.

So…A woman is told that (from the NY Times article that Breezy Steve links to):

Johnson’s father, a chauffeur who later became a superintendent at a housing project in North Philadelphia, had a golden-brown complexionHer mother, who said her own father was a white Brit and her mother was half African-American and half Native American, was light-skinned. People sometimes mistook Johnson’s mother for white, and when she applied for seamstress jobs at department stores in the 1920s and ’30s, she chose not to correct them.  

She tests out as between 43-45% sub-Saharan African, which seems to me to be fairly accurate (as Sailer agrees). What’s the problem? The sickness of the SJW System is such that when genetic testing confirms race and demonstrates reasonable accuracy, the hysterics moan about “problems” and “inaccuracies.”  Likewise, when genetic analysis refutes Kemp on Ancient Egypt, the equally sick and hysterical “movement” says that the same analysis “proves Kemp was right.”  Both the System and Der Movement are frauds when it comes to racial science and racial history.

Well, when Roissy declared Salvini “the Italian Trump,” I guess he was right:

A young Somali refugee, who has just been granted refugee status, has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 68-year-old woman as she sunbathed on a beach in Abruzzo, Italy.

And, hey, according to the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, Italy is 100% ethnically and racially homogeneous to the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  After all, Afrowops, Somalis, what’s the difference?  

Hey, be careful there Hunter, you might get banned from Counter-Currents.  Don’t you know you are not supposed to challenge Greg too vigorously?  He’s already previously more or less called you “crazy” (*) and then wrote that your site was “black-pilling” (bitter); you may be next on the blacklist:

Hunter Wallace

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Billy Roper purity spiraled his way out of it.

He didn’t trust Jason Kessler. He didn’t like a variety of people who were scheduled to speak there. He didn’t trust the plan. You can say he opposed it for the wrong reasons, but it is unfortunate that Jacob Goodwin went and will be paying the price for years. There were a lot of WN 1.0 guys besides Roper who thought it was naive to hold such a large rally.

That’s correct.  Roper was right.  Why can’t Johnson give Billy credit for that? Both Roper and Johnson were skeptical about Unite the Right.  As was I – neither WN 1.0 nor WN 2.0 – by the way.  So, three people, with three different “movement” ideologies, all thought the rally was stupid.  Who thought it was a good idea?  All the heroic Millennials of WN 2.0. Let them assume the responsibility for that. It’s called accountability. Try it some time.

* In the comments thread of the above-linked article, Johnson wrote (about Wallace):

Moreover, this individual had also been committed to a mental institution and diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic…and during this psychotic episode (the one that he will admit to), he blogged about going to work for the SPLC.

If memory serves, Johnson later had Wallace as a podcast guest.  

Finally, Greg Johnson and I are in complete agreement on something:

Greg Johnson

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I am not a defeatist, but I do think that unconscious defeatism is a factor when movement people demand less competence and responsibility from so called leaders than they demand from their car mechanic. After all, a brake failure is serious. A failure of movement leadership . . . well, one would think that much more serious, since we are concerned with the preservation of our whole race. But the fact that people treat it far less seriously indicates that they really don’t think that the movement can accomplish its aims under any circumstances.

Greg seems “crazy and bitter” there – “blackpilling” – and should therefore ban himself form commenting at Counter-Currents.


Sunday Movement Follies

It’s a pathetic joke.

Get this give-and-take:

Hunter Wallace
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To be fair, WN 1.0’ers largely thought Unite the Right was a bad idea. I spent about a month arguing with Billy Roper about it. Roper was right.
Greg Johnson
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As is clear above the return of 1.0 was less a matter of people than attitudes.
What were Roper’s objections? That UTR was not self-marginalizing and NS purist enough for his tastes?

Attitudes?  Really?  This is getting into the realm of Frankfurt School-level pathologizing.  What attitudes?  Pepe?  Kek?  Idiots marching around dressed like Batman and Captain America?  What?  The only “attitudes” on display were Millennial immaturity, Alt Lite cosplay Stickmanism, and Beavis-and-Butthead juvenile jackassery. The KKK and Nutzis in attendance were hanger-ons who jumped on the Alt Right bandwagon the same as did Johnson, Taylor, and MacDonald.  The whole scenario: pure WN 2.0.  People or attitudes, the failures of 2.0 were due to 2.0.  Now, I know the quota queens, marinated as they are in an aura of being catered to via the affirmative action program, are allergic to any sense of responsibility or accountability whatsoever, but, sorry, folks, we’re not buying this gaslighting narrative.  2.0 can take responsibility for their own failures rather than blaming others or blaming nebulous “attitudes” (note how convenient it is to blame “attitudes” – we don’t want to hold Kessler or the any other Beavis or Butthead accountable personally now, do we?  All except Richard Spencer – it was all his fault, right?).

