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Yudell’s Jewish Exponent

Breezy gets all worked up.

Sailer inconsistently (*) complains about the race denial chutzpah of something called “Michael Yudell.”

Some items that can put Yudell into the proper context are as follows.

Lunch & Learn featuring Michael Yudell
OCTOBER 3, 2015 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Join us for the first in a series of exciting, new, monthly Lunch & Learn lectures beginning Saturday, October 3 following 10 AM Shabbat services.

Social justice gathering!  Oy vey, make sure there is enough gelfite fish to go around!
Someone else with the same surname.  A star is born!  More Hyde than Jekyll, I think.

These Jews…Yudell wins the latest Ziv-Ignatiev award for anti-White Jewish meme construction.  A job well done, indeed.

*Breezy believes in citizenism, not race.  What matters racial classification then?  What matters ancestry, when Breezy’s citizenism values a legally defined ingroup, and his HBD creed values proximate rankings of phenotypic traits over kinship-based identification?