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Fisking the Trumponans

Delusions about the God Emperor.

“If some right-wing critics of him, having surreal hopes about D. Trump, don’t get it — it only proves they have no sense of what political realism is all about.”

Er, Tom, you’re a good guy and all, and I’ve always had a good opinion of you, but it’s not the right-wing critics of Trump who have a “surreal hopes” about the man – it is instead the shrieking schoolgirls and their pathetic womanly crush on a man who is, in the last analysis, a vulgar ignorant buffoon. 

We of the alt-right will never abandon Donald Trump,” Johnson added.

This Johnson is the same doofus who wrote a “Pace Amendment” that – instead of just saying American citizenship will be restricted to persons of European ancestry – tried to parse what levels of Amerind, Asian, and/or NEC ancestry that would be “acceptable.” After all, we have to make room for whatever quota queens have real or imagined “Indian Princess” ancestry, as well as accommodate our growing Euro-Jew-Asian Jeurasian elite. 

Even if Trump is softening his positions, not merely his words, some white nationalists will still give him the benefit of the doubt. “It is impossible to imagine Mr. Trump backtracking so far on immigration that the people who support him because of his immigration policy would vote for Mrs. Clinton instead,” said Jared Taylor, editor of the white nationalist publication American Renaissance.

Er, is that meant to be serious? That’s the only choice? What if his disillusioned supporters just stay home or vote third party? I mean, you know, gee, it seems obvious to me. But what do I know? 
Amren is not “White nationalist” by the way. They have self-described as “Yellow supremacist.” 

One white nationalist who has complained from the beginning that Trump isn’t the hero the movement is looking for is Bob Whitaker. He ran for president on the American Freedom Party ticket, before he resigned on the basis that the party was too focused on Trump and was moderating the “white genocide” message in order to attract his supporters.

“I would not be at all surprised if Trump went into desperate reverse on immigration and desperate groveling that would embarrass even the Republican National Committee,” he wrote on his blog on Thursday.

Bob Whitaker and Kevin Strom rank among the few ‘movement” personages who show any sort of sense. But they fail for not taking the implications of Trump’s campaign (not the man himself) seriously enough. 

“Well guys. We’ve made it,” wrote Andrew Anglin, founder of Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. “Hillary Clinton is giving a speech about us today.”

Yes, sir! At 2 PM “we’ve made it!” And at 2:15 PM they’ve already forgotten all about us.

In the News, 2/28/15

Two Items.
Two for one: showing the uselessness of the “manosphere” and also showing the anti-White hostility of NECs.
William Johnson of the American Freedom Party defines his American ingroup specifically in Northern European racial terms (note to Sunic: stay in Europe).  Johnson is of course perfectly entitled to do so.  Equally, pro-White European-Americans of Southern and Eastern European descent are equally perfectly entitled to eschew the American Freedom Party and take their business elsewhere.