You really cannot separate people and attitudes.  After all, if Unite the Right was imbued with WN 1.0 attitudes, and if the Alt Right at that time was “infected” with “self-marginalizing” WN 1.0ism, then why did folks like Roper and Strom eschew the rally?  Why was Strom skeptical of the Alt Right during this period?  My “take” on this period is that many 1.0 folks looked upon the Alt Right with ill-disguised disdain, and didn’t believe that the Alt Right reflected their views in any way – strange if WN 1.0 had memetically conquered WN 2.0 at this point.  Why were the cheerleaders of the Alt Right people like Johnson himself?  Why were “boomer” “White advocates” jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon?  Who memetically infected who?  What was going on there?

And as far as this arrogant snark –

That UTR was not self-marginalizing and NS purist enough for his tastes?

– goes, I can’t speak for Roper, but I think the WN 1.0 attitude was, in general, that the whole Unite the Right was poorly planned, with no clear strategic objective, no understanding of the dangers and how to deal with it, too broadly based, no true vetting of participants (vetting not a strong point of 2.0 or its apologists, eh?), and the dislike of 1.0 folks for the entire Alt Right: the Alt Right being a bunch of pretentious, immature assholes who justified their asinine behavior with “muh youth culture” (by the way, my use of “muh” mocking that same “youth culture” if the sarcasm is not immediately apparent to the literal-minded).

Now, here is a question for Johnson.  Why didn’t YOU attend Unite the Right?  If memory serves, you didn’t think it was a good idea either.  You have criticized it since then.  So why can’t we assume that maybe, just maybe, WN 1.0 folks disapproved of it for the same reasons as you?  Maybe they can turn the snark around.  Let’s do it:

To be fair, WN 2.0 Traditionalists largely thought Unite the Right was a bad idea. I spent about a month arguing with Greg Johnson about it. Johnson was right.
WN 1.0er
What were Johnson’s objections? That UTR was not smugly intellectual and traditionalist purist enough for his tastes?

It’s all about responsibility and accountability.  Who knows?  Maybe the lack of those traits among “movement leaders” is a sign of “Kali Yuga” and “The Age of Iron.”  Or maybe it’s a sign of “Yogi Bear” and “The Age of Tungsten.”  You decide.

By the way, Johnson criticizes others for promoting self-marginalizing behavior, but he responds to comments like this by stating:

Greg Johnson
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He is our James Joyce, our Captain Beefheart. He’s an artist.

It’s all a joke. A pathetic joke. How can any sane person take Der Movement seriously?  That is why it is met with mocking ridicule here at EGI Notes: it deserves it.

This is useful as it outlines an example of the close relationship between Diaspora Jewry and Israel; in this case, between the ADL and Israeli intelligence services.  This underscores how fundamentally dishonest Lawrence Auster was, with his tiresome shtick of asserting no connection between, say, American Jews and Israel – suggesting that people angry at the behavior of American Jews had no right to “punish Israel” because there was no connection between the two. 

Retard Roissy cherrypicks studies and channels Sailer (eating dat dere Cheerios) to promote a Manganite dietary lifestyle, ignoring contrary studies.

Now, it is true: sugar is worse than fat, excess simple carbs (with a high glycemic index) is not good, and that for some people, particularly your typical American lardass butterball, fasting is helpful.  But a high fat diet has its own risks, is likely not maintainable for a lifetime, is unnecessary, and I personally wouldn’t recommend intermittent fasting to, say, underweight ectomorphs needing to gain muscle mass. And I think the major benefits of fasting can be recapitulated by having ~ 12 hours every day between dinner and the next day’s breakfast, eating normal portion sizes, and not eating between meal snacks.  For most normal people, that is sufficient.

If you want lifestyle advice from this blog I would say to eat a balanced diet, avoid added sugar (including fruit juice) for the most part, avoid “white” carbs and instead eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, avoid red and processed meat, get animal protein from fish, poultry, some eggs and egg whites, and some dairy – but if you are male not more than two servings of dairy a day because of the prostate cancer risk.  Make sure you have adequate fiber, so you don’t get apoplexy  during a bowel movement.  Mangan himself is an idiot and I’ve documented his ethnoracial stupidities in the past, and his “muscleman” physique is not evidence that his lifestyle recommendations are right (or wrong).  Fact is, just like there is a bell curve for intelligence and other mental and behavioral traits, there is a similar differential propensity for muscular hypertrophy.  There are people who can do everything wrong and look like Sandow; others can do everything right and look like a noodle-armed Antifa.

