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America Is Finished

An economic analysis.
Multiculturalism, immigration, free trade, Jewish influence – have all destroyed America. A hollowed out economy is just a symptom of the disease, as is the traitorous and feckless White Gentile political class that allowed all of this to happen.
A diverse America is an America in terminal decline.  The world is handed over to Asian robots, the human photocopiers.
What a waste.

The Ukrainian Tragedy Continues to Unfold

Heads they win; tails we lose.
So far, the Ukrainian situation seems to be as follows.  On one side, we have Ukrainian patriots – the “ultra-nationalists” – manipulated by the Necons, the USA, the EU, and other negative forces.  Thus, Slavs braved bullets, and sacrificed themselves, to put in power non-Ukrainian elements with an agenda that may well include the racial dispossession of the native Ukrainian peoples.
On the other side, we have the multiracialist Putin, accusing the “Ukrainian coup” of being the work of dastardly “Nazis, neo-Nazis, and anti-Semites,” Putin and his hybridized Siberian Defense Minister, and his dreams of the “Eurasian Union” – a multiracial counterpart to the EU, in which Slavs would be race replaced by Asiatics.
Heads they win; tails we lose.  It’s always the same. The “tribe” always seems to get its way.  And, the naive “movement” – in this case in the Ukraine – is caught in the middle, working against its own interests.
We can hope that groups like Svoboda end up triumphant. However, one wonders.  So far, it seems like the Ukrainians are being squeezed between two mirror-image opponents: the “West,” which accuses the multiracialist Putin as “being like Hitler;” and the Putin/Russia faction, which accuses the “Nazis” as being responsible for the anti-Russian political actions of the multiracialist Neocons pulling the strings – blaming the Ukrainian Right for a coup initiated by groups with the same racially liberal mindset as Putin himself.
It’s multiracialists of one flavor vs. multiracialists of a slightly different flavor, and since each side cannot truly expose the agenda of the opponent – because the opponent’s racial agenda is similar to their own (the only difference: who’s in charge) – they pin the blame on “haters” and “racists” and “Nazis” and “people acting like Hitler.”
Why is the “far right” so easily manipulated?  Must it be inevitable that the tribe always wins and Europeans always lose?