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The Yellow Elephant in the Room

Immigration hypocrisy.

White nationalists of a more, shall we say, “anti-Semitic” streak often complain about Jewish attempts to infiltrate and influence the “movement” in a manner conducive to the Tribe.  That complaint is not the subject of today’s post, but, rather, a related issue: infiltration by Asiatics and by those Whites obsessed with promoting Asiatic interests.
Derbyshire, and his “Arctic Alliance” agenda, is well known, as is his reason for promoting such nonsense; one look at his family tells us all we need to know.  Alas, he is not alone.  The whole putrid ideology of “Human Bio Diversity” (HBD) is about promoting the interests of “high-IQ” Jews and Asians over that of Europeans, and we have so-called “race realist/racialist” meetings, organized by, and attended by, Whites, who label themselves as “Yellow Supremacist” (their words, not mine).  And there are more specific and recent examples to choose from.
We’ve had an individual calling itself “Chinese Nationalist Maiden” posting a diatribe over at Duchesne’s blog, calling for a Euro-Chinese nationalist alliance.  This same individual, now labeled as “Chinese Nationalist,” was promoting the same meme over at Counter-Currents(1).
Then we have the HBDer (2) Peter Frost, an anthropologist who originally posted at his Evo and Proud blog, but who is now part of the Jew Unz’ stable of anti-WN philo-Semitic White writers.  Frost has been banging the drum about the oh-so-serious problem of alien immigration into East Asian nations, for example, sub-Saharan African immigration into China, and the influx of Southeast Asians and others into South Korea. Ostensibly, Frost’s fascination with this issue is, as he states, due to the hope that the “push-back” against globalism and mass migration may start in these nations and could therefore benefit all nations, including those of the West, similarly threatened.  All well and good, but, given the well-known preferences and obsessions of the HBDers, one wonders whether the primary concern is with the East Asians themselves rather with those others who may benefit from Asiatic intransigence to fully accepting  the globalist agenda.
Although I may occasionally make snide remarks about sub-Saharan African women being the solution to China’s gender imbalance (remarks prompted by frustrations over the issue to be discussed next), I will say that, despite my negative views about Asiatics, I really do not want to see any civilized nation over-run by Negroes. But there is a problem here – the “Yellow Elephant in the room.”  That problem is Asian immigration into White nations.
For example, East Asian nations like China and South Korea rank high among the sources of immigration to the USA.  There is significant Chinese immigration to Canada and Australia, and there are even some “Chinatown” enclaves in Europe itself.  The Chinese are also infiltrating into the Russian Far East. If we include “Brown” Asians in the mix, then India is a leading source of immigrants to the USA and to other majority White nations.  Neither Ms. Maiden nor Dr. Frost feel it appropriate to discuss, much less denounce, the Asian invasion of White nations.  Indeed, one wonders about Ms. Maiden herself. Is someone who openly criticizes the communist regime of the PRC, which monitors and punishes Internet dissent, really living in and posting from that nation?  She could be from Taiwan, but I’m skeptical.  One sees the problem, I hope.  Not to put too fine a point on it, and not wanting to seem too harsh, but the reality is that I would be a bit more sympathetic to the plight of Asiatic loss of homogeneity if I didn’t have arrogant and pushy Asians in my face all the time. One would be more prone to speak out against, say, African immigration to China if one didn’t have to deal with Chinese immigration to America.  The fact is, charity begins at home, so I am more concerned about the migration of Asians to the West than I am about the migration of Africans into Asia.  As they say, “strong fences make good neighbors” and “familiarity breeds contempt” – therefore, any sort of Eurasian “Arctic Aliiance” is going to need to be minimally predicated on the repatriation of Asians out of the West.  Until that is seriously discussed, any talk about “alliances” is moot.
1. Interesting that the “Maiden” part was dropped at the latter site. Does he/she/it believe that the Counter-Currents crowd is less likely to listen to an ostensibly female voice, in contrast to the commentators at Duchesne’s website?

2. I’m tempted to say “dishonest HBDer,” but isn’t that redundant?  For one example of many, in this case involving this individual, see this and then see this follow-up.