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Blackpill Thursday

Alt Right terminology to mock the Alt Right.

The Turd Alliance. I can’t help notice how the HBD low-life scum all support each other and pat each other on the back: Derbyshire, Zman, Cochran…Cochran may in fact be the worst of the bunch.  Harpending’s biggest error in judgment was getting involved in with that thing to begin with.  And, oh yes, let’s all get so very excited about Cochran’s “physics” background – as if he’s the only one who has ever written about race from the “Right” with a STEM background.

Another example of a network supporting their own:

Sessions has accomplished quite a lot as Attorney General.

And what link was provided to support that ludicrous contention?  This one, I kid you not. So, one justifies lickspittle support for Quota Queen Antifa Jeff Sessions by linking to exactly the same unfounded lickspittle support, this time coming from Quota King Mudshark Annie.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, a legend.  So, let’s all worship Trump based on his offhand comments, tweets, and “negs” – not for actually doing anything to help White Americans.  No, instead we get pardoning of Negro criminals, bragging about “the low Black and Hispanic unemployment rate,” Neocon foreign policy, and, of course, no “Wall” or any other kind of real immigration enforcement.  We also get Trump signing legislation targeting pro-White activists, while his Attorney General is de facto legal counsel for Antifa.


pps antitrust, ag sessions. Stop sitting on your southern gentleman hands

Don’t worry.  If Sessions can in some way invoke antitrust to harm White interests, he’ll do so.  Go after anti-White tech companies?  Nah…what would his friends at Antifa think?

And why shouldn’t pink-frilled Republican Graham be a Trump ally, especially since the “God Emperor’s” actual actions are converging on the Graham/McCain worldview?

To answer this questionNO.  

Hmmm…who is in charge of federal law enforcement these days?

Yeah…they’re “waking up.”  Germans put Merkel back into power and in Sweden, the milquetoast “Far Right” gets less than 20% of the vote.  But, hey, there were some isolated marches in the former East Germany, so it’s all OK!  Let’s all declare victory and go home…after all, I’m sure there’s some articles to write about that high, high, high Jewish and Chinese IQ, and about dumb Afrowops and Romanians.

Counter-Currents commentator gets it:

An Gal Gréine
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Seriously? The EU parliament is a toothless joke, and this is the same Nigel Farage who labeled a sizable chunk of his own party membership ‘nazis’ over their — entirely well founded — concerns on Islam, promoted that clown Bolton, and split UKIP. The man is the very model of a modern politician. And this whole farce with Hungary is a dog and pony show which suits both Orbán and the leftists twats attempting to Article 7 Hungary. It’s all self-promotion on both sides.

The growing attachment between Russia and China should upset both the Putin fanboys in Der Movement, as well as the Russian-hating, anti-White Silker filth.

No doubt half-Tuvan Shoigu would like close relations with China, what with his own close genetic relations with East Asia.

Oh, and Putin is speaking out these days against “protectionism” and in favor of the “global economy.”

Now, who has been skeptical about Trad Vlad?

Der Movement (including the Silkers): always wrong

Sallis: always right

And you can count on that


More “movement” stupidity.

So, with all the heroic ethnonationalist parties in Western Europe, nothing gets accomplished to save race and civilization, and Western Europeans have to flee to the east and “colonize” Hungary.

Der Movement, being what it is, can never let a story about Eastern or Southern Europe go by without commenting on how racially degenerate and inferior the natives of those lands are (*); thus:

We who live in Western Europe know what’s going on: We’re being flooded by eastern Europeans! Hungary is a corrupt Turanic-Turkish country ruled by the gypsy Victor Orban,

The guy who wrote the article is a 100% moron.

And since Eastern Europeans are feistier than slothful and hedonistic Southern Europeans, they fight back:

How long before Hungary collapses under the weight of parasitical West Euros? These Invaders are not healthy, nor are they strong. They have no closeness to the Hungarian people, no Ethnic identity. Will they stand and fight with the East Europeans? Doubtful. A backbone and determination to preserve heritage is necessary which the Hungarians have.

What can the Hungarians gain from having these toxins drip fed into their homeland?

Dilution or confusion? More likely dissolution. Better revulsion and rejection now before destruction.

