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An Interesting Online Comment From a White Man Ex-Democrat

Agreed, but realize this: the GOP despises you too.


I used to be a Democrat years ago. My mother and father were proud FDR and Truman Democrats. Neither left this world as such. Today, I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat for dog catcher. The Democrat party made a decision long ago to throw the white working male and their wives for that matter, to the dogs. According nearly every Democrat you listen to, we all are racists, sexists and homophobes. We are responsible for every single ill this country has. We are “bitter clingers” in the words of the current leader of this party. The Democrat party since LBJ has thrown it’s lot in with any group that they can get dependent on a government controlled by them. They’ve become the party of the EBT (single) mom, the illegal immigrant and the ignorant and guilt ridden rich of Hollywood and Silicon valley. They can save their breath when it comes to expecting us to support them. They despise us and we despise them. Working white men and their wives don’t vote democrat and we won’t be fooled by their lies.
Unfortunately, well-meaning people such as this commentator do not understand that the GOP isn’t really any better.  In some ways they are worse – since they are deceptively fooling Whites that they are somehow (implicitly of course, all winks, nods, and dog whistles) on their side, as they in reality pursue the same anti-White agenda as the Democrats. 

Here’s an immensely important (*) point: people like this commentator, all Whites, particularly White men, have more power than they think – they are enabling their own dispossession and destruction, since the System absolutely depends on White men for is proper function. If a significant fraction – not all, and perhaps not even a majority – of White men withhold their consent to the System, refuse to play the game, and actively oppose it, if they say, AS A GROUP, with cross-supporting group solidarity: NO! – if they refuse to be the cooperating cogs in the System machine, then the anti-Whit system breaks down, comes to a halt. The paradox for the System, and a source of real power for Whites, is that while the System hates White men, and wants to dispossess and humiliate White men, the System absolutely depends on White men for its own continued existence. Somewhow we need to enlighten folks such as this comment writer on these realities, and motivate them to begin to withdraw their practical support for the System that is destroying them.  Easier said than done, I know. I really don’t know how to reach these people. Convince them that diversity threatens their supply of chips and beer?

*It may not seem so at first reading. People used to reading my pontifications about High Cultures and EGI may not immediately see the point. But, consider it from a practial perspective.