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You’re Just a Freak…Like Me

A message for White liberals.

Let’s consider this scene from the second of the Batman trilogy movies; let us consider the Joker (considered “insane” by the masses) as akin to White nationalists and Batman as akin to typical White liberal “good Whites” (and to an extent similar to the general White masses, who believe they’ll somehow survive the coming Colored darkness).  

You’re just a freak…like me.

White liberals like to think they can make common cause with the Coloreds, that they are “good Whites,” that they are allies to “people of color,” that they will be accepted as individuals, and that they will seamlessly fit into the progressive multicultural world of tomorrow.  Truth is, Whites – all Whites – are considered by Coloreds (including Asians, by the way) as The Enemy, simply by virtue of their race.  In the end, White liberals are considered as racial “freaks” just as are White nationalists.  Do you doubt this?  Look at how often ultra-cuck White liberals are accused of “racism” by their Colored “allies,” all the nonsense about “implicit bias” (even if you are an anti-White ultra liberal White you are still somehow an anti-Colored racist, it’s in your blood), and the even greater nonsense about “White Privilege” (even the good White liberals benefit from that “invisible knapsack,” don’t you know). Whites anywhere and everywhere can never escape from their Whiteness, regardless of what they do and what they believe.  And in some cases, the “freakishness” is considered literally: thus, Whites are “Ice People,” creations of the “mad scientist Yakub,” and “Whiteness is a relatively new genetic mutation.”  

So, as a WN I say to the White liberal that you are not one of them, regardless of how much you would like to be.  You’re just a freak…like me.

They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out….

As a corollary to the above, White liberals will be tolerated by the Coloreds for just as long as those Whites are useful.  Once Whites are safely a minority everywhere, the good Whites will be cast out just like the rest.  The “progressives” below deck on the ship in The Camp of the Saints were killed by the brownster hordes once Europe was reached, no?  When Fanon said that Whites would be eliminated with the indispensable help of the Whites themselves, what’s going to happen to the Whites after that?  And the Jewish leaders of the Colored hordes tell us that the White race (all of us, not just the “bad” Whites) must be “abolished.”  There’s no future for Whites in the Colored Future.  White liberals: you’ll be cast out of the progressive paradise along with the rest of us.

You have nothing to threaten me with…

On the surface, the System can persecute WNs, and does so very well.  But the concept of WN, the inner necessity of WN, the ideals of WN are beyond threatening by a corrupt System, which, despite all its strength, cannot even save itself.  So, yes, just as Batman physically threatens and attacks the Joker, WNs are persecuted, but just as the Joker remains unbroken in his inner self, so does WN survive.  In reality, the only ones who can really destroy WN (for as long as Whites exist) are WNs themselves (and unfortunately they are going a fine job of doing just that).


Is Anti-White Discrimination Possible?

An example.

I have been reading some Negroes mocking White Americans for believing that anti-White discrimination is a serious problem. The Negroes scoff: “Nonsense!  Look at how well Whites are doing compared to Backs. They have more net worth, longer life spans, greater college attendance, etc. Those damn Whiteys just want to return to the 1950s, and oppress we beautiful people of color…”

The problem with that is the assumption that the races are equal in ability, and that differences in outcome that favor Whites must be due to a lack of discrimination against Whites, or even “White Privilege.”

An example.  Imagine two populations, X and Y, sharing the same polity. X is an intelligent, disciplined, and productive race. Y is a stupid, useless, and violent race. In the absence of any outside influences, we can model a situation in which the per capita net worth of X will be, say, five times that of Y, with fifteen years longer lifespan, and 100% greater rate of college attendance.

Then assume the polity adopts an extensive and vicious program of anti-X discrimination, favoring Y in every manner. After decades of this, X now has only two times more per capita net worth, the lifespan difference is only five years in X’s favor, and the rate of college attendance for X is 25% greater than that for Y.

Is X still better off – based on these metrics – than Y?   Yes. Is X still being viciously discriminated against?  Also, yes. Does X have a legitimate reason to complain about, and oppose, that discrimination?  Yes, most definitely.  If members of Y make comments that X faces no discrimination due to the smaller advantages still enjoyed by X as a result of X’s own innate abilities, does that demonstrate the intellectual inferiority of Y?  Yes, it does. 

We live in an age of Black Privilege.

Thank you.

America’s Red State Crisis

Even pitifully stupid White Americans understand the System hates them.

It is interesting that “social scientists” and “sociologists’ blinded as they are by their own biases, cannot see the obvious answers to questions that “puzzle”them.

There is a question that has puzzled some sociologists for years: If America’s poverty is concentrated in the South, as data clearly show, why is it that those states are the most reliably Republican voters – essentially voting against the government assistance they would seem to need?

