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Odds and Ends, 11/19/20

In der news.

To White liberals, the real attitude toward celebrating things such as Black History Month is akin to a normal person celebrating a spastic retard finishing an event in the Special Olympics.

I suspect non-Whites detect this condescending attitude, which is why they are constantly seething with rage even against their “White allies.”  Racial resentment, racial envy, is likely at the root of most anti-White hostility. This is why Black females have the justifiable stereotype of always being angry – physical appearance is the most important thing for hominid females (and they know this, even if SJW “feminists” angrily deny it), and Black females must know that they are considered the most unattractive and undesirable among all of the major racial groups’ females. They see their co-racial males greatly preferring White women, and so they seethe with rage. When White liberals smile at Black invention myths or at some pitifully minor real Negro accomplishment, Blacks must really be boiling inside. To openly admit what is bothering them would be an overt admission of their self-realization of their perceived racial inferiority, so instead it comes out as an incoherent attack on “Whiteness” as a general principle – even “White allies” are tainted by “implicit bias” and the original sin of “White racism,” enriched as they are in their “White Privilege,” and so these Whites must be endlessly subjected to ritualistic humiliation. That gives the non-Whites a feeling of revenge and alleviates the guilt felt by White liberals for their covert self-realization of their own perceived racial superiority.

I suspect the same elements of resentment, revenge, and guilt inform radical feminism and sexualized “female domination” and “male submission” – both parties implicitly understand the reality of male superiority, and so it is manifested in various bizarre ideas and rituals. Then we get into Nietzsche’s ideas about ressentiment and slave morality that are related to the genesis of Christianity. There is a common underlying thread in these phenomena – resentment about a (perceived) realization of inferiority of one party, and feelings of guilt about a (perceived) realization of superiority of the other party.

And if this post is used as “evidence” that I am a “White supremacist” please note that I am specifically discussing the attitudes of White liberals and of non-Whites, both of whom behave in a manner indicating deep-seated attitudes of superiority and inferiority, respectively.

From my perspective, Whites are superior in some aspects, particularly cultural, scientific, and technical creativity, but are grossly inferior in others, such as adaptive fitness. Likewise, women are superior in being mothers and mothering, with men superior in just about everything else. Christian ressentiment is superior in propagating a slave morality, while more noble values are superior in every other way.

How other people perceive and act upon racial and sexual differences is for them to answer for, not me.  Christian ressentiment is for the Christians to answer for, not me.

What dope hired Bolton?

OK, I agree, but that doesn’t mean we can’t harshly critique Trump.

Someone who understands the disgusting pathetic turd that is Trump:

But we have to be realistic; the historically significant highpoint of the day was the President’s failure to join his vast army of loving, angry and motivated supporters. This was a terrible and tragic error which will cost Donald Trump and America dear.

What should have happened? At the very least, the President should gave given up an afternoon’s golf and spent a couple of hours with his crowd, chatting and giving the lucky few the selfies of their lives. A couple of hours returning the love and telling the faithful to be on standby and to get organised. This isn’t exactly political rocket science, it’s just common sense and decency.

You can measure the missed opportunity and the mentality of the man by asking: what would George Washington have done? Or Teddy Roosevelt, or JFK, or even Reagan or Obama? Anyone of them would have stood on the back of a pick-up, taken a bullhorn and given the speech of his life, the speech that made all the difference. Donald Trump gave a few waves and went off in his armoured limo to play golf.

Trump supporters assert that it would have been an unnecessary “security risk” for Trump to have physically addressed the crowd. Two responses to this are as follows.

First, if Trump had planned in advance to address the crowd, proper security measures could have been put in place. Second, at least he could have stayed in the White House and perhaps addressed the crowd via video. He didn’t have to go and play golf, for godssakes. Get a grip, Trump worshippers.

Why is Trump declaring himself a candidate for 2024?  Likely because he and his advisors believe that is a way to try to preclude federal prosecution – since it may “look bad” for Biden to be politically persecuting a future electoral rival (state prosecution would still be in play).  Of course, that depends upon the Left actually caring what they “look” like. Also, being in the electoral mix would not doubt be good for fund-raising and whatever other grifts Trump has in mind for the next four years.

