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Odds and Ends, 4/23/20

In der news.

Read here. When are we going to have FARA and treason investigations of HBD?

The party’s leaders believe they have a narrow window of strategic opportunity to strengthen their rule and revise the international order in their favor—before China’s economy sours, before the population grows old, before other countries realize that the party is pursuing national rejuvenation at their expense, and before unanticipated events such as the coronavirus pandemic expose the vulnerabilities the party created in the race to surpass the United States and realize the China dream. The party has no intention of playing by the rules associated with international law, trade, or commerce. China’s overall strategy relies on co-option and coercion at home and abroad, as well as on concealing the nature of China’s true intentions. What makes this strategy potent and dangerous is the integrated nature of the party’s efforts across government, industry, academia, and the military.

And, on balance, the Chinese Communist Party’s goals run counter to American ideals and American interests.


It fast-tracks stolen technologies to the army in such areas as space, cyberspace, biology, artificial intelligence, and energy. In addition to espionage and cybertheft by the Ministry of State Security, the party tasks some Chinese students and scholars in the U.S. and at other foreign universities and research labs with extracting technology.

Yes, I’ve been warning you about Asians invading American STEM. The HBDers on the other hand, praise and promote the invasion.

The Chinese Communist Party has also pursued a broad range of influence efforts in order to manipulate political processes in target nations…

Yes, like pimping out their “women” to pitiful, laughable, socially awkward White males – worm-like semi-autistic creatures who in a proper racially homogeneous state would see their defective genes weeded out by their inability to attract a same-race mate – males desperate to stick their micro-penes into anything ostensibly female, producing deformed mixed-race hapas who look like warmed-over vomit.

The United States and other free and open societies should consider issuing more visas and providing paths to citizenship for more Chinese…

For godssakes, no!  Can you stop shilling for The Asian Invasion and start promoting policies that actually benefit real Americans, instead of benefiting bizarre aliens who look like “grays from the Reticulan system?”

Der Right marches on.  I actually understand and sympathize with much of what the protestors have to say, but then they ruin it with moronic conspiracy theories, flubro lies, and, most of all, a lack of a reasonable alternative plan.  

How to handle this?  Put on a cowboy hat, wave the American flag, and gibber about Bill Gates and microchipped vaccines?

Shoot down the gunboats!  Apparently, Iran must be using the Spruce Goose as a gunboat.  Shoot ‘er down!  Next Trump will be ordering for those Iranian tanks to be “shot down.”

To your hobbit hole!  In a Hungarian forest, even though you’re not an ethnic Hungarian.  Let the Chinese have dem dere industries!  We’ll be eating twigs and branches!  De facto anarchy in the provinces!  Hail Tolkien!  Hail traditionalism!  Hail our bright future!

See this.

Slavic. Wife of a Swede. Mama. Producer of #Nationalist Indi Media for
Fighting Europhobic Lies. Banned by YT & FB For Telling Truth.

Rewritten for accuracy:

Mongolslavic. Wife of one of Der Movement’s Herrenvolk. Idiot. Producer of #Nationalist Indi Media for
Fighting Truth. Banned by YT & FB For Being a Moron.

If there’s an effective China Plague vaccine (uncertain since female coloreds are working on it and the possibility that it’ll be mass produced in China and/or India), there will be people who won’t take it because of fools like this. How about criticizing China instead of gibbering about microchips?  Or is that hitting a bit too close to home for your familial ancestry?

In all seriousness, that conspiritard ranting about vaccines and microchips not only discredits Der Right, Inc. and Der Movement, Inc. (good) but also has the side effect of tainting all rightists with the stink of right-wing paranoia and anti-empiricism (bad).

HBD wet dream: Chinatrix spewing lies about the origins of The China Plague.  Awkward squad priapisms abound.

Behold the face of (anti-vaxx) Type I mental retardation:

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“Natural wildlife returning home…”
When the stimulus $$$ run out, I suspect that, soon enough, every nonhuman that moves will be gone from the face of the earth. Wildlife including birds, companion animals, ranchers’ and farmers’ herds, small backyard flocks. Everything.
Bullets flying everywhere. Theft left and right. People just gotta have their meat, you know?

Dat right!  Soon, very soon, every single nonhuman animal will be gone!  Every single one! From gerbils to sperm whales, from grasshoppers to elephants, gone all gone!  Bullets flying everywhere. Billy Bob is gonna get out his shotgun and start hunting that housefly. Theft left and right.  The local Chinese restaurant will grab Fido.  No animal will be safe!  People just gotta have their meat, you know?

This sort of Type I conspiritard lunacy – together with “chips and programming” – is why the Right remains such an unmitigated embarrassment, alienating sane and rational people who are filled with a visceral disgust at such stupidity.  Gee, what happens when, say, five years from now, all of the “birds, companion animals, ranchers’ and farmers’ herds, small backyard flocks” are still with us?  Is this raving lunatic going to do us all a favor and withdraw to a darkened room, to gibber softly in the shadows, and leave the rest of us alone?  Of course not.  Creatures like this will simply move on to the next bombastic statement of paranoid ideation, alienating yet another set of sane and rational possible recruits.  

