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Der Movement Thursday

More “movement” madness.


F___ot Doctor Evil (h/t MPC) hates President Trump, as evident by the daily TDS droppings of the newspaper he owns, the Washington Post-Op. If Bezos gets his greedy mitts on a monopolistic stranglehold of streaming video, you can just imagine the amount of anti-Trump, anti-White, anti-American bilge that would spill forth every minute of every day. “93% negative stories on Trump? We can hit 100%! (with no pee breaks)”

It wasn’t so long ago that Roissy was predicting Bezos would take a “hard right” turn politically, because he was working out and was “jacked.”  That’s what passes for “analysis” in gamester land.  Fat chance of any of them ever admitting they were wrong.

Bezos is the villain who immiserates the “Forgotten Americans” Trump vowed to protect. So why isn’t Trump taking action? What’s staying his hand?

Trump is lazy, stupid, obese, semi-retarded, anti-White, and a neo-Marxist.  Thus, his hand is stayed.

And now, we have….Greg Johnson:

Greg Johnson
Posted October 10, 2018 at 1:28 pm | Permalink
I am sure you mean well, but I call this sort of comment “low-information moralizing,” since if you knew the truth of the matter, you would change your tune. For instance, Daniel Friberg of Arktos has doxxed some movement people and embezzled funds from others. Knowing that, I cannot treat him as a comrade or colleague without dishonoring his victims or deluding people who might become new victims. In June of 2017, moreover, Friberg and Spencer launched a viciously dishonest campaign to ruin me and Counter-Currents. Although they ended up the worse for it — the collapse of the AltRight Corporation is a direct consequence of their campaign…

AltRight collapsed as a direct consequence of attacking Johnson and Counter-Currents?  I may be “low information” and all of that, but looking at the situation from here snug in my hobbit hole, it looks like AltRight collapsed because it was run by a bunch of Type I “movement” incompetents, who spent their time drinking alcohol in Alexandria loft apartments, making half-drunk podcasts, acting like jackasses, devoid of any serious ideology, taking nutcases like Jorjani seriously, using horrific judgment for each and every decision, having no overarching strategy, having no real organization or infrastructure, and, above all, the cosplay insanity of Unite the Right.  A thought experiment: if Spencer and company had done everything right, and still feuded with Counter-Currents, would AltRight have collapsed?  The question answers itself.

… — they still caused severe damage to the movement as a whole by driving wedges between people who used to cooperate productively and amicably. At this point, the damage appears to be permanent.

Who was it who critiqued the Alt Right from the beginning and predicted its downfall, and who was it who was declaring that “the Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all?”

Traitors are always more dangerous than enemies. So there is a limit to the “enemy of my enemies is my friend” line of reasoning.

I certainly agree with that.

And Antifa Jeff Sessions is going to actualize any action against Tech-Corporate censorship of the Right?  Once I stop laughing, I’ll point out that the DOJ is too busy prosecuting rightists for “hate crimes” and “serial rioting” – we can’t expect them to actually do anything that would benefit Trump’s and Sessions’ own (deluded) supporters, can we?  Let’s not be unreasonable here!  

Der Movement reaches out to the White ethnics in its own inimitable fashion (via TOO):

Gotta hand it to those Italians…, they sure know how to solve a problem. LOL
Take a lesson from Rommel in North Africa if you want to know how to handle Italians.
Italy is a dogs breakfast as far as I can see.
The Italian IQ (Racial) difference between the northern and southern ends of the country,
combined with a (((banking system))) and a hijacked (((Catholic Church))) in charge of a large chunk of wealth within the country and,
and organized crime (mafia) under the proxy-control of both these wealth hording institutions,
makes Italy the dysfunctional epileptic member that it is within the EU.

Now with comments:

Gotta hand it to those Italians…, they sure know how to solve a problem. LOL

We instead should follow the lead of Frau Merkel and Germany, who have solved their problems admirably.

Take a lesson from Rommel in North Africa if you want to know how to handle Italians.

