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Of Weevs, Movements, and Chinamen

One reason why I dislike Der Movement.

Is Weev a good guy, as suggested here? Or is he a bad guy, as suggested here?

I haven’t the slightest idea. I have insufficient data to make any conclusion. I never heard of this fellow until the Counter-Currents interview, and then did online searching that led to the Majority Rights post. 
This is exactly why I despise and distrust Der Movement: a shadowy world of accusations and counter-accusations, a bizarre conglomeration of strange personalities and weird memes, the contrast between an honest suspicion about infiltrators and self-destructive paranoia, the embrace of enemies and rejection of friends, the accusation of “Jew!” to anyone you disagree with vs. the fact that Jews and other anti-racists do in fact try to infiltrate and troll pro-White activism, the complete lack of standards, the very public airing of dirty laundry, the lack of common sense and a sense of proportion, the constant feuds based on personality rather than ideas, unstable individuals who change their worldviews and personas from month-to-month, the tendency to believe anything one finds posted on the Internet, the embrace of individuals without any “vetting” process (desperation for supporters), a complete lack of strategy and long-term vision that leads to nitpicking analysis of every utterance of perceived “movement” enemies, the embrace of anyone (even non-Whites) who profess – or pretend to profess – sympathy to “the cause” – etc.

A counter-argument would be that marginal personalities and problems exist everywhere, including in the mainstream of the System.  That’s true enough, but misses the point: the System is powerful enough to withstand the accident of individual deficiencies, while a weak dissident entity such as Der Movement, on the razor’s edge of survival, can be ruined by the plethora of defectives.  Therefore, the unpleasant and sour stench of personal feuds, trolling, uncertain people with vague ancestries, HBD worship of Jews and Asians, “movement” obsessions and fetishes, shadowy accusations and counter-accusations – all of that is deadly.  The System can survive that (at least for now), Der Movement cannot.

In addition, while I have no opinion on the dueling opinions linked to above, I do have an opinion on this:

This kind of vainglory printing-out in China works against projects like MR’s, to build regional alliance between Asia and Europe. 

Moreover, what sincere White Nationalist would hack Chinese printers to announce “global White supremacism” ? Most probably none. 

But a Jewish sponsored troll, trying to prevent Chinese and White cooperation just might.

MR’s tiresome Asiaphlia and fantasies that Asians are anything other than a deadly enemy of Whites is wrong, as is the song-and-dance that anyone critical of Asians (or who dare offend Imperial Oriental sensibilities by hacking swastika printouts to the ever-sensitive Chinamen) is a “Jewish (sponsored) troll” (or, “sucks Jewish cock”). In fact, East Asians are very eager to ally themselves with Jews as part of the anti-White rising tide of color:

The second development concerns the growth of interest – both within Israeli officialdom and the activist pro-Israeli American Jewish community – in China itself. This interest mirrored the global enthusiasm surrounding China’s rise observed globally, but by the 2000s it had morphed (in ways that interestingly mimic similar tendencies in Arab countries at roughly the same time) into a more obviously strategic interest in the role China might play in the Middle East. This is augmented by the perception that China’s cultural, religious and political foundations (its lack of an anti-Semitic legacy and presumed “Oriental” civilizational affinity with Jews)…

Note the implicit admission by Jews that they are not European or Western but rather “Oriental” – an admission of truthful accuracy.

…render it a potential friend and even ally of Israel and the global Jewish community. This is reinforced still further when taking into account China’s interest in Israeli technology (where considerable academic cooperation takes place) and weaponry…

Of course. Why create yourself, when you can purchase, copy, and/or steal from others? After all, that’s the East Asian way.

….hand in hand with its complete disinterest in participating in any economic sanctions against Israel, BDS or otherwise. The appeal of this is accentuated – in the eyes of the Israeli and Jewish-American right-wing – by the fact that it comes at a time when Europe and even the U.S. appear to be succumbing – according to Netanyahu at least – to a “wave of Islamization, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.”

Jews see China as a potential ally. And that view is heartily reciprocated.

It is worth underlining that much of the early engagement between Chinese academia and pro-Israeli groups was still being driven by Chinese scholars themselves – for a variety of professional, academic, and monetary reasons.

Indeed. The Chinese recognized that they and the Jews share a common existential trait – an undying hatred of Whites and of the West. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – and Jews and East Asians are becoming fast friends based upon their hatred of the White Man.

Xu Xin – the head of the Nanjing Judaic Studies Institute – is an illustrative example of this dynamic. Since the late 1980s, Xu Xin has actively courted significant funding from the American Jewish community to back his many projects concentrated in Nanjing University, which range from the Institute of Jewish Studies (later renamed in 2006 the Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies), a Judaica library to multiple workshops held for Chinese scholars and students interested in Judaism and Israel…The convergence of these three trends produced the current advocacy phenomenon that has emerged in China from the mid-2000s and onwards…

While the Yellow Fist of Hatred angrily slaps away the White Hand of Friendship, the same Yellow Fist opens in welcome to the sallow and hairy Jewish Hand of Globalist Dominance.