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Holodomor Bloodguilt

Cash or check?

It would seem appropriate for Israel to give reparations to the Ukraine in compensation for the Holodomor (and one can also propose reparations to Russia and other nations affected by communism). The extent of these reparations can be equivalent to what Germany gave to Israel, adjusted for inflation.

Jews in the News, 4/13/15

All to be expected.
Jews in Hungary get rowdy, march, denounce Jobbik – to which I reply with two words: Bela Kun.
Thus, the Jewish mentality: countless Eastern Europeans (*) murdered by Jewish (**) commissars is just “something that happened,” but let a political party represent the interests of the native European majority, make Jews feel slightly uncomfortable by Jobbik, and it is a tragedy requiring international news reporting.  Note to marchers: there’s a reason why you are universally disliked, guys.
*Mostly in Russia and Ukraine, but to a lesser extent in every nation tainted by communism.
**Regardless of his matrilineage, Kun’s Jewish patrilineage would have made him eligible under Israel’s “law of return.”  Also please note the ancestry of the other architects of Hungary’s “Red Terror.”  Question: have the Jews ever admitted, much less apologized for, the crimes they committed under communism?

Nemtsov Update, 3/8/15

NECs in custody.

I note that the Russian authorities are holding suspects in the Nemtsov killing.  Putin’s Russia is a murky place and who knows if the truth on this issue will ever completely come out, but it is interesting that the suspects are described thus:


Moscow (AFP) – Four men were in custody Sunday for the killing of Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov in a probe which has yet to reveal the motive for the brazen assassination in the centre of Moscow. 

The suspects, from Chechnya in the volatile northern Caucasus region…

Of course, right after the killing, the Putin regime was eager to place blame in a different direction:

…pin the blame on those evil “right-wing” Ukrainians or those dastardly Russian “ultranationalists”…

We can be grateful I suppose that the Kremlin didn’t just decide to arrest some “ultranationalists” despite whatever actual evidence they have; perhaps they believed that a too-obvious set-up would cause some problems with Trad Vlad’s attempt to curry favor with more moderate nationalists in France, Hungary, and elsewhere.
Regardless of why a more even-handed approach is being taken in the actual investigation, the initial response of the Putin regime to the killing is instructive.  A crime that very possibly was carried out by Vlad’s pet Asiatic Muslims was quickly attributed to the hated Russian Slav “ultranationalists.”   It’s a good thing that Vlad is not ruling the UK, since he would, I presume, have been eager to pin Rotherham on those nasty “ultranationalists” of the BNP.
Meanwhile, the blushing schoolgirls continue to get all hot and bothered over their shirtless tiger-wresting traditionalist superhero.  The Delusional Right is a sorry sight indeed.

