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Trumps and Parrotts

Against the anti-White left-wing radical Donald J. Trump. Emphasis added.

An answer to Roissy’s continued homoerotic shilling for Trump (and from his own blog):

Hey, be fair now. He’s gotten stuff done. He managed to ferret out and deport that 95-year-old Nahhhhzzzeee in New York State, or wherever it was.
Great work, Mr. President! You successfully beat up an ancient man in a wheelchair! You’re the Orange Hercules!
He’s also condemned and disavowed the Alt-Right, and vowed to “destroy” anti-semites globally, twice.
He got some tax cuts for the people who are hauling in endless browns as scab labor, so that they can haul in even more endless browns as scab labor. He’s pushed Russia to the brink of war, churlishly refused to meet with Putin.
He gave $750 billion to our bloated ZOG military that defends Israel but not the USA, but couldn’t find the $5 billion for the Wall.
He pissed away 2 years doing jack shit, causing the Dems to win the House and ensuring that there’s ZERO chance of any of his alleged agenda being implemented, no matter how long he now remains in office.
He’s going to let a bunch of niggers out of jail early.
More negros and spics than ever before have work, while the useless Whites kill themselves off with drugs.
And he banned bump stocks.
This is an impressive achievements list, you black-pillers.


What is palpable on the MAGA side of the world is that the people who voted for Trump are becoming dispirited because he has done pretty much nothing in two years. Nothing that matters to a large swath of his voters. Despite efforts to spin it otherwise, Trump won on immigration and what it represents. His failings on the issue have started to convince many of his supporters that it was all just a big con and nothing was ever going to happen.

As this blog has been warning all of you nitwits about for the last THREE years.

Of course, as Trump morphs into Jeb Bush…

Unfair.  To Jeb. Jeb Bush as President would have least put on a show about “law and order” and never would have allowed leftist domestic terrorists to seize control of the streets of America with complete impunity.  But, as we now know, Jeb is much more high-energy than the fat, listless, estrogen-drenched effete cuck Trump.

…the ingredients are in place for a very ugly year and when the Left gets ugly, it always means bloodshed. Now that those Antifa mobs no longer have Richard Spencer to chase around, they will need to do something. Odds are, it means attacking red hat wearing Trump supporters in the coming summer of hate.

And they will do so with the full and enthusiastic support of Trump himself and his Justice Department.  Make Antifa Great Again!

What Roissy and the other quota queens do not understand is that Trump brought all of his troubles on himself by showing weakness from the very beginning.  As soon as he was elected, he couldn’t wait to announce that he didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be investigated – “leave her alone,” he said.  Later on, after Trump felt persecuted by the “Russia investigation,” he castigated Antifa Jeff Sessions for not moving against Clinton, but we should never forget that it was Trump himself, in his ego-charged glow of victory, who cucked and announced that the Clinton Cartel should be off limits.  And once those sharks smelled the blood, the raw scent, of Trump’s weakness, he was finished.  And then Trump praised Obama for being so “helpful” and “gracious” when they met in the White House – more weakness and naiveté from “The God Emperor.”  The Deep State took his measure and found him wanting.  Then came the whispers about “Russia” – and instead of forcefully meeting that head on, and scornfully debunking and dismissing it, he floundered like a big, fat, stupid harpooned whale, completely clueless, completely helpless.  And if he has been “obstructed” then why doesn’t he take his case to the people, by the mature method of a nationally televised address, instead of jackass tweets, ”negs,” and post-campaign rallies?  The man is an idiot, a fool, a court jester to the System, an inept and incapable jackass, a moron who persecutes his own supporters while treating domestic terrorists with kid gloves. Trump is a disgusting excuse for a human being and an embarrassment as President – like a fat retarded kid from the Special Ed class allowed to sit in with the regular students and who doesn’t know what to do and how to behave.

And the idea that Trump gets nothing done because he is “obstructed” is an outrageous lie. Yes, he has been obstructed, but he has a whole scope of action that he refuses to take.  He absolutely refuses to fulfill his constitutional obligation for law enforcement, allows Antifa to rule the streets of America, while he eggs on his supporters against the terrorists, and then has his Justice Department persecute those supporters if they defend themselves.  Trump may well be the worst human being on Earth.

And now for something completely different

What a pile of mendacity this Parrott is.  Taylor is an academic, not an activist?  Really?  That would come as a surprise I’m sure to “Professor” Taylor himself, being involved in pro-White activism since the early 1990s.  By the way, it is possible to be both an academic and an activist – see KMacD.