Coulter on Trump:

“The reason I’m very happy that [President] Trump lost – and lost narrowly – is that a second term of Trump would have killed us,” Coulter said…“[W]ith Trump … He’d say these wild things that we’d get blamed for, he’d get attacked on, and then actually did nothing,” she explained…“Trump thinks, ‘I tweeted it. Therefore, it’s done’,” Coulter said…“It’s ironic … that he lost this election, very possibly because of cheating. Democrats cheat all the time. … Trump has been talking about ‘mail-in ballots are dangerous, they’re gonna steal this election.’ He’s been talking about it … probably all year,” she said….“Talking about it isn’t the same as doing it,” Coulter pointed out. “Much like as he tweeted out, ‘Law and Order,’ and yet cities are still burning across the nation. [He] didn’t do anything about it. It’s like he didn’t know he was president.”

More Boomer-bashing from Millennial/Zoomer retards.

…most are out-of-shape Boomers. This reveals a severe inferiority complex. Most of these people know consciously and/or subconsciously that they could never have the pride of wearing a uniform, be it military or law enforcement. They are weak, fat, and uninured to hardship.

Unlike youngsters today, who are more overweight/obese than any similar age cohort in history, who spend most of their free time with their faces stuck into a smart phone, with their lipid-enhanced jowls sagging down onto the screen. Various forms of cancer, heretofore typically observed only in the middle-aged and old, are now occurring in the young, and these are cancers known to be associated with being physically inactive lumps of lard.

So, the question for a typical youth of today is – which is bigger: their pot belly or the colon tumor festering in their large intestine alongside the remains of poorly digested Big Macs?

See this nonsense.  Essentially, Sallis is correct once again. You see, with Counter-Currents as part of the HBD alliance, we must leave room in America for “Rosie and the kids.” Also note how this “10% alien is OK” “90% White nationalism” allows the Herrenvolk to colonize other people’s nations. Morgan occupying Hungary? He’s a ten percenter! Munro in Romania?  Farrell in Italy?  Full Moon Ancestry and “Bang East Europe?” The urinals of Europe’s men’s rooms haunted by shifty-eyed and hot-handed Quota Queens?  High-IQ Jews and Asians running America?  it’s all A-OK!  Hart’s vision or a multiracial “White separatist state” including “Asians and others” and his newer vision of a “conservative state” including “conservative Blacks” comes to pass under “ethnonationalist” “leadership.” The ethnonationalist filth lie to you about how pan-Europeanism will “violate national sovereignty” while in reality it are the pan-Europeanists who support homogeneous nation states, while the ethnonationalists want to ensure the survival of multiculturalism so as to empower their favorite minorities and/or to justify the hypocrisy of having “ethnonationalist” ethnoimperialists living in other people’s nations.

Remember – there is no way out but through Johnson.  White nationalism can flourish only if Johnson and Counter-Currents are unalterably opposed.

Counter-Currents supports de facto multiculturalism.  EGI Notes opposes multiculturalism.  The distinction is clear, no?

Fascist Fiction

From Western Destiny.  And other news.

See here.  An evaluation of an analysis of three well-known French fascist fiction authors of the inter-war period.  Some insights into the nature of fascism are thus revealed.

Other news:

From Unz, a Chinese man speaks the truth to HBD scum (emphasis added):

When the Chinese take over, it will get much worse. Remember, blacks are not their problem. Blacks are our problem. If the Chinese take over the world and unseat the US as the world’s leading superpower, whites and blacks will be grouped together. That’s because a lot of Chinese thinks that blacks and whites are similar in terms of their native intelligence and cultural ethics. In other words, they have a great deal of contempt for both races. As a Chinese man, I can attest to this.

Do you think that every child of the Chinese emigrants to America have patriotic loyalty or, better yet, fealty to the white working class? Just like with Jews in the past, Chinese care a lot about success … and might be apathetic to the well-being of America. In every future riot, the Chinese will laugh their ass off at us, sneering that we better stop provoking blacks, maybe they’ll stop killing us if we were more polite to them, we better adjust our behavior, and all those things that liberals in the past have snidely remarked. Heck, they might even confiscate our guns just for the hell of it.

Get ready to be spat on.

As regards the “get ready to be spat on,” if the spitter is a Chinatrix, the typical White male HBDer will be in the throes of orgasmic glory, coupled to “measured groveling.”
Laugh at this.

I had another layover at Riga airport this year. Over a shot of Black Balsam, I thought about the Latvian woman and all the great times we had. I wished that things had worked out between us, but perhaps it was not meant to be.

Yeah, it was “not meant to be” because you’re an ethnically Danish ethnonationalist and she’s Latvian.  As your buddy Borat Jeelvy would say – “mate poaching, no bueno!”
Ethnonationalism – the ideology of vile hypocrites.

Brief News, 8/16/20


Tyrone weeps.  Low IQs Matter!

Not just the flu, bro!  The flubros are objectively wrong. The anti-vaxxers who would refuse a covid-19 vaccine are the worst sort of destructive luddites.