Der Right’s anti-scientific, anti-rationalist, conspiracy-obsessed, accountability-free spewing will forever prevent an authentic Far Right politics to take hold in any meaningful way. Remember that rightists have a lower disgust threshold than leftists, and that disgust can be triggered by mental, as well as physical, disease and deformity. The likes of Lana and Stronza are more than enough to trigger the disgust reflex in sane people.

See this.

In this report, we describe characteristics of 4,103 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 disease in New York City, of whom 1,999 required hospital admission and 650 required intensive care, mechanical ventilation, were discharged to hospice and/or died. We find particularly strong associations of older age, obesity, heart failure and chronic kidney disease with hospitalization risk, with much less influence of race, smoking status, chronic pulmonary disease and other forms of heart disease.

So, being a fat bastard is much more of a factor than the HBD and SJW obsession of race (considered as an independent factor).

More high trust northern hunter gatherers.  Are these the types of folks whose American diaspora you want leading Der Movement?  Does that help explain endless decades of utter failure?

Some More News in Der News


Remember that EGI Notes was one of the first online Far Right blogs promoting the hypothesis that The China Plague originated in a Chinese lab – not necessarily as an “engineered bioweapon” as the mendacious straw man argument of China defenders asserts – but as a natural virus being studied that escaped as a result of the TROPICAL, COLORED, non-White, anti-arctic, sloppiness and incompetence of the yellow Chinese.  Let’s see…it looks like the mainstream has caught up (emphasis added):

While Chinese officials were quick to link the origin of the disease to infected animals at the Wuhan Seafood Market, which was formally closed on Jan. 1, scientists have not traced the initial exposure back to any specific animals. Therefore, an alternative possibility remains — that a natural virus sample being studied at a research laboratory in Wuhan infected a researcher who spread it in the community, or it escaped via hazardous waste or a lab animal.  

There are reasons to be wary of that theory. It may serve as a propaganda tool for politicians who want to fan tensions with China

So, what?  We need to avoid hard truths to protect the Chinese?  Why does the entire world worship and grovel to the Chinese?  How about elevating facts and elevating our own interests above slavish China-worship?

Public videos and articles have revealed poor safety standards on the part of some Wuhan researchers, including being exposed to bat urine and failing to wear proper protective equipment. Additionally, there have been incidents of SARS samples escaping from Chinese labs in the past.

Very cognitive, very elite.  Thus, the Chinese are exposed as an incompetent, inept, undisciplined, sloppy TROPICAL, COLORED, non-White, anti-arctic race incapable of handling these materials. It’s like handing a retarded five year old a loaded gun. Nothing good will come of it.  At best, the Chinese should be tilling the soil for rice farming, not engaging in science and research, for which they are so clearly ill suited.

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former National Security Council official who worked on China issues in the Trump administration, told Yahoo News he believes a lab accident is a “definite possibility.”

“They have had prior accidental releases of the SARS virus…

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL is as TROPICAL does.  Derbyshire weeps bitter, bitter tears.

Current and former intelligence officials familiar with internal briefings declined to provide details but noted the lab accident theory being promoted by Cotton may not be so crazy. “Tom Cotton is presenting some useful stuff there,” said one recently retired intelligence official when asked about the theory.

Yes, indeed.  Meanwhile, HBD treasonous scum peddle Chinese government lies about a mythical “American bioweapon.” Drop your pants and bend over, HBDers.

See this.  Those individualist Swedes:

While experts may be taking issue with the government’s approach, many Swedes seem to be in favor of it. Opinion polls show that citizens trust the Public Health Authority, with 48% saying they have very high or high confidence in the institution. “It’s rare for Swedish society to loudly disapprove of the government,” says Fu. “Even though people are concerned about losing loved ones, they also trust that the government is doing the right thing.”

Sounds rather conformist and collectivist to me, but what do I know?  Social “scientists” know best!  

Der Movement marches on:

Utgard Loki…

…What do you guys think about the notion that the moon landing was faked…

Dat right!  After all, Whitey is too stupid to land on the moon.  We need to wait for some high, high IQ Chinamen to do it.  Race realism, and all.

Whew!  Good thing you’re cracking down on those dastardly “Polish plumbers” over there in the UK!  Hail Commonwealth Immigration!  Very British!  Ethnonationalism!

Brown Milady making crucially important contributions in fighting the coronavirus crisis.  This is one of men’s contributions. All do what they can according to their innate biological capabilities!

Type I style comment:

The US Post Office already IS a private for profit business , that’s how they keep getting raises even when hiring incompetence minorities and criminals ,the US Govt has no authority over it. They “comply with US Govt recommendations when it suites them and don’t when it doesn’t.