Meanwhile, Europe continues to be overrun by the Global South.  Thus, the wages of ethnonationalism, a failed and expired brand of petty nationalism for which we should have ZERO TOLERANCE.

This is the outcome of Brexit.  Ethnonationalism on the march!  All hail the UKIP!  Free of the EU, just in time to become a colony of India.  Very good!  Spencer was right in his skepticism about Brexit.  The rest of us. including myself, were wrong.  Although, in my defense, my support of Brexit was simply to destabilize the EU and upset the globalist status quo – I was always deeply suspicious of the ethnonationalist scum getting all breathless about “sticking it to the Polacks” while at the same time singing the praises of “Commonwealth immigration.”  But still, I was not suspicious enough; I was too tolerant of the ethnonationalist plague.  Spencer’s initial instincts were healthier; I must admit that.  

Lesson learned: Never trust an ethnonationalist.

*The official anthem of Der Movement was written long ago by Belloc:

Behold, my child, the Nordic man,

And be as like him, as you can;

His legs are long, his mind is slow,

His hair is lank and made of tow.

And here we have the Alpine Race:

Oh! What a broad and foolish face!

His skin is of a dirty yellow.

He is a most unpleasant fellow.

The most degraded of them all

Mediterranean we call.

His hair is crisp, and even curls,

And he is saucy with the girls.

Twin Stupidities: “White Sharia” and Ethnonationalism

Against “White Sharia” and the ethnonationalists.

Stop judging me, “movement.”

I’m bringing up this amusing (but true) post again, which is relevant to some of the points I make below.

“White Sharia” – juvenile jackassery that only the Alt Right could produce. Put me down as a misogynist who believes in patriarchy and who also believes that snarky memes derived from alien cultures are utterly moronic. “White Sharia” violates Sallis’ Shiv: “movement” freakishness should not be multiplied beyond necessity.

By the way, probably needs to deal with the SiteLock problem. I’m assuming they’re aware of it; if not, they are now.  I know some of them read this blog. Some of your readers can’t access your site – at least the ones who don’t change their VPN settings.

Speaking of that site, it’s amusing how the ethnonationalist retards are getting their noses bent out of shape over Spencer’s analysis of a very clear and obvious issue.  Yes, British nationalism put all its eggs in the UKIP basket, yes, UKIP lost its raison d’etre after Brexit, and, yes, Brexit hasn’t actually solved any of Britain’s racial and cultural problems.  And, yes, I remember that I was strongly in favor of Brexit – but for the same reasons I supported Trump.  Both Brexit and Trump in and of themselves are useless; however, as bringers of chaos against a destructive status quo, they’ve been useful.  And, of course, the EU as it currently exists is an anti-White disaster and it needs to be deconstructed.  But the idea that “Polish plumbers” (who of course don’t belong in the UK) are in any way the real existential problem is absurd.  Brexit itself solved nothing, the emphasis on Brexit and the UKIP damaged genuine British nationalism, and the whole sorry tale is yet another blow against the ethnonationalist narrative.  Ethnonationalism and mainstreaming – two failures.

I also get real enjoyment over that tired old paradigm that the failure of nationalism in America vs. its “success” in Europe is due to the “unworkable” pan-racial White aspect of American racial nationalism vs. the “grounded” ethnonationalism in Europe.  Err… first of all, given what’s happening in Europe, the migrant invasion and terror attacks being the most obvious examples, the fact that nationalist parties in Western Europe have gone from one failure to another is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the ethnonationalist approach. Second, the difference in success of America vs Europe (to the extent that it is true that nationalism is more advanced in Europe) is mostly due to:

1. The pathetic freakishness of the American “movement” that repulses people of all White ethnic backgrounds, and the fact that the American “movement” is hardly pan-European but openly despises a significant (minority) fraction of America’s White population (the problem is more that the American “movement” is not for all Whites, not that it is).

2. De facto social pricing (America) is more of an impediment to nationalist organizing than is de jure “hate” laws (Europe).  Johnson and Le Brun discussed this on a podcast and I agree with them.  Now, yes, I’ve been adamant that the “hate” laws in Europe must go, and that they are an impediment, but social pricing in America is a far bigger impediment. Wide-ranging soft totalitarianism deters more than narrowly applied harder totalitarianism.