Good news.  TOO is back online; I’ve noticed that site down for several days.  Readers here know I have had disagreements with TOO and will no doubt continue to do so, but I oppose censorship and champion free speech, particularly for people on the (Far) Right.

I’ve said time and again that my disagreements with people in the “movement” are not personal, but derive from profound differences in ideology, strategy and tactics, etc.  I use humor (in the tradition of TRUD) to focus a light on what I perceive as error; however, any rightist site is worth infinitely more than the flotsam and jetsam coming from the Left.

This latest deplatforming is another warning that online-metapolitical-blogging-business-as-usual is not something we should be putting all of our eggs in one basket for. That model has an expiring shelf life.  I’ll be writing yet another summary of directions we need to be going in.

Note: I may be getting involved in a certain project of utility for our people, alongside others of quality, so stay tuned. It may cut a bit into the time for blogging here (other commitments I have will cut into blogging time as well), but, anyways, I always want to move to a more quality-based blogging approach. 

None Dare Call It Treason

None except for Sallis.

Read this.  What else do you expect from the Unz HBD site?  What do you expect from a site that blames The China Plague on “an American bioweapon,” shills for China, has as its owner a Jewish supporter of Hispanic Reconquista, and which promotes Nordicism designed to divide Whites against each other for the benefit of Jews and Asians?
That dumb Unz piece misses the entire point.  The ultimate issue is not about crime or IQ or whatever – it’s about the demographic and cultural displacement of Whites.  It is about EGI and civilization, not crime statistics and PISA scores.  It is about genetic kinship and cultural affinity, not a ranking of group traits according to scales designed to suit the interests of wealthy Levantines. Whites should support White interests precisely because they are White, not because of what turds like Unz or Lynn or Rushton or Sailer or Dutton or any of them say about particular traits of Whites vs. those of others. Whites should not oppose immigration of (non-White) Hispanics or Asians because of some ranked traits but precisely because those groups are not White; they are not us. How difficult can that be to understand? And can we be surprised that some sort of HBD Spencerite “racialist” goes groveling to Unz with mea culpas?  And that is why White HBDers are a problem – they judge groups based on proximate measures rather than ultimate. So, to them, Hispanics are evaluated based upon whether or not they rioted a lot recently, rather than on Hispanics’ relative genetic (and cultural) distance from European-Americans. From a racialist viewpoint that is a disaster, and it is inevitable that weak-minded fools who base their worldview on HBD are going to turn against WN, because at the most fundamental basis HBD and WN are essentially incompatible.

To better understand the depths of Unzian Middle Eastern mendacity, consider the argument there – that WN is “politically bankrupt” because it focuses on immigration – an existential issue for White survival that White people actually DO care about, as demonstrating by opinion polling and by the election of Trump in 2016 – instead of, you know, focusing on IQ scores and Durocherian Nordicism, that White folks not only care zero about, but would consider strange, disconnected to their interests, and the province of cranks and autistic weirdos.  Why is it that members of the tribe ALWAYS promote memes to Whites that are racially destructive?  They just can’t help themselves, can they? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And, finally, that is why any “White nationalists” – like Johnson and Durocher – who write for Unz are despicable traitors.  Neither of them needs to write for Unz (of course, no one does in fact).  Johnson has his own Counter-Currents site.  Durocher has written for a variety of other sites in the past and nothing stops him from starting an independent blog (possible name: The Clouseau Chronicles).  No, they choose to support and enable a Jew who attacks WN and supports non-White immigration. EGI Notes, on the other hand, is steadfast in its opposition to Unz. Or should I say (((Unz)))?

Then we have those veteran WN 1.0 heroes, who have made their career opposing Jewish power (or pretending to do so), but who cannot utter a single word against HBD, Unz, or any of the White traitors who sell out their race for Unzian “race realism.”  I suppose such utterances would not be “politically” expedient.  Another example of what the likes of Gunther, Grant, and Stoddard would consider the sublimely honorable nobility of Nordic Man.

It is a matter of judgment and character.