Type II style response:

Can you cite any examples of either?
In the mean time let me let you in on a couple “recommendations” or actual mandates.
1. Though off budget since 1970 (not tax payer supported), up until the last decade and a half, they made money and were completely self sufficient. Through those 35 years, any and all profit WENT TO THE TAXPAYER (an estimated 75 BILLION) through the General Fund. Did you complain then? Did you complain when the government raided them to prop up Social Security? Of course not. Is that an example of their not complying?
2. Congress mandated that the USPS, over a TEN YEAR period, prefund their future retirees health benefits, FOR THE UPCOMING 75 YEARS!!!! This mandate coincided with the time that the Post Office had started losing money. A 5.5 billion dollar per year mandate isn’t exactly conducive to a sound business model, especially during lean times. Imagine paying for someone’s retirement years health benefits, TEN, TWENTY YEARS BEFORE THEYRE EVEN BORN, let alone 20, 30 years before they get hired. NO ENTITY IN THE WORLD, private or public has had this burden forced on them. You can bet none have voluntarily done this. Is this an example of the USPS non compliance that you speak of?
There are several reasons you can’t nor should privatize the Post office.
A. No single company could undertake the delivery or processing of 3 billion units yearly to EVERY ADDRESS IN AMERICA, with 4000 new addresses added daily. A single company undertaking this would be a monopoly, this is bad concerning a private entity. Yeah the USPS is a monopoly concerning first class letters but so is the Air Force. A group of companies could never work together to coordinate delivery to our entire nation. Imagine just 3 companies trying to pull this off with 3 companies, with 3 different agendas, infrastructure, pay scales and fleets. It’s impossible. Also imagine if one company went on strike, then what? Remember these companies would have certain jurisdictional zones, so another couldn’t legally go into the other’s territory to pick up the slack. Privatization is impossible and an incredibly misinformed and stupid idea, so stop.
B. The Constitution calls for the establishment of a mail delivery service, so we eventually established one after the debacle and inconsistencies of private delivery companies. The key word here is SERVICE. It’s a service not a for profit company. Our government has many Services, none turn a profit, none! Endowment of The Arts anyone? The USPS performs a vital service to our country, I couldn’t imagine privatizing the Army. Last I checked, theyve hemorrhaged money for over 200 years. Now of course I’m not comparing the importance of the USPS to our Armed Forces, I’m just trying to illustrate what a Service, with a sworn duty to our country is.
To denigrate them as junk mailers as many commenters here have, is also dumb. They deliver what is mailed, not what they want to deliver. Assuredly they want that revenue but it’s not their call. If you don’t want junk mail then pass a law making it illegal to send you it if you don’t want it. Until then people stop the stupid junk mail rants. If deemed profitable, you don’t think Jeff Bezos will be stuffing junk mail in your mailbox?
Of course things could and should be done to fix the problems of the Post Office but to suggest privatization is absolutely insane.

Remember this?  Sallis right once again.  When is the Black Man going to stand up to the yellow devil?  Black leader murdered by the Chinese. Africans of the world unite and break free of your Asian oppressors.  China should be YOUR promised land; take what is rightfully yours, Asia belongs to the Original Black Man, don’t let Chinese racists stand in your way!

This is the filth that the HBDers literally worship.

A wise view of Trump:

Brit Hume
He constantly blusters and threatens all sorts of things, most of which never come to pass. In this instance, he is claiming supreme executive authority, but there is no sign he will try to exercise it.

The God Emperor is a pathetic weakling.

I warned you about this.  Ching Chong Ching reviews the NIH grant submission of Wi Fuk Yu and then Fuk Yu gets American money, instead of American researchers.  HBD then stands back and applauds the “high Chinese IQ” that allows them to fund their bat soup research with American dollars.

HBDers are absolute filth. Whoever supports, enables, or even merely tolerates HBDers is also absolute filth.

Ignorance is Bliss, 12/23/19

Der Movement must be very happy.

Counter-Currents comment and my riposte:

James Dunphy
Posted December 21, 2019 at 5:34 pm | Permalink
Thanks for sharing. Hindu people are very open minded about sending their kids to Catholic school. They dont have the hostility to Christianity most Jews do. The next time I see a South Asian person, I’ll wish them a Merry Christmas.

That’s the HBD thing to do. GNXP no doubt wishes all you White untouchables a very Merry Christmas!

Overall, I consider South Asians, Iranians, Turks, Cypriots and Caucasus peoples to be non-white but close to the white borderline. They are genetically closest to whites of all non-whites. 

What about Berbers?

You can see this on a principal component analysis. 

And Jews are even closer. Mazel Tov!

Together with whites they are Caucasoids, meaning they have similar skull, face, and brain characteristics. 

Even European ethnic groups and subraces differ among themselves in those metrics, idiot.

This relates to mental function in my opinion.

Your opinion is worthless.

On Myers Briggs, South Asians are closer to whites than Hispanics. They differ only on Thinker vs Feeler psychology. Whites are Feelers and South Asians Thinkers, which basically means South Asians are more rational and whites more spirited, principled etc. 

Can you believe this stupidity?

On the other traits they are nearly identical. 

Whew!  Hey, there’s no race problem!  There are over a billion near-Whites in South Asia. All they need is Matt Parrot’s “functional Whiteness” program and they’ll move into the White category.

I imagine other non-whites close to the borderline are similar to South Asians.

I imagine that you are an idiot.

Intellectually, South Asians in America don’t reflect their home nations well because their average IQ is 110 whereas in India the average IQ is I believe in the upper 80s, with it differing strongly along caste lines.


Overall, I’m not surprised Indians adopt Christmas or that some whites adopt Buddhism. They are close genetically, and it makes sense.

That’s what we call Der Movement Type I logic.

