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Walter Oleg Gets It Right

A rare rational Counter-Currents commentator

“Squeezing all of Europe into one political/financial/military organization creates unnecessary tensions which could be avoided in a looser and less homogeneous association.” (leon) 

But without some such union the possibility of nationalist wars between European states increases. It would be a tragedy if after Europe was freed of the globalist yoke, it started warring internally. There’s a balance that must be found between complete sovereignty and total integration. 

I realize this is blasphemy to some White Nationalists, but I believe there is something beyond “the Jews” in the world that are just as much the enemies of Euro-kind (and all humans) than the Jews could ever be. Even after the Jewish power structure is neutralized, we must be watchful of forces manipulating nationalist energies against ourselves or using us to try to conquer the non-White world. 

One of the keys to maintaining harmony between Europe’s nations will be collective projects. The exploration and colonization of space is the major one. The other is environmental clean up projects of the earth (like the Pacific garbage patch). Another would be a major effort to grow only organic foods or as near as possible to organic foods while outlawing GMOs. 

But our major “great work” or responsibility is the cultivation of better people. And when I say “better people” I’m talking about bringing out the most positive character traits and virtues of the people (honor, humility, honesty, selflessness, discipline, manners, confidence, patience, inner peace, graciousness, appreciation of high culture, etc.). These character traits are what matters most. 

We could build an intergalactic empire, but if the people are selfish, materialistic, egocentric, nervous, envious, rapacious, duplicitous, etc then it could be potentially extremely dangerous. Even before we can start exploring the universe I think we need a few generations socialized under a “regimen of virtue.” 

But back to the original point. We must find a way to maintain as much sovereignty as possible while having an apparatus in place that would prevent inter-Euro conflicts.