The same Rommel who lost North Africa, lost France, and who was later forced into suicide.

Italy is a dogs breakfast as far as I can see.

London, on the other hand, is a White paradise. All you got to do is ignore the mayor, dodge the flying knives and acid bottles, and accept the fact that you can count the number of ethnic English on the fingers of one hand, and it’s all good!

The Italian IQ (Racial) difference between the northern and southern ends of the country,

Which actual IQ testing does not support.

combined with a (((banking system))) and a hijacked (((Catholic Church))) in charge of a large chunk of wealth within the country and, and organized crime (mafia) under the proxy-control of both these wealth hording institutions, makes Italy the dysfunctional epileptic member that it is within the EU.

We all can’t all be as functional, sane, and healthy as, say, Germany, can we?  By the way, who re-introduced the Mafia to Italy after Mussolini crushed it?


HBD in Der News

The Alt Wrong.

Comment left at Zman’s blog:



A well-rounded cognitive elitist!  A man of a Thousand Talents, indeed!


On a less positive note, I would observe that the organizational capacity of Southern and Eastern Europe is depressingly low.

The HBD solution: let the Jews and Chinamen take over?  Why not?  And is that an unreasonable characterization of HBD views?  After all, according to the Silkers, Cochran advocates Israel seizing Italy because the heroic Jews, who have proven their military competence against the Wehrmacht-like Prussian discipline of Egypt, Syria, Hamas, the PLO, etc., can take the land away from inept Afrowops with no problem.  Likewise, China can seize Eastern Europe – which would no doubt make the Silkers happy as well.  Win win!

Even money odds this gets cancelled by the venue.  Featuring Derbyshire and Sailer. Hey, why not HBD Cunt and Jaychimp as well?

Let me say a word about pricing. It has become virtually impossible for patriotic immigration reformers to meet in public and our ticket prices reflect the increased security costs and additional expenses associated with politics in the current year. The fact is, we’re taking an enormous financial risk with this conference because we understand how important it is for the people in our movement to assemble freely – something that can no longer be taken for granted in America.

Yeah…don’t’ they always make arrangements with the venue so that they get compensation in case of cancellation?  If you are worried about security, maybe you can pick a better venue than “NYC Hilton Midtown?”  I suppose the “happy penguins” will be real happy with that pricing…let the shekels flow.

Uh, VDARE…Antifa is not worried about “owning the street” because they apparently “own” the DOJ as well. Jeff Sessions is the de facto legal counsel of Antifa, and Chubs Donny Trump may as well be its leader.  That video with the car?  Don’t let Antifa Jeff see it!  The car driver will be indicted for hate crimes, and the thugs will be given government jobs (de jure, as opposed to the de facto enforcement jobs they already possess).

Der Movement: (Taylor) Swiftly Humiliated

Taylor and Trump: the Left triumphant.

The Type I retards of Der Movement are publicly humiliated once again.  How’s your “Aryan Princess,” doing these days, eh?  How’s that “Aryan Alt Right Avatar?”  And I love how some of these nitwits are pretending (channeled through “Milo” and Anglin) that it all really never happened – you see, their years-long sweaty obsession over this fox-faced female yeastbucket “cuck nagger” was just a “jest” you see, a “joke,” a “meme” never meant to be taken seriously.  Sure.  Sure.  That’s like some beta male who proposes marriage to a woman in public, and is then humiliated when she ever-so-publicly rejects him, and then he protests, red-faced, that it was “all just a joke.”

No, Type Is – you indulged in your fetishes and stupidities, and were head-smacked by reality once again.  Der Movement: a story of continuous failure.  And I note that the various “movement” sites – except for Anglin – that have been obsessing over Swift for years are strangely silent about this news story – can’t admit being wrong, I suppose.  No surprise there. And as to the argument that “this isn’t important, who cares?” – I could have asked “who cares about Taylor Swift?” for the past several years.  No, Der Movement themselves made it a big deal with their Beavis-and-Butthead jackassery, setting themselves up for yet another morale-deflating public humiliation.  It’s the public perception of the Far Right being shown to be immature, wrong, and once again scorned by an idol, that is most important issue here – The Yeastbucket on White Unicorn Syndrome in this case.  Fail, fail, fail – Der Movement is synonymous in the public mind with endless failure.  That’s a surefire way to get high-quality recruits, no doubt!