South Asians are not “close” to Whites (Europeans) genetically unless you mean relatively speaking compared to Sub-Saharan Africans or East Asians. Myers Briggs test results are irrelevant for genetic kinship and ethnic genetic interests, as are imbecilic speculations about alleged Hindu affinity for the Middle Eastern religion of Christianity (and is that a good thing even if true?).

This “Dunphy” seems familiar. Is this the same moron who, years ago at Majority Rights (comments section), was confusing geological ancestry with genetic ancestry and inventing a “law of halves” so he insisted that it wasn’t possible for a person to be, say, 7% of a certain ancestry – they could only be 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc.?  It didn’t matter how many times it was carefully explained to him; he just couldn’t understand it.  If this is the same moron, that would explain a lot.  Do we wonder why the HBDers and fetishists have such an easy time lying to the droolcup contingent of the semi-retarded “movement?”

Watching the miniseries A Very English Scandal (*), I was impressed with Ben Whishaw’s realistic portrayal of an effeminate homosexual/bisexual.  Alas, art and life overlap:

Whishaw entered into a civil partnership with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw in August 2012.[27] In 2014, he publicly discussed his coming out, saying that it was a tense experience for him but “everyone was surprisingly lovely.”

They really like using the word “lovely,” don’t they?  Have we seen that recently elsewhere?

Homosexuality obviously has a strong biological component, the cries to the contrary from Christinsanity (not a misspelling) notwithstanding.

*A show that was a shameless shilling for gay rights and tolerance.  Further, if all the assertions there were accurate (Bessell and Carman being bisexual in addition to Thorpe), then one wonders how widespread homosexuality was in the post-WWII (and pre-WWII for that matter) English/British elite. You know, the folks who sold out their racial patrimony in the most disgusting lickspittle fashion (emphasis added):

Jeremy Thorpe was one of the most talented politicians of postwar Britain. Elected to Parliament in 1959 at the age of thirty, he was an advocate for liberal causes (small and capital “L”), including the abolition of capital punishment, increased immigration from the Commonwealth, proportional representation in elections, and British membership in the European Economic Community (forerunner to the European Union). One of the most impassioned parliamentary critics of white minority rule in South Africa and Rhodesia, Thorpe was an outspoken supporter of sanctions on both these formerly British territories; he even advocated bombing the latter after its illegal Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

Once Again Countering the Rancid Current

Counter-Currents: The worst “pro-White site” on the Internet.

Greg Johnson: Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.

The reality (emphasis):

Mr. Cullen indicted RAM members with an anti-riot statute originally passed to stop Vietnam War protesters. The Washington Post wrote a glowing profile on Mr. Cullen, in which he explained: “Hate crimes and violence by white supremacist organizations that qualify as domestic terrorism are way up. Prosecuting them is common sense.”

There is no white-supremacist violence “surge.” Mr. Cullen simply wanted to destroy this group. He credited far-left journalists with providing a “starting-point” for his investigation, and the FBI relied on a hit piece from antifa for its criminal complaint. Four RAM members pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to riot” charges. Mr. Cullen ignored — consciously or not — the obvious truth that if there had been no antifa protesters, there would have been no violence. If the “conspiracy to riot” law were enforced fairly, he would have prosecuted antifa as well. He didn’t, apparently because he takes orders from liberal journalists…Any crackdown will be subjective. That’s why Mr. Cullen’s nomination is wrong. He selectively enforces the law based on political and media considerations. For the RAM case, he took his cue from left-wing journalists. He ignores groups that proclaim revolutionary intent but indicts groups that defend themselves. He practices “anarcho-tyranny.”

The House just impeached President Trump. I’m having a hard time caring. President Trump probably doesn’t even know Mr. Cullen’s name, but he should. If these are the judges he gives us, it’s hard to see why we should support him.

The Quota Queens: Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

Sallis – who labeled Trump a fraud and nicknamed him “Antifa Don Trump” – proven right again.

Sallis: Right, right, he’s ALWAYS right.

More from Counter-Currents:


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“Under would-be Yockey biographer Keith Stimley’s editorship, Thompson contributed book reviews to the Journal of Historical Review.”

I see that Keith Stimley died very young (35). Does anyone know the circumstances of his death?


K R Bolton

Posted December 18, 2019 at 11:03 pm | Permalink


Keith Stimely: proto-Alt Righter?

Contrary to what you may think, these clips are not – repeat, not! – documentary footage of a certain young bisexual male Alt Righter attending certain highbrow racialist meetings.

If you watched episode one of A Very English Scandal (about a real life political scandal) you’ll see that the homosexual politician was a radical pro-colored immigration lunatic, mocking and opposing the idea of a White Britain, and shamelessly shilling for more “Commonwealth immigration” – open borders for “the Commonwealth” (sort of like the pro-Brexit leaders of today). That’s yet more evidence that “being in the EU” has, and had, fundamentally nothing to do with the racial morass found in the UK today. The British people did it to themselves. Ethnonationalism!

In reality, even if there was never an EU, the UK would still be as non-White as it is today. Actually, likely even more so, since in the absence of the EU, and the UK’s presence in the EU, all those immigration slots that went to Eastern Europeans would have gone to “Commonwealth” Negroes and South Asians instead.  And I say that as someone who has a long history of being anti-EU. But as much as I dislike the EU, I dislike ethnonationalist lies even more.

