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Answering a Critic


Apparently, my essay on White victimhood was ill-received by some at Counter Currents, although Greg Johnson answered that criticism well.
A few points. [Note: it is unfortunate that the “movement” requires everything to be spelled out in the most minute detail, particularly since these public online forums can be read by everyone, and are. But we well know what the “movement” is, so we cannot be surprised].
First, the “movement” already constantly complains about White victimhood, a topic which probably makes up 50% of “movement” online content, and closer to 90% of what’s at Amren and VDARE. So, it is not like I’m telling Mighty Nietzschean Supermen to change their attitudes – more like they take their complaining and do something useful with it: take it into the heart of multiculturalism and use it to heighten the contradictions of a rotten System, expose the hypocrisy, wake up Whites, and try and get a seat at the multicultural table.  Having “activists” whining and moaning to each other about how terrible everything is does not help – doing nothing is what really disparages ourselves and our ancestors. Taking that righteous anger, that indignation, those legitimate complaints, and using them – instrumentally – to achieve concrete objectives, that’s what real Mighty folks would do.
Second, it is very possible to issue the complaints from a standpoint of strength, justice, and aggressiveness. Nowhere do I recommend supplication (supplication being the default behavior of Whites who are justifiably aggrieved but who say and do nothing).  “Whining” is not to be taken literally, but instead merely as a description of constant aggressive complaining. Indeed, when one points out the illogical hypocrisy and stupidity of the Left (inclusion that excludes, diversity that does not include those who object to diversity, intolerant tolerance, etc.) one can very well assume an attitude of bemused mastery. How one complains is up to them, and also dependent upon context. Are the Jews and Coloreds who run America in the position of supplicants? Not at all. They’ve rode their victimology to the pinnacle of power.
Third, as I’ve stressed, this is a tactic, not a lifestyle.  It is for a purpose.  Victimology>>>mobilize White anger (which can be used for many purposes)>>>demand a seat at the multicultural table>>>expose multiculturalism as an overtly anti-White fraud if refused or undermine the System from within if accepted>>>net gain for White interests.
However, if Mighty Supermen can do differently, and directly lead the Great White Revolt, then that’s great.  I don’t see that happening though.