And, no, by the way, contra the obsessives and fetishists, Swift is not a “HB10” – are you kidding me?  She’s just some lanky (likely high-T) ditzy female, who paints herself up to look presentable in public. Maybe a 7 on a good day.


Threads are tied, chess pieces are maneuvered into place, rope is knotted…the Deep State actors who attempted a silent coup of President Trump are about to face their reckoning.

Er, no.  Instead, it are Trump’s own supporters who are facing a reckoning, emphasis added:

Starting with the President’s own inauguration, antifa have rioted—attacking political enemies, threatening politicians, and sparking street brawls. By the group’s own admission, its purpose is to use violence against opponents. And yet, in a purported crackdown on “serial rioters,” Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department skipped over antifa and indicted members of a little-known right-wing group called the Rise Above Movement (RAM).

Last week, the US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, Thomas Cullen—a Trump Administration appointee—held a press conference to celebrate bringing charges, including “conspiracy to riot,” against four RAM members. “They were essentially serial rioters,” said Mr. Cullen. “This wasn’t in our view the lawful exercise of First Amendment rights. These guys came to Charlottesville to commit violent acts.”

This latest indictment follows in the spirit of S.J. Res 49, passed unanimously by the Republican Congress in September 2017, which called on the President to use all available means to combat the “hate groups” that brawled in Charlottesville. It specifically mentioned white nationalists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis—but not antifa.

To his credit, President Trump attached a signing statement saying he did not blame a specific group for the violence, thus sticking to his contention that there was blame on both sides—but this appears to have had no influence on his own Justice Department. Instead, antifa remains in the clear while its enemies are arrested. White advocates don’t want special treatment. We want equitable enforcement of the law. We certainly haven’t seen it yet.

Who was it who has made a big deal about Trump signing S.J. Res 49 (his attached “statement” being irrelevant)?  Who has been harping about Trump betraying his own supporters?  That’s right, Sallis – while Roissy obsesses about how Trump shakes hands with Macron, and while Der Movement swoons over their obese “God Emperor.”    And while Derbyshire and Coulter praise Antifa Jeff Sessions, it has been Sallis who has been beating the drum about how the Trump DOJ is viciously anti-White.

Let’s see now: Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.  Who would have ever guessed?

By the way, this underscores why creating a Legionary-type movement – which I support and have proposed – will be so difficult in America.  The Ultra Far Left Trump-Sessions axis will use all the power of the federal government to crush it. Such a movement would have had an easier time getting established under a regime of a President farther to the right than Trump – Obama, for example.

Trump’s adipose tissue must be inducing record levels of estrogen production – enough to promote the blossoming of puberty in a busload of 13 year old girls.  Or is it that he’s just a White-hating Neo-Marxist?

Trump has Taylor Swift-Boated Der Movement once again.  Instead of the God Emperor, he’s the Red Emperor – a Far Left Marxist paragon.

Saturday Movement Madness

The usual.

Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explore the ominous implications of the Trump DOJ’s arrest of pro-white activists based largely on leftist investigations.

Time for Roissy to post about Trumpian handshakes…oh wait, he’s done it. After all, tweets, negs, and handshakes form the cornerstone of what a real “MAGA” President is all about.

This is an excellent Taylor video.  I’ll say it again- Taylor should run for elected office. Despite whatever ideological disagreements I have with Amren, I’d wholeheartedly support a Taylor candidacy.  There’s no one in the “movement” today better suited.  