Hampton writing in Counter-Currents:

Baseball is too slow-paced and indulges conservative fantasies. The world never changes in baseball, and conservatives can pretend it’s still 1950 every summer

Putting aside the comments about “slow-paced” (interestingly exactly mirroring Johnson’s previous critiques of the sport*), as regards:

The world never changes in baseball, and conservatives can pretend it’s still 1950 every summer.

Sure!  What with inter-league play, the designated hitter, bottom-of-the-lineup hitters blasting 30+ home runs per year with the juiced-up balls travelling well over 400 feet even with clumsy one-handed swings, the endless parade of relief pitchers, every other pitcher having had “Tommy John surgery,” most televised games being on pay-for-TV cable, etc. – it’s just like 1950!  

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

And, hey, I thought Counter-Currents liked “tradition?” I suspect the disdain for baseball is due to ADHD types (likely enriched among Type I activists) whose preference in sports is for constant, repetitive, back-and-forth action, devoid of deeper strategy and forethought (sort of like how they conduct their “activism).  I suppose it is also possible some types get a thrill over all those “macho hard men” in hockey (too bad hockey players don’t skate around in “rainbow thongs,” eh?).  Anyway…sports are all “bread and circuses” anyway.  But the Alt Right sure seems obsessed with it.

* I recall that, recently, another Hampton article – a movie review no less (was”Trevor Lynch” not available?) – was originally credited to Johnson.  This Hampton requires close scrutiny.

Another issue: Read this.  When Russia announces advances in their nuclear deterrent, the fraud Trump tweets, lying, that “we have better and more advanced weapons.”  Nonsense. The Minuteman ICBM is a weapon system from the 60s and 70s, the Trident SBLM is a weapon system from the 70s and 90s, and as far as the bomber force goes, the US continues to downgrade the yield of the free fall bombs to embarrassingly low levels. Russia is far, far ahead. The “Ground Based Strategic Deterrent” should have been produced decades ago.

And have you noticed that in the past, American rockets and missiles (actualized or cancelled) were always given names reflecting imagination and individualism, names that also reflected cultural “Whiteness” – Greco-Roman and Norse mythology, American history, Western literature, animals, stars, etc. (even naming one after an Indian tribe is a very ‘White” thing to do – look at sports teams)?  Nowadays, we get sterile names like “Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.”  I suppose the rot started when the MX missile was given the stupid name of Peacekeeper (on the other hand, I rather liked the name Midgetman, which reflected tongue-in-cheek imagination). This seems like a small and unimportant change, but it informs us about deep differences in American culture and attitudes between then and now.  Today’s deracinated, empty, consumerist, vapid, sterile culture cannot even come up with imaginative and Western/American/White code names for the products of Western technics. I suppose though I shouldn’t complain too much about it – we may start getting “diverse” names for rockets and missiles – Zulu, Carjacker, Rapper, Cholo, Confucius, King David…the mind boggles.

Odds and Ends, 12/10/19

Various issues.

UPDATE – the post now credits “Robert Hampton” for the low quality review.

Robert Hampton (not Greg Johnson?) unburdens himself:

Most World War II films like to portray America’s fighting force as an ethnic melting pot. In Midway, nearly all of the characters are Anglos and heartlanders who don’t reminisce about Brooklyn. 

As opposed to reminiscing about Brokeback Mountain.

The one clear exception is Gaido, an Italian from New York. 

That damn wop!

The historic American nation fights for itself.

Like John BasiloneNo, wait….

Basilone – the extended phenotype of guys like Johnson, who clearly exclude “Manila John” from possibly ever being accepted into “the historic American nation.”  No affirmative action for you, paisan.  Gaslighting Greggy and Raunchy Richie want to keep it all for themselves.

Gaido is captured by the Japanese after his plane is shot down. He’s thrown into the sea when he refuses to give the position of the American ships.

Ah…he’s expendable.  Why shouldn’t he sacrifice himself for real White men?

It’s dangerous to show heroic whites defeat evil yellow men.

Derbyshire may get offended.

Question: Do dumb dagoes still send “D’Nations” to Counter-Currents?  After all, Greg needs to fund going to the movies, so it’s all good!  Close to $100,000 for the latest fundraiser – remember, those who give live in the Golden Age today!  Just not in Brooklyn.    

Unlike Rand, I’m not going to imply Jack Merritt had it coming. His father’s grief must be immense. Yet he is waging an online political battle immediately after his son’s death at the hands of a Muslim.

We’ve seen this before. University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts disappeared in 2018. After police arrested an illegal immigrant, her father rather bizarrely defended Hispanics. “As far as I’m concerned,” he said, “they’re Iowans with better food.” He also attacked politicians who call for stricter border control, saying Mollie would have called their views “profoundly racist.” Her mother let an illegal immigrant who was related to the alleged killer stay in her home.

Kevin Sutherland was killed, apparently at random, by a black man on the Washington D.C. Metro on Independence Day 2015. He was stabbed repeatedly; no one tried to help.