Nemtsov and Blaming the Far-Right

Excerpts, emphasis added:
– Other opposition leaders within Russia or dark outside forces interested in “destabilizing Russia” and willing to make a “sacrificial victim” (Vladimir Markin); these include “right-wing Ukrainian field commanders like Dmitro Yarosh and Dmitro Korchinsky, ex-leader of UNA-UNSO,” who recently spoke of “the need to commit terrorist attacks in Russia (TV Zvezda)
Russian ultranationalists; Nemtsov’s case has been reportedly assigned to a group at the Investigative Committee headed by Maj. Gen. Igor Krasnov, a senior special cases investigator known for his past work on the cases of ultranationalists, reported, citing Prokhorov, lawyer for Anna Duritskaya, Nemtsov’s companion who was with him on the night he was murdered.
Krasnov’s cases include that of Ivan Mironov, the nationalist accused of attacking Anatoly Chubais, head of Unified Energy System (RAO UES) in 2006, who was later acquitted in 2010, and also the ultranationalist group BORN [Battle Organization of Russian Nationalists] some of whose members have been convicted of murdering a number of people associated with opposing hate crimes including anti-fascist activists and a judge, and some of whom are still awaiting a verdict.
That suggests that the Kremlin is moving in the direction of fingering extremists in the ultranationalist movements, which at first were encouraged during patriotic campaigns unleashed with Russia’s forcible annexation of the Crimea, then later reined in by Putin in some cases when intellectuals began to complain about their incitement of violent against Ukrainians.
But of course: pin the blame on those evil “right-wing” Ukrainians or those dastardly Russian “ultranationalists” – the latter of which are those totally unreasonable people who want Russia to be for Russians, as opposed to Trad Vlad’s multiculturalist vision of a Yellow-Brown Russia populated by Muslim Central Asians, Chinese, and other such Asiatics. The schoolgirls could excuse Putin for pointing the finger at the Ukrainians, an obvious choice given the current conflict. Why what about the Russianultranationalists?  Isn’t it interesting that when the pressure is on, Trad Vlad reflexively attacks those on his right and not those on his left? After all, if we need to find someone to pin blame on, what about radical neo-Marxists?  Central Asian immigrants?  Jewish gangsters? Maybe Femen killed Nemtsov, perhaps using this method.  But, no.  The darling of the traditionalist American WN Right views as his most hated internal enemies the same types as are the blushing WN schoolgirls themselves.
Putin apologists have all sorts of excuses for Vlad’s anti-White, far-Left, ultra-liberal, multiculturalist, anti-racist embrace of multiracialism.  We are told that “Russian identity has always been multiracial.”  Well, what’s the history behind that?  First, Russia was conquered by the Mongols (hardly an endorsement for multiculturalism and appeasement of Asiatics).  Later, Russia expanded to the East and South, incorporating all sorts of NECs, Tartars, and Mongoloids, and some figures in Russian history were of part or full Tartar ancestry.  Well then, cannot the same be said about America, a nation founded on lands including Amerindians and Negroes?  Look at Pocahontas, Martin Luther King, and our current President.  Obviously, American identity is multiracial!  And yet the American WNs reject that for their own country, while accepting it for Russia, all because….why?  Because they “cream their pants” while seeing a shirtless Vlad wresting with tigers?  Why?  Because their obsessive anti-Jewish Manichean worldview tells them to embrace anyone that the Neocons criticize?  Yet they don’t embrace the Islamists.  Is it because Vlad is “White,” and makes noises about traditionalism that resonate to folks desperate to identify themselves with some sort of powerful leader, since they are too weak-minded to accept the reality of their own powerlessness?  Hey, if they want to support an influential White multiracialist traditionalist, then they can rally around “Jeb for ’16!”
Putin wants a “strong Russia,” independent of the racial and cultural composition of that Russia.  If Russian “strength” means that, once again, Slavs must groan under the Tartar Yoke, so be it. Bow down before your Yellow-Brown Asiatic masters, you lowly Slavs! Slav, Slave, what’s the difference?  After all, in the not-too-distant future, half the “Russian” army will be Muslim, so we must appease them to win their loyalty.  Maybe, one young Russian Slavic woman for every Tartar soldier, eh?
A real leader would accept short-term weakness for long-term preservation and long-term power and glory.  A real leader would cut loose all the Asiatics, have a Russia for Russians, a Slavic Russia, and if that means a contracted economy, and a half-sized army, then so be it.  Russia could build an all-White military capable of defending its territory based on an advanced nuclear arsenal and other modernized weaponry, combined with a highly-trained, well equipped, professional conventional force.  The Russian economy can be re-booted for a smaller, but well educated, population, and end the corruption!  Maybe it is not necessary for a leader to be worth $40 billion?  Maybe, I don’t know, $1 billion could be enough to live on (we must be frugal after all!), and the other $39 billion put back into the national coffers to help build a modernized, productive, and mostly autarkic, economy?  Maybe Russia can “ride out” the demographic valley and bounce back after several generations – without selling out the nation’s body and soul to the degenerate hordes of Central Asia?  Why not?  Do the schoolgirls have any answers to these questions?

Strom, Russia, and Putin

Clarifying a difficult situation.

Strom: This desire to destroy their best-organized opponents also explains why Zionists support a government that includes a few racial-nationalists in Ukraine: These money-men see the bigger picture; and Russia and its rising alliances, no matter how much they say they love Jews and America, and no matter how many Holocaust revisionists they imprison, form an alternate power structure to the New York / Tel Aviv axis and so must be encircled, contained, and taken down by any means necessary.

At this blog, I have been harshly critical of Putin and of the Western “blushing schoolgirls” who wet themselves in excitement thinking about Trad Vlad.