I have one fundamental criticism to make – that is apart from the while Jew/Asian/HBD thing.  Amren, particularly Taylor, is very descriptive, and not at all  prescriptive.  Yes, there are some, very few,  lukewarm exceptions – Hood telling us we need to develop “White Identity” and so forth, but nothing concrete, nothing substantial.  Perhaps it is to preserve their non-for-profit status, maybe it is just that they believe their role is merely that of information dissemination.  However, it becomes tiresome after a time to hear all the horror stories, all the problems, with no solutions offered, no strategies proposed, no path forward outlined.  Ultimately, what do they see as the endgame?  Do Whites vote themselves out of this mess?  Do we need metapolitical/sociopolitical organization – neofascism?  Violent revolution?  Or do we just “ride the tiger” and discuss “race realism” while the ship of White civilization is capsized under the rising tide of color?  What do we do?

Yes, Pat, we are all deplorables now.  So, when are you going to come out in support of White nationalism?  Or are you afraid of being indicted for “hate crimes” by the far-left Bolshevik Antifa Jeff Sessions?  It’s a legitimate concern, I agree.

This is a decent Johnson essay, but he comes close to “movement” blasphemy at two points.

The Jewish connection throws a lot of light on the neuroticism and subjectivism Lilla laments. It also accounts for the preachy moralizing Lilla bemoans. Yes, a lot of political correctness seems to have New England Puritanism in its DNA, but who were the Puritans if not a “Judaizing” sect of Christianity? 

Criticizing the Puritans? KMacD got in some trouble with “movement” factions several years ago for doing just that.  Careful, careful

What does citizenship mean when a Chinese can take a test, swear an oath, and then commit espionage against America for China?

And now the Chinese?  The HBDers and the Silkers storm off in a huff. After all, isn’t the HBD dream a Jewish-Asian-Puritan/Anglo alliance, with the former two groups on top and the latter on the bottom?  Isn’t the Silker dream one of Chinese girls with guns guarding the borders of the West?

No, Steve, it is not self-parody; women are actually insane.  They actually believe “cooking a difficult meal” is the equivalent of volunteering for war, jumping out of a plane, or getting involved in Charlottesville Ragnarok.

Thursday Madness

A dead America and a dead “movement.”

More Jewish apologia from the despicable HBD turd Zman.

What an idiot.  As if “Stalin turning against the Jews” with his aging paranoia and the “Doctor’s Plot” (and his weeding out of excessive Jewish influence) can somehow be equated With Hitler and National Socialism and their fundamental crusade against Jews and their agenda to rid Europe of Jews – including “the Holocaust.” Jews can always look at Stalinism as an aberration of Marxism-Bolshevism, but Fascism by its very nature, with its palingenetic ultra-nationalism, was inherently hostile to Jewish interests, and its German and Romanian variants were virulently anti-Semitic.  An anti-Jewish attitude was incidental to the Stalinist version of Communism, but anti-Jewish attitudes were more or less fundamental to Fascism (and that’s true even though the Italian variant was not originally anti-Jewish; the whole fascist worldview is innately hostile to Jewish cosmopolitanism).  And the canard that “Jews are such a small percentage of the US population that how can they affect public opinion so much” should be discredited by now, given by how much American culture, politics, and foreign policy has become completely Jewified.  How did a handful of Jewish Neocons ruin conservatism? And completely change the direction of American politics?  “Only 2%.” Oy vey!

Hey, maybe Zman can get together with Jayman…the mind boggles.  A tag team blog of utter stupidity.