Thus, if (1) the American “movement” was reformed, and (2) a way was found to counter-act social pricing, you’d quickly narrow the gap between American and European nationalist organizing.

Der Movement in Der News, 6/9/17

Build the tribe.

After this example of memetic appropriation, at, we see the startling revelation that hatred of Trump by the Left is essentially hatred of Whites.  That sounds familiar. Where may we have read that before?  Oh wait, here at this blog; for example, from Feb. 2016.

If the Alt Right is going to be great savior of the White race, it may be helpful to actually generate some original content other than that of yelling about “Pepe” and “Kek.”

Getting back to the 5PT article at Counter-Currents, we see this excerpt of a hostile comment:

Contrary to the author’s hypothesis, polling shows most whites are not in favor of mass immigration, suggesting they are wary of their own demographic replacement. The feeling of being invaded and replaced will only continue to grow as mass immigration continues unabated, until the issue becomes red hot. The problem is that our politicians, as usual, are moving far too slowly for those of us who already demand action. Immigration and demographics need to be made a major campaign issue in our elections, which will lead to parties making it a campaign promise to reduce immigration — and we need to hold them to it.

Most Whites may be against mass immigration, but they sure don’t vote that way when they have the chance to vote for even mainstreaming ethnonationalists like Le Pen and Wilders. Politicians moving far too slowly” – who?  Who has been elected?  Only the fraud Trump, and we all should have known better.  Polls are useless if the alleged opinions said polls represent neve become actualized into electoral victories or any other concrete real-world manifestation of White backlash.

In any case, both sides of this debate don’t seem to realize that “building our tribe” and “taking back our nations” are not incompatible or orthogonal to each other. It would seem that tribe-building is going to be a necessary prerequisite to nation-taking, and if the latter fails, then having the former around will allow the White tribe to survive (and possibly make new attempts at nation-taking in the future).

We need to do both the nation-taking (it’s too early to give up completely on that, despite the current grim reality) and tribe-building. And it’s the tribe building that needs to be the predominant focus, since it serves not only to aid nation-taking, but it also lays the groundwork for an effective strategy if the “take back the nation” efforts fail.  Tribe-building is the underlying foundation for a wide variety of overlapping efforts.

Note the comments about UKIP’s silk roadism and about “British Asians.”  I agree wholeheartedly with Spencer’s pan-European vision.  Delenda est ethnonationalism!

A Double Fail for Mainstreaming, 5/17/15


Read here.  For all quotes, emphasis added:

And I am saying this from a unique perspective as my grandfather was of Indian origin. Although I don’t present as Indian, I am obviously not 100% British.

So, first, this prominent fellow active in the UKIP and British “far-Right” mainstreaming politics is of part South Asian origin and is a “self-described British culturalist.” Second, he’s the one (!) criticizing the UKIP for being too liberal on race, immigration, and the “JQ.” Thus, he’s being interviewed by The Occidental Observer for his “further-to-the-right” perspective on the UKIP. Never mind his mischaracterization of WN as being unconcerned by ethnically alien European immigration to the UK. Instead, we get:

An organic assimilation of people we hand pick to move into our country is very different than encouraging mass immigration as our government have done for decades. If I had my way, I’d close all the borders and repatriate anyone who wasn’t able to, or refused to assimilate. We’d only take immigrants deemed culturally assimilable.

Like South Asian Hindu immigrants, I presume.

At this point, should we laugh or cry?

Mainstreaming News, 5/11/15

Jack Sen interview, part 1.

This is a useful antidote to the UKIP cheer leading of the “work within the system” types at VDARE.
There’s much of interest. We see a description of the disgraceful episode in which a predominantly White English audience berated Griffin for championing their own rights; the typical “lower than omega” behavior often described here.  More important is this description, by Sen, of what the UKIP is really about (emphasis added):

Much like the Labour Party, UKIP relies upon societal discord to peddle its policies and candidates. Although people on the ground, with a genuine love of country, are buying into the ‘Take Back Britain’ message UKIP is peddling, I am not convinced the people running the party care one bit about this country. 

