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In the News, 5/23/15

Recent news.
NEC filth demand “White classmates” in the Netherlands.  This is, for the Left, the great paradox of White Racism and White Privilege.  You see, Whites are such terrible people, racist haters, pampered and privileged, so “non-vibrant,” and so much into abusing the poor and defenseless people of color. And yet, when Whites flee from diversity, the Coloreds can’t run after them fast enough. What is this all about? Why is the Colored Man so masochistic?  You’d think that if Whites were so terrible, that the Colored would be over-joyed to be rid of them. But, in reality, Coloreds will risk their lives to migrate to White lands, Coloreds demand integration with Whites at every opportunity, Coloreds take to the streets to demand that their “vibrant” children interact with plain white bread European children. The paradox is built into the story itself – complaints about “Dutch racism” together with the fervent demands to have as many of these Dutch haters around as possible. Never mind the curious fact that there are so many immigrants there to begin with despite the native population being so very racist. But, alas, the truth is quite the opposite: the natives are weak and spineless pushovers who allow themselves to be bullied by demanding brownsters and guilt-ridden by leftist bullying.  Leucosa, once again…
Negro actor whining about “backlash” over his casting in a role which has been depicted as a blond Nordic for the past 50+ years in the comics.  Blame the leucosa Whites for this. Who’s going to be buying tickets to watch the movie?  Dumb Whitey.  Can’t they just stay away?  Let the production crash and burn with low sales. But, no. We can predict: a very successful and lucrative production it will be.
More mainstreaming failure.  Orban is caught between a rock and a hard place. No matter his attempts at mainstreaming, the System considers him a “fascist dictator.”  On the other hand, he is losing popularity to Jobbik, which is further to his right. Orban’s only chance is if Jobbik stupidly mainstreams themselves to become Orban clones, which it seems they are doing.  There’s open space on the right, space which could attract popularity, if only leaders would seize that position. And all of this is not inconsistent with Whites as an inferior leucosa race.  After all, in the past, Whites were different, and it is possible that if leadership were to stake out a claim to the far-right in an uncompromising position, Whites may start reclaiming their manhood.  The lemmings just need someone to point them in the right direction, the sheep need to become wolves again.  Giving people HOPE  – and that hope is on the ultra-far-right – will ultimately prove more politically popular than weaselly mainstreaming.
Nixon asked a question. We do know the answer, don’t we?
Is there an innocent explanation for this? No, there is not. The actual explanation is here.  Really, Whites, if they are to act like men, need to stand up to all of this. Any healthy race would have long ago stormed the ramparts and made the French Revolution’s “terror” look like a stroll in the park. Well, Whites need proper leadership.  And they will not get that leadership from mainstreamers.
Also, looking at all this, one can understand why Black militants are often anti-Jewish. These Negroes know how they are being used as weapons in someone else’s war.  Jews care about Blacks the same way a soldier cares about his rifle: purely instrumentally. It is a weapon of war, a weapon to be wielded against one’s enemies.  Once it’s not needed, it’s put away and forgotten. Negroes should remember that.

In the News, 5/15/15

Several items.
Action taken against this individual but not this one.  That pesky Colored Privilege once again.
White sheriff happy shot man is White.  After all, we can’t harm any of those there Imperial Negroes now, can we?  More leucosa behavior from the infinitely inferior White race.
Asian Americans in New York are divided.  About what, the pathetically naive HBD nerds ask? Well, one group of Asians are screaming that Asians are being treated unfairly compared to those dastardly racist Whites; after all, Whites are “first class” in America, compared to the poor downtrodden Asians, they who get preference in immigration over Europeans, they who have higher incomes than Whites, they who get affirmative action advantages because they are “socially disadvantaged” (despite being objectively advantaged and Yellow Privileged), they who practice ruthless ethnic nepotism against the hapless individualist Whites. Then, we have another group of Asians who side with Negroes against “police brutality” as part of the Colored Alliance. So, we have one group of White-hating Asians vs. another group of White-hating Asians.  I guess the naivete of Whites toward Asians is part of the pathology of White inferiority.