Just sit down and shut up, Parrott.  What does it take, what failure, what level of public humiliation, what personal fiasco, what level of ridicule, does it take to get ANY of you failed merit-less quota queens to just go away?  This guy admits he lost control of his organization and then in another tweet implies he can’t be held responsible for Heimbach’s actions.  Parrott can’t even hold a consistent argument from one minute to another.  Are we surprised we have failure after failure?  Then he states that criticism of his comments are “infighting” when he was the one who first mockingly asserted (*) that others are not able to do any better than his own abject failure.  And when folks mention the name Taylor, he then asserts that a man who has been a pro-White activist for an entire generation is not an activist but an “academic.”  Really now, Parrott.  Believe it or not, folks like Taylor can be activists without living in trailer parks having sex with each other’s wives, marching around like pot-bellied jackasses, and fleeing to the hobbit hole of Walmart when your cuckolder attacks you.  Just go away. Please.

*Rocket scientists, refined ivy league scholars, carefully groomed homosexuals, successful businessmen, and tons of other very impressive people have tried.
You haven’t figured out a clever way around the problem.

Taylor has figured out a way around the problem, so label him “an academic not an activist.”  These are your real activists!  Hail Heimbach!  Hail neckbeards!  Hail embedded leftist journalists in your group!  Hail failure!


Movement Monday

Mirror images.

More and more people on the Right are belatedly realizing what this blog was telling you three years ago.

Trump’s “alpha maleness” comes home to roost.  Orange man in orange jumpsuit.  Don’t drop the soap in the shower!  All due to that aspect of Trump’s behavior the gamesters admire most.

Cuck Nagger stock. Right, Roissy?

This summer, undercover activists cozied up to the organizers of a far-right march, and offered to make a website and coordinate T-shirt orders for the event. The website, which did not charge for T-shirts, asked participants for their names and addresses, supposedly to calculate shipping costs. Instead of sending free T-shirts, the activists behind the website published the names and addresses they received.

It is interesting that the Left today has nothing positive to offer, no attractive program other than “gimme dat,” no idealistic worldview, nothing but targeting, harassing, and attacking those on the Right.  The Left today is completely defensive and – do we dare say it – reactionary.  But the Right should not get confident over that – the Left has entropy on their side; therefore, the delaying and defensive tactics of the Left can result in their total victory (if complete destruction and degeneracy can be termed “victory”).  Time is on their side.  Thermodynamics and decay is on their side.  Every day that they prevent the Right from making progress is a day closer to Total Leftist Victory.

Another thing that annoys me about the Left – and which is exemplified by the current McNabb EMT Huffpost stupidity – is how they pretend to believe, or imply,  that a person who is a “White nationalist” would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to serve people who are non-White, whether that service is an EMT, doctor, teacher, plumber, or whatever.  I find it hard to believe that these writers, and their hysterical SJW readers, REALLY believe that, that they are unable to understand concepts of professionalism and compartmentalization of work vs. private beliefs.  It would seem simply dishonest concern trolling simply to target McNabb or anyone else. Or is it projection?  Perhaps leftists themselves would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to those they dislike and so they assume everyone else suffers from the same character flaw?

More delusion.  Err..excuse me, if you haven’t noticed – Trump and his “Justice” Department support Antifa.  Stop looking at the blistering tweets and start looking at actual action, or the lack thereof.  Oh, where are you, Donald Trump.  He’s likely busy eating Big Macs, rawdogging horse-faced floppy-breasted porn stars, and thinking of new ways his administration can support Antifa while persecuting his own supporters.  MAGA!

They have the nerve to say other folks have never solved “the problem” – when some of these other folks are studiously ignored by the quota queens.  This blog has made suggestions, and the most basic suggestion is to carefully proof every activity to the extent possible, consider possible problems and plan contingencies, actualize real vetting, and don’t make mistakes so obvious a child would understand the possible problems.

And Parrott asserts that he does good work other than his foray with Heimbach and TWP.

In any case, a commentator has a good riposte to Parrott: Jared Taylor.  Whether or not you disagree with Taylor on some issues (and I do), the fact remains that he has never been made to look “trashy.”  And if the media attempted to smear him in that manner, the obvious disconnect between that smear and Taylor’s WASP-courtly manner would end up backfiring on the media.  Consider the reverse: imagine someone trying to make Trump appear like an intelligent and thoughtful commentator.  The discrepancy between that and the reality of Trump as a semi-retarded vulgar buffoon would make the attempt to Taylorize Trump look foolish.  And let’s not forget that Parrot was supporting Heimbach all during the period of the “bad optics” and “embedded leftist journalists.”  So, now, after all the bad blood between them for personal reasons, Parrott emerges from his snug hobbit hole to tell us all how he knew all the time the TWP approach was sub-optimal…blah, blah, blah.  That makes it worse – you knew it was wrong but went along anyway.  These are “leaders?”