And one of Roissy’s commentators linked to this article, which I found AFTER I wrote my recommendations above.  Emphasis added:

Analysis of the mid-Victorian period in the U.K. reveals that life expectancy at age 5 was as good or better than exists today, and the incidence of degenerative disease was 10% of ours. Their levels of physical activity and hence calorific intakes were approximately twice ours. They had relatively little access to alcohol and tobacco; and due to their correspondingly high intake of fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables, they consumed levels of micro- and phytonutrients at approximately ten times the levels considered normal today. This paper relates the nutritional status of the mid-Victorians to their freedom from degenerative disease; and extrapolates recommendations for the cost-effective improvement of public health today.

So: they had a higher caloric intake – no fasting – but balanced that with increased activity.  They ate: “high intake of fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables” – how about that?   Not Der Mangan diet, eh?  And where is the chugging of gallons of milk?  The Victorians were not Alt Right.

Sallis right.  Roissy wrong.  How could we have ever guessed?

The Victorians did eat red meat and eggs, but the red meat was mostly offal; the details are below, emphasis added:

Mid-Victorian working class men and women consumed between 50% and 100% more calories than we do, but because they were so much more physically active than we are today, overweight and obesity hardly existed at the working class level. The working class diet was rich in seasonal vegetables and fruits; with consumption of fruits and vegetables amounting to eight to 10 portions per day. This far exceeds the current national average of around three portions, and the government-recommended five-a-day. The mid-Victorian diet also contained significantly more nuts, legumes, whole grains and omega three fatty acids than the modern diet. Much meat consumed was offal, which has a higher micronutrient density than the skeletal muscle we largely eat today [59]. Prior to the introduction of margarine in the late Victorian period, dietary intakes of trans fats were very low. There were very few processed foods and therefore little hidden salt, other than in bread (Recipes suggest that significantly less salt was then added to meals. At table, salt was not usually sprinkled on a serving but piled at the side of the plate, allowing consumers to regulate consumption in a more controlled way.). The mid-Victorian diet had a lower calorific density and a higher nutrient density than ours. It had a higher content of fibre (including fermentable fibre), and a lower sodium/potassium ratio. In short, the mid-Victorians ate a diet that was not only considerably better than our own, but also far in advance of current government recommendations. It more closely resembles the Mediterranean diet, proven in many studies to promote health and longevity; or even the ‘Paleolithic diet’ recommended by some nutritionists [60].

So, while there are some differences between that and the Sallis diet, it is much closer to Sallis than to Roissy/Mangan.

I suppose it is convenient for Roissy to talk about diets so as to deflect from the utter collapse of his God Emperor, and Roissy’s gross error in judgment (what else to expect from a quota queen?) for his slavish, lickspittle adoration of the effeminate lump of lard Trump.  Let’s quote Hood’s analysis of the Trump fraud, emphasis added:

In the face of opposition, a real political leader must not only deliver on policy but think of ways to strengthen his supporters and weaken his opponents. President Trump has done neither. Instead, the Justice Department is selectively prosecuting his supporters and using reports from his antifa opponents as evidence. Antifa are now raiding the home of one of President Trump’s most prominent supporters, Tucker Carlson.

More broadly, Donald Trump’s seizure of state power has been a catastrophe for his close friends and allies. Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and other aides have had their lives ruined by the Robert Mueller investigation for crimes that would have been completely ignored had Donald Trump not won the election. By contrast, despite all the chants of “lock her up,” Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted, nor will she ever pay any legal price for her actions. Somehow, the president of the United States seems to be fighting the government he ostensibly controls, as everyone from leading officials to petty bureaucrats resists his policy initiatives. One even bragged about it in the New York Times in the notorious anonymous Op-Ed, and there was less media interest in demasking him than there is when someone puts up an Identity Evropa sticker.

The Trump Administration is the worst of both worlds in that it creates the illusion of a vigorous, nationalist government—that accomplishes nothing.

Far from “being tired of winning,” we have won nothing since President Trump took office. Illegals are not being deported, anchor babies continue to get US passports, mass immigration continues, and anti-white discrimination law still stands. Though President Trump is routinely accused of having “emboldened” white advocates, it is hateful anti-white speech by journalists and others that has been emboldened. President Trump is an energetic campaigner, but he is weak and indecisive in power.

“Weak and indecisive” – must be all that estrogen generated from his over-abundant adipose tissue.

Interestingly, the only major “movement” figures who were skeptical of Trump from the beginning were the same two who were skeptical of the Alt Right from the beginning: Sallis and Strom.  That’s no coincidence.  The same common sense required to recognize that the “Alt Right brand” was juvenile jackassery with a short shelf life is the same required to recognize, clearly and immediately, that Trump was and is an untrustworthy imbecile and a vulgar, ignorant, buffoon. Everyone else was eager to jump on the Trump and Alt Right bandwagon, even to the extent of engaging in out-of-character undignified behavior.