The late Sutherland worked in liberal politics and had been an intern for Congressman Jim Himes. Sutherland’s Twitter feed was filled with attacks on the Confederate flag, Christianity, and conservatives. Then presidential candidate Chris Christie blamed “liberal policies” for the murder. Congressman Himes condemned him, accusing Governor Christie of “fearmongering and thinly veiled racism.”

In 2015, two black men raped a pregnant woman named Amanda Blackburn and shot her in the back of the head. Her preacher husband Davey Blackburn said he “forgave” the killers and hoped he could “get the opportunity to share the Gospel with these guys.” He also said, “Jesus takes what the world says is a tragedy and makes it beautiful.”

That same year, Islamic militants killed 129 people in Paris. In a video the New York Times called “moving,” the husband of one of the victims said he didn’t hate the killers. “I will not give you the gift of hate,” he said. “Even though it is what you were hoping for, responding to hatred with anger would be to fall to the same ignorance that made you the people you are.”

There’s also Amy Biehl, a young Fulbright scholar who traveled to South Africa to register blacks in the first all-race election in 1994. She was murdered by a black mob, despite her pleas that she was a “comrade.” Her parents showily forgave the killers, who were released without punishment because the Truth and Reconciliation Commission determined the murder was “political.” Indeed, her parents took the opportunity to honor those who “lost their lives in the struggle.” They gave jobs to two of the murderers.

How can we explain this? I believe it’s something beyond pathological altruism.

Yes, it’s those “high trust northern hunter-gatherers” in action. If the “movement” really believes all of that in the genetically deterministic sense (and apparently it does), then everything that Hood wrote is a warning not to put all our eggs in the “high trust” basket. Maybe we should have some input and leadership from some “low trust Neolithic farmers” to balance things out.

If even half our readers sent in ten dollars a month, let alone 10 percent of their income, I have absolute faith we’d triumph — and quickly.

Once again, Hood peddles the outrageous lie that all we need is just more money.  If you give that money to the “movement” as it currently exists, it’ll just waste it, just as it wasted the millions of dollars it already ran through, generating nothing but endless failure.

See this.  It’s already dead.

Richard Lynn, the stalwart defender of the race hypothesis, issues a challenge from on high to find a single instance in which Africans have higher IQs than Europeans and then claims that under such circumstances, “the evolutionary and genetic theory of these differences would be falsified.” Chanda Chisala then says, “Game on!” and manages to find one instance in which a small subset of black children outperform a much larger subset of white children on a series of exams.

Does this mean that Chisala refuted the race hypothesis in IQ? No. It means he refuted an unwise and arrogant statement made by Richard Lynn.

Putting “unwise and arrogant” and “Richard Lynn” in the same sentence seems to me to be a redundancy. 

True enough, finding exceptions does not disprove the clearly observed general trends of racial differences in intelligence. But that is not the point here. HBDer Lynn put forth a falsifiable hypothesis. The hypothesis was falsified. By Lynn’s standards – derived from his moronically unwise and pathetically arrogant statement – the hypothesis is incorrect. In reality, the real hypothesis, that of general trends in intelligence due to racial differences, has not been falsified.  But Lynn’s retarded, completely genetically deterministic, cartoonish views on IQ were falsified.  Yes, it was falsified in a somewhat unconvincing manner, but that is the fault of Lynn for framing the hypothesis the way he did.  I do agree with this:

Does this mean that Chisala refuted the race hypothesis in IQ? No. It means he refuted an unwise and arrogant statement made by Richard Lynn.

But we need to put Lynn ns the same category as Rushton – a fraud and a hypocrite.  It’s not enough to cover up Lynn’s manifest deficiencies by merely saying he was “unwise and arrogant” in one instance. That one instance is a reflection of the hand-waving, pseudoscientific, never admitting to being wrong, nature of HBD. This one instance is a peek at the rotten underbelly of the HBD travesty.

Spencer expresses himself.  And whose fault is that?  The “movement’s” affirmative action “leadership” – of which Spencer is a prominent member.

Counter-Currents comments:

Svea Svensson

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Even if most whites generally prefer a partner of their own race, many of them will choose someone of another race if he or she is younger and more attractive. They trade their whiteness (and sometimes money) for youth and beauty – at least as long as it is socially acceptable.

The most common example of this is probably white men marrying Asian women, which explains why 12% of the white men, but only 10% of the white women, marry outside their race.

This constellation also seems rather normalized among racial nationalists. The American Renaissance Conference even invited one of these men to give a speech on “The Arctic Alliance” earlier this year!

Of course.  The HBDers promote the grand Jeurasian future. Derbyshire, an Englishman married to a Chinatrix with mixed-race children and who is a Judeophile – is the leading proponent of this. So, of course, he’ll be featured prominently at Amren.

Another Ghost

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I agree with you. There was an article I believe on this website that stated white men whom date outside their race often do it out of lack of confidence.

Derb – “awkward squad” – so designated by his own mother.

“Movement” solipsism on display as follows.  A Counter-Currents commentator links to scientific research – real science, not 23andMe junk – clearly showing extensive New World admixture in the Argentinian population.  The “movement” peanut gallery responds thus:

Phineas Eleazar
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Argentina is the worst Latin American example for you, because its white population is largely descended from recent immigrants from Europe, in about the 1900’s. That is certainly the reason they still have sizeable numbers of nearly pure whites.