My message to the “movement” rank-and-file is that you are NEVER going to make any progress until you ditch the affirmative action program.  And since you won’t even admit the program exists, much less that you need to get rid of it, then expect to be saddled with failure without end.  You never learn…never.

Visegrad all the way!  “Based” Poland!  Ethnonationalism!

The increasingly intolerant Greg Johnson:


Posted December 9, 2018 at 3:19 am | Permalink

Excellent analysis. I see the same thing happening to other yellow vest protests in European countries. They are quickly infiltrated by left-wing elements and the demands turn into the same old egalitarian mess that can’t really be told apart from the election promises made by the parties they are looking oust.


Greg Johnson

Posted December 9, 2018 at 4:04 am | Permalink

You mean you “imagine” the same thing happening because you “know” we are all doomed to be defeated by the all-powerful system.

Now that we all make believe that the quota queens never said that “last chance for White America” Trump was an “American Caesar who will preserve White demographics” we can all shift the narrative and believe that “populist” revolts over fuel taxes are going to save us.  The Yellow Vest on Fuel Tax Horse Syndrome.

Hey, we gotta do something about dem dere fuel taxes!  How are we gonna fuel our gasoline-powered steampunk starship?  And don’t forget – those yellow vests will keep you nice and warm and cozy snug in your hobbit hole!

Anglin here.  Now, there’s really nothing wrong with Anglin’s comments.  Very good.  The point thought is that this attitude is 100% against Johnson’s views on the subject (putting aside the issue of which of the two actually has the most, let us say, hands-on experience with the subject matter…if we include Filipinas as acceptable).  Indeed, this is exactly the sort of “misogynistic” material that Johnson denounces, as is Anglin’s entire “optics.”  And yet, according to Johnson, Anglin is one of the new voices of “WN 3.0” we need to embrace.  Does any of this make any sense?  Of course not.  But then, it is not supposed to make sense.  It’s not supposed to have success either.  It’s all a bad joke my friends, and the joke is on you.  Enjoy.

Blackpill Saturday

Reality, not fantasy.

Who is the President?

Who is the President?

Roissy is all hysterical about it.  Poor, poor Trump!

I love it how all these folks implicitly suggest that Trump is a poor, innocent, powerless child, helplessly buffeted by forces beyond his control, WHILE HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, THE HEAD OF FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, AND IF HE WANTED, HE COULD END MUCH OF THIS – INCLUDING ANTIFA TERROR – OVERNIGHT.  Is he stupid?  Lazy?  Ignorant?  Uninformed?  Or a closet radical leftist (like his former Attorney General)?

Let’s help Mr. Taylor answer the “Who” question.  JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS JEWS…AD INFINITUM

Best comment about Christianity, from a Counter-Currents commentator:

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The biggest problem with the teachings of Christ is not the universalism but the valorization of victimhood: the idea that victimhood confers morally superiority on the victim. But apologists for Christianity never want to discuss the actual teachings of Christ. It’s telling that the glory days of Christianity were a period of time when nobody but a few monks actually read the Bible. Everything started going downhill when guys like Calvin started reading the thing and trying to make it make sense. What does it say about a religion that it achieves optimal results only when its holy book is ignored?

Quite right.  At its best, for everyone other than monks and priests, Christianity essentially was semi-pagan idolatry of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in Catholicism; or Jesus, various saints, and the archangels in Orthodoxy.  Even early Protestantism can be seen as simply  a form of Germanic morality, with nothing to do with the fundamentals of Christ’s teachings  But the rot was always there in Christianity, and once it began to spread, and the actual faith was known to its followers, the inevitable cucking occurred.

Meet Traditionalism:

Flyover Hayseed
Also agree. Found lengthy excerpts from Savitri Devi’s works several years ago on Greg Johnson’s site Counter Currents. Totally reoriented my understanding of AH whom she regarded as an avatar of Sri Vishnu, the Hindu guardian of men and principal deity of preservation, order, and cosmic harmony…as distinguished from Brahma the god of creation and Shiva the god of destruction and change.

That’s certainly the sort of ideas that will attract the “normies” and allow the “Big Tent!”  Kali Yuga!  Yogi Bear! The Men Who Can’t Tell Time!  The Age of Aluminum!  “Traditionalism” has to be eliminated from racial activism and its adherents can then scurry away to their snug hobbit holes and finally let the adults in the room run the show.