John Morgan drug user:

Sometimes, some drugs can be used constructively, as I can attest. I don’t use them anymore and haven’t in quite a while, but there was a time in my life when they definitely had a positive impact. Psychedelics, if used properly, do not cut one off from the “true beauty of flourishing life,” they enhance it. Psychedelics helped to turn me from a rather nihilistic materialist into someone who could believe in the value of things such as the chain of our people and the idea that there is something intangible above us to believe in.

On Hatred, Trump, Happy Penguins, Etc.

Food for thought.  That’s Cheerios for Breezy Steve.

I’d like to address Johnson’s comments about “hate” in his fourth Alt Right historical installment, and, especially, I am interested in the thoughtful comment here.

Hatred is a powerful motivating force, and as the commentator says, hatred of evil has been part of the Western Christian cultural-religious tradition (for better or worse).  So, while I despite the casual bigotry of the Bunker Syndrome folks – who typically do nothing constructive for White interests – and also despite the “acting out” of the Type I Nutzi peanut gallery, there is a place for a healthy hatred in the activist toolkit.  I believe it is foolish to hate individuals based on race, ethnicity, etc.  On an individual basis, there are good and bad in all peoples and, personally, I have known some very good non-Whites and some despicable Whites (more often the latter than the former, but still, I have known both types).  However, in an integrated globalist world with more than seven billion people, you simply cannot make public policy on an individual basis. You need to deal with groups – large groups, and make judgments on groups.  And in my opinion it is certainly reasonable and healthy to hate groups when those groups deserve to be hated (and they do), just as it is reasonable and healthy to hate individuals when that level of hatred is deserved.  In both cases, I reject hatred just because of difference; instead, the hatred is due to harm that is done – and it is possible to hate a group for that reason, while making exceptions for individuals within that group. Those exceptions however, do not determine public policy.  On an individual and personal level, it may be unfortunate that racial separation would remove personally pleasant non-Whites and include unpleasant Whites.  But, again, you cannot make public policy on an individual basis when dealing with millions or billions of people.

As far as Johnson goes, my understanding of his background, based on things he has said in podcasts, is that he grew up in a White environment; if he had grown up in a Colored Urban Jungle, as others have, his views on “hate” might have been quite different.

Well, what do you know?  Sallis right once again.  Gee, what about all those gamesters literally getting all hot and bothered (one saying, “I have to change my pants”) about Trump sending troops to the border?  Apparently, the troops are there to help process the refugee applications.


Face facts: Trump tricked all you starry-eyed worshippers. Trump is an ultra-far-left super-cuck, likely to the left of Clinton when it comes to actualizing immigration policy. Separate out the bluster and the tweets from the reality.

Sallis back in 2015: Trump is a fraud, a vulgar, ignorant buffoon, Touchback Trump who will his throw his White base under the bus at the first opportunity.

The Alt Right from 2015 to mid-2018: MAGA!  Trump!  The last chance for White America!  God Emperor!  Pepe!  Kek!  [cue heavy breathing]

MacDonald in 2018: I don’t know, about this Trump guy, I’m feeling I was, like you know, swindled or something.

Spencer in 2018: This Trump guy, he’s not, like you know, protecting his base of supporters, he’s just using them.

So, hey, “movement” rank-and-file: it’s your choice.  Follow the folks who belatedly realize three years later that their “last chance for White America” “God Emperor” is a fraud, or follow folks who realized it from the very beginning and warned you all, years before the betrayals came to pass. Of course, you’ll continue supporting and following the former, because, well, you know.

More of the same: Hood and Amren are only, like, three years behind EGI Notes.  Emphasis added:

President Trump has done nothing for us. No one is coming to save us….President Trump has done us an immense service, not by “emboldening” us or helping us in any concrete way but by so infuriating our opponents that they have shown their hand more clearly than ever. The other side now says openly that the political divide is a racial divide—and that we are an odious obstacle to progress. It remains only for us to wake up our side to this reality. This country is becoming more polarized, and the division of the past two years is just the beginning.

And on the recent election:

There are already signs President Trump’s coalition is shrinking. The Rust Belt that gave him a presidential victory tilted heavily towards Democrats this election. The crushing humiliation of some of the most “Trumpist” immigration patriots was so predictable that almost no one is even bothering to mention it. Corey Stewart ran on defending Virginia’s monuments, opposing gangs such as MS-13, and staunchly supporting President Trump’s immigration agenda. Congressman Lou Barletta was one of the most promising politicians in the country, once spoken of as a possible secretary of labor, where he could have been a leading voice in transforming the GOP into the “workers’ party” President Trump promised. Both men were defeated by lopsided margins.