However, I also reject the Manichean worldview that simplifies every political situation into a binary, black-and-white, us. vs. them scenario.  My criticism of Putin does not mean I support the current Ukrainian government. My criticism of Putin and his “amen corner” does not mean I support the obvious Globalist-Neocon offensive against Russia.  The fact that I mock the blushing schoolgirls does not mean that I reject Strom’s reasonable and, in my opinion, more or less accurate analysis.

I simply take things a bit further, acknowledging the true dimensions of White powerlessness.  The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. In the Russia vs. Ukraine-Neocon conflict, neither side represents White interests.  In the long run, a victory for neither side will advance our cause.

This view is said to be not practical, lacking “pragmatism.”  I think otherwise; looking long term, my view represents hardcore reality, and, facing reality, however unpleasant, is ultimately practical and pragmatic.

The harsh truth: in the current conflict in Eastern Europe both sides are anti-White, as is the case with virtually every political conflict the world over. The original “Maidan” Ukrainian “revolution” was, in my opinion, clever Globalists, driven by the interests of the Tribe and by American geopolitical realpolitik, exploiting sincere and naive Ukrainian nationalists in order to establish a Neocon puppet regime. So, here I am in agreement with the blushing schoolgirls.  Where we part ways is in our assessment of Putin/Russia in this scenario. Strom misrepresents the truth here. It isn’t just that Putin uses some “squid ink” to hide his true motives; his true motives themselves are suspect. It isn’t just that Putin says he “loves Jews” or throws some nationalists in jail.  It is that his vision of Russia is multiracial and Eurasianist.  He is promoting a mirror image of multicultural globalism, but in this form under his control, replacing New York/Tel Aviv with Moscow.  I’m not interested in someone who cynically and instrumentally uses patriotism and traditionalism to promote a mixed-race multicultural agenda. We have enough of those in the GOP at home.

So, yes, fine, if it is Putin vs. the Necons, I prefer Putin, but I’m not going to invest any time/energy promoting the man and his cult following: he is not one of us, people who pretend otherwise show bad judgment, and I reject the idea that anyone who opposes New York/Tel Aviv deserves our groveling support. If that’s the case, why don’t WNs flock to support the Islamists? They too are against the Neocons and the Tribe. Why not?

Dugin, Putin, etc.

Some more facts on the case.
Exposing Dugin’s anti-White, anti-Western animus, read here.  Of course, Dugin’s “colored world revolution” anti-Westernism is the foundation ideology for Trad Vlad’s bare-chested macho interventionism. Now NATO member Estonia is a target, with the Great White Leader behaving more or less like a Third World thug. Then we have the useless guarantees of the “West.” Remember when Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for a “Western” guarantee of Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty?  How’s that working out, Ukies?
It looks like Vlad has taken the measure of the affirmative action mulatto posing as the “leader” of the “West” and has found the hybrid wanting.

More On Putin, Johnson, Etc.

Another Counter Currents essay.
I essentially agree, but need to make my own position quite clear. Although I have some sympathy for the Ukrainian “far right,” I am not a supporter of the Ukrainian government, nor a supporter of the so-called “revolution” there.  Nor do I support (tongue-in-cheek anti-Raciology comments on my Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience blog are not meant to be taken seriously) anti-Russian attitudes.  My issue is wholly with the pathetic love-fest over Putin that exists within certain precincts of the madhouse known as the “movement.”  And, as an extension of this, I object to the whole “man on white horse syndrome” that is part of the “prematurely declare victory and go home” mindset of the broader political Right.
Now, maybe some of us are wrong about Putin,  Maybe, as the Putinistas claim, he really is “playing a deep game” with a pro-White outcome.  Anything is possible.  Maybe Nazi Space Gods from the planet Valhalla will land their flying saucer in Berlin and declare the Fourth Reich.  Again, anything is possible.  I for one prefer to use Occam’s Razor and go with the simplest explanation based on known facts: Putin is a multiculturalist authoritarian, who wants a “strong Russia” in alliance with, and to large extent based upon, the teeming brown and yellow hordes of Asia.
Also, consider this: if Putin is a genuine multiculturalist (as the skeptics believe) he would not want WN support, and if he were playing the “deep game” of pretending to be a multicultural Eurasianist (as the schoolgirls profess), then he also would not want WN support.
Why are the Putinistas ruining Vlad’s “careful chess game” with their blushing displays of orgasmic ardor?  How about we all stand back and see how things unfold and we’ll find out who’s right?