And who do they vote for?  Why is it that all these alleged “Far Right” ideas present among Whites at a significant fraction of the population never translate into electoral success for non-mainstreaming Far Right political parties?  There’s a “disconnect’ somewhere in the equation.

These guys just don’t get it.  Look, these governments were elected.  By Whites. Whites elect governments that suppress, intimidate, gaslight, humiliate, destroy, and genocide Whites. That includes the Trump administration. Any discussion of free speech suppression, deplatforming, and Antifa thuggery taking place during the last ~two years in the USA MUST include the realization that Donald J. Trump is President and the head of federal law enforcement, that for most of this time Sessions was Attorney General, and the current acting Attorney General is some faux-tough guy the gamesters are onanistically swooning over as “Trump’s Bane.”  Any of these heroes could end Antifa terror overnight if they wanted to.  Obviously they either don’t want to, or couldn’t care less about it.  Instead, Trump’s Justice Department persecutes the victims of leftist domestic terrorism.  It’s only a matter of time I suppose before the Trump administration charges Tucker Carlson for “hate crime incitement to violence” for his broadcasts.  Look at reality folks – not tweets, cartoon frogs, or gifs of Trump’s face plastered on the body of a strutting Vince McMahon. The reality is that Jeb Bush would have been a more high-energy law-and-order President than is the festering heap of fat that has to be pointed out to bemused foreigners as the President of the United States.

Wednesday Musings

Today’s input.

Once again: more of this and less “HBD race realism” and Amren will be on the rise again.

All well and good Zman.  The thing is, if we had a real President, instead of a semi-retarded vulgar ignorant, buffoon, he’d take his case to the people – by televised address not Twitter – explaining, in plain language, this madness and why he will resist.  Further, he can add to the obvious point that the way that “refugee” laws are being interpreted, anyone can invade America at any time under any circumstances, claim “refugee” status, and have their presence in the country forced upon us while their “claim” is being “processed.”  Too bad France didn’t have this back in 1940; it would have made the German invasion easier.

But with Trump in “charge,” all we’ll get is moronic bluster, chaos, and surrender.

This is a complete waste of digital ink; there certainly are things Trump should be doing, but who expects any of that to happen?  Instead: Blustering tweets, “negs,” eating fast food, hosting Negro “celebrities” in the White House, and the constant aimless drift toward a reckoning in 2020.

Behold the female – an interesting gamester comment from Chateau Heartiste:


Very unfortunate. Very difficult to change one’s psycho-emotional habits once they’ve been engrained.

It was a surprise to me to hear from a girl I was dating that she wished she could run like a boy. Why?! To feel that kind of speed.

Now I know she also wanted to feel that kind of Power. They want to feel the Power they know they do not have, can never have, can never develop. “Getting” the powerful male is their substitute. Physically, psycho-spiritually, his bank account, however they see or feel their ‘victory’ is accomplished. Which is why getting the Alpha really still is just another way for them to get cheap feelz, powerful feelz, and then to virtue-signal their power to other girls. Then they dry up.

So effed up, all vanity and carnality. But, whatevs. It is what it is.

You see, you hate what you can’t have, what you can’t be, and this bitterness and frustration projects forward into hatred to destroy what it is that you wish you can be but can never be.  It is the same principle as racial envy – Coloreds wanting to destroy Whites out of embittered jealousy.

Sunday Movement Follies

It’s a pathetic joke.

Get this give-and-take:

Hunter Wallace
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To be fair, WN 1.0’ers largely thought Unite the Right was a bad idea. I spent about a month arguing with Billy Roper about it. Roper was right.
Greg Johnson
Posted November 17, 2018 at 2:56 am | Permalink
As is clear above the return of 1.0 was less a matter of people than attitudes.
What were Roper’s objections? That UTR was not self-marginalizing and NS purist enough for his tastes?

Attitudes?  Really?  This is getting into the realm of Frankfurt School-level pathologizing.  What attitudes?  Pepe?  Kek?  Idiots marching around dressed like Batman and Captain America?  What?  The only “attitudes” on display were Millennial immaturity, Alt Lite cosplay Stickmanism, and Beavis-and-Butthead juvenile jackassery. The KKK and Nutzis in attendance were hanger-ons who jumped on the Alt Right bandwagon the same as did Johnson, Taylor, and MacDonald.  The whole scenario: pure WN 2.0.  People or attitudes, the failures of 2.0 were due to 2.0.  Now, I know the quota queens, marinated as they are in an aura of being catered to via the affirmative action program, are allergic to any sense of responsibility or accountability whatsoever, but, sorry, folks, we’re not buying this gaslighting narrative.  2.0 can take responsibility for their own failures rather than blaming others or blaming nebulous “attitudes” (note how convenient it is to blame “attitudes” – we don’t want to hold Kessler or the any other Beavis or Butthead accountable personally now, do we?  All except Richard Spencer – it was all his fault, right?).

