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The Wrong Side of History

Leftist pablum.
One of the most annoying memes coming from the Left is the oft-used statement that all of the pale stale rightist White guys are “on the wrong side of history” with respect to whatever the issue is under consideration: immigration, civil rights, whatever.
By an amazing coincidence, the people making such comments are themselves always on the “right side” of history and those they oppose are always on the “wrong side.” ¬†Funny how that works. You’d almost imagine there was a self-interested lack of objectivity there!
When the Left makes comments like that, they betray their communist roots, as the idea that history has some sort of “end point” that we are all supposed to strive toward – that “right side” – is a purely Marxist doctrine. The true and rational Right (not Spenglerian hocus-pocus) instead believes that we make history, history is something created by the human will and by our own efforts, it is not a pre-ordained scenario we are destined to fulfill, it is not a road we are inexorably forced to follow.
You see, to the Left, the “right side of history” is the subjugation and displacement of Europeans, it is the future world of coffee-colored mongrels lorded over by hook-nosed Tribesmen. ¬†And all the steps along the way to that end: all the humiliations of Whites, all the defeats of the West, all the degradations Whites are forced to endure – that’s part of the “right side of history.” To be enjoyed and savored by hate-filled leftists, coloreds, and their Levantine masters.
Whites overcoming this genocidal agenda, forming an Imperium, and reaching the stars, is being on “the wrong side of history.”
Analysis of the sordid Leftist mind completed.