Who cares about dat dere science?  Someone writes something on the Internet, so it must be true.  Every thought, every comment, every post from Der Movement instantly creates reality!  The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome.

Laugh at this:

Greg Johnson
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You are painting with a very broad brush here. There is an edge of hysteria to this sort of MGTOW apocalypticism. I can’t help thinking that communicating such attitudes, even subliminally, must make a man less attractive to women.

Certainly, Greg is an expert on this matter.

After everything that’s happened, after the complete and humiliating collapse of the Alt Right, we still get this in December 2019.  Remarkable.  And, of course, rattling the tin cup for “D’Nations” – also in the name of the utterly discredited Alt Right:

Gifting TOO—We’re a Central Cog in the Populist, Alt Right Surge


Lee Priest White Power t-shirt.

Predicting eminence.

This investigation examined whether math/scientific and verbal/humanistic ability and preference constellations, developed on intellectually talented 13-year-olds to predict their educational outcomes at age 23, continue to maintain their longitudinal potency by distinguishing distinct forms of eminence 35 years later. Eminent individuals were defined as those who, by age 50, had accomplished something rare: creative and highly impactful careers (e.g., full professors at research-intensive universities, Fortune 500 executives, distinguished judges and lawyers, leaders in biomedicine, award-winning journalists and writers). Study 1 consisted of 677 intellectually precocious youths, assessed at age 13, whose leadership and creative accomplishments were assessed 35 years later. Study 2 constituted a constructive replication-an analysis of 605 top science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduate students, assessed on the same predictor constructs early in graduate school and assessed again 25 years later. In both samples, the same ability and preference parameter values, which defined math/scientific versus verbal/humanistic constellations, discriminated participants who ultimately achieved distinct forms of eminence from their peers pursuing other life endeavors.

That’s in Northern Italy and thus an assault against those blonde, blue-eyed, ultra-Aryan, Hallstatt Nordics there – like this fellow – and we can’t have that!

Comments on the Clarke Interview

Three points.

As a final note, the story of these arrests, and of Andrew’s in particular, is an important corrective and admonition to those among us who have waxed eloquently with their “disavowals” of “terrorism” because it “undermines White Nationalism.” I have always had a problem with such disavowals, and for a few simple reasons. More often than not, they are simply exercises in preaching to the converted. Most disavowals are made by people “plugged into” the “movement”, while the very rare handful of extreme acts of White violence are carried out by isolated fringe individuals who never hear such disavowals or are least likely to be moved by them. Disavowals are thus, more or less, languid and effete acts of moral self-satisfaction. Second, disavowals simply add to, and increase the volume of, discourse critiquing the dissident Right, and they are divisive and demoralising. They implicitly assume a problem within the “movement” that needs to be addressed (where none in fact exists because the movement is already overwhelmingly non-violent), a pernicious trend that conforms very strongly to opposition narratives. They are, therefore, in terms of image management or “optics” undoubtedly worse than mere silence – we can’t correct criticism and image problems by making concessions to the opposition’s vision of our cause. Third, and related to the second, “right wing terrorism” is a largely invented phenomenon, embellished by falsified statistics, media tactics, and the steady production of propaganda by dedicated anti-White groups. It is a largely fictional opposition talking point that would be foolish to adopt ourselves. Fourth, and most important, by adopting discussions and perceptions of “right wing terrorism” we are easily corralled into fear and silence when entirely innocent activists are swept up in “terrorism” arrests. We allow ourselves to be pre-programmed to disavow these individuals and abandon them to their fate. I personally find this mode of conduct to be shameful, cowardly, and highly revealing. I reject it in disgust.

This is a fascinating paragraph because when looking at it from the perspective of a point-by-point analysis, I agree with all points (more or less) and have no strong objection to anything written.  However, looking at it as a whole, I cannot fully agree with it – it is as if the whole is less than the sum of the parts.  If I had to pinpoint a specific objection to the entire narrative of that paragraph, it would focus on that I believe something needs to be said about the issue of these violent attacks by pro-White individuals and what the deeper meaning of them is.  I agree with Joyce that the disavowals are not helpful and sometimes harmful, and I am myself tired of those “movement leaders” who trot out the same tired essay over and over again when an incident occurs. However, there is a difference between such disavowals and an honest appraisal of the problem. By take on these incidents has been two-fold. First, I criticize the System for causing the problem to begin with, with its anti-White policies, its persecution of pro-White activists, and its cordone sanitaire erected to inhibit pro-White activists from fully participating in the political process, equal to all others. Second, I criticize Der Movement because its constant humiliating failures and depressing ineptness induces despair in pro-White individuals and prompts some of them to carry out foolish attacks. If the “movement” was a credible outlet for racialist feelings and activism, then perhaps these people would not believe that their only option is to shoot something up. So, point-by-point, Joyce’s critique of the disavowals is fine, but the entire paragraph fails in that it doesn’t address what should be done, what should be critiqued, and doesn’t properly point the finger at “movement” failure as one motivator for the attacks.