Let’s compare that to Sallis vs. Johnson.

Sallis: Trump was humiliated.

Johnson: It was really a victory for Trump since he didn’t lose as badly as he could have,

Who is always right, and who is always wrong?

But, hey, rank-and-file: keep on following your “leaders”…right off the cliff.

Here’s the Happy Penguins once again using their children as props for their money-making enterprise.  What despicable low-lives they are.

Hey, Pete and Lydia: when your children are old enough, they can decide for themselves whether or not they agree with your views and whether or not they want their pictures plastered, for all digital eternity, on your VDARE website.  Until then, how about stop forcing your private life and your children into you activist activity?  Didn’t any of these people learn anything from the Derek Black fiasco?  Or the Prussian Blue disavowing?  You can’t force-feed beliefs onto White children in the current System. Other groups can do so.  Particularly, South Asian families in America, both Hindu and Muslim, do an effective job in making their children “toe the line.”  But, Whites are more individualistic and questioning, and the System puts enormous pressure on young Whites to conform (some Christians have some success here – but that’s for cucked, universalist Christianity – racialism is different).  Yes, you should do your best to teach the fundamentals of your belief system, and back it up with facts and your own consistent and honorable behavior, but you cannot force it – even using the children as props for your panhandling is going too far.

And thank Trump/Sessions for the fact you live in a nation in which Antifa is the new Stormtroopers and Gestapo all rolled up into one. MAGA!  Make Antifa Great Again!

Zman discussing fascism reminds me of that line from the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy BBC series:

Total ignorance of subject matter doesn’t bother Percy.

Just replace “Percy” with “Zman and his commentators” and you’ll get my point.

Breezy Steve dietary advice analysis:

One bowl of Cheerios always made me hungrier for a second bowl, which made me hungrier for a third bowl.

23 and Derb

Several items.

One of the ethnoracial categories in 23andme is “British and Irish” – the peoples of the United Kingdom and Ireland.  This obviously includes the English.  Derbyshire is, as he and his fetishist supporters always like to tell us, of 100% English genealogical ancestry.  But, the confused Type Is mutter, how can it be that a person of 100% “British/Irish” ancestry only turn out to be ~70% “British/Irish” in 23andme testing?  Dammint, we be stumped!  After all, statistical error is not going to account for a 30% shortfall.

Those numbnuts who blindly accept 23andme results as if they are they word of God (of biomechanics, I suppose) don’t realize that the words used to designate 23andme categories are descriptions of genetic entities and not perfectly aligned with everyone’s actual genealogical ancestry, and that these entities are based on the consensus reading of the samples they’ve used to “calibrate” their analysis. The output of the data are going to be based on the input of the parental samples, a point I’ve made here many times.  After all, if Derbyshire himself was used as the parental sample for “British/Irish,” then, obviously, if he was then sampled, compared to himself, he would turn out to be “100% British/Irish”  (or maybe 99%, given possible error), no?

The designation of chromosome fragments as “British/Irish” are based on the samples 23andme used as parentals for that population group designation, the genetic entity they named “British/Irish.”  That’s a consensus of data from a variety of individuals presumably consisting of English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Welsh, and Irish.  Individuals of those ancestries – like Derbyshire – are not going to exactly match the generalized consensus derived from all those input samples.  And, then, there is overlap between closely related groups in genetics; a Derbyshirian chromosome fragment may seem a bit more like “German/French” or “Broadly Northwestern European” (both very similar to “British/Irish”) than specifically similar to “British/Irish.”  Someone like Greg Johnson, who claims founding stock ancestry, and presumably doesn’t have any direct “Moops” ancestry, claims a 1% “North African” result. Now, I don’t believe one should take low percentages seriously – it is not an exact science – but to the extent we do take it seriously, then that’s a chromosomal fragment that, for whatever reason, resembles more that of North Africans than it does Johnson’s actual genealogical ancestry.  Spencer had some interesting micro-results also.

So, yes, it is possible for a person to be 100% “X” as regards their actual genealogical ancestry, but test out as, say, 70% “X” in 23andme. That does NOT invalidate the genetic concept of ethnoracial ancestry, it does NOT mean the person is not really – genealogically speaking – 100% “X,” nor does it even mean that the methodology itself is (seriously) flawed. The output is going to be as good as the input and the algorithm.  Derbyshire simply is not more than a 70% match to the “British/Irish” consensus data. The same principle applies to other group.  Indeed, I wonder if ANY single individual would ever test out as 100% of any narrow group like “British/Irish” or even as high as, say 90%. Actually, a 70% rating is reasonably solid in designating someone as being a recently unmixed member of any narrow ethnoracial group like “British/Irish” (for a designation as belonging to a broad racial category – say, European – is of course another matter, there we’re probably talking about going over 90%).