I assume no one, Left or Right, sees the real problem here.  The problem is not what the Trump family may or may not have done financially.  The problem is that this is an issue only because Trump was elected President and the Left was enraged.  The NY Times would not have bothered with their “investigation” if Trump had safely stayed away from electoral politics, would they?  They certainly would not have done so if Trump was a strong supporter of leftist politicians and policies.  Let us assume for a moment that all the accusations are accurate.  Therefore, that all becomes an issue only because of political considerations.  A wealthy and powerful individual can “fly under the radar” their entire lives and safely enjoy the fruits of fraud, as long as they don’t “upset the applecart” and anger the wrong set of people (including the “2%” that Zman assures us can’t really have that much powerful, as they are not space aliens, or anything).  Laws can remain unenforced, and wrongdoings remain uninvestigated under one set of circumstances, but under a different political set of circumstances, suddenly all the financial shenanigans have a bright light shone on them, as a form of political punishment.  America has become a banana republic, in large part due to Zman’s two percenters.

Ship of Fools is no apology for Trumpism. Indeed, Carlson calls Trump “vulgar and ignorant.”

Hmm…”vulgar and ignorant.” Where have we heard that before?  The quota queens always catch up to this blog, sooner or later.

Roissy bemoans the deplatforming of a non-White, race-mixing gamester:

This is scary, I’ll admit it. Every day brings news of another dissident thinker exiled from the sphere of public influence. The crackdown and repression of thought criminals is accelerating, with no end in sight, and no one with the power to do anything stepping in to challenge the witch hunters and book burners. HELLO, President Trump? AG Sessions? Have you thought about anti-trust suits against Big Skypey Tech? Nationalization? Any kind of oversight at all?

Yes, Trump and Sessions to the rescue!  Trump’s a bit too busy eating Big Macs and flipping through his little black book to look up more porn stars with whom to have unprotected sex.  As for Antifa Jeff Sessions, no doubt he supports deplatforming anyone on the Right, and – who knows? – he may be in favor of “hate crimes” charges against Roosh, or Roissy himself.  The Man on White Horse Syndrome fanboyism dies hard, doesn’t it?

And Roissy fantasies that something would be done if the 70 year old man in a wig who testified against Beavis-and-Butthead Brett is found to be a “FBI-CIA asset” or something would be done against the (possibly illegal) fundraising for he/she/it.  Yeah…here’s a couple of “somethings” that would be done:

1. Trump will spew out an angry tweet and then eat a Big Mac.

2. Sessions will indict some more Alt Righters for “hate” and maybe make some monetary contributions to “Ballsy-Ford” himself.

Hey, Roissy, any more posts about how wonderful the slant-eyed, Asian-looking Mrs. Trump is?

MAGA!  MAGA!  MAGA!  Is Antifa Jeff going to get involved as well?  Let’s get some Fed “hate crime” charges into the mix.

Portuguese Type I activist, no doubt snug in his hobbit hole.  Tolkien!  Savitri Devi!  The Orc Who Can’t Tell Time!

Hmm…Der Movement should be really outraged about this.  Toppling statues of Columbus (termed a “dumb splic” by a fetishist – original spelling in comment retained) is one thing, but this – this is beyond the pale!  To the ramparts!  To your snug hobbit hole!  The Statue Who Can’t Tell Time!  Traditionalism!  Savitri Devi’s prostate problems!  Matt Koehl the beard!  Trance-like meditations over fiery swastikas!  Kali Yuga indeed.

The Usual Movement Madness

It’s…Der Movement!  In all cases, emphasis added.

About Roissy’s commentators:

1. It is amusing, but not surprising (after all, consider Fraser combining extreme Anglocentrism with Christianity) that some of the more snide Nordicist commentators at Roissy’s pussy pedestalization site are also the most ardent Christians, Christian apologists, and die-hard defenders of Christianity.  Interesting how they square their racial views with a Universalist “love everyone” religion of Jewish origin that, literally, worships a Jew.

2. Also amusing that these ardent Christians show up as commentators at a site dedicated to nihilistic sexual hedonism, a site always obsessing over “poosy,” that strategizes on how to seduce STD-infected mudsharking bar sluts, and that is presided over by a vulgar idiot.

3. Despite following a Universalist religion, these types oppose race-mixing, and (justifiably) criticize an anti-Christian commentator for his predilection for having sex with Negresses.  At the same time, they ignore Roissy’s own race-mixing behavior, his bragging about his Negress (“gravity-defying asses”) and Asian (“inserting fingers into male rear ends”) girlfriends, and his assertion that race-mixing improves a man’s SMV.  Hypocritical much?