However, by 2017 HnH had a mole inside a group of friends who used to be members of pre-ban National Action. Robbie Mullen was this mole, and Mullen used to be the regional organiser for what was National Action in the North West. The evidence shows that Mullen was playing people off one another as late as July 2017. His efforts were not working and he himself described the group of friends, supposedly a clandestine continuation of National Action, as like “an old man’s drinking club” with “not much going for it.”

At the end of April 2017, Mullen approached Hope Not Hate via email, alleging that NA continued to exist and that he was a current member. He said in court that it (“NA”) had discarded all of the symbolism of NA and was “going it alone” as a nameless entity. HnH activist Matthew Collins has since said that they began to publish articles on their website in the hope the media would pick them up — presumably in order to generate paranoia among former members.

Former NA member Christopher Lythgoe had, post-ban, taken out a private gym for himself in Warrington and that this, according to Mullen, was supposedly “NA” headquarters. I’d like to add that Michal Trubini, who was found not-guilty with me in April 2019, was the name on the lease for the property that the gym was situated in. There wasn’t a single shred of political literature or items found in that gym when the police searched it in September 2017.

Mullen had supposedly expressed to HnH that he wanted out of NA, but that he couldn’t leave because he was too embedded within NA and feared for his safety. HnH later said through Matthew Collins that they were slowly withdrawing him from the group. However, they contradicted this statement through Collins, their “Head of Intelligence,” stating that they persuaded Mullen to remain in the group to work as an informant for HnH, and that Collins would be his “handler.”

Third, it is interesting how the Right is always so easily infiltrated and compromised by the Left, while the opposite almost never occurs. And of course, HopeNotHate was the group that used Hermansson to leverage “movement” Nordicism so as to place him in a position of extensive infiltration. Der Movement is lucky that the Left (at least in this case) was so short-sighted and unimaginative, for they could have had this Hermansson fellow rise fairly fast and far in Der Movement (more than what he actually did) and do real long-term damage. Perhaps they already have such people already in place?  After all, many of our “leading activists” couldn’t do more damage if they were trying. Maybe they are.

The dissident ethno-nationalist Right must enter the democratic process and fight tooth and nail for every vote. 

Readers of this blog know I have been promoting the idea that electoral politics are important.  Not as the only strategy and not as the main strategy, but as one crucial component of an interlocking strategic plan, that also includes metapolitical education and community/infrastructure/organization.

July 10, 2019 in Der News

In der news.

This is Counter-Currents:

Nicholas R. Jeelvy
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2001: Space Odyssey is like watching paint dry, but the paint is in love with the smell of its own farts.

Erudition for only the highest of the high-IQ “movement” crowd.

We’re not “all the same.”

Racially mixed Amren commentators assert that racial tension occurs only between groups with different average IQs (always IQ with the HBD/race realist crowd).  That is of course obviously false. See this.  Racially similar East Asian groups, with similar IQs, exhibit tension when brought into proximity, particularly when in the homeland of one of them. Radically different mental traits and abilities can exacerbate tensions, but the tensions exist because of overall racial and ethnic difference, not merely because of IQ. People do not like to be replaced by others, and higher IQ replacers can even be worse as they are more dangerous and more able to control host institutions.

As we know, HBDers are hysterically opposed to pan-Europeanism.  Here’s a reason why, demonstrated by an online commentator supporting pan-Europeanism:

Heraclitean Fire
We’re ALL going to need to team up — the entire West — to have a prayer at effectively opposing China.
China is an existential threat like we have never faced before as a country.
China’s size, economic might, military, & technological prowess dwarf the Soviets of yesteryear.

HBD is all about having Whites as a humiliated and degraded slave race to Asians (particularly the Chinese) and Jews. Having the West “team up” against China is literally blasphemy to HBD, and of course, to Silk Road White nationalism as well.  Instead, we all need to engage in “measured groveling” to all those Chinese girls with guns who will be “guarding the borders of the West.”

Arrogant Europeans always like to say” “Dumb Americans know nothing about Europe and European politics and should stay out it.”  Very well.  The opposite is true as well. Excuse me, ”Tommy Robinson,” but you’re delusional if you think the fat wad of shit Trump cares about you and your interests.  You’re not Israel, Negro prison reform, or a Big Mac, so why should he pay attention?

Trump is a fraud and always has been.

And I’d like to answer Johnson again with his assertion that it’s not true that Trump was always a fraud. His statement slyly implies to the audience that all the people saying “Trump was always a fraud” are using 20-20 hindsight.  No, there are a few of us – Strom and I being two examples – who correctly labelled Trump as a fraud BEFORE the election.

What were the signs obvious to those with a triple digit IQ?  Let’s see. Trump was a man with close Jewish family connections and an established history of hobnobbing with both wealthy Jews and with Negro celebrities.  He used to be buddies with the Clintons, who attended his (third) wedding.  He was well established as having “New York values” and had supported Democratic politicians. The man was a New York real estate mogul and reality TV star.  He had no grounding or background whatsoever in any of the issues of importance to “our side.”  His campaign, while useful in promoting chaos and balkanization, was nothing more than cheap blustering and a few comments about “Mexican rapists.” The man, as exemplified by his shockingly pathetic, ignorant, and buffoonish debate performances was and is a vulgar clown.

Why would anyone in their right mind believe he was sincere?