And that’s with guys like Derbyshire having an advantage here, as his ethny is very well represented in 23andme’s databases.  The Derbyshires of the world had an even greater advantage in older tests, like DNAPrint’s, as there “European” was defined in terms of CEU – essentially, Mitt Romney as the genetic archetype, the paragon, of Europe.   Folks like Kai Murros, Julius Evola, John Belushi, Tom Sunic, or Corneliu Codreanu would not have been so blessed.

Come now, VDARE. don’t be critical; after all, it’s Der Master Race!

Der Movement marches on: in response to a thoughtful KMacD piece on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the peanut gallery responds thus:

seethroughthis says:

November 14, 2018 at 11:30 am

One problem with this article….it goes on the assumption that there were actual deaths at this event. Everything about it suggest it is a hoax, no deaths, no injuries, nothing just bare faced lying and propaganda

It’s all a dat dere conspiracy by da gummint, gaddummint!  Really, there’s a special place in hell for all these tin foil hat conspiracy retards, starting with “J Richards” of Majority Rights, with his “the moon landing is a box” – because, you know, IF it were a hoax and people found out, it would weaken confidence in the multiracial System (alternatively, it may weaken confidence in White accomplishment, but let’s not nitpick the details, shall we?).  So, in typical leftist moralistic fallacy fashion, just because the Type I retards think it would be good IF something were true, the, it IS true.  QED.

Hey, Richie is realizing things I’ve been writing about here since 2015-2016, emphasis added:


 3h3 hours ago


The Alt-Right has lived by the sword and died by it, too. We ascended with Trump in 2016…then descended into wishful thinking, rationalization, and cheerleading. The more we facilitate Trump, the more we lose authenticity as a identitarian movement.


 3h3 hours ago


Trump has taken the slings and arrows of a revolutionary change-agent, while not actually changing anything.  Policy-wise, would things be so different if Jeb had been elected in 2016? Not really. If there’s an actual vision, I don’t see it.


 3h3 hours ago


If Trump is going to alienate middle-class White voters with his vulgarity, stupidity, and bombast—which he obviously has—then policy must be swiftly implemented that actually benefits them and changes the current paradigm.


 3h3 hours ago

More Richard  Spencer

There’s a lot of sarcasm in this thread, but the numbers are real and I’m being sarcastic to prove a point.Richard  Spencer added,


One of Donald Trump’s more remarkable and unheralded accomplishments has been to suppress the White vote.

Movement Wednesday

Spencer and Trump.

More Alt Right apologia.

There is a lot of amnesia on the alt-right leading to attacks on Richard Spencer. This is probably one of the main ones. 

Or maybe people remember all too well?

Firstly, got deplatformed. Next, Richard Spencer got personally financially deplatformed and so did his organization, NPI. 

Two points.  First, that had much to do with Unite the Right and other incidents that did not have to happen.  I’m not justifying the deplatforming, but explaining it.  Second, whose fault is it that there is no “movement” infrastructure that is not dependent on the same System it wishes to overthrow?  That’s 50 years of “movement” failure for you.  Of course, Spencer is not personally accountable for the second point, but the disaster of the Alt Right is a recent example, a reflection, of the underlying problems of Der Movement.

His activities in this regard have stalled because these activities cost money, and Richard Spencer cannot raise money. 

Again, why so dependent on the System?  Why no alternatives?  Why no contingencies?

This is the reason why there has been an exodus of employees from NPI – simply because Richard Spencer cannot pay them a living salary. 

Does that include Greg Conte?

These people have families to support so its understandable that they would move on.

Meanwhile, the Happy Penguins of CT keep on raking in the shekels. Well, after all, all you suckers at least get to enjoy pictures of Brimelow and Derbyshire sitting out on the lawn.

Richard Spencer has identified financial deplatforming as the most serious organizational problem facing the movement for this reason. 

With all due respect, he’s hardly an objective disinterested observer whose comments should be uncritically accepted at face value.

Contrary to rumor, Richard Spencer is not a wealthy man. He cannot fund these activities by himself.

He should have gone into electoral politics instead.  What a waste.

The way I see it Richard Spencer is the only famous person on the alt-right that has a sense of introspection. 

Well, anything is better than nothing. Against a baseline of zero, Spencer exhibits a bit of introspection.

He admitted that he was wrong about the homosexuals giving up their crusade after obtaining gay marriage, for example. 

Was that before or after his feud with Greg Johnson started?  Likewise, Greg’s shift from pan-Europeanism to ethnonationalism – before or after the feud with Spencer?

