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Wall’s Lies

HBD is the enemy.


As for HBD, his attacks on it are not too valuable. HBD is an approach to understanding humanity. Is Fred saying it should be forbidden? It’s hardly a monolithic discipline, as HBDers are not in total agreement themselves.


As for HBD, any attacks on it are very valuable. HBD is an approach to promote the interests of Jews and Asians at Whites’ expense. Is Wall saying it should be embraced? It’s a very monolithic discipline, as HBDers are all in total agreement over the alleged Jewish/Asian superiority over Europeans.

Lack of Professionalism at VDARE: Implications for the "Movement"

Another Old “Movement” fail.
In a very real sense, VDARE is not part of the “movement” proper. It is not openly racial nationalist, and prominently features such anti-WN writers as the anti-White Steve Sailer and miscegenator John Derbyshire.
Nevertheless, VDARE is, at least, on the periphery of the “movement,” has influence over at least the more conservative and mainstreaming of activists, and is often considered part of the “movement” by those hostile to the continued existence of European people and their civilization.
Thus, VDARE is fair game to criticize in the context of deconstructing the pathetic failure known as the (American) “racial nationalist movement.”
Hence, I call your attention to this article and the accompanying picture.  At this point, I need to clarify my position. I am not one of those folks asserting that a major problem with the “movement” is that it “needs to attract more women” and I certainly don’t think racial nationalists should “tone down” “extremism” to accomplish that. No doubt that if, at some future time, the “movement” has ideas about more broad-based support, it will need an increased proportion of female followers – but such followers may naturally come as a consequence not a cause of increased popularity, and as regards building a leadership cadre a specific appeal to women is not required (if any women are naturally qualified as [lower-level] leaders, fine, but no “affirmative action” based on sex – decades of affirmative action based on ethnicity has already ruined the “movement”). So, I am not at all concerned about what effect these types of VDARE posts might have on female supporters. I am concerned about the message it sends to serious-minded, professional men, who wish to read informative articles without being exposed to the author’s juvenile prurient interests.
Here is the point: activists need to act professionally. They need to avoid superfluous activity, unnecessary behavior that makes racial nationalism (and its peripheral hanger-ons) look bad, they need to avoid anything that superfluously opens up the cause to scorn or ridicule.
So, yes, it is a good idea to avoid looking like sweaty perverts, like sex-starved giggling adolescents with a “Beavis and Butthead”-style snickering: “look at ‘dem tatas.”  And it seems Fulford articles have a history of this, which gives a swarminess to otherwise serious topics, a focus that would be appropriate among the “game” crowd, but which doesn’t belong elsewhere. And here’s Allan Wall joining in the “fun.”
Just another “fail,” another reason for the “Old Movement” to be deconstructed, destroyed, and replaced.