Two answers:

1. Racial, cultural, and social issues are more important than economic issues to these voters. They perceive – correctly the Democrats as a White-hating party representing Coloreds, Jews, legal and illegal non-White immigrants, LGBT freaks, feminist harridans, etc. “Sociologists” are not shy in telling us that Latino and Oriental “natural conservatives” won’t vote for the GOP because of their (incorrect) perception that the Republicans are only for Whites. Why then can’t these same “sociologists” understand that middle class, working class, and poor Whites correctly perceive that the Democratic Party is not for them?  Further, these Whites – incorrectly – perceive the Republican Party as being friendlier to them and their racial, cultural, and social interests.

2. To the extent that these Whites do care about their economic interests:

a) They don’t trust the Democrats to look after their economic interests; instead, they correctly perceive that the Democrats want to bleed Whitey dry in order to placate the Coloreds

b) They really don’t trust fat cat predatory capitalist Republicans either, as witnessed by the lukewarm reception these folks gave to Romney. A winning combination for these voters would be right-wing populism – combining rightist stances on race, culture, and society with left-of-center stances on economic issues.  That’s the opposite of the Republican Establishment thus underscoring the division within the party.

This week, there emerged a new and seemingly unrelated question, though similarly perplexing: Why has the mortality rate for middle age white Americans gone up dramatically since 1999 – even as it has gone down for other groups of Americans and whites in other countries?

How can anyone think the two issues are unrelated?  The System has been waging war against White Americans – particularly middle-class and working class red state White Americans – and these folks are the casualty of that war. In contrast to all the “point-and-sputter” SJWs and their “wow just wow” exclamations any time a “privileged” White person complains about anything from even an implicit racial basis, the facts are that Whites are being demographically displaced in America – and around the globe, including in their European homelands – with the active participation of “their” leaders and to the open joy of the mass media, Whites are being culturally erased as well (even in comic books, for heaven’s sake!), Whites are officially discriminated against by law (e.g. affirmative action, selectively prosecuted hate laws) and even more so unofficially discriminated against by the SJW caste and highly enforced political correctness and social pricing. Whites –especially straight White men – are the only group that is considered just and good to openly mock and ridicule, White interests are openly disregarded in the political process (when was the last time a candidate openly courted “the White vote?”), their concerns are swept away with accusations of “racism” (blaming the victim) and offensive assertions that the put-upon lower-caste White race is somehow “privileged” – and, to top it off, Whites are the only race that is not allowed to organize on a racial basis to defend their legitimate interests. That last part is particularly galling – we are told “Whites don’t need to organize because they have all the power” – hey, morons, if Whites really did have “all the power” then they could organize when and how they see fit, without opposition and without the need to beg and scrape for permission to do so.  How can any group be “privileged” and “have all the power” if they need to obtain permission from others in order to defend their own interests?  And the argument that “most political and economic leaders are White” fails as well since, to the extent that those leaders are actually White and not Jewish, they do not defend White interests; in contrast, most White leaders actively oppose them. Indeed, Whites are the only race actively betrayed by most of their co-ethnic elites. What?  Are Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, et al. acting in favor of White interests?  In Europe, is Merkel doing so?  In contrast, is there any doubt that most Jewish and Colored leaders do in fact act in their groups’ racial interests?

With all of this is there any wonder Whites are in despair?  The System WANTS them to have a high mortality, to be gone from history, and that is celebrated.

And it is a shame, a pathetic crying shame, that the stupid and useless “movement” cannot take advantage of the opportunities presented to them by the “red state crisis.”  Hey, “movement” – you need to be talking about things people care about – and since racial displacement is one of those things, a properly presented Salterism is quite appropriate. Talk about Kali Yuga, cephalic indices, admixture percentages, Tocharians, Evola and Savitri Devi, and all the rest of the crap is not appropriate.

A Real Example of White Privilege

Democratic multiculturalism in action: Whites promoting racial justice to help the Colored.
If diversity is a strength, as we are told by the multiculturalists, then why is such strengthening diversity being monopolized by predominantly White, Western nations?  This is indeed a real example of White Privilege; selfish privileged Whites are hoarding all of this precious diversity for themselves, instead of sharing it with Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Therefore, in the name of social justice, for the cause of racial justice, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand should all strive to reduce their own diversity and instead promote increased diversity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, in order to utilize the wonders of diversity to strengthen and help these Colored areas as much as possible.