The Beta Race

Some analogies.
I’m not the biggest fan of the whole “dark enlightenment” “game” crowd, but I admit they are correct when it comes to sexual dynamics, female behavior, etc. (my basic problem with them is one of prescription, not description).  Some useful analogies can extend to the race situation.
According to the gamesters, women love alpha males and absolutely despise beta males, for whom they have contempt and who they mercilessly exploit (when they’re not ignoring them). Alpha males are cocky and confident, know what they want and take it, don’t care what others think of them, and have borderline sociopathic traits. Beta males are “try-hard” nice-guys. comfortable providers, the doormats of society.
It is clear that the once-alpha White race is now hardcore beta: weak, wishy-washy, starry-eyed nice guys, doormat supplicants, a subaltern race, groveling toward aggressive coloreds (and the sexual consequences of this are not hard to discern).  Whites are held in contempt by coloreds, who exploit the pitifully beta White race.
Another “game” concept is the “shit test” – obnoxious female behavior aimed at evaluating and probing the relative alpha-beta characteristics of the targeted male.  Woe betide the beta male who fails the test!  Isn’t much world-wide colored behavior a series of massive “shit tests” towards Whites? Illegal immigration? Race-targeted crime? Racial preferences? Double standards? Accusations of “White Privilege” while it is clearly the coloreds who are privileged? What is the upcoming executive amnesty but a large, in-your-face “shit test” aimed at White America, White voters, and the “old White men” of the GOP? And, truth be told, Whites fail these “shit tests” each and every time.
Another analogy is that of schoolyard bullying – where the low character bully targets a victim based on the knowledge that the victim won’t fight back.  The victim runs away (White flight), appeases the bully, allows himself to be beaten and humiliated, etc.  This would end only when the victim stands up to the bully, when the victim defends himself.
The racial analogy is apparent. Whites worldwide have been bullied for decades, Whites absolutely refuse to stand up for themselves, refuse to fight back, and so invite more bullying.
Indeed, the proper image of the White race is that of a cowering beta male, shit-tested and exploited by brassy sluts, and bullied by dull-witted lumbering oafs. 
What advice would you give such a man?
That advice is what the White race as a whole needs to do.

Two News Items on Brown Privilege

It’s brown privilege.

Let’s see now.  First, brown immigrants from Latin America – including and especially illegal aliens – have infinitely more rights than those lowly White American peons.  Second, wonderful brown immigrants from the sewers of South Asia – those cogelite NECs! – have infinitely more rights than the lowly English natives. Remember, being called “racist” is worse than preventing child molestation – and, of course, worse than preventing the largest terrorist attack in American history.

That’s what we can call brown privilege: remember, brown is sound and white is not alright.

On White Privilege

An analogy or two.
Of course, it’s not surprising that someone surnamed “Rosenberg” has an anti-White man bias.  You wouldn’t know it from listening to the HBD filth, but a certain group has historically been motivated by a genocidal, vicious animus against European Man (“Whites”).
We need to put this moronic concept of “White Privilege” to rest. I’m not sure how a group that is officially discriminated against by law, is subject to genocidal race replacement migration the world over, and is also subject to myriad examples of de facto bigotry, is in any way “privileged.”  Nor is it “privilege” to simply enjoy the fruits of your own labor.
An analogy would be thus.  Imagine you come up with a brilliant business idea and start your own company. You make enormous sacrifices to make your business successful.  Naturally, you are the CEO of your own company and own most of the stock.  Does your status within your own company mean you are “privileged” compared to others outside your company?  And what if envious others, led by fast-talking levantines, attempt a hostile takeover of your company, the business you’ve built up with your own genius and your own “sweat equity?”  Who’s right?  And it these others are increasingly successful in stealing what you’ve created, aren’t they they ones who are truly unfairly privileged?
This could be looked at another way.  Let’s say we compare two individuals. Joe has 10 units of wealth and Tim has 5 units.  Well, is Joe “privileged?”  That’s the output.  What about the input of work?  What if Joe has contributed 20 units of work for those 10 units of wealth, while Tim has contributed 0 units of work – no, say Tim has actually been destructive and is at a -5 work units (negative “contribution”) – for his 5 units of wealth.  Who’s privileged?  Tim, not Joe.