The patron saint of Counter-Currents.

She also sought to found a religion, Esoteric Hitlerism, fusing National Socialism with the Traditionalism of René Guénon and Julius Evola. 

Certainly, that’s a meme that will resonate with all the “normies.”  Esoteric Hitlerism – part of a “big tent” strategy!

She was born Maximine Portaz born in Lyons, France on September 30, 1905. Her mother, Julia Nash was English, descending from Viking stock. 

Good, good, good!

Her father, Maxim Portaz, was three fourths Italian from Savoy, one fourth Greek. 

Bad, bad, bad!  More Negro than Lawrence Dennis!

Because of her mixed-European heritage, she identified herself simply as “European.” She also described herself as a “nationalist of all nations.”

Insufficiently ethnonationalist!  Blasphemy!  The Woman Who Can’t Tell Time!

Then there’s this.

Well, she did not have much sleep, but she was up and down all the time trying to pee, as she said; you know it always took her ages.

An enlarged prostate?  

What really bothered me was the bit I did read of the letter from Matt Koehl (of whom I never beard before in my life)…

Matt Koehl was someone’s beard?  The plot thickens!

We went to Philae, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Karnak, the temple of Hatshepsut, Esna (where I did not go as I wanted a rest and an afternoon on the ship’s sundeck, looking at the lovely Nile in peace) and of course to the Valley of the Kings…Never did I expect to meet Tutankhamen at seven-thirty in the morning. 

And he looked exactly like Dolph Lundgren!

I often wonder what became of Savitri’s other friend Peter Greenslade who we nicknamed Nimrod as he always said he was “interested in Nimrod” and it was difficult to tell just why. He was the one who told me he would like to have an electric fire made with the element in the shape of a swastika, so that he could sit in the dark with it and put himself into trance!

Now, that’s what we call a Type I activist!

Great news, re: Twitter.  Not sure why the System is attacking its own running dogs (the HBDers), but if they want to shoot themselves in the foot in this manner, let them.  I don’t believe that there should be censorship in a “democracy,” so, no, I’m not supporting the censorship aspect, I’m instead mocking the System for turning against one of its own. The Autophagic Establishment.

How is it possible for Italy to deport a Tunisian?  Two problems.  First, aren’t Italy and Tunisia the same country?  All North Africa!  Second, didn’t the great and good Desmond Jones tell us that Italy is 100% ethnically homogeneous, until the end of time, forever and ever, amen?  What’s a Tunisian doing in Italy, then? The second problem is solved by the first: there are no non-Italians in Italy, since North Africans, sub-Saharan Africans, Middle Easterners, etc. are all racially and ethnically identical to Italians.  Tunisia is Italy and Italy is Tunisia.  QED. But then Jones still has the problem of Chinatowns in Italy, those being racially identical to David Bromstad and Bjork.  Problems, problems, Der Movement’s problems never end.

Der Movement answers this questiona Negro.

Please compare:

Case one.

Case Two.

Female Privilege marches on.  Where are all the White Knighters now?

Der Movement Saturday

Odds and ends.

It’s dat dere traditionalism!  Is the Dalai Lama snug in his hobbit hole?  Meanwhile, keep that tin cup a’rattlin.

Flake is more of an “alpha” than Trump.  Are all the fat cells in Trump’s body secreting estrogen?  What does it say that pink-frilled Republican Ms. Lindsey Graham has shown more grit and aggression this week than did Der Touchback?

Do the false memories include that of Dinesh and Costello?  Where’s her breakfast, Jef?

And yet, noodle-armed soyboys can make “Proudboys” scurry for cover at a LA bar.  Mental toughness counts too, I suppose.

According to (the American) Der Movement, all individuals involved in this incident, including victim and girlfriend, are non-White.