Behold the Female: Jack Vance vs. Roissy

Vance makes more sense.

In the story, “The Pnume” in the book Planet of Adventure, Jack Vance gives us this little amusing tidbit that illuminates certain realities of female behavior:

Zap 210 rose to her feet and walked away.  Cauch drew a long face.  “How have I offended her?” 

“She’s angry with me,” said Reith.  “Why – I don’t know.” 

“Isn’t this always the case?  But soon, for reasons equally unknown, she will again become benign.”

And another one as well:

She was female and inherently irrational…

That well summarizes inscrutable and irrational female behavior, quick changeability of attitude, a child-like superficiality, and the laughable rationalizations and bizarre deception/self-deception that even the gamesters mock as “hamster gyrations.”  And yet, according to the likes of Roissy, men, the rational sex, must carefully modulate their every word and action, craft their personas, change their essential being, in order to appeal to the flighty and silly whims of female airheads, including STD-infected mudsharking sluts.

Is that “ZFG” – “Zero Fucks Given?”  No.  Instead it is “IFG” – “Infinite Fucks Given.”

The relevance to EGI?  A man who listens to Roissy and dedicates his life to pedestalizing pussy in order to get laid is a man who is essentially lost to serious ethnoracial nationalist activism.  Every one has so many minutes in their life, so much time in their one way trip to the grave.  One is better to spend one’s energies in pursuit of higher goals rather than a hedonistic pursuit of “poosy.”