You really cannot separate people and attitudes.  After all, if Unite the Right was imbued with WN 1.0 attitudes, and if the Alt Right at that time was “infected” with “self-marginalizing” WN 1.0ism, then why did folks like Roper and Strom eschew the rally?  Why was Strom skeptical of the Alt Right during this period?  My “take” on this period is that many 1.0 folks looked upon the Alt Right with ill-disguised disdain, and didn’t believe that the Alt Right reflected their views in any way – strange if WN 1.0 had memetically conquered WN 2.0 at this point.  Why were the cheerleaders of the Alt Right people like Johnson himself?  Why were “boomer” “White advocates” jumping on the Alt Right bandwagon?  Who memetically infected who?  What was going on there?

And as far as this arrogant snark –

That UTR was not self-marginalizing and NS purist enough for his tastes?

– goes, I can’t speak for Roper, but I think the WN 1.0 attitude was, in general, that the whole Unite the Right was poorly planned, with no clear strategic objective, no understanding of the dangers and how to deal with it, too broadly based, no true vetting of participants (vetting not a strong point of 2.0 or its apologists, eh?), and the dislike of 1.0 folks for the entire Alt Right: the Alt Right being a bunch of pretentious, immature assholes who justified their asinine behavior with “muh youth culture” (by the way, my use of “muh” mocking that same “youth culture” if the sarcasm is not immediately apparent to the literal-minded).

Now, here is a question for Johnson.  Why didn’t YOU attend Unite the Right?  If memory serves, you didn’t think it was a good idea either.  You have criticized it since then.  So why can’t we assume that maybe, just maybe, WN 1.0 folks disapproved of it for the same reasons as you?  Maybe they can turn the snark around.  Let’s do it:

To be fair, WN 2.0 Traditionalists largely thought Unite the Right was a bad idea. I spent about a month arguing with Greg Johnson about it. Johnson was right.
WN 1.0er
What were Johnson’s objections? That UTR was not smugly intellectual and traditionalist purist enough for his tastes?

It’s all about responsibility and accountability.  Who knows?  Maybe the lack of those traits among “movement leaders” is a sign of “Kali Yuga” and “The Age of Iron.”  Or maybe it’s a sign of “Yogi Bear” and “The Age of Tungsten.”  You decide.

By the way, Johnson criticizes others for promoting self-marginalizing behavior, but he responds to comments like this by stating:

Greg Johnson
Posted November 17, 2018 at 10:03 am | Permalink
He is our James Joyce, our Captain Beefheart. He’s an artist.

It’s all a joke. A pathetic joke. How can any sane person take Der Movement seriously?  That is why it is met with mocking ridicule here at EGI Notes: it deserves it.

This is useful as it outlines an example of the close relationship between Diaspora Jewry and Israel; in this case, between the ADL and Israeli intelligence services.  This underscores how fundamentally dishonest Lawrence Auster was, with his tiresome shtick of asserting no connection between, say, American Jews and Israel – suggesting that people angry at the behavior of American Jews had no right to “punish Israel” because there was no connection between the two. 

Retard Roissy cherrypicks studies and channels Sailer (eating dat dere Cheerios) to promote a Manganite dietary lifestyle, ignoring contrary studies.

Now, it is true: sugar is worse than fat, excess simple carbs (with a high glycemic index) is not good, and that for some people, particularly your typical American lardass butterball, fasting is helpful.  But a high fat diet has its own risks, is likely not maintainable for a lifetime, is unnecessary, and I personally wouldn’t recommend intermittent fasting to, say, underweight ectomorphs needing to gain muscle mass. And I think the major benefits of fasting can be recapitulated by having ~ 12 hours every day between dinner and the next day’s breakfast, eating normal portion sizes, and not eating between meal snacks.  For most normal people, that is sufficient.