Behold Egalism (emphasis added):

…a system called egalismThe government provides all the necessities of life, and in exchange the people work only thirteen hours each week. (All other work is performed by machines or by outside contractors–at great price.) The remainder of their time is spent in the leisurely pursuit of pleasure: games, sport, sex…Egalism requires sacrifices, though. The people are crowded onto one small island called Arrabus; the vast continents of Wyst are sparsely populated wilderness. The government provides all food, but the only choices available are three bland concoctions: gruff, deedle, and wobbly. Arrabins go to great lengths to get taste of real food, which they call bonter. People live in colossal featureless apartment blocks, in tiny rooms with randomly assigned roommates. Personal possessions are scarce, and frequently stolen (or snerged as the Arrabins say.) The egal ideal is absolute equality between persons, so individualism is stifled. Even the differences between sexes are suppressed as much as possible. Making oneself too appealing to the opposite sex is sexivation, and is socially discouraged…it is clear that egalism is a failed experiment. The machines that keep Arrabus running are breaking down. The Arrabins, working only thirteen hours a day at menial jobs, are not able to effect repairs, and Arrabin exports can no longer cover the cost of hiring outside contractors.

It is also interesting that the Arrabins are extremely anti-immigration, as they claim they cannot maintain their social system with the mass influx of immigrant parasites who want to take advantage of it.  I’m sure Unz would object, as long as the immigrants are Hispanic or Asian.
The following is an Arrabin female addressing an outworlder male in that book: “We’ll copulate if you like; you can show me some new and amusing antics.”

Another Arrabin female is described thus: “…a blonde, kitten-faced girl with small feet and a ripe figure displayed almost to the point of sexivation…”
If such exemplified Vance’s own preferences, then obviously he was not an HBDer.  Or an Alt Right flirter.  Or the keynote speaker at an Alt Right meeting.  Jack was not suitable for the Mannerbund.

Oh, that Jack Vance

Let’s ignore the works of Gene Wolfe and Jack Vance, and the lessons therein about human behavior and societies, and instead crack open our copy of Tolkien in our hobbit hole.  The battle for Middle Earth begins!  That’ll be complete with Unz telling us that opposing orcs is “politically bankrupt,” and Durocher busily using calipers to compare the cephalic indices of northern vs. southern hobbits.

Of interest.  Why is it that the anti-White system merely provokes protests to become even more anti-White, rather than the opposite.  A first in history – in which an oppressed population riots in favor of more oppression.  High trust northern hunter gatherers!

It is abduction.  The problem, you see, is that the Right, as an empty vessel, lacks the legal infrastructure to pursue this to its logical conclusion.  If such an infrastructure existed, then, pooling together a number of like cases, and assuming properly litigious clients, the local government could be sued for allowing the civil rights of the drivers to be violated, and for failing to enforce the law (as well as the anarcho-tyranny of politically-motivated selective prosecution); further, the protestors themselves, once identified via social media and other mechanisms (starting with “Seun”), can also sued. There’s also probably a RICO criminal case or two there if you sift around aggressively enough – but that of course requires a sympathetic district attorney.

In any case, it is quite clear that legal room for maneuver exists – IF the Right were anything other than a useless grift.

Christianity must be destroyed.

Consider this.

After spending most of my 20s in Scandinavia, I noticed that white Europeans were also becoming minorities in certain areas of Western Europe. This was one of the reasons why I decided to relocate to Eastern Europe for the past two years.

That’s it with these Herrenvolk.  Their homelands have been destroyed by their own feckless co-ethnics, so time to move into someone else’s lands.  Ethnonationalism!  What hypocrites.  Let’s hear more from the Quota Queens how “Poles should not be living in Western Europe.”  Indeed, they’ll write that article as soon as they finish screwing that Polish girl in Warsaw.  Ethnonationalism!

Remember my prediction for 2020:

Here’s a very easy prediction for 2020: Expect more outrageous hypocrisy from Counter-Currents.

Counter-Currents: The absolute worst, most outrageously hypocritical Far Right site on the Internet. Oh yes, let’s preach the wonders of “ethnonationalism” and “petty nationalism” while engaging in ethnosupremacist ethnoimperialism, living in the nations of other peoples and taking their women.

A Counter-Currents “writer” whines:

My nephew suffered the most from her lackadaisical parenting. He became very spoiled from eating cheap calorie fast food. The breadth of his nutritional intake came from chicken nuggets, French fries, pepperonis, be they on a pizza or straight out of a package, and hotdogs. His grandmother (my mom) had to make sure her freezer was always stocked with the same garbage. It was so bad that he literally refused fruit, vegetables, soups, salads, or even meat that wasn’t served out of a frozen cardboard box.

Hey!  With the exception of the French fries and pizza crust, that sounds a lot like the carnivore diet promoted by the great and good Jef Costello.  So what’s the problem?  Just substitute the fries and crusts with more chicken nuggets and hot dogs and you’re all set! After all, Eskimos eat whale meat, so…chow down, son!  Hopefully you won’t get apoplexy sitting on the toilet.  Fiber?  You don’t need no stinkin’ fiber!