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Two Pieces of Filth

What’s the difference?
First, Jeb Bush, who has to rank among the most absolutely disgusting pieces of execrable filth in America today. Yes, Jeb, we know all about your mestiza wife and your mongrel children (the “little brown ones” as Patrician Sr. would say), but, you know, we no good White Americans don’t like having them around, thank you very much. So, why don’t you crawl back into the sewer from which you came?
Then, another comment about yesterday’s post on Marine Le Pen. I don’t like the mainstreamers, but, as I’ve said here, in the absence of a better alternative in France, I was skeptically supporting Le Pen there. But I’ve changed my mind.  It’s one thing for the mainstreamers to sit on their hands and refuse to support those more radical, more to the right to them.  It’s another thing entirely to actually attack those on your right, to the extent of endorsing far-left open borders neo-Marxists.
I for one give to Marine Le Pen the same consideration and support she’s giving Golden Dawn.

Marine Le Pen and Jeb Bush: two of a kind.

Indeed, both represent the failure of dynastic nepotism.  Where would each be without their famous fathers?  Jeb Bush, with the appearance and aura of a wombat, would be, at best, some sort of small businessman, living a life of quiet desperation. Instead of giving speeches to car dealership owners, he would himself be such an owner, out competed by “immigrant entrepreneurs” with their unrelenting ethnic nepotism and their race-based federal small-business loans.

And the skull-faced Marine Le Pen would be an aging, frumpy French housewife, concerned with matching the correct vintage of wine with the proper brand of cheese, a talentless nobody whose opinion would be of no interest to anyone, including her bored and long-suffering husband.

That such empty vessels have been thrust into the limelight, into the cut-and-thrust of history, due to the accident of birth, is a tragedy.  It is also indicative of the worthlessness of the loser White race. No one is obligated to vote for Bush, to support his Presidential aspirations. As he goes around making speeches unfavorably comparing lazy native White Americans with those dynamic hard-working colored immigrants, the fact remains that his political future depends solely on the support of the same conservative White Americans that he so obviously despises. That they support him is more of an indictment of them than him. And the FN did not have to accept Ms. Skeletor as the heiress apparent to the throne of Big Daddy. They could have refused, and instead chosen a competent man who, even if he believed he needed “moderation,” would have had enough character and dignity not to throw fellow nationalists “under the bus.”

But, no.  Whites are worthless, so they support worthless politicians, one set of embarrassments mirroring the other.