If you want lifestyle advice from this blog I would say to eat a balanced diet, avoid added sugar (including fruit juice) for the most part, avoid “white” carbs and instead eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, avoid red and processed meat, get animal protein from fish, poultry, some eggs and egg whites, and some dairy – but if you are male not more than two servings of dairy a day because of the prostate cancer risk.  Make sure you have adequate fiber, so you don’t get apoplexy  during a bowel movement.  Mangan himself is an idiot and I’ve documented his ethnoracial stupidities in the past, and his “muscleman” physique is not evidence that his lifestyle recommendations are right (or wrong).  Fact is, just like there is a bell curve for intelligence and other mental and behavioral traits, there is a similar differential propensity for muscular hypertrophy.  There are people who can do everything wrong and look like Sandow; others can do everything right and look like a noodle-armed Antifa.

And one of Roissy’s commentators linked to this article, which I found AFTER I wrote my recommendations above.  Emphasis added:

Analysis of the mid-Victorian period in the U.K. reveals that life expectancy at age 5 was as good or better than exists today, and the incidence of degenerative disease was 10% of ours. Their levels of physical activity and hence calorific intakes were approximately twice ours. They had relatively little access to alcohol and tobacco; and due to their correspondingly high intake of fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables, they consumed levels of micro- and phytonutrients at approximately ten times the levels considered normal today. This paper relates the nutritional status of the mid-Victorians to their freedom from degenerative disease; and extrapolates recommendations for the cost-effective improvement of public health today.

So: they had a higher caloric intake – no fasting – but balanced that with increased activity.  They ate: “high intake of fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables” – how about that?   Not Der Mangan diet, eh?  And where is the chugging of gallons of milk?  The Victorians were not Alt Right.

Sallis right.  Roissy wrong.  How could we have ever guessed?

The Victorians did eat red meat and eggs, but the red meat was mostly offal; the details are below, emphasis added:

Mid-Victorian working class men and women consumed between 50% and 100% more calories than we do, but because they were so much more physically active than we are today, overweight and obesity hardly existed at the working class level. The working class diet was rich in seasonal vegetables and fruits; with consumption of fruits and vegetables amounting to eight to 10 portions per day. This far exceeds the current national average of around three portions, and the government-recommended five-a-day. The mid-Victorian diet also contained significantly more nuts, legumes, whole grains and omega three fatty acids than the modern diet. Much meat consumed was offal, which has a higher micronutrient density than the skeletal muscle we largely eat today [59]. Prior to the introduction of margarine in the late Victorian period, dietary intakes of trans fats were very low. There were very few processed foods and therefore little hidden salt, other than in bread (Recipes suggest that significantly less salt was then added to meals. At table, salt was not usually sprinkled on a serving but piled at the side of the plate, allowing consumers to regulate consumption in a more controlled way.). The mid-Victorian diet had a lower calorific density and a higher nutrient density than ours. It had a higher content of fibre (including fermentable fibre), and a lower sodium/potassium ratio. In short, the mid-Victorians ate a diet that was not only considerably better than our own, but also far in advance of current government recommendations. It more closely resembles the Mediterranean diet, proven in many studies to promote health and longevity; or even the ‘Paleolithic diet’ recommended by some nutritionists [60].

So, while there are some differences between that and the Sallis diet, it is much closer to Sallis than to Roissy/Mangan.

I suppose it is convenient for Roissy to talk about diets so as to deflect from the utter collapse of his God Emperor, and Roissy’s gross error in judgment (what else to expect from a quota queen?) for his slavish, lickspittle adoration of the effeminate lump of lard Trump.  Let’s quote Hood’s analysis of the Trump fraud, emphasis added:

In the face of opposition, a real political leader must not only deliver on policy but think of ways to strengthen his supporters and weaken his opponents. President Trump has done neither. Instead, the Justice Department is selectively prosecuting his supporters and using reports from his antifa opponents as evidence. Antifa are now raiding the home of one of President Trump’s most prominent supporters, Tucker Carlson.

More broadly, Donald Trump’s seizure of state power has been a catastrophe for his close friends and allies. Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and other aides have had their lives ruined by the Robert Mueller investigation for crimes that would have been completely ignored had Donald Trump not won the election. By contrast, despite all the chants of “lock her up,” Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted, nor will she ever pay any legal price for her actions. Somehow, the president of the United States seems to be fighting the government he ostensibly controls, as everyone from leading officials to petty bureaucrats resists his policy initiatives. One even bragged about it in the New York Times in the notorious anonymous Op-Ed, and there was less media interest in demasking him than there is when someone puts up an Identity Evropa sticker.

The Trump Administration is the worst of both worlds in that it creates the illusion of a vigorous, nationalist government—that accomplishes nothing.

