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We Are In Uncharted Territory

Will Der Movement take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity?

Let’s recap the last couple of days. The leading candidate of one of America’s two major political parties plans a rally in a major American city. That rally is cancelled because supporters of a candidate of the other major party crash the event and there is the threat of violence.  Subsequently, the victimized leading candidate has to be protected by Secret Service men from a man trying to rush the stage at another event, and protests against this candidate continue.  Wait, it gets better.  Instead of sympathizing with the victim, and denouncing the thugs responsible for this outburst of political violence, instead of questioning the other candidate whose supporters are these thugs, everyone – even members of the victim’s own political party! – blame the victim and demand that the victim censor himself and, basically, stop campaigning in the manner that has been heretofore successful.

A Central American banana republic on the verge of revolution?  No, my friends, once again this is The United States of America, that “shining city on the hill,” which has been so devastated by diversity, so mangled by multiculturalism, that free speech is rendered meaningless and more than two centuries of democratic procedures are crumbling into dust.

Why all this anger and hatred toward the victim?  Is the victim violent? No, he’s a wealthy old man. Is the victim a hate-filled extremist (which wouldn’t be an excuse for what happened even if true, but let’s consider it anyway)? No, he is a centrist, someone who supports affirmative action, coddles Negroes, has Jewish family connections, was a reality TV star, is a real estate magnate, a person endorsed by senators and governors.  What is going on?  Why the derangement?

Simple.  Despite being a centrist, the victim’s supporters are White working class and middle-class Americans.  The victim makes bombastic speeches, and seemingly wants to enforce immigration law to the same extent as Dwight Eisenhower (gasp!  the horror!).  The perception exists that the victim represents Whites and White interests.  And that you see is the problem.  In today’s America, Whites are a despised subaltern group, low-caste slaves of the System, humiliated and bullied by their Jewish-Asian-African-Latino-SJW masters, a group that is not allowed to have any interests. That is the reason why this chaos is occurring, and that is the reason we are now in uncharted territory in American politics, the System is adrift in uncharted waters, the situation is unprecedented for any period in American history since the Great Depression and before that the Civil War – a fluidity of the situation in which the train has run off the tracks and intelligent and bold action can change the course of history.

Are those on the White side ready to be actors on the stage of history? Unfortunately, it does not seem so.  The victim, Trump, shows no signs of resisting his humiliation.  His “alpha male” status was tested and found wanting; he now whines and plays the victim, ceding the mantle of strength to his opponents.  Will White Americans stand tall and defend their interests?  Right now, Whites are cowering before the thugs who prevented them from holding a mainstream (repeat mainstream, not “movement”) political rally, like whipped curs Whites grovel before their Jew-Colored-Left masters.  How about the “movement?”  Here is an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the unbridled political chaos produced by the Trump candidacy.  Here is an opportunity to reach out to disaffected Whites.  Here is an opportunity to take up the mantle of strength and fortitude that Touchback Trump, supporter of the Negro, so carelessly lets fall to the ground.

Is the “movement” up to the challenge?  Or will we have more of: calipers and traditional physical anthropology, Savitri Devi and Kali Yuga, subfractional “admxture” percentages, agonizing debates on the racial background of Julius Caeser, court battles between factions of a defunct personality cult, “movement” leaders getting all nice and cozy with leftist “watchdog” groups, neckbeards marching through the woods eating twigs and branches and muttering about the “gumminit,” and all the rest of the stupid crap spewed forth by affirmative action misfits who couldn’t run a business or organize even a lemonade stand operation in the real world. The most likely outcome: “movement” failure, do-nothingness, stupid fetishism and obsessions, no ability to leverage a potentially positive situation whatsoever.

The multicultural System is getting all sorts of stunning shocks from the Trump campaign, the very legitimacy of the System is under attack from the very thugs and animals coddled by that same System, and the pathetic “movement” as always finds itself surprised by these events, with no contingency plans or strategies whatsoever, letting yet another golden opportunity slip slide away.