None of the others ever admit that they were wrong about anything.

True enough. Now, if only Spencer would admit being wrong about the entire “Alt Right brand,” then we would be making some real progress.

Further – what’s the use of admitting being wrong is there is no accountability?

Read here.

As the Founding Fathers knew, your rights are only what you can defend. Whatever the First Amendment says, Americans now no longer really possess the right of free speech. Patriots are at risk of physical attack for speaking their mind while Antifa enjoy immunity even under a supposedly conservative administration.

Donald J. Trump: far-left Antifa supporter.  God Emperor?  No, Red Emperor.

And speaking of Trump.

Fraud, fraud, fraud…another dog whistling Republican.  Hey, the vote is over, time to arrest the White militia members at the border (“hate crimes!” “serial rioting!”) and give out dem dere green cards to all the nice migrants; after all, “we need the people.”

Well, we’ll see, won’t we, soon enough.  Maybe Trump will surprise us all and actually do something useful.

Where We Stand, 11/11/18


Counter-Current commentator:

Posted November 8, 2018 at 10:27 pm | Permalink
“We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them.”

That system includes Trump and included the execrable Asian-nurturer Sessions.

A third of US billionaires are Jews (see surnames in the Forbes list) and I estimate a quarter of the one percent is Jewish. They and their leftist goy allies have infinite supplies of money to pay infinite numbers of SJWs, brown people, and desperate drug addicts to attack and harass us. Taking their minions head on makes no sense because we are small and they are an infinite mass if evil.

I assume “of evil.”  This is true, but as I’ve written before, it would be useful to understand WHY this is. Yes, there are a lot of Jewish billionaires.  But why are so many White billionaires either leftists, or, at east, indifferent to White racial interests? One can hypothesize that the “money-first” mentality, the greed, the self-centered avarice, that allows the accumulation of such wealth characterizes people who are narcissistic, hyper-individualist hedonists, and are thus unconcerned about group interests.  Note that applies, it seems, only to Whites, as the wealthy of other groups, including and especially the Jews, are ever-so-much concerned with group interests.  So, it is, at least in part, a combination of the White propensity to individualism amplified by the selfish mindset of the wealthy.  Then, the wealthy are “different from you and me” as the saying goes, even besides their mentality; they live in a different world, well-insulated from the racial stress faced by the rest of us.  Finally, truth be told, pro-White activists and advocates are, for the most part, a pitiful bunch, who make a horrid impression, spout irrational dogma, and who would not impress those successful in life.  The last part we can change, so as to reach the White Wealthy to the maximal extent that they can be reached (with all the behavioral caveats above).

However, we have an advantage in debates because we tell the truth and our views are scarce whereas they lie and their lies are ubiquitous. They try to shut us down because they know we’ll win those debates. 

Yes and no.  Compared to the System, Der Movement does tell the truth; compared to Reality, Der Movement lies and is irrational as well. “Truth” would have a greater impact perhaps if it was in more accord with Reality.  After all, if you claim the major advantage of your side is that “we tell the truth,” shouldn’t that be true in the absolute, and not only relative, sense?

They can only rule through psychologically paralyzing and intimidating whites while keeping whites away from the truth. They don’t care about justifying themselves before us in a debate. Only a schmendrick would care about being fair. They just care about winning. The ends justify the means after all, goy.

Agreed.  But, you know, you can have all the truth on your side, and the best memes, but if the other side has the power, you will be silenced. How to get the power if you are silenced? Ah, that’s the conundrum – a problem Der Movement has put us in by squandering opportunity after opportunity, failing to take advantage of times of System weakness, and failing to capitalize on times when the System was not as powerful as it is today.  There are no easy answers, although I have made suggestions on this blog.  The first step would be for Der Movement to acknowledge its own culpability for the situation we are all in today.

I thought Spencer et al gave up too soon. They could have pioneered strategies to outmaneuver ANTIFA and lawfare. They could have not let Jews and and [sic] their allies drag them down to their level, and even when they did, they could have come up with a new strategy, but they failed.

Spencer it seems is busy these days with more important matters, such as posting a “New Profile Pic.”

The cause of racial survival and progress marches ever forward!

Those are your “leaders” Mr. Starlight.  Enjoy.

Another take on the issue here.

It’s Another Day in Der Movement

In all cases, emphasis added.

How I despise Der Movement: Let me count the ways.  The pathetic apologia and support for the traitor Sessions is one such focus of contempt; one prominent pro-White “leader” declares how “enraged” or “outraged” or “infuriated” (I forgot the exact word used) he is about Sessions being forced out.