Far from “being tired of winning,” we have won nothing since President Trump took office. Illegals are not being deported, anchor babies continue to get US passports, mass immigration continues, and anti-white discrimination law still stands. Though President Trump is routinely accused of having “emboldened” white advocates, it is hateful anti-white speech by journalists and others that has been emboldened. President Trump is an energetic campaigner, but he is weak and indecisive in power.

“Weak and indecisive” – must be all that estrogen generated from his over-abundant adipose tissue.

Interestingly, the only major “movement” figures who were skeptical of Trump from the beginning were the same two who were skeptical of the Alt Right from the beginning: Sallis and Strom.  That’s no coincidence.  The same common sense required to recognize that the “Alt Right brand” was juvenile jackassery with a short shelf life is the same required to recognize, clearly and immediately, that Trump was and is an untrustworthy imbecile and a vulgar, ignorant, buffoon. Everyone else was eager to jump on the Trump and Alt Right bandwagon, even to the extent of engaging in out-of-character undignified behavior.

John Morgan drug user:

Sometimes, some drugs can be used constructively, as I can attest. I don’t use them anymore and haven’t in quite a while, but there was a time in my life when they definitely had a positive impact. Psychedelics, if used properly, do not cut one off from the “true beauty of flourishing life,” they enhance it. Psychedelics helped to turn me from a rather nihilistic materialist into someone who could believe in the value of things such as the chain of our people and the idea that there is something intangible above us to believe in.

Saturday Movement Roundup

More “movement” inanity.

Read this.

What the official may have found “unacceptable” was that students from China have acted in ways that have intimidated faculty, staff, and other students at American universities. Chinese students have done this by, among other things, demanding schools remove research materials, by insisting that faculty change teaching content to suit Beijing, by trying to prevent others from criticizing China, and by trying to force the cancellation of academic activities.

Chinese students, not surprisingly, are becoming a part of what is known as “China’s long arm.” Far more worrying than the activities of students, however, are the actions of Chinese diplomats. Chinese diplomats, as Lloyd-Damnjanovic wrote in her September 2018 report, have been “employing intimidating modes of conversation.”

Diplomats have also infringed on academic freedom by complaining about on-campus speakers and events, by trying to coerce faculty, and by threatening retaliation against American university programs in China.

But, but, but…they have a really high IQ!  Aren’t the Alt Wrong self-described “Yellow Supremacists?”  Without Orientals, where are the Derbyshires of the world going to find wives, and where will the Sessions of the world find grandchildren to hold and nurture?

This is nicely sarcastic in the Sallisian style; so I congratulate Taylor on a job well done.  More work like that, and less “race realist” nonsense, and maybe Amren can be on the road to recovery.


Sounds like a man with some regrets. This confirms my judgment of Sessions as a lieutenant of the MAGA revolution: overly principled in an age when principles are mocked and the principled are bulldozed. He probably thought Mueller was a man of integrity who would clear Trump in short order. I think he sees America for what it is now, and it has stolen his spirit. I bet he left his post relieved, knowing the time had come for men hungry for open warfare to replace principled genteel conservatives like himself.

Sessions did do a lot of “silent executing” behind the scenes to gut the open borders bureaucracy. But his recusal from the Russia Hoax was a blow to not only Trump, but to the MAGA agenda, and it was a costly mistake. I think this bothers him. And I think he was a Trump loyalist. He deserves an honorable goodbye, but it’s time to move on.


Sessions is a subhuman radical turd, a mole who infiltrated the Right, a prosecutor from Alabama who jailed pro-White “Klansmen” with the help of the SPLC, a Antifa-supporting far-leftist who did zero against raging left wing domestic terrorists but who indicted WNs for the “crime” of defending themselves against leftist violence, a mewling race cuck hen who nurtures Asiatic racial enemies, a sloth-like idiot who spent most of his term as Attorney General standing around helplessly, looking dumbfounded, like a retarded, Dumbo-eared Howdy Doody – that is, unless he was busy doing Antifa’s legal support work, or digging up the legal corpse of the Emmett Till case, at which point somnolent Jeff finally bestirred himself to action.  Sessions is trash, as are all the quota queens defending his outrageous behavior. And to think at one point I respected him and thought he would make a good VP candidate. Again, I admit when I am wrong, and I was very wrong about Sessions.  I now recognize him as an evil, anti-White, pathetic excuse of a “man.”  After all, White “haters” have to be dealt with, since they would question the right of the Sessions family to live in America.  Is Derbyshire’s mancrush on Sessions a mystery any longer?

More pro-Sessions apologia.

Let’s rewrite Sessions’ quote for year 2018 accuracy:

No person can be a pro-White activist and not be indicted for “hate crimes” or “serial rioting” by a Sessions-led justice system.  Hail Antifa!


