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The Truth About Dugin

Insightful essay.

Let’s not forget that Duginism is the ideological underpinning of Putinism.  At this point, I view anyone who still supports Dugin and Putin, both of whom are enemies of the White race and of the West, as enemies of the White race and the West themselves.

Russia and Europe: The Putinista View

An important subject with no easy answers.
A certain blog has, in recent weeks, featured essays by a writer attacking the notion that Russians are “White.”  We are told that the Russian Identity is non-Western and anti-Western, non-European and anti-European, and that any Russians who are sincerely pro-White and consider themselves “White” (i.e., European) have to explicitly reject a specifically Russian identity.

“Russia must be viewed as a unique and original civilization that cannot be reduced to ‘East’ or ‘West,'” reads the document, signed by Deputy Culture Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov. “A concise way of formulating this stand would be, ‘Russia is not Europe,’ and that is confirmed by the entire history of the country and the people.”

Russia’s non-European path should be marked by “the rejection of such principles as multiculturalism and tolerance,” according to the draft. “No references to ‘creative freedom’ and ‘national originality’ can justify behavior considered unacceptable from the point of view of Russia’s traditional value system.” That, the document stresses, is not an infringement on basic freedoms but merely the withdrawal of government support from “projects imposing alien values on society.”

A rejection of multiculturalism and tolerance (not characteristics of the true West, but of its modern , deracinated degenerate form) would be good things, if they were actualized in policy. Unfortunately, Putin is a dedicated multiculturalist aiming at a mixed, Eurasian Russia.  Further, if Putin’s Russia was to truly follow the independent Third Rome path of a unique Russian High Culture, then there wouldn’t be this agenda to worship at the altar of Asia, and promote a “Eurasian Union.”
Well then, the Putinistas would argue that the “Eurasian Union” is just pragmatic politics.  Fine.  Let’s be pragmatic.   Let’s start by accepting the theoretical premise that Russia is neither East nor West, but its own “unique and original civilization.”  The problem is – pragmatically – Russia could actualize that “unique civilization” only if the nation had booming demographics, racial homogeneity and a commitment to maintain that homogeneity, as well as a robust civic culture that could maintain and promote Russian interests as an original, independent civilizational entity.
None of those attributes hold.  I’ll agree that Russian Identity is not Western (despite the fact that ethnic Russians are racially European), certainly not in the sense of those Western European nations Yockey identified as the West: Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, etc.  And, not even Western in the sense of those westernizing (in a modern sense at least) ex-Warsaw Pact nations of Eastern Europe.  We can agree on this.
But, again, pragmatically, Russia doesn’t seem to have the stamina and bright demographic/racial future to make it alone.  I do think that eventually Russia needs to choose between West vs. East.  Here, West = the true West, what was, and what could be in the future with a new High Culture.  As a nation that was a pioneer of space exploration, as a people that are racially European, the Russians can be partners in building the Overman High Culture.  Therein, their existence would be secure – and the unique aspects of the Russian civilization can exist alongside that of the traditional Western, as a whole greater than the sum of the parts.
But if Russia chooses East, then Russia is doomed, and the Russians are doomed.  They’ll be swallowed up by the Yellow and Brown tides of color.
A choice needs to be made.  West or East.  Survival or Death.

Remember: You Can’t Spell "Vlad" Without A-D-L

What’s behind the “rampaging neo-Nazis” remark?

Further comment following up my last post.  There are two likely reasons behind Trad Vlad’s “neo-Nazis” comment.

First, he’s a committed multiracialist, a pro-diversity pluralist, an anti-White Asiaphile (in more ways than one?), who has an agenda to use Brown and Yellow Asiatics to bolster Russia’s demographics and restore the USSR (“Eurasian Union”).  Essentially, an advocate for race replacement of native Russian Slavs, destroying Russian EGI, to follow the dream of a rebuilt multicultural empire (a mirror image of America and the EU, eh?).

Second, and here’s a point no one has made yet: his comments seem to be a thinly veiled appeal to Western liberals, to the American media, to the Jews:

“Hey guys!  I’m not really a bad fellow!  Stop comparing me to Hitler, please!  It’s those guys in Kiev I’m against – they’re a bunch of Nazis! Haters! Racists!  Anti-Semites!  I’m really on your side, I want  a pluralistic Russia, I want to integrate the Muslims, the Asians. I crack down on the Russian Nazis too!  Hey, and all that anti-gay stuff is just to placate the Orthodox Church, so they don’t give me a hard time when I import millions of Muslims and destroy the Slavic and Orthodox character of Russia!  I’m building the Brown and Yellow Russia of tomorrow!  I’m tolerant and against all those nasty rampaging neo-Nazis!  I’m really, really, really one of the good guys!”

If you think that too harsh – consider what the great “anti-globalist traditionalist” said:

“We have a request of the legitimate President Yanukovych to protect the welfare of the local population,” he said. “We have neo-Nazis and Nazis and anti-Semites in parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.”

Oy vey!  Sounds just like it came from an ADL press release.  Anyone in the “movement” who supported Putin before this is merely discredited for bad judgement; anyone supporting him after this is simply deranged, or themselves anti-White.  

If you are interested in what the future face of Russia is, check out this “close and trusted friend” and “heir apparent”of the anti-Nazi liberal Trad Vlad – the Tuvan/Russian hybrid Sergei Shoigu, who puts a human face on the policy of “Eurasianism.”

Truly, Trad Vlad is eager to sacrifice Russian EGI on the altar of Asia.  With his vehement pro-Jewish and pro-Asian attitudes, is Trad Vlad a closet HBDer?  He certainly is anti-White enough to qualify.

So, when are the pathetic nancyboys in the American “movement” going to get over their estrogenic schoolgirl crush on the great traditionalist?  Is he still the shining “White Knight” to fulfill their omega male fanboy yearnings? Will they continue to praise Putin as Trad Vlad denounces “anti-Semitic Nazis” and grooms a Siberian hybrid to be the next leader of Russia?

Enough is enough.  The American “movement” is a joke and has to go.