Amusingly, one thing Far-Right Sessions supporters always like to do is slowly say his entire name, with emphasis on the middle name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.  After all, the implication goes, he’s a White southerner with the middle name of Beauregard, and so he has to be good.  What do actions matter?

Imagine a prominent Negro named Tyrone Martin Luther King Jackson, who just so happens to be a Far-Right supporter of White rights and a Trump advocate.  Do you think Black nationalists would be supporting him, and lovingly speaking his middle names?  Only Whites are so juvenile.

Oh, and is that analogy unfair to Sessions? I don’t think so, as he used the DOJ to support Antifa and persecute pro-White activists, while standing around looking dumbfounded when it was time to do anything useful.  And his open, public embrace of racial cuckoldry only adds to his far-left bonafides.

Note there’s nothing there about how Trump was going to be an “American Caesar curing our demographic ills.”  How fast some of us forget – particularly when it is convenient to do so.  And as far as those preaching the “last chance” mantra back in 2016 – go complain to Amren and TOO, Greg.

And as far as the “repudiation” goes, I’ve already stated that comparing Trump to other politicians of the past is apples and oranges. Trump is a polarizing figure precisely because of extreme implicit Whiteness and the alleged “ties to White supremacism” – and EVERY demographic, including ALL White demographics voted more Democrat now than in 2016.  It’s not just that “every sitting President loses the mid-terms,” it’s that Trump’s White base – never robust to begin with – is eroding.  Trump was never supposed to be like “every other President” – the fact that the quota queen spin doctors are now using that equivalence as their leading argument does not augur well for “Trumpian populism.”  And as far as this “near death experience” motivating Trump, it’s more likely we’ll get more porn star rawdogging, tweets, and Big Mac eating than any useful accomplishment.

But, I’ll be fair.  If Trump actually does some useful things, I will praise him. He can start by blocking the damn caravan, and by having his “Bane” acting Attorney General declare Antifa and associated groups as domestic terrorists, and take action against them.

In any case, the delusion of these types is remarkable.  Trump can’t even hold onto the House; educated White women vote for radical Negresses, even Taylor in his podcast is dumbfounded by White voting patterns in Georgia (and not in a good way), and yet the ethnostate is going to be voted in by Whites any day now – give or take 50 years.  Got it.  And in 50 years, what will be the White percentage of the American population?  In 2068, we’ll be told “another 50 years”- at which time the last two White Americans will be hiding out snug in their hobbit hole, measuring each other’s cephalic indices with Durocher’s calipers.

First, Trump was a Transformative President.

Then, he was a Transitional President.

Now, he’s the But He Didn’t Do As Badly As Clinton And Obama President

These guys think that they are going to rally White Americans around what in today’s society would be among the most radical ideas possible, and yet they then split hairs about details of relative degrees of mid-term election losses.  Business as usual doesn’t cut it any more.

Trump may have just saved his presidency. It remains to be seen if he has just saved America.

He’s dat dere American Caesar!

But a lot of us are skeptical now. We are wondering if Trump trotted out ending birthright citizenship and other populist red meat merely to save himself and his worthless party for another round of tax cuts, foreign policy distractions, and fundamental betrayals of white America. 

You think?

Trump has to start delivering, or we will not fall for the same routine in 2020.

Sure you won’t.  “It’s all been 4D chess!  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!”

A near-death experience is often an occasion to examine one’s life. When one actually feels in one’s guts just how short and contingent life can be, one tends to re-evaluate one’s priorities. One gives more time to genuinely important things. One lets the small stuff slide. Trump saw his whole presidency flashing before his eyes. Let’s hope he saw much more: America’s death or rebirth. Let’s hope that he gets back to Making America Great Again.

By eating Big Macs and “negging” porn stars.

This election was also a near-death experience for the Right, especially White Nationalists. 

So now our fate is tied to that of Trump and the GOP?

Some of us have squandered that capital shamelessly for the past two years.

Who is “some?” The dastardly Richard Spencer again?

Trump is not the last chance for the white race in North America. 

Paging Taylor and MacDonald.

White Nationalists have been drifting from defeat to defeat basically since Trump’s victory. 

Greg is crazy and bitter!  He should be banned from commenting at Counter-Currents.

We were strongest when we were a leaderless, non-hierarchical, largely online metapolitical movement attacking the false ideas and terrible consequences of multiculturalism, as well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the establishment.

As well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the “movement” as well, no?

We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them. We can win any argument or flame war. But we can’t win street battles. It is time for us to get back to what works: metapolitics, the propaganda war. 

Which has failed for, what, the last 50 years?

For all the bluff posturing about taking the streets, we do not control one square inch of American territory. But once we change minds, the establishment has proven itself powerless to change them back.

Derek Black doesn’t exist.  All the other apostates to WN don’t exist.