In the News, 6/10/15 and a Bit on Christianity

Assorted odds and ends from around the “movement.”
Is this an example of Slager’s White Privilege?  One must give credit to Stix (putting aside his ancestry) for pointing out all these hypocrisies.
The Counter-Currents website seems to be down. One hopes they are updating their site to fix certain commenting problems.
Looking at this and this (and the past promotion of the Raciology embarrassment) summarizes The Occidental Observer over the past few years: some strange amalgamation of Christianity promotion and apologia, HBD, and mild Nordicism. Although, while I vehemently disagree with Ferrari’s defense of Christianity, one can give her credit for pointing out the possible Tribe affiliation of the commentator quoted here.
Normally, I find juvenile the “movement’s” shtick of pointing and sputtering “Jew!” every time someone writes something they don’t like, and, as well, it is not definitive that the commentator in this case is actually Jewish, rather than the typical “movement” nitwit.  But, true enough, what WN is not going to spell out “Yahweh?”  Who is going to know or care about “Jesus/Joshua” or whatever?
But, like Christian obsessives everywhere, Ferrari misses other points about this issue. Instead of labeling this as an example of “Jews bashing Christianity” why not label it as an example of “Jews trying to divide Europeans against one another” which is usually more typically the case, and something the HBDers, brownsters, and other Asiatics and Asiatic-lovers attempt frequently? If one wants to make the case against Christianity, which I do and, apparently, TOO does not, one can argue that this religion, as Nietzsche argued, destroyed Rome and the classical civilization, it’s a levantine contamination which first affected Rome (given that the Empire was the leading enemy of the Tribe and the focal point of Western politics at that time), and later spread northwards. Rome was the first victim of Christianity, not an existential part of it.

And, you know, Jews have reasons to dislike Christianity apart from some diabolical plot to undermine Western morality. They no doubt see Christianity as a perversion of their own faith, a pathetic imitation derived from the attempt of the lowly “goyim” trying to mimic the “chosen ones.” More importantly, they blame Christianity for much of their “persecution” in Europe over the centuries. As Yockey pointed out, during the religious phase of Western culture, hostility to the Jews took a religious form, and that lasted a long time and left deep memories.  Later, during the materialist phase of Western civilization, hostility toward the Jews took a racial form – and, to no surprise, Jews are hostile to racialism as well.

The Jewish attitude toward Christianity is perhaps best reflected in the golem myth – a creation meant as a defense against one’s enemies that backfires and turns against its creators themselves (but which still does much harm to those enemies in the meantime).  Despite their vaunted intelligence, the Jews have a historical tendency to create such golems and they never seem to learn from their mistakes – Christianity, Communism, and now the Globalist Multiculturalism that will eventually, in the long run, destroy the Jews and their beloved Israel as it is destroying the West.  So much the worse for them and so much the worse for the West, the first victim of all these golems.

In the News, 5/23/15

Recent news.
NEC filth demand “White classmates” in the Netherlands.  This is, for the Left, the great paradox of White Racism and White Privilege.  You see, Whites are such terrible people, racist haters, pampered and privileged, so “non-vibrant,” and so much into abusing the poor and defenseless people of color. And yet, when Whites flee from diversity, the Coloreds can’t run after them fast enough. What is this all about? Why is the Colored Man so masochistic?  You’d think that if Whites were so terrible, that the Colored would be over-joyed to be rid of them. But, in reality, Coloreds will risk their lives to migrate to White lands, Coloreds demand integration with Whites at every opportunity, Coloreds take to the streets to demand that their “vibrant” children interact with plain white bread European children. The paradox is built into the story itself – complaints about “Dutch racism” together with the fervent demands to have as many of these Dutch haters around as possible. Never mind the curious fact that there are so many immigrants there to begin with despite the native population being so very racist. But, alas, the truth is quite the opposite: the natives are weak and spineless pushovers who allow themselves to be bullied by demanding brownsters and guilt-ridden by leftist bullying.  Leucosa, once again…
Negro actor whining about “backlash” over his casting in a role which has been depicted as a blond Nordic for the past 50+ years in the comics.  Blame the leucosa Whites for this. Who’s going to be buying tickets to watch the movie?  Dumb Whitey.  Can’t they just stay away?  Let the production crash and burn with low sales. But, no. We can predict: a very successful and lucrative production it will be.
More mainstreaming failure.  Orban is caught between a rock and a hard place. No matter his attempts at mainstreaming, the System considers him a “fascist dictator.”  On the other hand, he is losing popularity to Jobbik, which is further to his right. Orban’s only chance is if Jobbik stupidly mainstreams themselves to become Orban clones, which it seems they are doing.  There’s open space on the right, space which could attract popularity, if only leaders would seize that position. And all of this is not inconsistent with Whites as an inferior leucosa race.  After all, in the past, Whites were different, and it is possible that if leadership were to stake out a claim to the far-right in an uncompromising position, Whites may start reclaiming their manhood.  The lemmings just need someone to point them in the right direction, the sheep need to become wolves again.  Giving people HOPE  – and that hope is on the ultra-far-right – will ultimately prove more politically popular than weaselly mainstreaming.
Nixon asked a question. We do know the answer, don’t we?
Is there an innocent explanation for this? No, there is not. The actual explanation is here.  Really, Whites, if they are to act like men, need to stand up to all of this. Any healthy race would have long ago stormed the ramparts and made the French Revolution’s “terror” look like a stroll in the park. Well, Whites need proper leadership.  And they will not get that leadership from mainstreamers.
Also, looking at all this, one can understand why Black militants are often anti-Jewish. These Negroes know how they are being used as weapons in someone else’s war.  Jews care about Blacks the same way a soldier cares about his rifle: purely instrumentally. It is a weapon of war, a weapon to be wielded against one’s enemies.  Once it’s not needed, it’s put away and forgotten. Negroes should remember that.