Hello darkness my old friend. We are in the moist glorious time of the year, when the clocks are restored to normalcy. There’s nothing more invigorating than going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Some people hate this time of year, but autumn is by far my favorite season, followed by winter. I like the shorter days particularly. This is something that has always been true for me…

Well, when you are a mendacious shill for Jewish interests, I suppose nothing suits you better than slithering around in the dark.  Don’t want anyone to really see what you’re up to, do you?

Richie Rich is right about this.

Der Movement Thursday

In all cases, emphasis added.

An Amren commentator gets it; Asians are seething with anti-White hatred:

rls976  Red • 18 hours ago
Asians are a sure part of the anti-white coalition. For example, in 2012, India Indians in the US voted 87% for Hussein Obama. Yet Trump lets them continue to come. Why are you letting the immigration go on, Donald?
Asians are happy to be governed by negroes if it means burying the white race

That’s correct. And you read it here first: The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Note to Antifa: Since you are opposed to fascism, nationalism, and racism, and take a “principled stand against all forms of racist aggression,” then you will, of course, physically confront the New Black Panther Party, right?

We can all expect to see a viral gif of Nzinga being elbowed in the face by one of you, just like happened to Spencer, right?

Seriously though, what to make of Antifa’s refusal to confront Black nationalists and other non-White racialists?  Putting aside conspiracy theories (which may actually have some element of truth) that Antifa directly takes direction from government agencies and NGOs, we have two possibilities (or some combination thereof).  First, that Antifa is NOT generally anti-racist and anti-nationalist, they are simply anti-White; only pro-White activism is to be opposed.  Second, they simply fear getting a big Black fist in the face; elbowing Richard Spencer in the face or harassing Tucker Carlson is safe; confronting gun-toting Negroes is unsafe indeed.

The Cuck Emperor: Touchback Trump

Good riddance to bad rubbish: quota queen Sessions gone.

Look at this.

No wonder Derbyshire defends Sessions – Antifa Jeff is a cuck hen nurturing little female cogelites.  Hey Derb…if you can hold out another 20 years or so that can be your next wife.

Sessions: far leftist Antifa supporter with non-White family.  And, oh, get the comment here:

Julie • 8 hours ago
Tucker is a good man.
🔥Sessions cannot protect Antifa any longer.
Tucker has a sweet family.

Someone else gets it!  Sessions was essentially the legal counsel for Antifa – Sessions a traitor to America, a piece of unmitigated filth nurturing the next generation of White-hating Asians.  Race traitor Sessions – coddled by the quota queens because, after all, he’s “one of the boys.”

But, hey, Roissy, the new “Bane” Attorney General will start indicting Antifa instead of indicting WNs like Session did, right?  We’ll see…

Spinning Trump’s humiliation – “we lost the House, but not as badly as it could have been.  We could have lost worse!”  I suppose cuckservatives are so comfortable with losing that they congratulate themselves on the degree of magnitude of their loss.  Of course one is not surprised that the King of Delusion, Fats Trump, actually declares “victory.”  And, Amren “spins” the situation as well. Problem is, folks, you cannot compare Trump to other political figures – given the public perception of Trump, the election was a referendum on “Whiteness” – and “Whiteness” lost.  And the time is getting late, comparing America today and the Democratic party of today with that of Eisenhower’s 1950s America is pure delusion.

Amren painfully had to admit that Asians were overwhelmingly supporting Democrats – with Taylor desperately moaning about the small sample size – Asians hate, hate, hate Whites, when will Amren learn?

Read this.

And this comment to that:

Progeny of Europe
 17h17 hours ago
Replying to @TOOEdit
Amazing that a party’s whose only coherent ideology is hating White people.. can still get a sizable White vote — and get the majority of college indoctrinated women.

So, first – “agency,” Greg?  College-educated women also flocking to Abrams in Georgia.

Second, how are all the geniuses of Der Movement going to accomplish their ethnostate goal when the milquetoast GOP can’t even get 55% – much less 60% – of the White vote, and educated yeastbuckets vote Democrat?  Are these the folks you think will line up for racial separation?  At least Johnson wisely puts it off to the future – “50 years, 50 years” – on the other hand, McCulloch is so delusional, he complains about Johnson’s timetable – “too long, I won’t be around to enjoy it.”  How about first “enjoying” seeing an explicitly White candidate get, say, two-thirds of the White vote, and then you can worry about the timing of your ethnostate.  Fact is, EVERY demographic group – including Whites – shifted Democrat in 2018 compared to 2016.