If UKIP were to come to power, they’d push a domestic agenda similar to Margaret Thatcher’s, highlighted by deregulation, privatisation, crony capitalism, and the implementation of policies that for all intents and purposes prey upon the disenfranchised, albeit nostalgically portrayed working man. I recognized that quite early on and it’s part of why I started to have issues with the party. 

UKIP’s intentions to privatize the National Health Service, frack our beloved English countryside, sell us out to their cronies in the City (equivalent of Wall Street), cut taxes for the wealthiest Britons, kill ‘mansion’ and inheritance taxes while reducing public sector expenditure, never sat right with me. This is even before I recognised how cosy with Jewish organisations UKIP were. 

I suppose a fair comparison would be to your Republican party, who appeal to working class Whites to get elected but systematically oppose their interests once in office.

The comparison with the GOP is key. Just as “appealing to the center” and attachment to Big Business Interests destroyed the Republican Party as a vehicle for genuine conservatism, so is “mainstreaming” destroying nationalism as a vehicle for promoting the racial interests of the indigenous population. We see the same fraud, the same dishonesty, the same instrumental use of sociocultural issues to attract middle-class and working-class Whites to support predatory capitalism, and we see the same cynical leaders who could care less about race and civilization. And, finally, the infiltration of Jewish interests, to finish it all off.

All of this is not a “bug” of mainstreaming; it is instead a key feature.  What mainstreaming does is break down the barrier between tactics and ideology, between means and ends. If you portray yourselves as aracial conservatives, peddling some sort of watered down cultural and constitutional patriotism, then you will not only attract “moderate” mainstream voters, but you will also attract “moderate” leaders and political candidates.  You will attract big money supporters who want to make the “facade of moderation” become actualized as core party ideology. In summary, instead of tricking more moderate voters to support a radical party, you end up tricking more radical voters to support a moderate party. Sen’s experience is that the core UKIP voters seem farther to the “right” on race and immigration than is UKIP leadership.   Sound familiar? Thus, GOP voters oppose amnesty and mass immigration, while the leading GOP candidates and the party machine embrace immigrants, legal and illegal alike.

When you mainstream, means become ends, and the original ends are lost; the leadership forget, or pretend to forget, what those original ends actually were. In America, we end up with Hispanic Jeb and his illegals who invade “out of love,” in the UK, we end up with “far-Right nationalists” who think that brown and black “commonwealth immigrants” are A-OK. It’s a big joke and the joke’s on us.

Mainstreaming News, 4/17/15

Will the UKIP under perform?
Someone at The Occidental Observer thinks so, and some of the reasons why reflect that party’s mainstream conservatism, free trade fetish, and protestations about not being “racist” (*).  Thus, another “fail” for mainstreaming, more time wasted, more diversion of effort and resources. Eventually, mainstreaming will be recognized as a failure; unfortunately, by the time that happens, we will all be several steps closer to our collective racial doom.
*On the other hand, the author cites the fear of being “racist” a reason for folks not voting for the UKIP.  Then the author critiques the UKIP for being weak on non-White immigration. At first glance, those two assertions seem contradictory – voters won’t support a non-racialist UKIP and at the same time they won’t support the UKIP for fear of being deemed “racist.” However, things are more complicated than that.  First, there are different groups of voters. There are some who, at the current time, would never vote for a “far-Right” (labeled by the media) party, regardless of how mainstream; these are those voters scared by the “racist” label.  Then, you have a second group, folks who could be core supporters of UKIP, who don’t care about the “racist” label, but these folks will get disgusted by the UKIP because that party is, in reality, not “racist” at all. So, the UKIP falls in between two stools – it loses the faint of heart because of media labels, and it loses the stout of heart because of their actual policies.  Then we have a group of voters who are, at the individual level, of two minds – these same people are at once afraid of “racism” but tired of immigration and they could in theory be persuaded to vote for “racists” if they thought it could end the personal suffering they experience from mass immigration.  But why go through the trouble of supporting the UKIP if that party accepts “high-IQ” Asians and others?  When you have a party with an incoherent ideology (typical for mainstreaming), then you can expect incoherent responses from voters.